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    anni_anni_bobanni (11/11/06 7:33:31 PM): that ur dog
    anni_anni_bobanni (11/11/06 7:33:43 PM): axle
    audavideo (11/11/06 7:33:46 PM): Nope
    audavideo (11/11/06 7:34:00 PM): he belongs to the PR person for the band I was on tour with
    anni_anni_bobanni (11/11/06 7:34:44 PM): hes cute
    anni_anni_bobanni (11/11/06 7:34:48 PM): whys ur head blue
    anni_anni_bobanni (11/11/06 7:34:53 PM): ish
    audavideo (11/11/06 7:35:06 PM): ever heard of Blue Man Group?
    anni_anni_bobanni (11/11/06 7:35:52 PM): um ya
    anni_anni_bobanni (11/11/06 7:36:00 PM): ur 1 of them?
    audavideo (11/11/06 7:36:09 PM): almost
    anni_anni_bobanni (11/11/06 7:36:14 PM): huh?
    audavideo (11/11/06 7:36:26 PM): I was asked to audition
    audavideo (11/11/06 7:36:34 PM): I did, but Im not a drunner
    anni_anni_bobanni (11/11/06 7:36:36 PM): ur kidding!!!!
    audavideo (11/11/06 7:36:38 PM): drummer
    anni_anni_bobanni (11/11/06 7:36:45 PM): o u gotta ba drummer
    audavideo (11/11/06 7:36:54 PM): well it helps
    audavideo (11/11/06 7:37:04 PM): thats what they do mostly
    audavideo (11/11/06 7:37:07 PM): percussion
    anni_anni_bobanni (11/11/06 7:37:20 PM): wow
    anni_anni_bobanni (11/11/06 7:37:29 PM): that is
    anni_anni_bobanni (11/11/06 7:37:31 PM): SO
    anni_anni_bobanni (11/11/06 7:37:32 PM): SO
    anni_anni_bobanni (11/11/06 7:37:34 PM): COOOOL
    audavideo (11/11/06 7:38:06 PM): I've seen their show in Boston, Las Vegas, and the touring one here in Orlando
    anni_anni_bobanni (11/11/06 7:39:13 PM): ur life is so exiting!

    Yeah, sometimes we have to tell painful compliments which are really, lies. Tried out for the Blue Man Group but isn't a drummer? Yeah right.

    David Demers is the first Flagler Beach guy to get convicted and sentenced. Of course, he's not the last. We have a few more in the hopper waiting to be posted as well. Damn this queue. After doing the Fort Myers sting, we were wondering what sort of sentences would happen from the arrests six months later in Flagler. Surprisingly, much better sentencing despite it being in the same state, something we've noticed happening often in California too.

    Demers got drilled with 25 months in prison followed by eight years of sex offender probation. He will also have to register as a sex offender. We're very pleased with this conviction and the sentencing, good job guys!

    Contributor notes from Noel Nog
    As Perverted Justice has discovered over the years, many sexual predators don't seem to fit the stereotypical image. Predators aren't all creepy-looking men who skirt the edges of playgrounds with cameras or follow children home from school in unmarked vans. The predators that Perverted Justice has helped to bust have included clergymen, soldiers, policemen, firefighters, doctors, teachers, and many garden-variety \"nice guys\".

    The man behind Yahoo screen name \"audavideo\" fell into the latter category.

    David seemed innocuous when he first messaged me during the Flagler Beach, Florida, sting. This pudgy college instructor acknowledged immediately that he was too old for me, but he added me to his friends' list and continued to chat casually. Over the weeks that followed, he returned to chat with me. He regaled me with tales of his world travels and shared stories from his adolescence. He tried to impress me with his knowledge of martial arts and his fluency in Japanese and French.

    Then the sexual innuendos began.

    He had expressed regret several times that he wasn't sixteen so he could date me. He joked that he should try to date my mom so he could be near me. He even offered to let me drive his car, even though I was well under the driving age. One day he was relating a story from his college days where he had earned the nickname \"Marshmallow\". In a few short minutes, he told me he wanted [b]me[/b] to be the \"chocolate\" in his \"s'mores\". (For the uninitiated, \"s'mores\" are a camping treat made of melted chocolate candy and marshmallows wedged inside two graham crackers.) And it progressed from there to his asking me fairly blunt questions about my sexual history and offering to instruct me in the ways of love-making.

    The day he told me his wireless connection was out and [i]he was driving around his apartment complex with his laptop trying to pick up someone else's signal so he could chat with me[/i] was the day I realized he would be arranging to come have sex with a 14-year-old girl. And so he did.

    This is our 245th conviction since June of 2004 and our 124th conviction for 2007 so far. Yep, this year has been so bountiful that over half of our lifetime convictions have come in it. Good tidings!