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    File originally posted on 12/22/2007 10:20 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/22/2007 10:20 PM PST

    haileykool1993 (09/03/06 9:08:45 PM): u dress up for work?
    restchoice2000 (09/03/06 9:08:46 PM): I do have lots of movement at here
    restchoice2000 (09/03/06 9:09:05 PM): no just casual is fine to work
    restchoice2000 (09/03/06 9:09:37 PM): but nice and good shape and clean
    restchoice2000 (09/03/06 9:09:53 PM): so,.. that is my uniform hahha
    haileykool1993 (09/03/06 9:09:59 PM): kool
    haileykool1993 (09/03/06 9:10:03 PM): do u cook?
    restchoice2000 (09/03/06 9:10:21 PM): yes I do know how cook but not any more
    haileykool1993 (09/03/06 9:10:36 PM): so u have otherz do it?
    restchoice2000 (09/03/06 9:10:51 PM): I do have 32employee
    restchoice2000 (09/03/06 9:10:57 PM): yes
    haileykool1993 (09/03/06 9:11:15 PM): wow
    haileykool1993 (09/03/06 9:11:17 PM): thatz a lot
    haileykool1993 (09/03/06 9:11:30 PM): so u r big cheese? haha
    restchoice2000 (09/03/06 9:11:39 PM): 5master chef amd 10sue chef
    haileykool1993 (09/03/06 9:11:49 PM): wow
    restchoice2000 (09/03/06 9:12:24 PM): right working hard ~~hahha
    restchoice2000 (09/03/06 9:12:24 PM): for good operation
    restchoice2000 (09/03/06 9:12:34 PM): not easy to controll people so,..
    haileykool1993 (09/03/06 9:12:40 PM): r u a mean boss?
    restchoice2000 (09/03/06 9:12:47 PM): it's very important
    restchoice2000 (09/03/06 9:13:00 PM): yes I do have own business
    restchoice2000 (09/03/06 9:13:12 PM): did I tell you before?
    haileykool1993 (09/03/06 9:13:16 PM): yah
    haileykool1993 (09/03/06 9:13:29 PM): but i just wondered if u were mean haha
    restchoice2000 (09/03/06 9:13:55 PM): were mean???
    haileykool1993 (09/03/06 9:14:11 PM): yah to ur employez
    restchoice2000 (09/03/06 9:14:19 PM): oh
    restchoice2000 (09/03/06 9:14:36 PM): yes I do have lots of employee

    Yeah, but are you mean to the... oh, nevermind.

    Insik Choe hit up one of our decoys who was working an Information First area. Sadly, he wanted to talk about more than his employer skills as the proprietor of the Sushiville chain of restaurants in the Portland, Oregon metro area. Choe went on and on about sex, which when it comes to us... means it's arrestin' time!

    Choe was prosecuted under the old Oregon law, but ended up eating a felony because he couldn't pass a lie detector test to \"prove\" it was his first time attempting to meet a minor for sex. He was placed on 5 years formal probation, with standard conditions of probation (maintain employment, obey all laws, etc.), registration as a sex offender with sex offender restrictions (undergo a psychosexual evaluation, successfully complete recommended treatment, no contact with minors, submit to intermittent polygraphs, no use of computers or Internet, etc.), 20 days jail, and pay standard fees and assessments.

    Contributor notes from Ripley
    Insik Choe was my very first bust. I was working the Oregon rooms when he messaged me. At first he was teasing me, then it quickly grew into flirting and then to sexual intent, as is always the case. He was not the most graphic of chatters but he was certainly one of the pushiest. He pushed himself right into an arrest.

    Fortunately for us, I was working with an excellent detective from the McMinnville Police Department, Detective Eduardo Rosario. We had set up a meet for the next week, but one night Choe decided he wanted to come sooner, and he was coming no matter what I tried to tell him. I called the Detective on his cell phone, who was on his way home for work, he turned around, called his crew back in and they met Choe.

    As a condition of Mr Choes plea deal, he had to pass a polygraph saying he had never attempted to do this before, and he would have been sentenced with a misdemeanor, instead of a felony. Unfortunately for him, he was not able to pass, so consequently was sentenced with a felony.

    When he went to court to receive his sentence he tried to tell the judge that it was all non sexual and he was just practicing his English and had asked about breast size from a medical perspective. The judge wasn't buying it and sentenced him accordingly.

    I hope in the future Choe will only \"practice\" his English with adults. HOpefully he sticks to his restaurant business, Sushiville in Oregon, and NEVER tries to get into anything that has to do with medical research. :)

    Many thanks to Detective Rosario and Deputy District Attorney Lisl Miller for their hard work on this case.

    This is our 255th conviction since June of 2004 and our 134th conviction for 2007 so far.