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    File originally posted on 10/4/2005 11:51 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/4/2005 12:13 PM PST

    Two convictions in two days, it's a happy thing. Today Mark Hill of Ohio received his sentencing over his guilty plea towards soliciting one of our operatives in an Ohio chat room. Hill did himself no favors in this case, as his \"excuse\" for his actions was that he is an \"incurable romantic person.\" Fortunately, the legal system has prescribed what should be an adequate curing of his condition.

    Hill was sentenced for attempted unlawful sexual conduct with a minor with a merging of his \"criminal tools\" charge of bringing condoms and lubricant to the meeting we arranged for him with Detective Joseph Zianno of Trenton Ohio. Long-time site readers will recall that \"criminal tools\" is easily our favorite criminal charge from our last conviction in Trenton, last month. We so love criminal tools.

    For his plea and cooperation with police, Hill earned himself three years probation, thirty days in jail starting on Columbus Day (October 10th, 2005), a six month suspended sentence, 1,000 dollars in court fines, labelled as a sexual offender for the next decade, court-mandated sexual offender therapy sessons paid for by Hill and the capper? Hill is not allowed to be on the Internet for any reason, even in his own house. Any violation can see his suspended sentence come into play as a violation of his probation.

    Media covered this case as Hill was running for a township office. Of course, that now goes out the window, along with his vote since he is now a convicted felon.
    Link: Media coverage from when Mark Hill was originally arrested
    Link: Coverage on the conviction from today

    Notes from the Contributor, Monterey Jack
    Mark Hill was sitting in an Ohio chatroom waiting for an opportunity to meet a minor for sex, I am happy to say he picked \"Kats\", a person he believed to be a 14 year old female, instead. His intentions from the beginning were obvious. Hill showed to meet Kats carrying with him condoms, lubricant, handcuffs, viagra, a camera and saddest part of all, his 22 month old son. Instead, he met Trenton police.

    I cannot say enough about the Trenton, Ohio Police Department and the work they did on this case. Working with Det. Zianno was an honor for me. Thanks for all you do to help keep that part of Ohio safe from predators like Mark Hill, who is without a doubt, a predator.

    I also want to give a huge thanks to the verifier Stormnutt, she was with me every step of the way through this ordeal and did a fantastic job with the two calls she made to Hill.

    This is our FOURTH conviction in Ohio. Sounds familar, doesn't it? Yesterday was our fourth conviction in Washington and today is our fourth conviction in Ohio just this year! Such great states in general. This is our third conviction where we had the pleasure of working with the Trenton, Ohio police department. Trenton has a good group of detectives, so pass that levee on the ballot for additional funding of the detective division, Trenton citizens!

    This marks our 35th conviction in 22 different states since June of 2004. This is our 28th conviction thus far in 2005. We love those numbers. This is our second conviction in October of 2005 and it's only October 4th thus far. Great work to all involved in yet another solicitation, arrest, prosecution and conviction.