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    Report made 10/16/2013 4:01 PM PST

    wookinpanub719 (07/08/07 11:17:39 PM): there is one thing about me you should know...not a big deal
    alyce_witha_y (07/08/07 11:17:46 PM): wat?
    wookinpanub719 (07/08/07 11:18:16 PM): i had a car wreck and spinal cord injury a few years ago..i use a wheel chair to get around
    alyce_witha_y (07/08/07 11:18:24 PM): o wow sry
    alyce_witha_y (07/08/07 11:18:28 PM): r u ok?
    wookinpanub719 (07/08/07 11:18:31 PM): it happens lol
    wookinpanub719 (07/08/07 11:18:36 PM): yes i am fine
    wookinpanub719 (07/08/07 11:18:54 PM): still fully functioning in everything but my legs ;)
    alyce_witha_y (07/08/07 11:19:07 PM): that must b rough
    wookinpanub719 (07/08/07 11:19:12 PM): not really
    wookinpanub719 (07/08/07 11:19:16 PM): its the way it is

    Being in a wheelchair didn't stop Benjamin Wilmes from soliciting a 13 year old child for sex, and from making plans to meet her for sex. Wilmes hit us up during our Bowling Green, KY sting. He didn't show up at the house, but a warrant was issued for his arrest based on his chat with our decoy.

    Wilmes faced federal charges of 18:2252A SEXUAL EXPLOITATION OF MINORS
    (3). After a few years of hearings, he was able to negotiate a plea deal that had him plead guilty to 18:1470 - ATTEMPT TO TRANSFER OBSCENE MATTER TO A MINOR. He received five years probation, electronic monitoring for eight months, and sex offender registration.

    This is our 560th conviction since June of 2004.