• Conviction - daytona02 - Miami, Florida

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 12/24/2006 12:45 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/24/2006 1:48 AM PST

    lameazlaney (4:39:22 PM): we can chill her watch a few mobies n go to the beach
    daytona02 (4:39:37 PM): it has to be a night thou
    daytona02 (4:39:42 PM): remember
    daytona02 (4:39:48 PM): i got a jelous gf
    lameazlaney (4:39:52 PM): ok
    daytona02 (4:39:55 PM): she cant know im doing this
    lameazlaney (4:40:06 PM): u could come on a friday she wuld think u were wit your friends
    daytona02 (4:40:18 PM): she doesnt even know i go out in fridays
    lameazlaney (4:40:18 PM): u think i would tell her?
    daytona02 (4:40:19 PM):
    lameazlaney (4:40:27 PM): give me a break
    daytona02 (4:40:29 PM): everything is behind her back
    lameazlaney (4:40:31 PM): wow
    daytona02 (4:40:33 PM): nah u wont tell her

    Ohhhhhh... how wrong you are.

    These guys are always disturbing, but there's something really screwed up when they start mouthing off about how they love to screw around on their girlfriends to an underage kid. Then again, it seems that a good number of these females will stick with them anyways... oh well, we digress... conviction time!

    Elias earned himself a nice nine month stretch for his chat-log and eventual showing up to be grilled under the hot lights of Dateline's cameras. He will also get the pleasure of registering to be a sexual offender and all the fun restrictions that come along with that particular status in society. He's also been sentenced to mandatory sexual offender counseling, which is always good.

    Notes from the Contributor, Samuel Adams
    Mr.Bailon was very quick to jump into a relationship with what he thought to be a 14 year old. He was willing to leave his sleeping wife and children to come meet \"laney\" in the middle of the night, while her dad was out of town. He wanted to have a \"fun\" affair with a child. I wonder what kind of \"fun\" he is having now, behind bars.

    This is pretty much a textbook case of most of the guys here at PJ. They know the age, get all hot and bothered and come for the meet. Once again, another open and shut case.

    I would like to thank Ft. Myers Police department and the DA for all their hard work. You guys rock!!!

    This is our 120th conviction since June of 2004 and our 80th conviction for the year 2006 thus far.