• Conviction - hot95cobraguy - San Diego, California

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    File originally posted on 2/2/2007 5:02 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 2/2/2007 5:14 PM PST

    hot95cobraguy (09/03/06 9:58:20 PM): how would u feel about watching a guy and girl do it or being watched by a girl?
    My trolling name (09/03/06 9:58:47 PM): i dont know never did that. is it weird?
    hot95cobraguy (09/03/06 9:59:04 PM): it all depends on your mind set
    hot95cobraguy (09/03/06 9:59:23 PM): if u think it will be weird it will be, if you think it will be fun it will be
    My trolling name (09/03/06 9:59:31 PM): o ic
    hot95cobraguy (09/03/06 9:59:46 PM): what do u think
    My trolling name (09/03/06 9:59:59 PM): maybe later or something
    hot95cobraguy (09/03/06 10:00:19 PM): k
    My trolling name (09/03/06 10:00:37 PM): did u want 2 do that this weekend?
    hot95cobraguy (09/03/06 10:00:53 PM): this weekend is up to you
    hot95cobraguy (09/03/06 10:01:09 PM): i dont got a girl, if you wanted to do that u woudl have to find out
    hot95cobraguy (09/03/06 10:01:10 PM): one
    My trolling name (09/03/06 10:01:20 PM): i dont have 1 either
    hot95cobraguy (09/03/06 10:02:14 PM): hmm k keep your eyes open, talk to girls maybe u can find one, where i can watch u 2, and u watch me and her, she her watch me and u
    My trolling name (09/03/06 10:02:26 PM): o ok
    hot95cobraguy (09/03/06 10:02:44 PM): or we all 3 coudl be together at the same tiem
    hot95cobraguy (09/03/06 10:02:46 PM): tiem
    hot95cobraguy (09/03/06 10:02:48 PM): time

    Yeah, he wanted two and got handcuffs instead.

    Another Long Beach conviction. He got five years probation, sixty days caltrans cleanup, and a lifetime of registering as a sex offender with all the usual restrictions. The Long Beach convictions keep rolling in, sentences are not what we like but we're always pleased with speedy convictions.

    Ol' Hot cobra is just one of 38 predators that showed up during the sting and their convictions are coming in at a good rate.

    Notes from the Contributor, Aunti Anne
    In the very first conversation I had with, Josiah Walker he was eager to meet my 13-year old decoy, asking for my zip code several times to determine the distance. It certainly didn't take him long to begin asking explicit questions either. At one point he asked if he could tape or take pictures. Though he expressed concerns a few times about being caught, those concerns didn't stop him from trying to hook up and have sex with a 13-year old girl. Which, according to the Psychologist that evaluated him, was normal male behavior to be attracted to an adolescent girl. Yeah, right.

    I want to give a huge props to the Long Beach Police Department and the DA, Grace Rai for all their hard work. I also want to thank my verifier, Sugarbella. Though the sentence, 5 years probation, is inadequate, he will have to register as a sex offender and can have no contact with minors on the internet.

    This is our 142nd conviction since June of 2004 and our 21st conviction for 2007 so far. This is yet another conviction due to the Long Beach TCAP specials.