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  • We literally get dozens upon dozens of emails a day, sometimes hundreds. In order to ensure that your email is processed properly, please observe the following guidelines for emailing us! We want your email, we just want to be sure that we can do something with your email and are able to handle the email volume that we process daily.

    - If your email is in regards to an internet predator you have found or someone who has hit upon your children, we empathize with the occurence but at this point we cannot take tips in regards to predators from the general public. We encourage you to submit such information to

    - If you are Law Enforcement, please make sure to put (LE) in the title of your email. That will help it jump out at us while we're processing emails. It will ensure faster response time. As well, if you represent a media outlet, please put (Media) in your email subject line.

    - If you are seeking information about how to volunteer with, please read the "how to help" page located at the top of this page. It's one of the many boxes we have at the top. Read that page and after doing so, sign up for our forums, that's where we organize everyone. We do not organize volunteers via email.

    Now that you know the guidelines, here are our email contact addresses... - If you are media, reporting a chat service as being rife with predators, seeking business or organizational affiliate contacts, are a software developer, seeking help for an internet abducted child or teen or have any criticism, complaints or suggestion, please email this address. Your email is important to us and we will handle all those that are appropriate.

    To contact us all at once, sign up for and post in our Feedback Forum. That's probably the easiest way to leave general feedback. As well, if you wish to reach an individual contributor, many of them have email addresses posted in their profiles for contact. Thanks for visiting and hopefully you now know exactly how to best reach us.