Kevin is one of the singularly most disturbing predators I've ever come across.
Bust by General Tso @ 9/26/2007 11:17 PM PST


Perverted Justice mark: Kevin, 32
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Location: Blaine, Washington
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This wannabe pedo tried to solicit hhhhgoatsrock, a 12/13 year old girl
... or so they thought!

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Today I offer, for your perusal and disgust, the chatlogs from Kevin.

Kevin holds the place of singularly most disgusting, lengthy, and terrifying chat I've ever had as a contributor with Perverted Justice. Kevin is, without a doubt, a child predator. This is evident immediately, and I do mean within the first twenty lines of chatting. Kevin was resourceless as far as leaving his area went, and thus was even more dangerous because he was desperate. He did everything he could to have contact with children. Kevin Westerbeck was dangerous and determined. Kevin McCausland is dangerous, determined, disgusting and desperate.

In this log, you see many many moods of a child. Seventh graders are moody little kiddos. Sometimes they are in a good mood, sometimes a bad one. It all depends on the minute and which hormone happens to be coursing through their bodies at the time. Inthis log, I like to think I portrayed as real a child as possible over the four months of chatting.

Following the logs that eventually led to his conviction for a Criminal Attempt of Child Rape in the Second Degree you will find the logs from Almond Joy, another contributor for the website who talked to McCausland earlier in 2006. She was unsuccessful at getting him arrested because the state laws in Washington did not provide for felony charging for solicitation of a minor. It was a misdeameanour to solicit a child in WA until September of 2006, when new legislation took effect making ita Class C felony to solicit a minor using any electronic means. They also changed the registration statutes and made solicitation, a gross misdemeanour unless committed by electronic means (which makes it a felony), a registrable offense.

smileman74 (11/27/06 1:30:35 AM): hi
hhhhgoatsrock(11/27/06 1:30:38 AM): hi
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:31:07 AM): how are u doing?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:31:42 AM): ok you?
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:32:12 AM): are u really only 13? (He's seen my profile and initiated contact.)
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:32:12 AM): im doing good
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:32:18 AM): ya i am
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:32:20 AM): how old are you?
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:32:47 AM): well i am 32, do u mind, or do u like older guys? (He does this a lot, supplying the answer he hopes the child will give, almost prompting me.)
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:32:51 AM): caue i love girls your age (He's not kidding, and it only gets more graphic from here.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:32:57 AM): cool
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:33:00 AM): i hate guys my age lol
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:33:40 AM): so i guess i like older guys
smileman74(11/27/06 1:33:50 AM): thats good
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:33:51 AM): so what is your name im kevin
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:34:11 AM): im kendra
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:34:15 AM): thats good cause i love girls your age (As if it wasn't nauseating enough before)
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:34:22 AM): id date as young as 10 (There are no words for the depths of horror I experienced at this statement.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:34:27 AM): omg really?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:34:28 AM): cool (Summoning. Every. Ounce. Of. My. Resolve. To. Give. This. Response!)
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:34:44 AM): nice to meet u kendra, gives u a hug n kiss >:D<:-* (He also types his actions, which are oh so disgusting.)
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:34:46 AM): yeah i would
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:34:52 AM): age is just a number to me (And hell is just a sauna... Iguess he'll find out.)
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:34:52 AM): so what do ulook like?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:35:44 AM): my pic is on my profile
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:36:15 AM): oh let me go look then
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:36:47 AM): dou mind that im chubby? (The photo above is his mugshot from his arrest. The photo he sent me was... Older. And a full body shot. I can only thank my lucky stars that it wasn't a nude.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:36:55 AM): no thats ok
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:37:28 AM): kay thats good
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:38:13 AM): your cute
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:38:17 AM): thanks
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:38:46 AM): your welcome
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:38:46 AM): i wish u were here with me (8 minutes. 8. Eight. Ocho. No joke.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:39:28 AM): :)
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:41:55 AM): i would love to cuddle with you andgive u kisses and maybe more (12 minutes into chatting. He's desperate and stated that he would date as young as ten. This is a VERY dangerous individual. The only thing that makes him more dangerous comes into play later.)
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:42:27 AM): u seem like a very sweet person
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:42:31 AM): tyvm
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:42:32 AM): you do too
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:42:33 AM): and im very attracted to you
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:43:12 AM): your welcome
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:43:12 AM): would u be offended if i asked you what u are wearing right now? (Why yes, yes I would. However I'll tell you since you asked so nicely. Sweatpants... grubby ones, and a t-shirt that was stained while I was cleaning the toilet last time.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:43:18 AM): no
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:43:21 AM): my pjs
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:43:43 AM): cool wish i could see that
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:43:54 AM): im in shorts only
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:44:18 AM): can i ask chest size? (And he moves into the realm of personal questions.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:44:23 AM): 32a
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:44:48 AM): hey thatsalright, would u let me rub them? (He proceeds to groom the child, but not very effectively. Kevin presents himself as a very desperate predator, so he attempts to accelerate the grooming process. Here, he consoles the child about her 'small' breasts but then asks a sexual question.)hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:45:23 AM): if you wanted i guess
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:45:55 AM): cool then if i was there, id probably suck on them (I'm so glad I'm not a kid talking to this guy. Unfortunately there were real children talking to him.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:46:02 AM): really?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:46:03 AM): cool
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:46:29 AM): yeah and id show u my hard penis (This is a theme.)
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:47:44 AM): then if u wanted u could rub it and maybe suck it for me (Of course. Isn't that what every 13 year old dreamsof?)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:47:56 AM): really? (This was meant to be incredulous. Notice how he interpreted it.)
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:48:23 AM): yes u wanna suck me? (He automatically interpreted my question as a positive response.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:48:32 AM): inever have before is that ok?
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:49:05 AM): that is fine
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:49:17 AM): could i finger and lick your pussy and clit? (I wish I could say this is as bad as it gets. I really do. Except it's not. I'd like to take this moment to thank the wonderful people who stayed with me in my IM window while I had to talk to this guy. It's during chats like this that seem endless and horrible that I am so grateful for their support and encouragement and random jokes that seem to surface, helping to take my mind off of the disgusting happenings in my IM window.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:49:28 AM): is that what you wanna do?
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:49:58 AM): yes but only if u want to go that far with me beatiful, cause i luv ya (I should probably go alert the media. 19 minutes and he loves me. That has to be a new record... FOR DESPERATION!)
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:50:05 AM): its up to you sexy
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:50:08 AM): ok i guess that would be ok
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:50:37 AM): dou want to loose yoru virginity too?
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:50:40 AM): or just touching?
(He's excited by this idea.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:52:40 AM): for real?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:52:43 AM): i dont cyber
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:52:50 AM): its all up to you
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:52:59 AM): well i dont wanna cyber
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:53:02 AM): yes i mean in person honey
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:53:04 AM): oh ok
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:53:06 AM): its cool
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:53:17 AM): i dunno if it felt ok (Waffly child.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:53:18 AM): i guess ya
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:53:19 AM): >:D<:-*
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:53:21 AM): would it feel ok?
smileman74(11/27/06 1:53:30 AM): yes i would be gentle cause my penis is not very big (Wow... Now this is an approach I never thought I'd see. He used his tiny penis size to reassure her that the sex would be okay.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:54:03 AM): oh ok
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:54:25 AM):im only 4\" when hard (If you thought you'd ever hear a man admit to this, raise your hand. Right. That's what I thought.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:54:40 AM): omg
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:54:47 AM): do u like that?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:54:52 AM): thats ok
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:54:58 AM): okay thank you
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:55:06 AM): so would u like to be my girlfriend? (No. No I would not.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:55:21 AM): ya (I told a little lie. Just a little one.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:55:22 AM): :)
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:55:59 AM): okay kendra me and you are now boyfriend and girlfriend then, we are a coupule (WHEE! We're a coupule. That sounds like pustule. I don't think I want to be that.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:56:05 AM): yay!
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:56:09 AM): kevin and kendra
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:56:35 AM): i like how that sounds together
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:57:19 AM): can you put it there? (He opened a photosharing window here.)
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:57:28 AM): put what there?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:57:36 AM): photosharing
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:57:41 AM): what is it?
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:58:04 AM): no i was sayign i like how kevin and kendra sound together when i say it (It makes me throw up a little in my mouth. Is that a bad sign?)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:58:07 AM): oh ok
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:58:15 AM): no sorry i dont have that version of yahoo
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:58:19 AM): :(
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:58:22 AM): did u see my pic on my profile?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:58:25 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:58:30 AM): is that what you were sending?
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:58:40 AM): no i havent sent anything to you yet
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:58:46 AM): oh
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:58:47 AM): ok
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:59:04 AM): all i sent was the invite to have your name on my friends list
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:59:06 AM): and your there now
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:59:07 AM): ohhhh
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:59:09 AM): ok
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:59:24 AM): i wish u were here with me
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 1:59:31 AM): me too
smileman74 (11/27/06 1:59:54 AM): where abouts are u located at in wa?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:00:02 AM): poulsbo (I love Poulsbo dearly. The Kitsap Sheriffs were fantastic and would have loved to arrest Kevin for me, but as you can read, that wasn't possible.)
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:00:09 AM): ic im up in blaine wa
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:00:46 AM): wheres that?
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:00:59 AM): its by the canadian border (Literally... RIGHT next to it. He was in the middle of nowhere.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:01:04 AM): oh cool
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:01:06 AM): u ever heard of the santa train?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:01:15 AM): lol no
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:01:22 AM): what about the birch bay waterslide park?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:01:25 AM): no
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:01:33 AM): oh okay those are both near me
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:01:47 AM): so do u like french kissing my new love? (Do you mind the vomit in my mouth?)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:02:22 AM): ya i did it once
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:02:33 AM): cool cause i love doing that
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:02:37 AM): do u like holding hands?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:03:07 AM): ya
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:03:26 AM): good, so are u going to keep our relationship a secret, or are u going to tell yoru friends? (This is an example of his feeding the kid ideas. He always prompted when he wanted a specific answer. In this case, he really wanted me to tell my friends.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:03:41 AM): i wont tell my friends if you dont want me to
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:03:58 AM): well if u told them, would they go and tell anyone else, like your parents? (He's weird here, like he wants me to gush about him to my friends but then doesn't want to worry about the risk involved with that.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:04:08 AM): i dunno i wont tell them just in case
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:04:20 AM): k good cause dont want me to get arrested right? (Someone knows what he's doing is bad. Oh wait. Make that two someones, and now... well how many people have read this log?)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:04:29 AM): no that would be bad
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:04:39 AM): yeah cause then id never get the chance to ever meet you in person (And he still won't get to meet me in person. What a shame. I shall go cry now.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:04:51 AM): that would be bad :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:04:53 AM): you wanna do that?
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:05:07 AM): someday i want to meet u yes (He wants to meet me. Surprise anyone?)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:05:24 AM): yay!
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:05:28 AM): your pic turns me on, i can see that you have a nice tight butt in those jeans (No, she doesn't. He can't even see it in the photo.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:05:43 AM): lol tyvm
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:05:59 AM): yoru very welcome
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:06:05 AM): do u like to wear tight jeans alot? (He wishes. I like sweatpants. Baggy ones.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:06:08 AM): sometimes
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:06:18 AM): u ever wear skirts?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:06:22 AM): sometimes (Translation: Never)
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:06:37 AM): if i saw you ina skirt, id be like totally hot and bothered (Well it's a damn good thing I don't wear skirts then, huh?)
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:06:46 AM): lol
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:06:53 AM): lol
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:07:03 AM): just like i am now
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:07:15 AM): do u wear panties or thongs? (WHY oh why do pervs seem to think that every thirteen year old likes to wear thongs? WHY? If you can explain this to me you can have a cookie or two.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:07:21 AM): panties but not thongs
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:07:26 AM): thats cool
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:07:34 AM): my mom says when i can buy them i can wear them lol (Damn sensible moms.)
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:07:49 AM): sorry hope im not being too dirty by saying i am hard right now and that i got naked (Ugh. That is all.)
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:08:43 AM): sorry hope thats not offensive
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:08:47 AM): i know u said u dont cyber (So he can listen to the kid most of the time but he cannot listen to the law on ten different occasions when they tell him not to do something. Hrm.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:09:05 AM): its ok
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:09:34 AM): so do u mind that i got naked? (Why yes, yes I do. Does that make any difference?)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:09:42 AM): no
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:10:05 AM): okay are u goign to dream about me tonight?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:10:11 AM): ya
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:10:35 AM): me too what happens if u get turned on?
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:11:46 AM): i wish i could kiss u right now (I wish I could hold back my gag reflex at that thought.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:11:51 AM): ummm i dunno that would be cool
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:12:17 AM): can i ask a somewhat personal sexual question? (The first person to appear in my IM box with a non-personal sexual question that a perv might ask a child will be commemorated in some way to be decided later.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:12:35 AM): i guess ya
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:12:56 AM): okay have u ever masturbated while laying in yoru bed? (SOMEWHAT personal.... Right. Masturbation = VERY personal, FYI.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:13:09 AM): sometimes
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:13:19 AM): nice u should do that now (I should go do that now. I don't think so.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:13:36 AM): maybe
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:13:37 AM): i dunno
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:13:58 AM): go for it i am strokign myself my love (Gag. Barf.)
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:14:00 AM): thinking about you
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:15:07 AM): :)
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:15:14 AM): sorry i know im a bad boy (Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do... hehe. I couldn't resist.)
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:16:10 AM): i luv ya kendra
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:16:26 AM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:16:33 AM): im gonna go to bed
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:16:42 AM): okay wish i was joining you (I don't share that wish.)
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:16:49 AM): are u goign to go rub yourself in your bed? (Are you going to take a long walk off a short pier?)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:16:51 AM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:16:55 AM): maybe i dunno (I'd rather go swimming in a shark tank shortly after a kitchen accident involving blood, thanks for asking, though!)
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:17:01 AM): okay i wil miss you lots
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:17:05 AM): will u miss me too
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:17:16 AM): ya
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:17:23 AM): sweetdreams kendra my new gf, hope to see you online again soon (He wishes.)
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:17:29 AM): email me lots please (My emailing abilities suck.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:17:31 AM): k
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:18:02 AM): i come online everynite
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:18:05 AM): do u come online everynite? (How nice of him to tell me where and when I could occupy his time away from all the children he's currently talking to.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:18:09 AM): most nights ya
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:18:17 AM): me too normally after 11pm (Night owl.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/27/06 2:18:20 AM): k
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:18:27 AM): nite honey i will miss u sexy
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:18:38 AM): your my hot sexy beauty queen (You're my predatory sickening pervert I'd like to send to jail!)
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:18:42 AM): and my girlfriend and i lveyou lots
smileman74 (11/27/06 2:18:46 AM): loveyou always
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:16:57 AM): hello my love
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:17:01 AM): hiya!
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:17:10 AM): did u miss me?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:17:15 AM): ya
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:17:20 AM): i missed u too
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:17:36 AM): >:D<:-*
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:17:50 AM): how was your nite, did u have any dreams about the 2 of us together? (Why yes, yes I did. It involved you and handcuffs but I wasn't in it. Strange...)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:17:59 AM): lol i dont remember
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:18:02 AM): is it really ok im 13? (He seemed a little dense, so I thought I'd make sure he remembered just how young I was. Sadly that seems to be one of my best qualities to him.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:18:20 AM): yes i dont mind
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:18:33 AM): ok
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:18:41 AM): i love you sweetheart (I detest you!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:19:14 AM): :)
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:19:26 AM): so how u been?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:19:31 AM): ok
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:19:33 AM): cold lol (It snowed.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:19:44 AM): i know did u get any snow?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:19:52 AM): ya some
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:20:01 AM): ready for me to tell u how much snow i have?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:20:09 AM): sure
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:20:17 AM): okay i have about 14\" (Everyone else in the rest of the country is now allowed to laugh at his complaint about level of snow. You have sixty seconds. GO!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:20:20 AM): omg!
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:20:22 AM): thats a ton!
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:20:35 AM): yes it is, i had to shovel the car out so that dad could go to work
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:20:57 AM): omg
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:21:22 AM): yeah wish u were here then we could cuddle and keep each other warm (Of course he does. Sadly I'm not shocked.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:22:08 AM): :)
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:22:23 AM): what u wearing tonight?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:22:27 AM): pjs (I wear PJs every night.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:22:42 AM): same as last nite huh?
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:22:53 AM): :-*:-*
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:23:15 AM): ya
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:23:33 AM): thats cool, so do u wear a bra during the day? (No. I wear two coconuts held together with twine.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:23:47 AM): ya
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:23:56 AM): do u take it off at nite? (This guy... is dense.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:23:58 AM): ya
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:24:07 AM): nice so right now its off?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:24:14 AM): ya
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:24:18 AM): oh sexy
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:24:34 AM): if u were here, id probably put my hand up your shirt (He. Is. Revolting.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:24:53 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:25:06 AM): im not tho (Let's find out why he hasn't tried to come see me yet, shall we? I mean really, as desperate as he was last night, you'd think he'd hop in his car and come right on over.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:25:29 AM): i know sweetie, wish we lived closer, then id have u sneak out your room (Oooo Sneaking. Whee!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:26:39 AM): :(
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:26:53 AM): what kinda underwear u wear?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:26:57 AM): bikini
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:27:06 AM): oh nice u ever wear thongs? (We covered this yesterday. Oh how soon he forgets.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:27:15 AM): no mom says i can have them when i can buy them
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:27:32 AM): thats right, do u want some? (Now we're getting somewhere.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:28:10 AM): i wanna try them ya but i dont have money for them
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:28:50 AM): ic id buy you some if i could find a way to visit you (Except he can't. You'll see why later. Read on!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:29:04 AM): why cant you?
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:29:19 AM): well i dont have a car, so i would have to take a bus (Hrm. He doesn't have a car. That's not so odd, except that he lives WAY far out in the middle of nowhere, and most people who live out in the middle of nowhere own large four-wheel drive vehicles to get their asses out of the snow.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:29:51 AM): oh
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:30:06 AM): are busses around here good?
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:30:26 AM): well i hvae a few around me, what about over there? (What kid has a good working knowledge of the public bus system? Not I!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:30:38 AM): there are some ya
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:31:02 AM): does greyhound go to poulsbo?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:31:13 AM): lemme check
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:31:32 AM): ok love'
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:37:17 AM): u still looking love?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:37:28 AM): ya where from?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:37:28 AM): blaine?
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:37:39 AM): from bellingham or blaine
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:38:32 AM): greyhound doesnt come here (Sad day. Children in Poulsbo are safe from the predatory molester in Blaine.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:38:53 AM): damn how close would i be able to get?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:38:58 AM): tacoma
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:39:18 AM): what about a ferry? (There is the most extensive public ferry system in the United States operating in Puget Sound. It's quite astounding.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:39:57 AM): i dont know where id catch a ferry from
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:40:51 AM): what about the kingston ferry? (Thank god he was totally dense and didn't think about the fact that nearly no child would know how to navigate the WA State Ferry system without a map or maybe being an adult.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:41:02 AM): thats along ways from me i think
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:41:08 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:41:11 AM): whats the closest ferry to you?
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:41:27 AM): umm i think from like anacortes it hink
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:41:28 AM): think
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:41:32 AM): but that takes along time
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:41:35 AM): ya it does
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:41:45 AM): lemme look at the little map (IN MY HEAD!)
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:41:48 AM): okay
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:42:39 AM):
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:42:48 AM): you could come on the keystone (If you're lucky you can see a surfaced nuclear submarine returning to port while you're sitting on the Keystone ferry. It's quite... oh... I digress.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:43:28 AM): where does that leave from?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:43:53 AM): i think its whidbey island (This kid ACED WA State geography.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:44:27 AM): i dont know how i could do that, cause it woudl take me 2hrs just to get to the ferry terminal
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:44:34 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:44:46 AM): ok
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:44:50 AM): i know im sorry, we will figure it out k
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:44:56 AM): ok
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:45:24 AM): i luv ya lots (Of course he does.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:47:22 AM): how bad do u want me? (This is another prompt. I said nothing about wanting him badly. He just surmised that.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:47:29 AM): lol as bad as you want me (HA! He doesn't realize that the way I want him is behind bars.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:47:37 AM): thats good to know
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:49:23 AM): what do you do for work?
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:49:58 AM): actually right now im not working, i am going to college (Oh a college student at 32. I hope he's a career changer.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:50:06 AM): oh cool
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:50:42 AM): yeah im studying accounting (Accountant. Got it. Bean counter. Now if he'd only use his bean. I'm so punny.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:51:11 AM): cool
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:51:13 AM): where>
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:51:33 AM): at the community college up here
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:51:37 AM): oh cool
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:51:52 AM): yeah its fun, got a few years left then i might be moving to seattle (A few... years? To become an account at a community college doesn't take a few years. Something's fishy.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:51:57 AM): oh cool
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:52:05 AM): that woudl be closer to you huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:52:30 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:52:35 AM): omg omg omg school is cancelled tomorrow (SNOW DAY!)
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:52:49 AM): does that make u happy?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:52:51 AM): ya!
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:53:03 AM): u just watched the announcement on tv huh
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:53:13 AM): no checked it online
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:53:22 AM): ic, on what news site?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:53:54 AM): kiro
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:54:15 AM): thats cool did u have class this today?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:54:38 AM): ya but we started late
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:54:58 AM): oh like 1 or 2hrs?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:55:02 AM): ya
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:55:17 AM): ic let me guess u didnt finish your homework?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:55:28 AM): lol i didnt have any
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:55:45 AM): do u put off your homework til the last minute? (This begins a weird interchange.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:55:49 AM): no
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:55:56 AM): i do even now in college i do
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:56:09 AM): omg really?
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:56:20 AM): yes im a bad boy, wanna spank me? (Oh. My. God. Now he wants to introduce the child to erotic spanking. Unfortunately this just begins to touch on his depravity.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:56:38 AM): lol
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:57:33 AM): do u like kinky things/ (And again... I have no problem with adults and kink, really... however introducing children to it is Just. Plain. Wrong.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:57:41 AM): kinky things? like what?
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:57:54 AM): like spanking, beign tied up (She's a virgin. WHY would she have any idea? Spanking would have been ineffective discipline and being tied up would have been CHILD ABUSE.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 12:59:26 AM): lol i dunno i never did any of that (This was in a memo from the department of \"DUH!\")
smileman74 (11/28/06 12:59:41 AM): ic
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:03:03 AM): i want u here with me so bad
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:05:01 AM): i know
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:06:00 AM): wish u had a camera (I'm so glad he doesn't!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:06:04 AM): me too
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:07:10 AM): yeah if u had a webcam would u get naked on it? (There's a term for that: Child pornography.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:07:34 AM): i dunno lol my mom is here
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:07:42 AM): oh dont want her to catch you huh
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:08:01 AM): lol no
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:08:03 AM): i could call you tho
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:08:17 AM): well right now my parents are in bed (Yes, you read that right. His parents are in bed. Read further for more of his sordid tale.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:08:22 AM): oh
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:08:25 AM): so you cant get calls?
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:08:37 AM): not at this time, and i dont want them to catch me talkign to someone your age (YA THINK? Why oh why did he not take that as a hint that he should stop talking to me?)
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:08:41 AM): u get the point?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:08:44 AM): lol ya
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:08:47 AM): dont want me in trouble (He's 32, doesn't have a car, goes to college, and lives with his parents and doesn't want them catching him talking to someone my age. Do you see something amiss here?)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:09:00 AM): k
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:09:12 AM): i am trying to get a cell phone soon (Trying? How hard is it? I have three!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:09:22 AM): oh that would be cool
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:09:35 AM): yeah if i had a cell phone, woudl u do phone sex?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:09:41 AM): i dont like phone sex
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:09:42 AM): its fake
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:09:53 AM): its cool u just want to hear my voicehuh
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:09:58 AM): ya
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:10:04 AM): do u have a mic?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:10:07 AM): no
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:10:19 AM): but u could hear my voice though right?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:11:21 AM): no not without my mom hearing it too
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:11:38 AM): oh shes that close to you right now huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:11:55 AM): she could hear it through the speakers
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:11:57 AM): in her room
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:12:14 AM): oh your in her room?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:12:41 AM): ya
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:12:52 AM): oh u dont have a computer in your room huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:12:55 AM): no
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:13:02 AM): too bad, is it cause they dont trust you?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:13:24 AM): no mom uses it too
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:14:04 AM): oh okay
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:14:09 AM): u should ask for your own computer (Says the guy who doesn't have his own car, cell phone, home or computer at 32.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:14:18 AM): lolololol like my mom can afford that
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:14:31 AM): maybe she can rent one
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:14:43 AM): its ok
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:14:45 AM): she doesnt use it very much
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:14:50 AM): i dont mind using it out here
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:15:04 AM): so u got it in her room, or in the living room now?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:15:09 AM): living room
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:15:54 AM): oh is it a laptop?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:15:59 AM): n
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:16:00 AM): no
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:16:14 AM): oh okay, but your mom has the door open to the bedroom?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:16:20 AM): ya
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:16:33 AM): too bad, do u hae to get off when they go to bed?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:16:38 AM): no
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:16:49 AM): maybe u can listen to me when they go to bed then
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:17:00 AM): mom is already in bed
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:17:02 AM): whos they?
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:17:10 AM): oh dont u live with dad too? (Normally I would call this risk assessment, but quite honestly I'm not sure he was here, because he isn't coming to see me.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:17:28 AM): he died
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:17:54 AM): omg sorry i didnt know
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:17:57 AM): i feel bad now sorry
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:18:29 AM): its ok
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:18:38 AM): how long ago did that happen?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:18:49 AM): 2 years
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:19:05 AM): can i ask what he died from?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:19:18 AM): car accident
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:19:30 AM): ic, was it his fault or the other persons?
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:21:09 AM): sorrry i know its a tough subject huh
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:21:11 AM): the other persons
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:21:35 AM): let me guesss a drunk?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:21:40 AM): no a kid
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:21:43 AM): oic
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:22:34 AM): so do u think your mom woudl get upset if she knew you were dating a guy my age? (Now this is risk assessment.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:23:50 AM): lol i dunno but im not about to tell her and find out!
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:24:28 AM): u think shed find otu where i live and have me arrested? (Again, I think this is a secret wish of his, since it's such a vivid scenario in his mind.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:25:17 AM): lol i doubt it
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:26:08 AM): okay
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:26:15 AM): how much u luv me?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:26:18 AM): lol alot
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:26:28 AM): thats good
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:26:39 AM): have u masturbated in your bed yet thinking aboutme? (No, I already told you! I threw up a little in my mouth thinking about you.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:26:48 AM): no
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:26:54 AM): i dont really do that a lot anyway
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:27:05 AM): u should try it, u should print out my profile pic (Anyone want to guess what he did with my profile photos? Anyone? Anyone?)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:27:17 AM): thats too fakey for me
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:27:46 AM): but u never done real thing yet though
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:27:54 AM): what do you mean?
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:28:00 AM): your a virgin right?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:28:04 AM): ya
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:28:16 AM): are u ready for the real thing honey?(Oooo the real thing!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:28:23 AM): i guess so
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:28:28 AM): why?
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:28:41 AM): cause i want to get naked and have sex with you (Seriously? I would never have guessed.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:28:46 AM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:28:48 AM): that would be cool
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:28:55 AM): yes it would, i want to be your first guy (He. Is. Desperate.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:28:58 AM): :)
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:29:24 AM): cause i care about u alot (People who care about kids want them to enjoy their childhood, unmarred by the scars of child abuse, molestation and rape.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:29:27 AM): :)
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:30:19 AM): i have thought about u constantly since we talked
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:30:30 AM): :)
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:31:23 AM): your smiling more since u met me?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:33:18 AM): ya
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:33:22 AM): thats good
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:33:31 AM): are u thinkign about telling yoru friends you have a bf? (This is the second mention of me wanting to gush about him to my friends. If his need was to have an adult girlfriend tell her friends about him, I would understand. He wants a CHILD to share and gush about him. That's just sick.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:33:44 AM): no lol i dont want them to say anything to my mom
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:34:10 AM): oh they are like that huh
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:34:17 AM): i dunno but i dont wanna find out
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:35:12 AM): ic
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:35:17 AM): trying to keeep me safe huh (Yep. That's it. I want you safe and sound behind bars.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:35:21 AM): lol ya
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:36:03 AM): thank you for considering that my love (I aim to please!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:36:48 AM): :)
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:37:57 AM): i bet youd hate to see me in jail huh (Every time he mentions it I think he wants to go there more. He has no doubt that it is the penalty for the crime he's committing. It is not deterring him.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:38:19 AM): ya :( that would suck
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:38:42 AM): cause then u wouldnt be able to visit me there eithier
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:38:53 AM): the judge woudl slap a restraining order against me seeing you (A judge should have done that long ago.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:39:14 AM): :(
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:39:38 AM): if i was able to get there by ferry, where woudl we hang out at?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:39:57 AM): if you wanted i could meet you downtown and we could either hang at my house or go somewhere else (I personally like hanging out RIGHT in front of the Sheriff's office!)
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:40:25 AM): how could we hang at your house, waht about your mom?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:40:31 AM): if shes gone we can
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:41:11 AM): ic, or woudl u fool around outdoors too?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:41:15 AM): outdoors?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:41:17 AM): in the cold?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:41:18 AM): lol
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:41:21 AM): its freezing outside
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:41:56 AM): i know but id warm u up fast my love (Barf!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:42:02 AM): lol
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:42:44 AM): your my sweetheart, dont ever forget that k
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:43:05 AM): k
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:44:07 AM): your great
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:44:12 AM): no your great
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:44:23 AM): you make me so happpy and im glad to call u my gf (And I hope that keeps you from molesting other kids while you talk to me. I really hope so. That's the ONLY reason I can stomach you!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:44:33 AM): :)
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:46:16 AM): i am about ready to cum right now honey (Thanks for sharing!)
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:48:01 AM): do u like that?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:48:06 AM): i dunno i guess
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:48:27 AM): i know be better if u were here so you coudl taste it (I disagree... heartily!)
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:51:20 AM): :-*
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:55:46 AM): oh are u falling asleep on me love? (I love how I have a 8 minute lapse in response and he thinks I'm falling asleep.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:55:51 AM): ya im going to bed
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:55:53 AM): i will think bout you
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 1:55:55 AM): goodnight!
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:56:52 AM): okay goodnite sweetie, talk to u this same time tomorrow nite (Whee! I love a perv with a sense of time and scheduling.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:56:52 AM): lov eyou always
smileman74 (11/28/06 1:56:52 AM): email me soon please (Little did he know I don't email.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 7:48:50 PM): you here?
smileman74 (11/28/06 7:59:00 PM): hi you ronline early
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 7:59:09 PM): lol i havent had anything else to do today!
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 7:59:10 PM): :(
smileman74 (11/28/06 7:59:22 PM): really that sucks im sorry, wish i was there
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 7:59:30 PM): i wish you were too
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 7:59:37 PM): is everett by you? (I really needed somewhere nearer than he was. The Canadian Border is just too far away!)
smileman74 (11/28/06 7:59:52 PM): thats about 3hrs away why?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 7:59:57 PM): oh
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:00:00 PM): well maybe about 2hrs
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:00:01 PM): sorry
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:00:02 PM): my aunt lives there
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:00:04 PM): why u ask love?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:00:15 PM): i was thinking i could visit her and get away if you could get there
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:00:30 PM): that woudl be cool, but when were u thinking, maybe this summer time? (It's... November. No. Summer is not when I'm thinking about getting away because really I'd have to take drastic measures to survive talking to him that long!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:00:38 PM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:00:40 PM): i was hoping sooner
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:00:47 PM): like when?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:00:52 PM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:00:59 PM): i gotta talk to my aunt first
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:01:16 PM): ic but im broke love (Understatement of the YEAR!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:01:20 PM): :(
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:01:23 PM): so i dont have money for the greyhound (Greyhound was 11 dollars. 11.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:01:28 PM): oh that sucks
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:01:32 PM): when could you do it?
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:01:46 PM): can u help me get the money for the trip? (Sure. I'll wash some cars and walk some dogs.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:02:00 PM): i dunno i dont have any money
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:02:05 PM): can u ask for some? (Desperate much?)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:02:15 PM): not without mom asking a million questions
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:02:22 PM): she usually just gets me what i want if she thinks i need it (This is how my parents did things. I had some money but not enough for a greyhound ticket!!)
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:02:24 PM): damn i dont know how then
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:02:25 PM): she doesnt give me money
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:02:28 PM): maybe a friend of yours could help (I couldn't believe he was asking so insistently)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:03:04 PM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:03:24 PM): can i call you? (SWERVE!)
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:03:28 PM): otherwise i dont think id have money til the summer when im off of school (Oh he'll be off school before summer.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:03:32 PM): not right now mom and dad are home
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:03:50 PM): oh :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:03:58 PM): you cant ask them for the money? (Hey, if he can ask me to ask my mom for the money, I can do the same for him!)
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:04:38 PM): nope cause they are on a fixed income they are retired (And they're busy paying debts...)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:04:44 PM): oh :(
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:04:46 PM): i already owe them over 5000 dollars sweetie (Bad financial decisions)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:04:56 PM): :(
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:05:09 PM): i know it sucks, not having a car
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:05:32 PM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:05:36 PM): could you borrow theirs?
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:06:12 PM): yeah right i dont have a license either love (Owes a lot of money, has no car... What is this guy's gig?)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:06:21 PM): :(
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:06:39 PM): im sorry love, i want to see u so bad
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:06:54 PM): i lost my license along time ago, i was a badboy when i was your age love (He lost his license at age... 13? Hrm. There's gotta be a story there.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:07:04 PM): what did you do?
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:07:42 PM): well i hve beeen to jail a few times in my life (Jail a few times? I'll say he's been bad. Very bad.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:07:49 PM): what for?
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:08:39 PM): for exposing myself in public places, like playgrounds, school and to kids playing in the park (Exposing. Himself. To. Kids. Lovely.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:09:32 PM): omg
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:09:44 PM): do u think thats gross? (Um YES! What kind of a question is THAT?)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:09:54 PM): lol i dunno
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:10:09 PM): or is it a turn on? (Definitely not. Scary, more like it.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:10:14 PM): lol i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:10:18 PM): im thinking about it
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:11:08 PM): what woudl u do if i would have done that to u on a playground? (Run. Fast. Away.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:11:15 PM): i dunno
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:11:29 PM): would u have done what the girls that saw me did (Probably.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:11:37 PM): what was that?
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:12:12 PM): they went and told ther parents, one girl ran into the house and her dad came running after me (GO DAD!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:12:17 PM): omg
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:12:49 PM): yeah and he tackled me after he caught up with me (This gets better and better!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:13:02 PM): omg
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:13:35 PM): yeah another girl was playing on the trampoline in her yard and i got turned on and i was across the street in a parking lot and i started jerking off to her (At this point, he's describing it so casually it's rather alarming to me. He's a habitual predator.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:13:45 PM): and she ran and called the cops, and i ran too, but got stopped by the police (Thank God!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:15:19 PM): wow
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:16:05 PM): yeap and i have had to do sex offender treatment too (What a shock!)

hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:16:12 PM): really?
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:16:34 PM): yes i have
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:16:38 PM): wow
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:17:42 PM): yeah so i hope i dont scare u away by telling u that i like being nude all the time (Let's see... 2 times he's exposed himself to children to jerk off and been caught and prosecuted, he's had sex offender treatment... Nudity all the time doesn't scare me in the least -- It makes me that much more determined to let him commit the crime he fully intends to commit with me instead of a real child.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:17:58 PM): lol no thatsok
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:18:21 PM): okay good, i do get turend on easy by girls yoru age too (No kidding...)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:18:28 PM): lol thats ok
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:19:03 PM): maybe we can have a threesome with another girlfriend your age too (WTF?)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:19:09 PM): so do you have to do that registering thing too? (I was DYING to know if he had to register)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:19:20 PM): lol i dunno bout that threesome thing
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:19:40 PM): nope cause my crime is a misdeamenor crime, not a felony, unless u do it more then 3 times which i have alot (News flash: He has done it three times and WAS required to register.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:19:47 PM): oh i see
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:19:54 PM): so i have a felony, but its a non registerable offense (Except that it IS registerable because indecent exposure by itself is not registerable, unless it's found to have a sexual motivation, which his was. He wasn't just peeing in public.)

hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:20:07 PM): oh lol i guess thats lucky then
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:20:55 PM): i know or else i couldnt leave the county i live in (HAHAHAH as if he could get away anyway!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:21:09 PM): omg really?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:21:10 PM): why not?
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:21:12 PM): now if i got caugth doing anythign dirty with you, id get a felony for sure then (Ya think? What was your first clue?)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:21:22 PM): omg i wont tell then lol
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:21:41 PM): no i mean if i had a registerable offense, id have to notify them of all moves or about leaving my area (Yes, yes you would. Now you have one. Have fun with that!)
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:21:58 PM): okay good or else id get a felony charge of child rape or child molestation (DING DING DING! Child rape it is! Except... it was an attempt.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:22:07 PM): lol i dont want that (I told a fib.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:22:27 PM): nope then id never be able to see you or phone you, or write you
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:22:32 PM): omg!
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:23:11 PM): yeah not good huh sweetie
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:24:42 PM): that would mean the end of our relationship for sure (Really? That's so tempting!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:24:49 PM): ya and that would be bad
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:25:54 PM): sure woudl be my love
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:26:03 PM): i cant get u out of my mind i printed out your pic (And thank you for giving us something to list in a search warrant!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:26:31 PM): :)
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:27:07 PM): u should print out mine
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:27:24 PM): lol i dont want my mom to find it and ask questions (That and I REALLY didn't want that printed.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:28:03 PM): u keep it in your schoolbooks love
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:28:14 PM): lol my books usually stay at school
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:29:38 PM): oh drats, well there has got to be a place to hide a picture of me printed out love (No, there's really not.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:29:59 PM): i got it on the computer lol its not like im leaving home anytime soon cause of the stupid now (We had LOTS of snow.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:30:00 PM): snow
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:30:27 PM): do u look at it everytime u log on? (He REALLY wants Kendra fantasizing about him. The depths of my annoyance at this cannot be measured.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:30:31 PM): lol ya
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:30:39 PM): even when im not here huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:31:11 PM): ya
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:31:13 PM): did u click on the picture and save it to a disc?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:32:19 PM): ya
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:32:30 PM): on a floppy or a cd? (WHO uses floppies anymore? WHO? I demand to know who you are so I can point and laugh.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:32:46 PM): on my hard drive
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:33:03 PM): thats cool what if your mom goes on the computer and sees it? (What if you get caught? Oh wait. You already did.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:33:12 PM): i have my own user account she wont
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:33:27 PM): oh and she dont have the password to it?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:33:44 PM): she does but she doesnt go into it
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:34:06 PM): well thats good, what would se do if she sawu hada copy of my pic, would she ask who it was? (His questions are a cross between paranoia and wanting his ego stroked by a 13 year old.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:34:25 PM): i dunno lol but im not gonna find out
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:34:30 PM): its hidden back in my school files
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:34:53 PM): okay your smart my love
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:36:37 PM): I LOVEYOU SEXY!!!!! (Except... not.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:36:46 PM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:36:48 PM): you too
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:36:59 PM): hey do u have any other pics, besides the one on your profile? (Why yes, yes I do.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:37:36 PM): ya
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:37:50 PM): really can u email them to me then please
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:38:22 PM):, send me all u have of you okay my love (Of course. I'll get right on that, shortly after I get my nose pierced and get that tattoo I've always wanted.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:38:23 PM): please
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:38:32 PM): i cant :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:38:37 PM): they never come out right
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:38:45 PM): why cant i send them through yahoo?
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:38:56 PM): cause i have the older version of yahoo messanger
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:38:58 PM): :(
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:39:06 PM): please try okay send them as attachments on the email (No.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:39:31 PM): just click on attach file, then go find where u have your pics saved, and do 1 at a time (Computer instructions for dummies!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:39:42 PM): here let me see if i can do it this way
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:39:51 PM): what way?
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:40:17 PM): or u can also put them in your yahoo photo album page on your profile (Nope!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:41:34 PM): there
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:42:00 PM): k so thats the one of you beside a tree, how many more ugot? (Yes, that's me beside a tree, er... actually it's my child photo beside a tree)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:42:07 PM): I put up four
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:42:20 PM): it only does one my love (No, it does four, you're just dumb.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:42:29 PM): do u know how to make a yahoo photo album?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:43:15 PM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:43:24 PM): i put them up i dont wanna put them on my yahoo profile tho
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:43:32 PM): you will just have to deal (In short: Suck it up, Cupcake!)
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:43:39 PM): damn okay
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:44:13 PM): please try to put them as attachments on a yahoo mail too for me love (So yeah, I was feeling slightly surly about this photo issue.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:44:30 PM): i will try but my mom can access my email
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:44:50 PM): okay well after u send to me, then u can delete it, by going to sent items (Coverup!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:45:39 PM): your making me do a lot of work (I'm one grumpy chickadee at this point.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:45:57 PM): im sorry my love, i hope its okay (For the record, if any significant other of mine ever calls me \"My love\" ever, I think I will likely hurl... maybe the contents of my stomach and maybe dishes. Thankfully my beau is aware of this.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:46:04 PM): i will make up for it somehow
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:46:06 PM): its really not
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:46:16 PM): really why is it not okay?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:46:23 PM): cause its a pain
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:46:43 PM): oic but your doing it for me my love :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:47:17 PM): well you wont let me call you and you cant even get to everett (Complain and whine I can!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:47:21 PM): i dont see the point :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:47:24 PM): i wont ever get to see you anyway
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:47:48 PM): *Edited Image Link*
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:47:58 PM): *Edited Image Link*
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:47:58 PM): will you someday cutie (Hasn't he figured out yet that kids don't have long attention spans?)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:48:12 PM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:48:18 PM): i guess thats up to you
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:48:24 PM): does your voice sound young? (This is a super-creepy question)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:48:37 PM): i dunno im 13 i hope i dont sound like im 80 lol (Cue the corny response!)
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:48:51 PM): i mean do u think it sounds like your 18, or like a girl? (Well...Since our verifiers are all over 18 and have difficulty ordering pizza because the delivery places don't believe them on the phone...)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:48:59 PM): i dunno you could tell me if you let me call you (I is CRAFTY!)
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:49:51 PM): well i just dont want my parents to ask me questions either, maybe later tonight k
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:49:56 PM): :(
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:50:10 PM): or like tomorrow morning
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:50:20 PM): my mom is going to be home tomorrow morning
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:50:27 PM): and i might be at school but i doubt it
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:50:52 PM): can u get away with calling me while she is home?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:51:02 PM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:51:03 PM): maybe
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:51:27 PM): okay have u seeen reports yet as to if your schools aer closed yet? (The area was having a RAGING snowstorm (6 inches))
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:51:35 PM): not yet
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:51:47 PM): they have been coming on at like 10 or 11 the last two days (I was watching the weather reports like a hawk.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:52:06 PM): okay i cross my fingers, or else u could call after school
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:53:59 PM): i like that skirt you are wearing in those 2 pics u sent me (Of course he would.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:54:10 PM): ya thats when i was in nevada
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:54:22 PM): if i was with u when u were wearing that, id have my hand up it (Barf)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:54:39 PM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:54:47 PM): but your not
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:54:48 PM): :(
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:55:06 PM): i know someday soon, i wil work on it k
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:55:19 PM): how much is a greyhound ticket to everett?
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:55:26 PM): im not sure love
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:56:03 PM): :(
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:56:22 PM): plus how can i get away with it, without my mom and dad asking me questions (You're 32. Figure it out.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:56:29 PM): they want to know when i go places (That's because you cannot keep your hand off your dick when you go places around kids!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:56:37 PM): omg lol your an adult you cant do what you wanna do? (Thought I'd point out the obvious here.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:56:38 PM): they woudl get suspicoius and they want phone numbers (Whoa. Short leash!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:56:57 PM): lol i got friends with more freedom than that! (Mocking mocking!)
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:56:59 PM): no my mom worries too much about me cause of me goign to jail in the past, she thinks im going to do something stupid
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:57:00 PM): lolololol
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:57:14 PM): thats lame tho
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:57:16 PM): mom thinks im going to go do something to land me in jail is why honey (I cannot IMAGINE why she'd think such a thing. JAIL? You mean like for trying to have sex with a child? That's Prison, like where he is now.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:57:20 PM): oh
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:57:24 PM): i know it sucks, when im the youngest in the family (Oh... somehow I don't think being the youngest has anything to do with it.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:59:40 PM): im sorry im makign this difficult i will figure out somethign evidually k, just be patient with me
smileman74 (11/28/06 8:59:45 PM): im trying to move out by the summer too (Well, he achieved one goal. He moved out. To prison.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 8:59:52 PM): that would be cool
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:00:12 PM): and working to get the cell phone too (They don't put phones in cells. Sorry!)
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:01:05 PM): tickle tickle tickle (Whoa! I've never before had a perv who actually attempted to virtually execute the same things that an IRL groomer is executing in terms of breaking down a child's defenses toward molestation.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:01:23 PM): lol what was that for?
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:01:33 PM): hehehee, just cause i felt like ticklign you love (SCARY!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:02:05 PM): lol
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:02:19 PM): i am very ticklish myself
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:03:10 PM): lol cool
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:03:27 PM): oops should i have told u that secret, me and my big mouth!!!!! (WINK WINK! Gee. This is painful.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:03:31 PM): lol
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:03:55 PM): tickling me is like torture
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:04:06 PM): lol
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:04:21 PM): so what uwearing right now love?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:04:28 PM): jeans and a sweatshirt
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:04:40 PM): thats cool any panties or bra on?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:04:44 PM): ya
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:04:53 PM): u should take the bra off love (No.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:04:59 PM): not yet
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:05:15 PM): why your at home, u should be relaxed
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:05:23 PM): mom is home
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:05:39 PM): oh would your nipples show through the sweatshirt?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:05:48 PM): i dunno lol probably not its thick and fluffy
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:06:08 PM): i bet it would if u wre wearing a tee shirt huh
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:06:24 PM): i dunno
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:06:34 PM): so do u like swimming?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:06:38 PM): ya
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:06:46 PM): me too i love it
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:06:53 PM): do u wear a one or two piece?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:06:57 PM): depends
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:07:05 PM): on what?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:07:50 PM): what kinda swimming im doing
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:07:57 PM): i was on a swim team in fallon
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:08:06 PM): really thats cool, so u must be real good then
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:08:13 PM): not really lol
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:08:33 PM): so if u were going to go swimming for fun at a beach or pool, would u wear a bikini?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:08:48 PM): i dunno not up here its cold
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:09:40 PM): ic my love
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:10:33 PM): so did u dream about me?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:10:49 PM): i dont remember
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:11:11 PM): i did cutie
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:13:08 PM): im hard right now love (Paint me disgusted.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:15:40 PM): oh
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:15:46 PM): wish u could see it
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:20:52 PM): wish u could come here to seee me instead love, like all the way up here (Yeah because every kid has the means to get to the Canadian border)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:21:17 PM): :(
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:21:30 PM): we coudl sneak off to the woods or something
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:22:37 PM): its only 11 bucks to go to everett on greyhound (No joke. I priced it.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:22:56 PM): i know but its also a matter of time, i go to school full time my love
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:23:04 PM): thats why i said it might not happen until summertime (He cannot come up with 11 bucks until summer.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:24:25 PM): i hope u can wait that long for me honeybuns
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:24:30 PM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:24:32 PM): :(
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:24:42 PM): yes u can honey, it not that long to wait sweetheart (No really... it is. I have a life.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:26:32 PM): :-* dont be sad
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:26:36 PM): its not that far away
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:27:57 PM): :(
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:28:27 PM): my parents leave for long beach in august, so u could call me daily during that time (Except that I leave on my annual sabbatical from June to August.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:28:32 PM): just be patient okay my love
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:28:46 PM): august?
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:29:06 PM): yes i know it seems like a long time, but i will make it worth the time k (I don't see how. Unless he tried to resist. That might make it worth it.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:29:11 PM): promise me u will wait for me
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:32:42 PM): love you so much beautiful
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:32:51 PM): i love you too
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:33:14 PM): :-*:-* gives u some kisses
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:34:27 PM): do i get any back?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:34:55 PM): lol ya but only when i see you
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:35:12 PM): aww why not give me a few online? (Cause he's lame!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:35:16 PM): cause
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:35:48 PM): awww ic teasing me huh?
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:38:25 PM): :-*:-*
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:46:23 PM): i have to go for now, will u be online at 11pm tonight?
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:46:25 PM): sorry i got booted
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:46:28 PM): maybe
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:46:33 PM): when can i call you?
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:46:56 PM): like tomorrow afternoon or morning, would that work if u dont have to go to school?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:47:22 PM): ok maybe
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:47:45 PM): sounds good, try to be online between 11 and 11:30 tonight k
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:48:54 PM): i can try
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:49:15 PM): okay i hope so, and if not i will leave u my number k
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:49:19 PM): ok
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:49:27 PM): your the best my love
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:49:33 PM): see you later!
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:49:49 PM): yeap im glad u said yes to being my gf, your a sweetheart
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:49:56 PM): oh i have to ask you, are a u christian? (Left field? Anyone, anyone? Bueller?)
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:50:01 PM): are you
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:50:03 PM): why?
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:50:13 PM): cause i go to church every weekend (Walking into the building every Sunday does not make you a Christian.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:50:30 PM): ohh i go on christmas
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:50:39 PM): why not all year round? (Because I have other things that I do.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:50:43 PM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:50:45 PM): mom doesnt take me
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:50:50 PM): what type of church u go to?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:50:56 PM): catholic
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:51:04 PM): really have u grown up catholic?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:51:11 PM): ya
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:51:21 PM): thats cool u should get her to take u on sundays (I'm being evangelized by my perv. Give me a break.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:51:48 PM): lol she will ask questions
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:51:50 PM): but she might
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:51:52 PM): i will ask her
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:52:08 PM): yeah cause church is a good thing (Right. Not trying to have sex with children is a good thing too.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:52:16 PM): do your read yoru bible daily? (At this point I really wanted to taunt him.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:52:23 PM): i dont think i have a bible (Tee hee! I actually own about seven different versions of it.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:52:27 PM): and do u pray a few times a day too?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:52:40 PM): i pray before tests does that count? (I had WAY too much fun here.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:52:54 PM): sure but try to commit to praying at least once a day like maybe in the morning (Can I pray to have you arrested? I pray for that like six or seven times a conversation with you!)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:53:26 PM): i guess i will try to remember
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:53:39 PM): okay sweeite, sorry im being a preacher boy (He dreams of being good like that.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:53:45 PM): ok bye
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:54:19 PM): bye for now beautiful, love you and miss u lots
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:54:29 PM): later!
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:54:42 PM): yeap im goign to go take a shower, wish u were joining me in it
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:54:43 PM): lol
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:54:54 PM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:54:54 PM): me too
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:55:07 PM): could fool arodn in the shower (Well... so much for the good boy.)
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:55:15 PM): think about me being naked in my shower okay my love
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:55:30 PM): k
smileman74 (11/28/06 9:55:31 PM): bye for now :-*:-P french kisses you
hhhhgoatsrock (11/28/06 9:55:36 PM): bye
smileman74 (11/29/06 2:18:15 AM): sorry i missed u tonight, i was doign a test online that took over 3hrs to do.
smileman74 (11/29/06 2:18:15 AM): talk to tomorrow sometime, im sure u went to bed already, i loveyou
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 2:29:30 AM): oh
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 2:29:37 AM): mom is in bed
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 2:29:39 AM): i cant sleep
smileman74 (11/29/06 2:30:23 AM): really im sorry love, brb okay, almost done with my test k
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 2:30:25 AM): ok
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 2:40:20 AM): im going to bed but i wanna call you tomorrow if and when my mom is not around
smileman74 (11/29/06 2:41:04 AM): wait dont go, just 5 more mins please love
smileman74 (11/29/06 2:41:26 AM): is school cancelled?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 2:41:49 AM): ya but mom is around all day tomorrow too
smileman74 (11/29/06 2:42:16 AM): oh damn that sucks then, and u dont want to call when shes around huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 2:42:27 AM): no thats why i wanted to call earlier
smileman74 (11/29/06 2:42:31 AM): okay just wait for a couple more mins please i promise im almost done
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 2:42:41 AM): i gotta go but i will be back on tomorrow
smileman74 (11/29/06 2:58:32 AM): okay i love you honey
smileman74 (11/29/06 2:58:32 AM): wish u wre here
smileman74 (11/29/06 2:58:32 AM): i love you honey
smileman74 (11/29/06 2:58:32 AM): here is my number:
smileman74 (11/29/06 2:58:32 AM): its 360-371-4563, dont call before 10am or no later then 5pm k, hope mom can leave so u can call me (That's his parents number and he's in the State Prison until roughly October of 2014 at the earliest, so you won't reach him there.)
smileman74 (11/29/06 2:58:32 AM): kisses and hugs you
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 3:49:25 PM): you there?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 3:49:27 PM): i tried calling you
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 5:25:57 PM): you there?
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:07:42 PM): are u the one that said whats up gmoney?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:07:48 PM): lol no
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:08:04 PM): i didnt leave a message
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:08:10 PM): oh okay someone called and was messing with us by saying whats up gmoney
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:08:32 PM): whats your vm message anyway?
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:08:35 PM): well u have to start talking after the beep or we dont pick up
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:08:50 PM): oh i didnt know that i didnt want your mom to hear it if she was home
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:08:51 PM): :(
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:08:59 PM): its my dads voice, saying we are unable to take your call, please leave your name and number after the beep
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:09:00 PM): so i hung up
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:09:06 PM): ok thats the one
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:09:19 PM): okay seee we dont pick up unless someone says hi
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:09:27 PM): you want me to say hi? (I was oh so confused here.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:09:33 PM): i thought your mom would get mad or something
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:09:49 PM): yes as long as u sound older then what u are
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:09:57 PM): do u have a mature voice? (Nope.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:10:10 PM): ummm people always ask for my mom when i answer the phone
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:10:29 PM): oic
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:10:41 PM): what time did u call
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:10:49 PM): like 2 and 3 or something like that
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:11:02 PM): okay yeah just say hello is kevin there
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:11:21 PM): if they ask i will tell them your a freind from school
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:11:32 PM): ok
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:11:37 PM): you want me to call you now?
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:11:44 PM): well right now we are getting ready for dinner
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:11:48 PM): ok
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:12:37 PM): maybe at around 7:30, would that work?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:12:40 PM): ya
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:13:07 PM): okay that should work then
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:13:11 PM): k
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:13:19 PM): if the phone doesnt go to machine that means mom or dad is online k
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:13:27 PM): ok
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:14:18 PM): i luv ya
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:14:29 PM): i luv ya too
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:14:30 PM): we can only be on the phone for about 15mins though okay
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:14:37 PM): oh i probably cant be on that long
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:14:47 PM): mom is home for the night
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:14:58 PM): so how long will we talk for, how about 10mins?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:15:12 PM): i will see if i can but if mom comes in i gotta hang up
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:15:25 PM): okay sweetheart, just go to your room
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:15:41 PM): i am going to but if she comes in looking for me or the phone i gotta hang up
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:15:58 PM): oh drats, i hope that dont happen, cause i want to hear from you
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:16:03 PM): ok
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:16:29 PM): loveyou lots honey
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:16:51 PM): :)
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:17:08 PM): wish u could be here
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:18:51 PM): what u doing rest of today?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:19:10 PM): i dunno maybe watch a movie with mom
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:19:20 PM): awww how sweet
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:19:23 PM): are u and your mom real close?
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:22:38 PM): what u wearing babe?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:22:45 PM): my jammies
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:23:00 PM): oh very sexy, wish i could see a pic of that
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:23:09 PM): sorry i dont have a cam
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:24:05 PM): i know i wish u did and i wish i had one too, id get naked for you on mine if u had one (We can all thank our lucky stars for that.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:26:07 PM): id get cold if i did that lol
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:26:43 PM): no you wouldnt not if u only did it for a couple of mins
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:27:18 PM): lol i dunno
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:27:47 PM): u could always put a blanket over you then drip the blanket for a minute if u had the camera (Begging for the KP doesn't become him.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:28:08 PM): i dont have a cam though
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:28:09 PM): :(
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:28:25 PM): too bad me either
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:28:30 PM): i bet youd love to see me naked on cam huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:28:35 PM): lol ya
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:29:05 PM): yeah that woudl be hot
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:29:11 PM): if u had one u could show me your pussy
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:29:15 PM): do u have hair down there yet?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:30:48 PM): not really a little
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:31:01 PM): ic, and your pussy is very tight huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:33:03 PM): lol i dunno (I say it every log and this is no exception. I have no clue what child would ever describe themselves as \"Tight.\" I am firmly believing that this is a term exclusively used by the pervs on their end.)
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:37:16 PM): sorry guess i got booted
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:37:22 PM): lol
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:38:04 PM): how tight are u mylove?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:38:15 PM): i dunno
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:38:32 PM): well put a finger there and find out
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:38:48 PM): not with my mom around geez
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:39:02 PM): awww bummer
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:39:10 PM): okay well i have to go, call me at around 7:15 k
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:39:24 PM): ok
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:39:49 PM): bye for now sweetheart, do u hae schooltomorrow yet?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:40:16 PM): i dunno yet
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:40:19 PM): depends on snow tonight i think
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:40:28 PM): i see, are u supposeed to get more?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:40:33 PM): ya
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:40:48 PM): has it started yet?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:40:56 PM): the snow?
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:41:08 PM): yes is it snowing there yet/
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:41:10 PM): its trying really hard lol
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:41:34 PM): do u hope u get to stay home agian?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:41:40 PM): im kinda bored
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:41:52 PM): and we gotta make the days up at the end of the year so i dont think so
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:42:09 PM): u want to go huh
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:42:16 PM): how many days u missed so far?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:42:19 PM): 3
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:42:32 PM): wow so bascially all week long then huh
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:42:37 PM): ya
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:43:23 PM): so u havent gone since last week then?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:43:31 PM): i didnt go last week either
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:43:32 PM): i was in spokane
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:43:55 PM): ic, but 3 days this week because of snow right?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:43:58 PM): ya
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:44:11 PM): that sucks huh
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:44:13 PM): ya
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:44:17 PM): i thikn its goign to be closed all week though
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:44:24 PM): im afraid it will be :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:44:28 PM): i cant go to the barn either
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:44:35 PM): hey check out this quiz i found today tho its kinda funny
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:44:40 PM): okay
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:44:42 PM): *Edited link*
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:44:47 PM): oh u want to see your goat huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:44:52 PM): ya
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:45:11 PM): when did u see yoru goat last?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:45:16 PM): in fallon
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:45:18 PM): august
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:45:39 PM): i guess the type of nut you are tells if you are a match
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:45:40 PM): :)
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:45:52 PM): ic
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:48:07 PM): you done yet?
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:48:10 PM): okay its finding it out now
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:48:12 PM): k
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:50:17 PM): what did it say?
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:50:29 PM): nothing, it just took me to the home websit
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:50:33 PM): :(
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:50:55 PM): i fillled out the survey and then clicked on submit
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:51:03 PM): then it took me to the *Edited* website
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:51:15 PM): thats lame
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:51:16 PM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:51:19 PM): oh well
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:51:22 PM): wait hold on it was just loading it slowly
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:52:04 PM): i will try it again k
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:52:07 PM): then be patient and wait
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:52:12 PM): its ok
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:53:01 PM): im a pecan
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:53:07 PM): cool
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:53:12 PM): im a almond
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:53:16 PM): is that a match then?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:53:19 PM): i think so! :)
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:53:25 PM): how do u know if its a match?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:53:32 PM): my friend sammi said it was
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:53:46 PM): thats what she and her bf got
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:53:47 PM): oh u asked her about it?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:53:50 PM): ya she sent it to me
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:53:58 PM): oh so he was a pecan and she was a almond?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:54:02 PM): ya
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:54:13 PM): awesome my love
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:54:28 PM): do me a favor?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:54:34 PM): sure
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:54:45 PM): can u send me that link in an email to me please
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:54:57 PM): why do i have to email it?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:55:09 PM): cant you just save it?
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:55:17 PM): so that i can retrieve it later on
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:55:39 PM): lol just save the site then
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:55:42 PM): no sorry the computer wont let me (Because his parents won't let him save ANYTHING.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:55:46 PM): why not?
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:55:50 PM): im not sure
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:56:08 PM): i will try my email is funky tho
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:56:13 PM): okay thanks
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:57:25 PM): k gtg for now
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:57:29 PM): ok later
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:57:37 PM): bye talk to u at 7:15 k
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:58:00 PM): k later
smileman74 (11/29/06 7:58:50 PM): later my love, i have to go make a salad
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 7:58:56 PM): later
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 11:15:12 PM): i tried to call you :(
smileman74 (11/29/06 11:15:35 PM): really im sorry, dad was using the computer
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 11:15:43 PM): :(
smileman74 (11/29/06 11:16:05 PM): and then the phone was ringing off the hook with some of my other friends
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 11:16:08 PM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 11:16:10 PM): can i call now?
smileman74 (11/29/06 11:16:12 PM): it sucks not having a cell phone
smileman74 (11/29/06 11:16:25 PM): in a moment, let me check on somethign real quick k
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 11:16:27 PM): k
smileman74 (11/29/06 11:16:51 PM): trying to see if i have school tomorrow morning
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 11:17:13 PM): lol i still do but i dont think its gonna stay that way
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 11:17:19 PM): where do you go to school?
smileman74 (11/29/06 11:17:42 PM): i go to the local community college up here, was checking out the website but nothign posted yet
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 11:17:52 PM): is it snowing bad up there?
smileman74 (11/29/06 11:18:07 PM): no only light snow, what about where u live?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 11:18:14 PM): its been bad :(
smileman74 (11/29/06 11:18:38 PM): oh really how much u get?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 11:18:41 PM): a few inches
smileman74 (11/29/06 11:18:52 PM): oh so u think your staying home again?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 11:18:55 PM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 11:19:02 PM): can i call you now?
smileman74 (11/29/06 11:19:04 PM): its supposed to warm up by the morning
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 11:19:08 PM): oh good
smileman74 (11/29/06 11:19:19 PM): so will have to listen to radio in teh morning
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 11:19:22 PM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 11:19:27 PM): can i call?
smileman74 (11/29/06 11:19:49 PM): yes give me about 2mins to log offf k
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 11:19:51 PM): k
smileman74 (11/29/06 11:19:59 PM): so i will log off now, i have dail up
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 11:20:03 PM): k
smileman74 (11/29/06 11:20:10 PM): talk to u on the phone in 2mins sweetheart
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 11:20:14 PM): k
smileman74 (11/29/06 11:20:25 PM): whats my number so i can make sure uhave it correct?
smileman74 (11/29/06 11:21:02 PM): type in my number so i can make sure u have it correct k
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 11:21:12 PM): 360-371-4563
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 11:21:14 PM): is that right?
smileman74 (11/29/06 11:21:28 PM): yes thats correct, okay i am logging off now, give me 2mins sweetie
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 11:21:31 PM): ok
smileman74 (11/29/06 11:21:34 PM): bye for now
hhhhgoatsrock (11/29/06 11:21:39 PM): :)
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:16:37 AM): thanks for the call even though it was short
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:16:46 AM): i know sorry it was so short
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:18:29 AM): its okay i understand love
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:18:42 AM): im watching the news rightnow, what school district are you?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:18:48 AM): north kitsap
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:18:53 AM): k
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:19:24 AM): nope dont see it on q13 fox yet
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:19:48 AM): i luv ya honey
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:19:58 AM): love you too
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:20:07 AM): :-*
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:20:12 AM): your voice is very sexy
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:20:20 AM): tyvm
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:20:37 AM): your very welcome,
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:20:41 AM): what did u think of mine cutie?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:21:08 AM): you sound cute too
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:21:23 AM): thank you very much
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:21:40 AM): so did your mom come into your room then?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:21:46 AM): ya
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:22:48 AM): oh that sucks
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:23:28 AM): did my voice turn u on? (He really needs the ego stroking and it really makes me throw up a little in my mouth when he does it.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:24:10 AM): lol a little
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:24:19 AM): thats good love
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:24:38 AM): wish u could call back right now, but mom and dad went to bed, and they dont like calls after they go to sleep :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:24:43 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:24:46 AM): its ok i cant call anyway
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:25:15 AM): oh mom would find out huh
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:25:19 AM): ya
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:25:25 AM): when is she going to bed?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:25:39 AM): shes already in bed
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:25:43 AM): but the phone is in her room
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:26:01 AM): oh okay so earlier u snuck it out when she wasnt in her room huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:26:04 AM): ya
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:26:16 AM): oh so when uhad to go, she was lookign for the phone?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:26:21 AM): ya
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:26:32 AM): ic, did she wonder who u were talking to ?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:26:46 AM): no i told her it was sammi but im only allowed to call sammi once a week
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:27:00 AM): whos sammi?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:27:09 AM): my friend
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:28:24 AM): nice is she bi? (Again, from left field.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:28:28 AM): no
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:28:41 AM): oh darn, are u bi? (He's really wanting this threesome thing, and I really don't have the intestinal fortitude for this now...)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:28:45 AM): no
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:28:55 AM): oh okay just thought id ask you
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:29:09 AM): :)
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:29:43 AM): so are u still in your pjs?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:30:01 AM): ya
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:30:33 AM): cool did u take yoru bra off yet
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:30:37 AM): ya
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:30:50 AM): oh thats hot, wish i could see that
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:32:55 AM): so where u doing anything while we were on the phone?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:32:59 AM): no
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:33:08 AM): i was
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:33:43 AM): i had my sweatpants off
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:34:28 AM): what u think of that?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:34:35 AM): lol i dunno
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:34:58 AM): thats right i forgot your not into that huh (I don't cyber. I just don't.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:35:06 AM): lol no i dont like that
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:35:32 AM): its okay sweetie, u only into the real thing huh
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:35:42 AM): ya
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:36:12 AM): okay
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:37:12 AM): so did u save my pic to your disc?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:37:18 AM): ya
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:37:38 AM): nice, so are u going to look at it daily now?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:37:44 AM): lol probably
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:37:59 AM): cool
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:38:36 AM): i look at your pics daily too
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:39:43 AM): and i will dream about u too
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:40:54 AM): so what time u goign to bed tonight sweetheart?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:41:00 AM): when i feel like it
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:41:13 AM): cool wish u were going to join me in my bed
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:42:39 AM): i wish i could see you at all :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:42:55 AM): i cant believe you cant get 11 bucks to meet me in everett :(
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:42:57 AM): i know and have fun right?
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:43:14 AM): its not the money right now, its cause i have college
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:43:32 AM): you dont get time off?
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:43:59 AM): only 2 weeks, but then i have to go to work during my christmas break
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:44:10 AM): then im going out of town too
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:44:27 AM): i go to oregon for the break
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:45:31 AM): so please forgive me, we wil get together sometime
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:45:36 AM): might take time like maybe summer
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:48:01 AM): just be patient okay my love
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:48:18 AM): i shouldnt have to wait till summer
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:49:03 AM): yeah but i have plans with my parents to go to oregon for winter break,
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:49:11 AM): so i wont be available til like spring break maybe
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:50:03 AM): :(
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:50:51 AM): im sorry, if i would have met u a few months ago it might be diffrent, but i havent seen this brother of mine for like 4years now
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:50:59 AM): so i made plans to spend my break with him
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:51:06 AM): why so long?
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:51:51 AM): well cause i was in jail up til like 2years ago, and he invited me down tehre this year for xmas break (Yes, yes he was in jail.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:53:03 AM): oh i see
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:53:17 AM): yeah so please forgive me okay sweetheart
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:53:21 AM): :(
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:53:39 AM): we will keep in contact until then k
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:54:02 AM): maybe i will get a prepaid cell phone from cingular by new years
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:55:42 AM): like when i get my next money from my student loan im thinking about buying a cell phone if i have enough money left from it sweetie
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 12:56:52 AM): cant you come see me?
smileman74 (11/30/06 12:57:19 AM): not right now sweetheart, just be patient with me k
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:02:32 AM): im sorry honey, its just not going to happen, ihave to go to school and take this trip too
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:02:57 AM): :(
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:03:14 AM): :( yes i know it sucks sweetie
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:04:58 AM): trust me i will make it worth the wait
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:07:11 AM): or do u have other guys that might hit on you at school?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:07:17 AM): i dunno
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:07:44 AM): i dont know about how u feel about me, but i am developing very strong feelings for you sexy (He calls me \"love\" does it get any stronger than that?)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:07:55 AM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:08:06 AM): i like you but i dont know if i will know more til we meet
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:08:34 AM): ic have to play it by how it feels to be in my arms huh
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:08:43 AM): ya sorta
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:08:57 AM): well there is one thing i can tell u about that moment love
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:09:26 AM): i am going to spoil u with lots of kisses and hugs, and im going to give u lots of romance too (Yeah. Right. Rape is not romance.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:09:31 AM): yay
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:09:44 AM): and treat u like a beauty queen
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:10:04 AM): and im going to make u cum
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:10:19 AM): i just dont know why we gotta wait so long
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:10:38 AM): cause of my prior commitment sweetheart
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:14:44 AM): :(
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:15:08 AM): im sorrry my love
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:15:19 AM): if i had a car it woudl be different, and if i had money for hotel roomtoo
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:16:38 AM): that would be cool
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:17:05 AM): yes it would be, then u could sneak into the hotel room with me
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:22:05 AM): :-*:-*
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:23:46 AM): :)
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:24:02 AM): quess what my love?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:24:28 AM): what?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:24:31 AM): you got 11 bucks? (A girl can hope.)
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:24:43 AM): no sorry
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:24:47 AM): what i was going to say is that im naked
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:24:56 AM): oh thats that fake stuff again :(
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:25:38 AM): i now sorry
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:25:42 AM): you hate it huh
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:25:50 AM): ya
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:26:01 AM): sorry then
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:26:19 AM): like i said 11 bucks is not the problem i have that, its that i have no time love (Oh. Before it was the 11 bucks. Now it's no time. I can deal with no time.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:26:30 AM): mom says we make time for stuff thats important
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:27:31 AM): i know but i cant cancel the plans with my brother
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:28:57 AM): what do you do on weekends?
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:29:59 AM): i go to church with my parents and work too
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:30:09 AM): where do you work?
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:30:34 AM): i work at my church and for dairy queen
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:30:41 AM): oh cool
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:31:07 AM): yeah i volunteer at my church doing gretting, tech team and sometimes work with the kids (This made my heart drop into my stomach. He. Works. With. Kids.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:31:44 AM): doing what?
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:32:18 AM): well i help put up music on the screen at church, and i greeet people, and when i work in the back i do the lights, sound, and video for a program called kids rock (Terror. Sheer terror.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:32:32 AM): cool
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:32:45 AM): yeah they really get into the music
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:33:08 AM): music is cool
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:33:19 AM): kids are great, its for like kindergarten- 5th grade (Of course he would say this. I was terrified for them at this point.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:33:27 AM): cool
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:33:43 AM): yeah, but there is one problem though
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:33:45 AM): what?
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:33:54 AM): sometimes i get turned on by what the girls are wearing (Yeah... Still not doing much to calm the nerves at the fear I feel for these kids.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:34:05 AM): lol
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:34:14 AM): they like to wear short skirts
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:34:41 AM): i know they are young, but i cant help it
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:34:48 AM): sorry
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:35:11 AM): i know sometimes i fantasize about wanting to touch them (Yeah. I knew this was coming.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:35:23 AM): have you?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:36:18 AM): lol sorry if thats too personal
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:36:35 AM): you there?
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:36:46 AM): not yet but i want to (Definitely gave me a sigh of relief here, but I had to do some quick thinking.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:38:15 AM): you wouldnt cheat on me would you? (At this point, I committed to seeing this sick individual through to arrest, however long it took.)
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:38:45 AM): nope would you?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:38:47 AM): no
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:39:18 AM): do u promise not to cheat on me?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:39:28 AM): ya if you promise not to cheat on me
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:39:53 AM): yes i promise, but what hapens if a young girl flirts with me in person?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:40:15 AM): you gotta say no you got a girlfriend :(
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:40:23 AM): cause thats cheating :(
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:41:09 AM): okay i would do that honey
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:41:17 AM): what u goign to do if a boy at school tries to give u a kiss?
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:41:25 AM): i will tell him i have a bf
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:41:42 AM): thats good i think i want to spend my life with you forever
(I wasn't sure it was going to keep him away from those kids forever, but I was going to do my damndest to keep him away from them as long as possible.)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:43:12 AM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:43:39 AM): but you cant if we never meet :(
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:43:53 AM): we will in time, just be patient okay sweetheart
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:53:02 AM): loveyou always
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:58:00 AM): why so quiet, areu falling asleep
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 1:58:12 AM): im about to go to bed
smileman74 (11/30/06 1:58:26 AM): okay wish i was joining you
smileman74 (11/30/06 2:01:49 AM): sweeetdreams then okay honey
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 2:02:17 AM): ok goodnight
smileman74 (11/30/06 2:02:29 AM): nite sweetheart, god bless you
smileman74 (11/30/06 2:03:30 AM): :-* dream about me and you k
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 2:03:36 AM): k
smileman74 (11/30/06 2:09:06 AM): nite honey, let me know before you log offf k
smileman74 (11/30/06 5:22:05 PM): hey love wish u were here with me right now
smileman74 (11/30/06 5:22:12 PM): call me tonight sometime
hhhhgoatsrock (11/30/06 7:01:28 PM): hiya
smileman74 (11/30/06 11:15:04 PM): hey are u here honey?
smileman74 (11/30/06 11:16:56 PM): ive been thinking about you
smileman74 (11/30/06 11:25:13 PM): hello are u here honey????
smileman74 (12/01/06 12:03:41 AM): hi
smileman74 (12/01/06 12:32:39 AM): hey love are u online?
smileman74 (12/01/06 12:41:18 AM): hi
smileman74 (12/01/06 12:42:04 AM): are u here sweehteart?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 12:44:12 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/01/06 12:44:52 AM): cool how u doing tonight, are you stayign warm?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 12:45:06 AM): im ok ya im warm
smileman74 (12/01/06 12:45:27 AM): thats good im cold love
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 12:45:34 AM): why?
smileman74 (12/01/06 12:48:36 AM): cause its cold in my house,
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 12:48:41 AM): cant you turn on the heat?
smileman74 (12/01/06 12:49:02 AM): yes but its turned down cause mom and dad went to bed, i have a blanket on me too
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 12:49:15 AM): oh
smileman74 (12/01/06 12:49:35 AM): so have u missed me sweetheart?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 12:49:40 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 12:49:57 AM): i was thinking bout your church and how fun it sounds lol (I wanted more info.)
smileman74 (12/01/06 12:50:33 AM): yeah it is a great church and they have programs for youth too, like all the way til middle school too
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 12:50:47 AM): what church is it?
smileman74 (12/01/06 12:51:01 AM): its called *Edited - They are aware of him* in bellingham
smileman74 (12/01/06 12:51:13 AM): go to *Edited - They are aware of him* and u can find out infor about the programs they off for kids
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 12:51:13 AM): oh cool
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 12:51:17 AM): ok
smileman74 (12/01/06 12:51:24 AM): go to the website k, *Edited link*
smileman74 (12/01/06 12:53:56 AM): i love you honey
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 12:54:19 AM): you say that alot
smileman74 (12/01/06 12:54:42 AM): i know cause i feel that way towards you
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 12:54:43 AM): i dont know what you want me to say back
smileman74 (12/01/06 12:55:11 AM): tell me u love me too
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 12:55:18 AM): i dont know if i love you
smileman74 (12/01/06 12:55:46 AM): why not?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 12:55:51 AM): cause i havent met you
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 12:55:55 AM): i like you
smileman74 (12/01/06 12:57:19 AM): oh okay i guess thats fine
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:01:57 AM): i am still trying to figure out when i come see you in everett, might be summertime though, hope u can wait for me
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:04:25 AM): i wish it could be sooner
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:04:57 AM): i know sweetie, if i had a car it woudl be different, plus if i didnt have prior commitments id do it too (Now he has a LONG prior commitment.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:05:39 AM): you always talk about prior commitments and it makes me feel like im not important
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:06:14 AM): well u are important but family and college come first sweetie, i hope u understand
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:08:53 AM): i hope u understand that family is no. 1 first then school, then relationships
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:09:59 AM): :(
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:10:33 AM): please dont be upset, school and family are first
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:12:07 AM): :-*:-*
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:12:22 AM): i just dont feel important
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:12:52 AM): please dotn feel that way, before long we wil meet face and face and have fun togehter with lots of kisses and hugs
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:14:43 AM): 6 months is forever
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:15:30 AM): no its not, that will come sooner then u think
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:18:42 AM): hey do u have another friend who would date my 40 year old friend form another state? (This guy is weird about \"friend\" as a term. He meets people online in chat rooms and immediately assumes them to be friends.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:18:57 AM): what state is he in?
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:19:34 AM): louisiana
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:19:55 AM): he wants to date someone who is 13 like me?
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:20:14 AM): yes he does, u got a friend for him?
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:20:36 AM): or anyone under 18
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:21:56 AM): so do u have someone for him?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:22:04 AM): i will have to think
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:22:25 AM): i know a friend of mines dad got transferred to somewhere around there
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:22:36 AM): oh really cool so she moved there then too?
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:22:44 AM): he is willing to travel to see this girl too
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:22:51 AM): no matter where she is, she can be from down your way too (WEIRD!)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:23:06 AM): he would come to washington?
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:23:11 AM): yes he would
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:23:14 AM): wow
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:23:28 AM): yeah and he is 40 but loves girls your age too
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:23:37 AM): how do you know him?
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:23:46 AM): i just meet him tonight
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:23:57 AM): lol how did you do that if you cant get anywhere?
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:24:15 AM): i met him in a online chatroom not in person (Yeah. Kevin here is not the brightest bulb on the tree, but that doesn't change the fact that he's dangerous.)
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:26:16 AM): does that friend whos dad moved near him like older guys too?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:26:49 AM): i dunno i would have to ask her
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:27:34 AM): okay is she the same age as you?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:29:05 AM): lol i will talk to her and see and let you know
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:29:19 AM): okay cool thanks
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:31:08 AM): im sure he would appreciate it
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:31:27 AM): do u want his screenname too, so u can be his friend?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:31:54 AM): sure
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:32:08 AM): i dont wanna talk to him tho
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:32:28 AM): really why not, u think he might try to hit on you?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:32:34 AM): i dont wanna cheat on you
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:32:44 AM): okay i already told him me and u are dating
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:33:01 AM): please dont give out my sn to people i dont know :( (I really don't want to talk to random people.)
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:33:10 AM): oh sorry
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:33:14 AM): did you give him my sn?
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:33:17 AM): can i give him your name though? (No... he really cannot.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:33:18 AM): no
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:33:27 AM): so how are u goign to add him then?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:33:31 AM): i dont wanna add him
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:33:37 AM): i will talk to my friend and let you know k
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:33:46 AM): oh okay
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:34:10 AM): and no i didnt give him your sn
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:34:15 AM): ok
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:34:18 AM): just told him i was dating a 13 year old
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:34:36 AM): does your friend use yahoo messanger?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:34:42 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:34:47 AM): shes not on alot tho
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:34:59 AM): okay so once u ask her, then maybe that guy can add her huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:35:37 AM): i dunno
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:36:07 AM): your awesome
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:36:51 AM): :-*:-*
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:36:55 AM): so u said u will never cheat on me?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:37:03 AM): no and you cant cheat on me
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:37:57 AM): nope i wont your my gf and no one else can date me now
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:38:06 AM): good
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:38:14 AM): i gotta go since school isnt cancelled yet for tomorrow
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:38:26 AM): okay goodnite honey, sweetdreams k
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:38:33 AM): talk to u tomorrow sometime, maybe form school
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:38:40 AM): do u ever get online at school?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:38:42 AM): i cant
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:38:46 AM): not on messenger
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:38:54 AM): okay talk to u sometime soon then, maybe late friday nite?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/01/06 1:39:01 AM): ok
smileman74 (12/01/06 1:39:15 AM): sweetdreams, talk to u soon, i will miss u and think about you
smileman74 (12/01/06 10:23:54 AM): you should put my name in your notebook
smileman74 (12/01/06 10:23:54 AM): hope your doing okay, be safe at school today, i saw that u had a 2hr delay,
smileman74 (12/01/06 10:23:54 AM): talk to u late late tonight when i get home, at around 12:30AM
smileman74 (12/01/06 10:23:54 AM): kisses and hugs you >:D<:-*
smileman74 (12/02/06 1:07:41 AM): love are u here?
smileman74 (12/03/06 10:21:01 AM): hey i miss you lots
hhhhgoatsrock (12/03/06 3:34:44 PM): i miss you too :(
smileman74 (12/03/06 7:02:03 PM): If u wouldnt cheat on ur bf or gf send this 2 ur whole list in 2 mins and somethin good will happen 2 u in the next week!!!!!!! DON'T IGNORE THIS...O (I got this uber-annoying mass message... OYE!)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/03/06 10:00:57 PM): heya!
hhhhgoatsrock (12/03/06 10:00:59 PM): where are you?
smileman74 (12/04/06 6:21:36 PM): im here at school love, where have u been?
smileman74 (12/04/06 6:21:36 PM): ive misssed u so much
hhhhgoatsrock (12/04/06 7:31:15 PM): im here :(
smileman74 (12/05/06 12:06:31 PM): hey sweetie, sorry my computer has been acting up at night, the phone lines are having problems at the park i live in. so i havent ben able to log into the net at nite, only during the day at like 4pm.
smileman74 (12/05/06 12:06:31 PM): love you always
smileman74 (12/05/06 12:06:31 PM): :-*
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 4:42:13 PM): its ok i miss you so much!!!!
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:10:53 PM): hey sweetie, im here
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:11:04 PM): hiya!!!!
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:11:18 PM): i so glad to seee you online again!!!!
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:11:24 PM): me too!!!!!!!
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:11:40 PM): >:D<:-*:-*
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:11:44 PM): i missed u so much sexy
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:11:52 PM): i missed you too
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:12:27 PM): how much?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:12:30 PM): alot
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:12:38 PM): im worried tho
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:12:48 PM): really why u worried my love?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:12:57 PM): i really wanna get my goat at christmas from nevada
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:13:15 PM): but i guess my cousin is having probs or something :(
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:13:20 PM): yikes not good
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:13:26 PM): why is it in nevada?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:13:52 PM): thats where we lived before
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:15:14 PM): oh okay, i hope u get it back
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:15:26 PM): i hope so too
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:15:32 PM): tickle tickle tickle
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:16:38 PM): i want u so bad
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:16:50 PM): lol :)
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:17:35 PM): u want me too huh
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:17:39 PM): ya
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:17:55 PM): have u been thinkign about it alot?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:17:59 PM): ya
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:18:34 PM): what u wearing right now?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:18:54 PM): sweatshirt and jeans
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:19:12 PM): thats cool im in sweatpants and tee shirt and no underwear
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:19:19 PM): cool
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:20:11 PM): yeah wish u could be next to me puttting your hand down my sweatpants
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:20:21 PM): :)
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:20:47 PM): and id unbutton yoru jeans
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:21:29 PM): :)
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:21:41 PM): :-*:-*
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:21:54 PM): i hope my phone line works tonight so i can do some homework on the net tonight
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:22:11 PM): that would be cool lol
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:22:22 PM): yeah then i could say hi to u again
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:23:10 PM): its beena long few days without talkign to each other huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:23:16 PM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:23:19 PM): i missed you :(
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:24:53 PM): me too, do u think about me daily?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:25:38 PM): lol ya
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:26:07 PM): good, any nice dreams yet?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:26:20 PM): i dont remember my dreams unless they are scary :(
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:27:03 PM): awww drats, wish u could remember the good ones
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:27:25 PM): i know :(
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:27:50 PM): brb
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:27:54 PM): do u ever find yourself spaing out while u are in school?
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:28:07 PM): okay my love i will be here for another 25mins or so
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:31:26 PM): im back
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:31:43 PM): welcome back, what u have to do a potty break?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:31:48 PM): lol ya
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:32:15 PM): gotcha sweetheart
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:32:21 PM): can i watch next time, lol (Yuck.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:32:34 PM): lol
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:32:45 PM): do u like having yoru feet rubbed?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:32:49 PM): ya
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:33:26 PM): do u like having your toes sucked? (WTF?)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:34:07 PM): lol i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:34:11 PM): nobody has ever done that lol
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:34:17 PM): i have developed kinda a foot fetish (Someone's been looking at too much porn.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:34:22 PM): oh i see
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:34:42 PM): yeah form watching some videos of it on myspace
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:34:47 PM): oh i see
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:35:28 PM): yeah
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:35:30 PM): do u have myspace?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:35:51 PM): no
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:35:54 PM): they keep deleting it
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:36:34 PM): really why?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:36:52 PM): lol im 13
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:37:04 PM): you can have myspace at that age
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:37:15 PM): it keeps getting deleted :( (I really just didn't want him to see it. I had one. I was picky about who saw it.)
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:37:57 PM): that sucks sweetheart
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:38:06 PM): did u have pics that were too revealing on it?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:38:16 PM): no
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:39:18 PM): maybe your parents delted it
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:39:51 PM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:39:59 PM): i dont think mom did but i dunno
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:40:20 PM): did u have alot of boys as friends, or mostly older guys?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:40:27 PM): just friends from nevada
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:40:50 PM): oh okay, but no guys like me?
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:41:47 PM): :-P:-P
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:41:53 PM): :x
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:41:55 PM): lol no
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:42:11 PM): ic
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:42:31 PM): so sweetheart, do u space out at school while thinking about me?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:43:16 PM): my teachers dont let me space out
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:43:26 PM): they are like super busy cause last week we didnt have school
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:43:56 PM): oh okay but did u before the snow?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:44:17 PM): lol sometimes
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:44:41 PM): thats cool, have u been doddling my name with yoru name on your notebook or scratch paper? (He REALLY wanted to be caught!)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:45:02 PM): no i dont want people to ask questions
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:45:08 PM): i dont really doodle lol
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:47:01 PM): oh ok
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:47:36 PM): have u in the privacy in your own room, said that kevin plus u equals love?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:47:55 PM): lol ya
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:48:33 PM): thats cute
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:48:45 PM): have u said mr. and ms. kevin?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:48:54 PM): lol no i didnt know your last name lol
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:49:04 PM): mine is blanton
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:49:25 PM): okay mine is mccausland
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:49:29 PM): cool lol
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:49:33 PM): thats longer then blanton
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:50:21 PM): yes it is, now type it in with your first name and say it out loud to see how it sounds together
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:50:49 PM): lol kendra mccausland (I mistyped. That should have been \"Incarcerated Jerk\")
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:51:18 PM): do u realize both our names start with k?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:51:21 PM): lol ya
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:51:51 PM): cool
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:52:40 PM): so do u like the sound of your name with my last name?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:53:21 PM): lol ya
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:53:43 PM): me too sweetheart
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:53:49 PM): mr. and ms. kevin McCausland
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:56:39 PM): kisses u allover
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:56:44 PM): :-*:-*
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:57:23 PM): i have to get going, talk to utomorrow afternoon at 4pm k
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:57:30 PM): ok later
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:58:50 PM): later will miss u lots
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:58:58 PM): i will miss you too!
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:59:16 PM): talk to u tomorrow at around 4 again k
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:59:19 PM): k
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:59:27 PM): lbye sexy, think aobut me naked in my bed tonight
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 6:59:34 PM): ok
smileman74 (12/05/06 6:59:44 PM): >:D<:-* do i get a goodbye hug and kiss?
smileman74 (12/05/06 7:00:31 PM): >:D<:-*:-P gives u a hug and french kiss, hope i get one back
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 7:00:36 PM): :)
smileman74 (12/05/06 7:00:44 PM): later love of my life
smileman74 (12/05/06 7:00:48 PM): i can picture me and u together forever
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 7:00:55 PM): :)
smileman74 (12/05/06 11:20:55 PM): boo just saying hi, cnat talk long though, maybe on and off
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 11:22:57 PM): lol
smileman74 (12/05/06 11:23:57 PM): love you lots sexy
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 11:24:18 PM): lol love you too
smileman74 (12/05/06 11:24:35 PM): wish u were here with me
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 11:24:54 PM): me too
smileman74 (12/05/06 11:26:13 PM): then we could hug and cuddle
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 11:26:34 PM): :)
smileman74 (12/05/06 11:26:46 PM): sound good to u
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 11:28:10 PM): ya
smileman74 (12/05/06 11:29:05 PM): of course u know that would lead to more
smileman74 (12/05/06 11:30:49 PM): u agree?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 11:32:04 PM): lol ya probably
smileman74 (12/05/06 11:35:28 PM): thats good
smileman74 (12/05/06 11:37:54 PM): so did u get undressed yet
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 11:39:10 PM): im in my pjs
smileman74 (12/05/06 11:43:08 PM): oh sexy i like that, that mean your bra is off?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 11:43:13 PM): ya
smileman74 (12/05/06 11:43:45 PM): u got panties off, or are those off too?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 11:43:53 PM): lol they are on
smileman74 (12/05/06 11:45:04 PM): okay do uwear those to bed?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 11:45:13 PM): ya
smileman74 (12/05/06 11:50:37 PM): ic
smileman74 (12/05/06 11:51:09 PM): do u like that i sleep naked sometimes/
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 11:51:31 PM): lol ya
smileman74 (12/05/06 11:55:05 PM): do u wish u could wake up in my arms?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 11:56:15 PM): ya
smileman74 (12/05/06 11:56:53 PM): me too id love to do that everyday
hhhhgoatsrock (12/05/06 11:57:00 PM): :)
smileman74 (12/05/06 11:59:49 PM): baby im hard
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:01:02 AM): :)
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:01:11 AM): what u tink of that?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:04:29 AM): thats cool
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:05:01 AM): and i have my dick out the top of my sweatpants, stroking it, its calling your name (Funny... my stomach contents are calling yours.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:05:16 AM): so when do i get to see you lol
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:05:19 AM): i cant wait!
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:05:28 AM): im not sure honey
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:08:14 AM): i loveyou though
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:08:21 AM): love you too
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:08:42 AM): and sorry but i dont know
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:13:00 AM): i wish i could call u
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:13:15 AM): i know but my mom is home
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:15:16 AM): drats, how often does she leave?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:15:34 AM): she broke up with her boyfriend
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:15:36 AM): so not alot
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:15:56 AM): that sucks, u should help find her a new one
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:17:58 AM): have u thought about helping her?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:18:15 AM): her bfs dont like me
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:18:26 AM): why not?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:18:53 AM): i dunno
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:19:25 AM): do they try and flirt with you?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:21:09 AM): no
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:21:26 AM): do u flirt with them?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:21:34 AM): no
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:22:19 AM): k i bet youd flirt with me all the time huh
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:22:23 AM): lol ya
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:22:49 AM): but where would we go if i was able to get to everett?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:24:41 AM): i dunno you said we could go to a park before
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:24:43 AM): right?
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:25:09 AM): yes if u wanted to get naked outdoors
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:25:41 AM): lol ok
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:25:52 AM): as long as i dont get cold
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:26:12 AM): or would u go with me to a hotel room if u got cold? (He takes me through his fantasies a lot. This gets really super annoying.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:26:20 AM): ya that would be cool
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:26:29 AM): lol that would be alot better than outside
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:29:46 AM): sure woudl be huh sexy
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:29:56 AM): lol ya
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:30:00 AM): when tho?
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:30:38 AM): i dont know who is it u would visit again?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:30:54 AM): i could get my mom to let me go to my aunts house
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:31:13 AM): oh and how would u get away from your aunt without her knowing?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:31:28 AM): i could tell her im going to the library
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:32:32 AM): then we could have fun huh
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:32:37 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:32:46 AM): can we wait til summer
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:32:54 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:33:01 AM): what about spring break?
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:34:17 AM): that might be possible, but id have to save some money
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:34:28 AM): oh ok
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:34:48 AM): and it depends on if my spring break from college is the same as your school spring break
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:35:10 AM): oh ok
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:36:08 AM): yeap thats why i said summer
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:36:16 AM): will be in my own place by summer i hope
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:36:17 AM): maybe
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:36:21 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:36:28 AM): what if i cant wait that long?
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:37:14 AM): i think u can wait
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:37:17 AM): :(
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:37:27 AM): dont worry i will make it worth the wait okay, u will be very happy and hot
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:37:31 AM): u might not want to go back home
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:38:28 AM): i wish it could be sooner tho
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:38:29 AM): trust me its worth the wait
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:38:39 AM): i know me too, but our spring breaks might nto be at the same time
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:39:06 AM): when is yours?
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:39:33 AM): id have to go check, do u know when yours is?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:39:44 AM): no
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:39:47 AM): i think in april
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:39:50 AM): maybe in march
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:40:31 AM): ok
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:40:44 AM): let me go get my book k
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:40:46 AM): k
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:43:13 AM): my quarter ends on march 23, and have to be back by april 2
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:43:37 AM): oh ok
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:43:39 AM): lemme go check
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:43:57 AM): okay u have a calander as to when yours is too?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:44:00 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:44:22 AM): mine is the first week of april
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:44:29 AM): damn
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:44:43 AM): there is still one weekend between the weeks
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:44:47 AM): what about then?
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:44:55 AM): that sucks beautiful, that wont work out then :(
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:45:04 AM): when is that?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:45:04 AM): why not?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:45:29 AM): i have the 29th and 30th off too
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:45:51 AM): u do
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:45:54 AM): ya for conferences
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:46:06 AM): how long are you off for christmas?
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:46:08 AM): u dont have to be there for those?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:46:14 AM): no
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:46:17 AM): mom never goes lol
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:46:21 AM): oh okay
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:46:41 AM): and xmas im off starting on the 15, then i take off to oregon to my brothers house til after the new year
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:46:55 AM): when do you have to be back?
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:46:59 AM): that weekend might work
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:47:04 AM): in jan?
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:47:10 AM): i think we can work it out for the time u are off for spring break
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:47:19 AM): no not then, at the end of march
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:47:27 AM): i go back january 2nd
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:47:29 AM): oh
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:47:39 AM): do you get a long weekend for presidents day?
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:47:54 AM): when is that?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:48:07 AM): or like martin luther king
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:48:09 AM): its in january
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:48:16 AM): 12 to 15 i dont have school
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:48:41 AM): i have to go back to school on the 16
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:49:01 AM): and in februay i would only get off 19th and 20th
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:49:14 AM): is that enough time to take the bus to everett?
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:49:29 AM): not really its better when i have like a week off at the end of march
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:49:37 AM): :(
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:49:48 AM): that way i could stay the whole time
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:50:14 AM): i would leave on like march 26th
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:51:49 AM): i just wish it could be earlier
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:52:15 AM): i know i know i sorry
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:52:20 AM): that will be close to my bday too honey
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:52:58 AM): when is your bday?
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:53:05 AM): april 3rd
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:53:09 AM): oh cool
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:53:33 AM): yeah when is yours?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:53:47 AM): jan 15
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:53:57 AM): oh so u just turned 13 then? (Whoopsie.)
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:54:07 AM): or your going to be 14 i mean sorrry
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:54:22 AM): lol sorta
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:54:29 AM): or are u turning 13?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:54:31 AM): :)
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:54:42 AM): is this coming january your 13th bday?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:54:46 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:55:01 AM): ic its okay i still dont mind
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:55:06 AM): :)
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:55:24 AM): so how come u dont like guys yoru age?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:55:29 AM): they are dumb
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:55:38 AM): really in what way?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:56:09 AM): well like they tell their friends stuff and its not cool
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:56:33 AM): oh like dirty things?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:56:35 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/06/06 12:56:48 AM): oh have they said things about u?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 12:57:34 AM): no
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:07:15 AM): sorry i froze
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 1:07:24 AM): lol its ok
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:07:37 AM): so sweetie, anymore pics of you?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 1:07:57 AM): no :(
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:08:23 AM): bummer
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:09:03 AM): i want to see more, like maybe one in a swimsuit
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 1:09:21 AM): i dont have one in a swimsuit tho
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:09:28 AM): have to take one huh
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 1:09:41 AM): lol i dont have a cam either
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:09:54 AM): me either, id love to give u a new one of me
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 1:11:48 AM): that would be cool
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:12:46 AM): yeah then u could keep it with you at all times in your purse
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 1:13:01 AM): :)
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:13:15 AM): does anyone go through your purse besides u?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 1:14:46 AM): no
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:15:27 AM): cool so that woudl be a safe place to keep one huh
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 1:16:30 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:16:42 AM): cool cool
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:16:49 AM): i bet youd always look at my pic huh
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 1:18:06 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:18:28 AM): like how many times a day would u look at it?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 1:18:42 AM): lol i dunno
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:19:01 AM): okay
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:21:10 AM): bbay i just took off my sweatpants
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 1:21:45 AM): omg arent you afraid your mom or dad will come in?
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:22:19 AM): nope they are asleep
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 1:22:25 AM): oh i see
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:22:39 AM): yeah wish u were sleepign with me
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 1:22:56 AM): :()
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 1:22:57 AM): :)
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:23:22 AM): i know u wish u could too huh
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 1:24:55 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:25:20 AM): u should run away
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 1:26:45 AM): run away?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 1:26:58 AM): how?
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:27:16 AM): easy u just leave your house and run away and hitchhike ('Cause that's safe.)
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:28:43 AM): then we can go and hide out somewehre
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 1:29:55 AM): i could try i guess i dunno tho
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:30:15 AM): u willing to try it?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 1:30:25 AM): i dunno thats a little scary lol
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:30:50 AM): do u think you woudl get very far without mom calling the police?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 1:32:04 AM): i dunno depends
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:32:16 AM): we could live happily if u did this too
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 1:32:26 AM): i would have to think about it
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:32:53 AM): or someone else may want to touch u huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 1:33:53 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 1:34:11 AM): im tired
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:34:20 AM): okay are u goign to go to bed then?
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:34:26 AM): i have 3hrs of homework or so left
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 1:34:30 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:34:39 AM): okay goodnite love of my life
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 1:34:44 AM): goodnight!
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:34:49 AM): :-* gives u a goodnite kiss
smileman74 (12/06/06 1:34:53 AM): as i rub your nipples
smileman74 (12/06/06 8:14:30 AM): talk to u tomorwo my lovfe
smileman74 (12/06/06 10:49:48 PM): BOO!!!!!!!!
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 10:49:54 PM): HIYA!
smileman74 (12/06/06 10:50:12 PM): whats up hotstuff????
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 10:50:23 PM): nm
smileman74 (12/06/06 10:50:31 PM): me either just chillin
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 10:50:34 PM): lol
smileman74 (12/06/06 10:50:52 PM): watchign the boob tube
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 10:50:59 PM): lol
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 10:51:00 PM): whats on?
smileman74 (12/06/06 10:51:19 PM): watching show me the money
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 10:51:31 PM): cool
smileman74 (12/06/06 10:51:47 PM): yeah
smileman74 (12/06/06 10:56:52 PM): im eating ice cream
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 10:57:29 PM): what kind?
smileman74 (12/06/06 11:02:36 PM): sorry love i froze, im eating ice cream
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 11:03:08 PM): lol
smileman74 (12/06/06 11:03:25 PM): u want some?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 11:03:43 PM): ya what flavor?
smileman74 (12/06/06 11:04:59 PM): it is mountain huckleberry from tillimook
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 11:05:06 PM): yum!
smileman74 (12/06/06 11:05:29 PM): yeah open wide honey (Just when I thought the conversation would be one of those normal conversations, he destroys that hope.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 11:05:32 PM): lol
smileman74 (12/06/06 11:06:03 PM): is your mouth open?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/06/06 11:06:20 PM): lol you can bring me some when we get together
smileman74 (12/06/06 11:06:31 PM): sure we can stop by the grocery store
smileman74 (12/06/06 11:06:39 PM): then u can share it from my mouth as we kiss (Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.)
smileman74 (12/08/06 12:46:29 AM): u here
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 12:46:35 AM): ya lol are you?
smileman74 (12/08/06 12:47:02 AM): yes in the flesh baby
smileman74 (12/08/06 12:48:04 AM): >:D<:-* i missed ulots
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 12:48:10 AM): i missed you too
smileman74 (12/08/06 12:48:33 AM): your such a sweet, loving and caring person
smileman74 (12/08/06 12:48:42 AM): thats why i like being your man
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 12:48:45 AM): :)
smileman74 (12/08/06 12:50:48 AM): you light up my life honey
smileman74 (12/08/06 12:52:52 AM): i hope i lite up yours too (You light up my stomach, does that count?)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 12:52:58 AM): you do
smileman74 (12/08/06 12:53:15 AM): thats good when u think about me, do u get all goey inside? (That's one way of putting it.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 12:53:46 AM): ya a little
smileman74 (12/08/06 12:54:09 AM): thats a start of having stronger feelings for me
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 12:54:20 AM): oh i see
smileman74 (12/08/06 12:54:32 AM): so areu wearing your pjs again?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 12:54:37 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/08/06 12:56:00 AM): nice, how many pjs u have?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 12:56:15 AM): alot
smileman74 (12/08/06 12:57:03 AM): cool u wear a different one nightly or just every other day (I'm really tired of his questions about my clothing habits!)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 12:57:09 AM): depends
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 12:57:14 AM): sometimes
smileman74 (12/08/06 12:57:32 AM): have u ever woken up wet in yoru panties?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 12:57:55 AM): no i havent done that since i was little lol (I crack myself up.)
smileman74 (12/08/06 12:58:23 AM): well im talking about a different type of wetness love
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 12:58:38 AM): no not really i sleep hard
smileman74 (12/08/06 12:59:02 AM): ic, i have woken up hard, so someone must be thinkinga nice thoughts, maybe even u i hope (The depths of his perversion may be unfathomable!)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 12:59:48 AM): lol
smileman74 (12/08/06 1:00:13 AM): got to be u thinking about me right?
smileman74 (12/08/06 1:00:17 AM): even though u cant remember
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 1:00:26 AM): lol i dunno
smileman74 (12/08/06 1:00:37 AM): yeah had to remember huh?
smileman74 (12/08/06 1:03:18 AM): i remember u said only nightmares
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 1:03:28 AM): yea
smileman74 (12/08/06 1:03:47 AM): so are u sending me a ecard for xmas?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 1:04:43 AM): lol i could i guess
smileman74 (12/08/06 1:05:17 AM): yeah id send u a regular one, but dont want anyone to find out about me ( I believe this as far as I can throw him, and since he outweighs me by about a hundred pounds, that's not very far.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 1:05:24 AM): lol ok
smileman74 (12/08/06 1:05:43 AM): or do u get yoru daily mail?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 1:05:49 AM): no i dont
smileman74 (12/08/06 1:07:07 AM): so they would ask who the mail is from huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 1:07:13 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/08/06 1:07:30 AM): what woudl u say?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 1:07:45 AM): lol i dunno i dont wanna answer a bunch of questions
smileman74 (12/08/06 1:08:07 AM): true it woudl be hard to tell your parents huh
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 1:08:40 AM): my mom would not understand
smileman74 (12/08/06 1:08:55 AM): would she be upset?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 1:09:36 AM): ya probably
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 1:09:40 AM): ecards are probably better
smileman74 (12/08/06 1:10:20 AM): true, when is your bday again, i should send u a bday card too?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 1:10:27 AM): lol jan
smileman74 (12/08/06 1:11:46 AM): k let me know ahead when its close k
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 1:12:24 AM): ok
smileman74 (12/08/06 1:12:34 AM): thanks love
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 1:13:23 AM): i gotta go to bed
smileman74 (12/08/06 1:13:34 AM): wish u were in my bed instead
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 1:13:49 AM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 1:13:51 AM): goodnight!
smileman74 (12/08/06 1:14:10 AM): goodnite love of my life, keep safe and keep thinkign about me during school k
smileman74 (12/08/06 6:09:10 PM): hey where are umy love its 4:10 and your not online (Of course I'm not. I don't want to talk to him.)
smileman74 (12/08/06 6:46:03 PM): hey your here, wish u could have been on sooner, i only have 8mins beofre i have tolog off (That's sorta by design. A perv on a schedule is much easier to do touch and go's with.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 6:46:08 PM): :(
smileman74 (12/08/06 6:46:24 PM): i know im sory love
smileman74 (12/08/06 6:46:27 PM): was waiting for u
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 6:46:36 PM): sorry i was at the barn yesterday and today with emily
smileman74 (12/08/06 6:48:18 PM): oh cool
smileman74 (12/08/06 6:48:20 PM): who is emily?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 6:48:34 PM): my friend who i go to the barn with (I love how he has this nice acceptance of what I just said, rephrased.)
smileman74 (12/08/06 6:49:55 PM): nice
smileman74 (12/08/06 6:50:24 PM): luv ya lots
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 6:50:38 PM): luv you too
smileman74 (12/08/06 6:51:19 PM): :-*
smileman74 (12/08/06 6:52:07 PM): wish u were her elove
hhhhgoatsrock (12/08/06 6:52:13 PM): i do too
smileman74 (12/08/06 6:52:32 PM): yeah wed have fun togeth er huh
smileman74 (12/08/06 6:53:16 PM): wish we could cuddle n kisss righit now
smileman74 (12/08/06 6:54:28 PM): bye i have togoki
smileman74 (12/09/06 12:59:11 AM): hey cutie
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 12:59:24 AM): hiya
smileman74 (12/09/06 12:59:57 AM): did u miss me?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:00:07 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:00:39 AM): good i missed u too my sexy beauty queen winner
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:00:50 AM): wish i had a crown for you
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:01:53 AM): :)
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:02:33 AM): cause to me you are the sexiest person alive
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:02:38 AM): :)
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:03:26 AM): aww am i making u blush?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:03:49 AM): lol ya
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:04:17 AM): awwww how cute i love it
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:04:26 AM): tickle tickle (Barf barf. I really hate how he continues the tickling cycle. It's one of the surest signs that he's a habitual predator and one who would not hesitate to abuse a child if he were around one and could get away with starting the grooming with tickling.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:04:35 AM): :)
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:05:27 AM): i love u so much
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:05:32 AM): :)
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:05:49 AM): and you are always on my mind
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:06:42 AM): your on mine too
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:07:24 AM): thats good sweetheart, all day long when im awake im thinking about u sexy
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:09:57 AM): so what u wearing love?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:10:04 AM): my pjs
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:10:20 AM): thats cool take them off baby
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:10:26 AM): :D
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:10:29 AM): omg no way my mom hello
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:10:55 AM): well how about just puttign on hand in your pj bottoms then
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:11:06 AM): i told you before i dont cyber
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:11:24 AM): awww sorry my love i cant help it, u turn me on so much (I've said it before and I'll say it again. Rape is not romance.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:11:30 AM): i dont wanna cyber
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:11:59 AM): okay sorry honey wasnt trying just having fun is all cause ilove you so much (Yeah yeah. That's what they all say.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:12:11 AM): its ok
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:12:13 AM): but i dont wanna cyber
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:12:54 AM): its cool honey
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:13:52 AM): :-*>:D<
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:13:54 AM): gives u a hug and kiss (What part of \"I don't want to cyber\" didn't he understand? Anyone? Oh wait... the correct answer is \"D - All of the above.\")
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:17:32 AM): what u doing my love?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:17:56 AM): talking to sammi
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:18:22 AM): really whos sammi?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:18:30 AM): my friend in nevada
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:18:55 AM): oh cool she the same age as u?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:19:06 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:29:32 AM): sorry i froze
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:29:40 AM): its ok
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:29:52 AM): wish u were here
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:30:10 AM): i wish i was too
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:30:32 AM): yeah if u were id hide u in my room
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:30:37 AM): lol
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:30:52 AM): then wake up in your arms sexy
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:30:59 AM): :)
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:31:38 AM): have u thought about that too?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:32:05 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:32:11 AM): thats good my love
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:32:56 AM): someday we will wake up every morning together
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:34:04 AM): i have thought about what it would be like for me and u to have our own family
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:34:54 AM): :)
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:35:38 AM): do u want me to be the father of your children? (We haven't met yet. Something about a cart and a horse comes to mind...)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:35:54 AM): lol can we wait until im a little older? (I didn't say yes. What 13 year old dreams of being a parent?)
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:36:41 AM): sure but that means u might need to get on birth control
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:37:18 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:38:03 AM): are u on it now?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:38:08 AM): no
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:38:57 AM): will u find out how to get on it then?
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:39:07 AM): cause condoms dont stay on me (Aroo?)
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:41:32 AM): so can u ask yoru mom to put u on it, or can u go to the clinic yourself? (Wow. This is just getting stranger and stranger!)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:41:51 AM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:41:54 AM): lol i never tried
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:42:25 AM): do u know wehre the health clinic is near u?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:42:47 AM): i can find one
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:43:18 AM): but can we try condoms?
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:43:36 AM): trust me love i have tried before
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:44:34 AM): i dunno i dont want them to call my mom
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:45:01 AM): welll what about a guidance counselor
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:45:11 AM): omg they will definitely tell my mom
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:45:39 AM): well i think u can try the clinic, most clinics have a confidentiality thing u can sign and it would just be between u and them
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:46:57 AM): i will find out
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:47:21 AM): okay and i can ask one of my female friends if they know anything aobut it too k (Just wait... this part gets even better)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:47:28 AM): ok
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:48:38 AM): asking someone now for u sweetheart
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:50:44 AM): the friend thinks u have to be of age for somethign liket hat (Wise friend. I wonder where he found her?)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:51:00 AM): oh :( i dont think i am
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:51:25 AM): no i think of age means like 16
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:51:30 AM): oh
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:51:42 AM): but if we had sex, i could always pull out
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:53:04 AM): i dont wanna get pregnant :(
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:53:19 AM): well the only way u woudl get pregnant is if u were on your period (Oh. My. God. Someone failed sex ed. Big time.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:55:39 AM): ummm that wasnt what they told us in health class
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:55:54 AM): the only other thing is that u might have to tell your mom u want to go on birth control
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:56:14 AM): and have her ask like 8 million questions no thank you lol
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:56:31 AM): u ahve to be ovulated in order to get pregnant (Well at least he has some facts right.)
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:56:39 AM): do u know when you ovulate? (Let me check my handy calendar! Oh wait... few kids of 13 have regular periods.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:56:44 AM): ive had periods
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:57:09 AM): okAY OVULATION IS RIGHT BEFORE U HAVE YOUR PERIODS (ummmmmm...)
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:57:28 AM): u can only get pregnant during ovulation time, love
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:57:32 AM): lol you sure about that? my health teahcer said it was different (I had to contradict him. I had to. It was just too scary that he was so misinformed.)
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:57:51 AM): yes i just asked this other girl (Some girl he just met on the internet.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 1:58:41 AM): i would still feel better if there was something :(
smileman74 (12/09/06 1:59:10 AM): i think u are just goign to have to go to the clinic and ask them, explain that u dont want your parents to know (He is fixated on this!)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 2:00:17 AM): i dont wanna go to the clinic :(
smileman74 (12/09/06 2:00:25 AM): hey u know what u can do too if u arent sure about when u can get pregnant or not (This should be good...)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 2:00:46 AM): what?
smileman74 (12/09/06 2:01:00 AM): u can proably check it out on the net
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 2:01:31 AM): how will the internet have info about when i can get pregnant?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 2:02:03 AM): why cant you just get stuff?
smileman74 (12/09/06 2:02:17 AM): like what kinda stuff?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 2:02:35 AM): like condoms :(
smileman74 (12/09/06 2:02:47 AM): they dont fit honey remember (Bitch, whine, moan... They would fit.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 2:02:59 AM): dont they have special small ones? (Yeah I still crack myself up.)
smileman74 (12/09/06 2:03:27 AM): not sure plus i go soft easy too (Jeez. This guy should NEVER be a used car salesman!)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 2:04:57 AM): :(
smileman74 (12/09/06 2:05:15 AM): yeah everytime ive tried to have sex i go soft
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 2:06:23 AM): :(
smileman74 (12/09/06 2:06:45 AM): maybe it is just me beign nervous because of my dick size (Actually it could have to do with the fact that he's not attracted to his partner.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 2:07:11 AM): do you think that would happen with me?
smileman74 (12/09/06 2:07:24 AM): im not sure love
smileman74 (12/09/06 2:07:30 AM): if it did, i make up for it with oral pleasure
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 2:09:37 AM): k
smileman74 (12/09/06 2:10:04 AM): and i can make a girl scream and cum hard during oral sex (Grand.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 2:10:57 AM): i gotta go to bed
smileman74 (12/09/06 2:11:07 AM): k i will shortly too, wish i was joining u
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 2:11:11 AM): me too
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 2:11:12 AM): goodnight
smileman74 (12/09/06 10:34:20 AM): goodnite my love talk to u soon, will miss u lots
smileman74 (12/09/06 3:43:26 PM): hi
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 3:43:43 PM): hi
smileman74 (12/09/06 3:44:15 PM): how are u?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 3:44:19 PM): ok you?
smileman74 (12/09/06 3:44:52 PM): doing good ive missed u
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 3:45:23 PM): lol its only been like 12 hours
smileman74 (12/09/06 3:45:57 PM): i know i miss u every hour i dont talk to u
smileman74 (12/09/06 3:50:06 PM): i love you
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 3:50:13 PM): :)
smileman74 (12/09/06 3:55:21 PM): i want u here so bad so we could make love together
smileman74 (12/09/06 3:58:01 PM): are u having a good weekend my love?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 3:58:49 PM): sorta
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 3:58:51 PM): boring
smileman74 (12/09/06 3:59:06 PM): aww thats cause im not there with u right?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 4:01:12 PM): ya
smileman74 (12/09/06 4:02:37 PM): awww thats sweet
smileman74 (12/09/06 4:05:32 PM): :-*
smileman74 (12/09/06 4:07:37 PM): what u wearing?
smileman74 (12/09/06 4:10:53 PM): love u here?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 4:11:06 PM): ya i gotta go talk to my mom
smileman74 (12/09/06 4:12:04 PM): okay when u coming back?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 4:12:07 PM): i dunno
smileman74 (12/09/06 4:12:15 PM): come back quick k i will still be here
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 4:12:34 PM): i will if i can
smileman74 (12/09/06 4:13:11 PM): k if not its cool love you always
smileman74 (12/09/06 8:56:50 PM): hey honey
smileman74 (12/09/06 8:57:32 PM): are u here?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 8:57:55 PM): hiya
smileman74 (12/09/06 8:58:07 PM): hi love whats goign on?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 8:58:11 PM): nm
smileman74 (12/09/06 8:58:28 PM): me eitiher, i love you lots
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 8:58:32 PM): are you talking to someone else online and give them my name?
smileman74 (12/09/06 8:59:14 PM): nope why?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 8:59:24 PM): cause i have this freaky chick messaging me (I got the most RANDOM set of IMs from this girl who was clearly underage from her handle. I was relatively sure he had given her my IM name since he felt inclined to give out all kinds of information on the internet and was so proud of me.)
smileman74 (12/09/06 8:59:42 PM): really maybe she just wants to be a freind
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:00:26 PM): i dunno im freaked out
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:01:29 PM): why just cause of how she looks or what?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:01:45 PM): no she just like randomly messaged me
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:02:01 PM): whats her name maybe she found you from hacking into my firend list? (Right. Hacking.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:02:11 PM): lol you got a lot of peeps on your friend list?
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:02:45 PM): yes i do
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:04:11 PM): i love you honey
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:05:02 PM): :)
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:06:27 PM): is that person still tryign to talk to u, maybe she found u through a search thing with the term of goats (Right. Except not.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:06:39 PM): maybe
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:06:40 PM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:06:44 PM): i sent her aawwaaaaay
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:07:01 PM): oh okay
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:07:14 PM): wonder what her age is? (He's so bad at lying.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:07:40 PM): i dunno
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:08:53 PM): okay wish u were here sexy
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:09:55 PM): hey sexy u know what drives me crazy when a girl does it to me? (Love his topic changes. He gets bored so he talks about sex and his fantasies more.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:10:03 PM): what?
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:10:23 PM): when a girl sucks on my nipples
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:12:19 PM): would u do that to me?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:13:09 PM): lol ya if you wantec
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:13:23 PM): yeah i want that, and slow tickling drives me crazy too
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:14:28 PM): lol
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:15:04 PM): lol i dont know what that was
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:15:11 PM): i dont know either
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:17:23 PM): wish uw er here my love
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:17:29 PM): i wish too
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:18:33 PM): we would be havig fun
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:18:41 PM): ya
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:19:54 PM): :-*
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:22:17 PM): hey love im looking at yoru myspace page
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:22:30 PM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:22:38 PM): i havent checked it today i should tho
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:22:40 PM): how come u have 33 as your age? (I was desperate to keep MySpace from deleting my MySpace... AGAIN)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:22:52 PM): cause myspace kept deleting my pages
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:22:56 PM): so i put something random
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:22:59 PM): im 13 lol
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:23:23 PM): yes i knwo u are
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:23:29 PM): i see u have lots of stuff on goats on it
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:24:12 PM): ya
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:24:24 PM): cool, so your mom is in the navy
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:25:25 PM): ya
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:25:42 PM): ic, so when is she supposed ot move again?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:25:54 PM): 3 years
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:26:12 PM): will u move with her again?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:26:20 PM): ya probably
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:26:30 PM): its not like i have anywhere else to live lol
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:26:46 PM): what if its alogn ways from wa state?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:27:05 PM): thats part of mom being in the navy (What did he think I'd do? Stay put in the house? What a maroon!)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:27:07 PM): i get moved too
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:27:08 PM): :(
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:27:47 PM): damn that sucks
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:29:41 PM): i hope u dotn move too far from me
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:29:53 PM): lol i guess we will find out
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:30:07 PM): i guess alot of people get to stay here for like 6 or 8 years (It's actually very common for the Navy to leave people in the NW for long periods of time, according to several friends who have been in the area for two or three rotations.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:30:13 PM): i wanna go to nk :)
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:30:53 PM): yeap but then u would only be apart from me for 2years then u can move back to go to college here
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:30:59 PM): i dunno lol
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:31:01 PM): i wanna go to WSU
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:31:59 PM): where is nk?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:32:11 PM): poulsbo
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:32:40 PM): never heard of that school
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:33:00 PM): its over in pullman
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:33:06 PM): its got a really good sheep and goat vet program (It's an amazing Ag Vet School!)
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:33:16 PM): i know where wsu is
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:33:21 PM): but what is nk?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:33:29 PM): poulsbo
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:33:56 PM): goats are yoru life huh
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:34:00 PM): lol i miss minni
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:34:16 PM): i bet i hope u get her back
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:34:21 PM): i hope so too
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:35:12 PM): have u won alot of 4h awards?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:35:33 PM): ya
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:35:39 PM): how many so far?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:35:44 PM): lol i dunno like 10
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:36:03 PM): what fair u go to?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:36:15 PM): churchill county and washoe county and nevada state
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:36:50 PM): thats cool
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:37:13 PM): i used to go to the fair in monroe when i was in 4h for square dancing
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:37:18 PM): oh cool
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:37:24 PM): in fact i know the lady who runs the 4 h program in monroe
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:37:31 PM): cool
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:37:43 PM): u ever been to that one?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:37:46 PM): no
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:37:50 PM): ive only been here since late august
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:38:04 PM): so maybe yoru mom will stay here til u get done with high school then huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:38:07 PM): maybe
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:38:13 PM): that would be cool huh
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:40:14 PM): ya
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:40:38 PM): so am i yoru dream come true?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:40:45 PM): lol ya
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:41:16 PM): am i your prince charming? (Not exactly.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:42:11 PM): lol if i ever get to meet you
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:42:46 PM): u willl someday soon love
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:45:14 PM): u only have one pic on that website of u
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:45:23 PM): ya i dont wanna put pics on my myspace
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:45:31 PM): i think thats why they took it down over and over
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:45:41 PM): oh okay
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:47:22 PM): have u ever thougth about ridign a horse in the nude? (SWERVE! This begins another really disturbing series of questions. Considering at the very moment I'm nursing a pulled inner groin muscle from my very first fall off a horse in 17 years of riding... Nude and horses really don't mix. I was wearing pants when I did it, for the record.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:47:29 PM): um that would really hurt lol
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:47:33 PM): i wont even ride in shorts (I don't. At all.)
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:48:13 PM): i saw a pic of a girl who was only 10 and she was showing off her pussy while on a horse, she had a skirt and pulled it up to show it (This is the closest I've ever come to receiving any form of child porn in a chat and it disturbed me enough.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:48:34 PM): omg where did you see that?
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:48:47 PM): some guy sent it to me
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:49:00 PM): oh lol well shes dumb (A child who has been well schooled in proper horsemanship would respond this way. Chaps are good for a reason!)
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:49:36 PM): yeah but i would love to see u that way
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:49:39 PM): everyone who rides knows its stupid to do it in anything but pants lol (Unless you like chafing.)
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:51:42 PM): maybe she wasjust posing on it
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:52:04 PM): lol i hope so cause i dont think i would ever ride a horse in anything but pants lol (I decided to dig my heels in on this)
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:52:38 PM): would u pose on one naked/ (Oh. My. God.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:52:47 PM): um like without shoes? (Naked means without shoes, right?)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:52:54 PM): i dont think id go near a horse without shoes lol (That's just ASKING for broken toes, insteps and general misery!)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:52:56 PM): thats dumb too
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:52:58 PM): they are big (I thought I'd point out the obvious here.)
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:53:30 PM): well u would wear shoes, just wear like a dress nd pull your panties aside (He obviously doesn't know the definition of naked.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:53:41 PM): no i wouldnt do that cause really thats dumb
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:53:48 PM): riding in a dress is stupid
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:54:08 PM): not riding just posing for a picture honey
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:54:11 PM): your legs get really really raw and miserable
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:54:24 PM): you would tack a horse and get it all ready just to pose ya right lol no way (My kid likes to ride horses, like she'd go through all the grooming and tacking and whatnot just to pose! HA! Silly him!)
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:54:44 PM): oh ok , want to see the pic? (No... that's okay. I'll take his word for it.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:54:48 PM): no thats ok
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 9:59:04 PM): lol i dont like girls :)
smileman74 (12/09/06 9:59:13 PM): oh okay
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 10:00:34 PM): i gotta go mom wants me to watch a movie with her (That's code for \"I'm done talking about child porn produced on horseback.\")
hhhhgoatsrock (12/09/06 10:00:40 PM): i will talk to you later?
smileman74 (12/09/06 10:01:21 PM): ok bye sweetie, love you
smileman74 (12/09/06 10:07:09 PM): i wont behome til after midnite tonight, talk to u tomorrow
smileman74 (12/10/06 2:04:06 AM): hey there is my love
hhhhgoatsrock (12/10/06 2:04:11 AM): hiya
hhhhgoatsrock (12/10/06 2:04:21 AM): i was about to go to bed
smileman74 (12/10/06 2:04:39 AM): awwww are u going to stay for me now?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/10/06 2:04:49 AM): i cant mom said i gotta go to bed
smileman74 (12/10/06 2:05:22 AM): awww okay try to sneak back on if u can, i will be here til 1:15 or so k
hhhhgoatsrock (12/10/06 2:05:30 AM): i will try but i dunno
smileman74 (12/10/06 11:43:00 AM): ok bye my love
smileman74 (12/11/06 10:42:04 PM): hi
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 10:42:12 PM): hiya!!!! i missed you so much!
smileman74 (12/11/06 10:42:34 PM): me too, i missed u so much too my love
smileman74 (12/11/06 10:43:03 PM): :-*:-*
smileman74 (12/11/06 10:44:23 PM): How u been?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 10:44:46 PM): ok
smileman74 (12/11/06 10:44:59 PM): me too been thinking about u alot
smileman74 (12/11/06 10:47:02 PM): wish u coudl be here, im kinda feeling depressed
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 10:47:08 PM): why?
smileman74 (12/11/06 10:47:50 PM): just being lonely is all love
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 10:47:59 PM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 10:48:03 PM): your not cheating on me are you? (I was one jealous little girlie here, all for the purposes of keeping him away from the kids at his church. We were working with the police in Whatcom County at this point to work on the church angle without alerting Kevin that I wasn't quite real.)
smileman74 (12/11/06 10:48:24 PM): nope im not why u ask that/
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 10:48:31 PM): cause i was worried :(
smileman74 (12/11/06 10:48:50 PM): what were u worried about love?
smileman74 (12/11/06 10:50:34 PM): :-*:-*
smileman74 (12/11/06 10:50:37 PM): i will never let u go
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 10:52:16 PM): :)
smileman74 (12/11/06 10:52:59 PM): why were u worried though?
smileman74 (12/11/06 10:55:03 PM): i love you kendra
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 10:55:04 PM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 10:55:07 PM): :)
smileman74 (12/11/06 10:55:38 PM): arent u going to say, \"i love you kevin? (Nope. He wanted that and it was something I could hold over him.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 10:55:47 PM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 10:55:50 PM): i like you alot
smileman74 (12/11/06 10:56:01 PM): wont knwo more til we meet huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 10:56:09 PM): ya
smileman74 (12/11/06 10:56:24 PM): ic theni think you will fall madly in love with me
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 10:56:33 PM): :)
smileman74 (12/11/06 10:56:49 PM): at least i hope u do
smileman74 (12/11/06 10:58:03 PM): tickle tickle tickle (Again with the tickling!)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:00:21 PM): lol
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:01:18 PM): iwant u so bad
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:04:11 PM): >:D< gives u a big hug and doesnt let u go
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:07:06 PM): :)
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:08:11 PM): so what u wearing my love?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:08:24 PM): pjs
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:08:36 PM): mmm sexy i like that
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:08:41 PM): im in boxers only
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:09:21 PM): sorry iw asnt online today been busy cleaning and helpign mom
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:12:18 PM): thats lame lol
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:12:38 PM): whats lame?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:12:47 PM): that you had to help your mom
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:13:01 PM): well it was helping to put out xmas decorations and i had to clean my room too
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:14:01 PM): lol
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:14:14 PM): yeah it was messy
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:14:24 PM): lol i keep my room clean
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:14:32 PM): really your a good girl huh (And yet another disturbing set of interchanges follows.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:14:59 PM): ya
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:15:15 PM): wow thats good
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:15:21 PM): can u help me keep mine clean
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:15:26 PM): lol maybe
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:15:46 PM): or u can punish me if i dont keep it clean (Punish him? Introducing a child to the concepts of BDSM is not cool in my book.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:15:49 PM): lol
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:16:02 PM): like no sex til its clean
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:16:17 PM): lol
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:17:02 PM): u like that ideal?
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:17:38 PM): or is that punishment for u as well? (How about no sex ever. Will that work for ya?)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:17:58 PM): lol i dunno
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:19:24 PM): okay love
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:19:31 PM): so u been thinking about me all day long?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:19:34 PM): ya
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:19:44 PM): me too, yoru sexy
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:20:39 PM): lol
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:21:45 PM): man i want u so bad
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:21:52 PM): :(
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:22:02 PM): i know u want me bd too huh
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:22:32 PM): ya
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:23:08 PM): sorrry wish i coudl get there to see u now
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:23:22 PM): i wish you could too :(
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:23:57 PM): yeah then we could have hot sex huh
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:24:01 PM): lol ya
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:24:30 PM): that woudl be hot
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:28:04 PM): i flunked my class
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:30:02 PM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:30:06 PM): oh no!
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:30:24 PM): i know they lost my paper
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:30:31 PM): thats lame
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:31:50 PM): i know and i just now got online to check the email she wrote me, i could have emailed her a copy of the essay but it had to be emailed by 5pm
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:31:54 PM): when she had to turn in grades
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:31:58 PM): :(
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:34:00 PM): i know it sucks big time
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:34:07 PM): and idont have money to pay for that class again
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:34:11 PM): :(
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:35:26 PM): i know
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:35:35 PM): bad news after bad news
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:35:39 PM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:37:32 PM): does that mean we could meet sooner? (Just like a kid.)
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:38:08 PM): nope still have plans with family honey
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:38:15 PM): :(
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:38:16 PM): and i still go to school in the witner after new years
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:38:19 PM): oh
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:39:02 PM): kisses u all over (Whee! I flunked a class but now I'm in the mood to cyber even though you've told me a bazillion times you don't want to!)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:39:37 PM): :)
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:40:44 PM): your the best
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:46:26 PM): i am hard love
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:46:38 PM): cool
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:49:23 PM): yeah wish u could suck it
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:50:25 PM): :)
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:51:34 PM): :-*
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:53:49 PM): i wish i coudl spend new years with u love, but i will be in oregon
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:54:02 PM): :(
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:54:32 PM): so how long has your mom been in the navy for?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:54:43 PM): since i was born
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:55:13 PM): so where all have u lived at then?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:55:29 PM): well i was born in japan
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:55:34 PM): then we moved to georgia
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:55:38 PM): then we moved to nevada
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:55:40 PM): and then here
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:56:11 PM): wow
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:56:15 PM): how did u like japan?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:56:21 PM): lol i dunno i was only 1
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:56:49 PM): oh ok so do u speak japanese?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:57:43 PM): lololol no way
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:58:31 PM): so if u were born in japan, did u have to apply for citizenship here when u moved/ (See, he's smart in some ways but common sense seems to elude him.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/11/06 11:58:49 PM): no i was born on the navy base
smileman74 (12/11/06 11:59:13 PM): oh thats cool then sweetie
smileman74 (12/12/06 12:02:08 AM): im sorry about yoru dad though
hhhhgoatsrock (12/12/06 12:02:23 AM): its ok
smileman74 (12/12/06 12:06:57 AM): okay, what age were u when u lost him love?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/12/06 12:07:05 AM): 11
smileman74 (12/12/06 12:11:00 AM): oh okay
smileman74 (12/12/06 12:12:50 AM): :-*
smileman74 (12/12/06 12:13:09 AM): honey what u thinkign right now cause all of a sudden i started cumming (Wonderful. He starts climaxing while I'm talking about my father who died. Paint me unamused.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/12/06 12:17:47 AM): i dunno lol
smileman74 (12/12/06 12:17:57 AM): hehehehe okay
smileman74 (12/12/06 12:26:41 AM): what u doing love?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/12/06 12:29:49 AM): getting tired
smileman74 (12/12/06 12:30:07 AM): really awww you can rest againts me love
hhhhgoatsrock (12/12/06 12:30:24 AM): lol i gotta go rest in my bed
smileman74 (12/12/06 12:31:05 AM): awww okay thinka bout me there k
hhhhgoatsrock (12/12/06 12:31:13 AM): ok
smileman74 (12/12/06 12:31:51 AM): wish i was joining u in yoru bed
hhhhgoatsrock (12/12/06 12:31:55 AM): me too
smileman74 (12/12/06 12:32:17 AM): u have a nice nite and will talk to u soon k my love
hhhhgoatsrock (12/12/06 12:32:25 AM): ok later
smileman74 (12/12/06 12:32:37 AM): later my love, sweetdreams too \
smileman74 (12/12/06 6:47:21 PM): hey love wish u were online right now, talk to u tomorrow k
smileman74 (12/12/06 6:47:21 PM): or tonight
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:16:12 AM): hi love wish u were here, gooodnite my love,
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:16:24 AM): kisses and hugs you alloover
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:16:28 AM): :)
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:17:24 AM): oh soyour online but invisible?
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:18:46 AM): i loveyou sweetheart
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:21:36 AM): lol ya
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:22:24 AM): oh okay wish u were here so we coudl fool around
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:22:30 AM): me too
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:23:57 AM): yeah baby i am naked right now
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:26:45 AM): u like?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:26:48 AM): lol ya
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:26:55 AM): touch me baby
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:27:00 AM): i dont do fake stuff (How many times do I have to say it? He has rapist written all over him!)
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:27:13 AM): really aww bummer wish u coudl be here
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:31:00 AM): we could have fun together
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:31:14 AM): i know
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:31:31 AM): so how has your day been, havent talked to you lately?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:31:41 AM): i know its been lame
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:31:50 AM): but i have been spending time at the barn with my friend emily
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:32:09 AM): really for how long?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:32:20 AM): um i have been going after school
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:32:33 AM): ic
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:36:38 AM): sounds interesting
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:36:46 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:36:49 AM): em has a horse
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:36:50 AM): so we ride
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:36:59 AM): oh cool sounds like fun, i want to ride one
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:37:01 AM): never been on one
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:37:43 AM): oh they are fun
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:37:51 AM): horse people are a little weird sometimes lol (I recalled a conversation I had with my roommmate in college. She was a dog person in 4 H and hung out with a horse person and two goat people. She swore horse people were nuts.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:37:56 AM): i like sheep and goat people better
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:38:30 AM): cool
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:38:59 AM): but em is cool
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:39:59 AM): cool u should tell her about me
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:40:47 AM): why
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:40:52 AM): i dont want her to tell my mom
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:40:58 AM): i dont know if she will or not
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:41:13 AM): well tell her that u have a secret and ask if she promises not to tell your mom you will tell her k
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:42:01 AM): maybe after christmas
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:42:26 AM): alright u goign to see her after then?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:42:29 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:42:50 AM): cool probably stay a few nites there huh
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:43:05 AM): maybe
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:44:01 AM): thats cool
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:44:13 AM): i bet she would be happpy for you
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:44:22 AM): i know we are going to see my aunt for like a week or a week and a half
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:44:41 AM): oh damn damn damn, and i will be gone that sucks
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:44:56 AM): :(
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:45:04 AM): i want to seee u so bad
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:45:17 AM): when are you coming back from oregon?
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:45:37 AM): not til january 2nd then i have to go back to school
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:45:46 AM): why so late?
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:46:10 AM): cause i am babysittign for a bit
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:46:19 AM): babysitting? (SCARY!)
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:46:26 AM): yeah im watchign my niece and nephew
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:46:30 AM): oh how old are they?
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:46:45 AM): 3 and 9 (This scared the tar out of me. What parent, in their right mind, lets their son and daughter be babysat alone by someone who has gotten out of jail fairly recently for REPEATED indecent exposure with sexual motivation toward CHILDREN?)
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:46:48 AM): i think
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:46:50 AM): i forgot
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:46:51 AM): lol
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:46:57 AM): cool
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:46:59 AM): my neice is a cutie too
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:47:10 AM): is she the 3 year old?
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:47:15 AM): i will have to show u a picture of her sometime
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:47:23 AM): yes i think thats how old she is, but i forgot
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:47:29 AM): lol cool
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:47:45 AM): yeah i will scan a picture of them sometime sooon and post it on my myspace account
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:47:51 AM): ok
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:47:54 AM): i gotta go to bed
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:47:55 AM): im tired
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:47:57 AM): :(
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:48:02 AM): okay nite my love, dream about me k
hhhhgoatsrock (12/14/06 1:48:06 AM): ok goodnight
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:48:08 AM): :-* love you lots
smileman74 (12/14/06 1:48:10 AM): will miss u lots too
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:11:48 PM): hello my love
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:11:53 PM): hiya!
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:12:07 PM): whats going on/
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:12:11 PM): nm
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:12:40 PM): me either, ive missedulots
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:13:27 PM): i miss you too
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:13:32 PM): when do you leave for oregon?
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:14:00 PM): mm soon why/
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:14:31 PM): cause
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:14:41 PM): im leaving on tuesday
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:14:46 PM): how soon?
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:14:48 PM): awww damn
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:14:53 PM): i leaveon like monday
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:15:17 PM): oh ok
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:16:08 PM): yeah so thatis when u are going to go to everett then/
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:16:32 PM): ya
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:17:06 PM): okay sweetie
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:17:09 PM): are u goign to have a computer there/
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:17:15 PM): i dont think so
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:18:08 PM): that sucks
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:18:15 PM): how long will u be there for/
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:18:23 PM): til after christmas
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:18:29 PM): okay love
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:20:24 PM): wish i could bed tehre im sory
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:20:31 PM): me too
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:20:40 PM): ihope u have a safe christmas
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:20:46 PM): you too
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:20:57 PM): will you have internet at your brothers?
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:20:59 PM): i will,
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:21:05 PM): more and likely yes
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:21:09 PM): ok
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:21:10 PM): so if u can get onlein try to be onlien k
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:21:30 PM): k
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:21:44 PM): i wishi could be there wrapped in a bow with nothign on me (Break out the bleach for my minds eye, please!)
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:24:16 PM): would u like that as a present/
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:24:27 PM): lol ya
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:25:16 PM): then youd jump me huh
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:25:35 PM): lol ya
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:26:29 PM): oh baby that would be hot
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:26:31 PM): i loveyou so much
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:26:39 PM): :)
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:27:18 PM): :-*:-*
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:27:38 PM): :)
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:28:23 PM): i want to kiss u allover love
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:30:16 PM): what is my sexy sweetheart wearing/
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:32:45 PM): jeans and a sweatshirt
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:32:58 PM): awwww are you cold/
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:33:16 PM): ya lol its cold here
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:33:27 PM): aww honey wish i could keep u warm and cozey cudling withyou
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:33:48 PM): me too
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:34:16 PM): id holdu close and keep u warm
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:35:37 PM): :)
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:37:02 PM): hey just to warn u that one chick mightim you, sheimmed me (Oh... remember that freaky chick that IMed me? He knew her.)
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:37:18 PM): play along with her, i told her i dumped you, but i really didnt k (And he's so bad at lying it's insane.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:37:25 PM): who?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:37:38 PM): why did you tell her that? are you cheating on me? (Damn I'm jealous!)
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:37:51 PM): remembe that chick thatimmed you out of the blue
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:37:57 PM): ya
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:38:01 PM): i todl her i did, just to get her off my back cause she said she didnt like you
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:38:04 PM): she thoghtu were mean (Yeah I'm not online to make friends with kids. I'm online to distract predators from kids.)
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:38:10 PM): so i lied to her and said i wasnt with you
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:38:14 PM): just to shut her up okay
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:38:20 PM): so are you still talking to her?
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:38:39 PM): yes cause she became my friend
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:38:54 PM): where does she live?
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:39:03 PM): umm i forgot now
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:39:29 PM): let me ask again k
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:39:37 PM): k
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:40:01 PM): :-*:-*
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:41:50 PM): she told me she cant tell me where she lives
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:44:42 PM): you dont remember?
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:45:17 PM): no i forgot its been a bit
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:45:21 PM): oh
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:45:26 PM): how did you meet her?
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:45:55 PM): from here online (He had so many kids on his friends list it's scary.)
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:47:27 PM): love you sexy
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:47:31 PM): u get any new pics yet/
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:47:37 PM): no
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:48:25 PM): me eithier honey
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:49:00 PM): :-*
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:49:03 PM): tickle tickle
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:50:56 PM): lol
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:51:09 PM): areu ticklish my love/
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:51:13 PM): not really
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:51:16 PM): but i think its funny
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:52:10 PM): oh not fair then, cause im ticklish allover my body
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:54:44 PM): i like being spanekd too (So now we've discussed his foot fetish, KP pictures, desire for punishment, and now spanking. Does it get worse?)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:54:59 PM): lol i dont
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:55:09 PM): do u like anything kinky?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:55:16 PM): i dunno like what?
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:55:29 PM): like being tied up (I guess it does.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:55:42 PM): i dunno ive never tried it
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:56:21 PM): ok i have to get goin gmy love, talk to u soon k
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:56:25 PM): i wil miss you
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:56:26 PM): ok
smileman74 (12/15/06 6:56:29 PM): bye my love
hhhhgoatsrock (12/15/06 6:56:30 PM): i will miss you too
smileman74 (12/17/06 1:26:08 AM): hey love, your online right now
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 1:26:12 AM): y
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 1:26:13 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/17/06 1:27:07 AM): cool hats going on?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 1:27:14 AM): nm
smileman74 (12/17/06 1:27:31 AM): cool, sorry about my typo
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 1:27:37 AM): lol its ok
smileman74 (12/17/06 1:28:05 AM): im going to miss u while u are gone
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 1:28:18 AM): im going to miss you too
smileman74 (12/17/06 1:28:28 AM): so u leave on monday u said or tuesday?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 1:28:35 AM): tuesday
smileman74 (12/17/06 1:28:46 AM): and wont be home til after xmas right?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 1:28:53 AM): like the 28th
smileman74 (12/17/06 1:29:10 AM): dang thats a long time huh
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 1:29:13 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/17/06 1:29:25 AM): gives ua kiss :-*
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 1:29:34 AM): lol
smileman74 (12/17/06 1:30:12 AM): so whats my love been doing lately, u been thinkinga bout me alot?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 1:30:16 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/17/06 1:30:28 AM): thats good me too
smileman74 (12/17/06 1:30:29 AM): whats new with you?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 1:30:34 AM): nm
smileman74 (12/17/06 1:30:59 AM): me either, so is school out until after new years?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 1:31:09 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/17/06 1:31:29 AM): thats cool,
smileman74 (12/17/06 1:31:38 AM): so how many snow days do u guys have to make up so far?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 1:31:42 AM): 4
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 1:31:50 AM): plus the one for friday
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 1:32:02 AM): so its not a snow day but we had no electricity at school
smileman74 (12/17/06 1:32:20 AM): ic, and when will u have to make those days up?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 1:32:23 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 1:32:29 AM): same as a snow day
smileman74 (12/17/06 1:32:54 AM): oh okay, so are they tacking them onto the end of the year, or are they taking part from mid winter break?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 1:33:27 AM): some of both now
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 1:33:50 AM): theres a day at like presidents day and another one in april and then the rest off the end of the year
smileman74 (12/17/06 1:34:04 AM): ic, that sucks huh
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 1:34:23 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/17/06 1:34:57 AM): i hope there isnt goign to be anymore snow this winter
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 1:35:03 AM): lol i hope so too
smileman74 (12/17/06 1:35:35 AM): i hope your parents didnt have any vacation planned for the end of the school year
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 1:35:52 AM): lol no
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 1:35:55 AM): my mom doesnt
smileman74 (12/17/06 1:36:20 AM): thats good then
smileman74 (12/17/06 1:36:27 AM): so do u and your mom go on vacations in the summer time
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 1:39:11 AM): not really
smileman74 (12/17/06 1:39:58 AM): that sucks, vacations are fun
smileman74 (12/17/06 1:40:05 AM): so do ulike swimming? (Transparency! It's not just for overhead projectors!)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 1:40:14 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/17/06 1:40:44 AM): cool do u wear a one or 2 piece swimsuit?
smileman74 (12/17/06 1:43:19 AM): where did u go love?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:01:27 AM): im back
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:02:24 AM): our power is still funky
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:02:31 AM): welcome back what happpened to you?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:02:33 AM): they said it could go out again before it was back all the way :(
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:03:03 AM): >:D<:-*:-*
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:03:52 AM): aww im sorry, do u wish i was there to protect you?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:04:03 AM): lol its ok its just power outages
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:04:56 AM): i know but id cuddle u close and keep u warm
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:05:28 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:06:10 AM): your my sexy sweetheart, and your so cool
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:06:24 AM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:06:30 AM): are you going to church tomorrow?
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:06:55 AM): i cant get you out my mind either
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:07:11 AM): yeah real early in the morning at like 7pm then we have a christmas party in the afternoon and evening time
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:07:18 AM): for the american legion
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:07:22 AM): oh ok
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:07:38 AM): dont forget about me while im gone k?
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:07:50 AM): yeah goign ot be a busy day
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:08:26 AM): of couse i will
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:08:34 AM): im worried that you will find someone while im gone like at church
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:08:36 AM): :(
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:08:36 AM): are u goign to write a dairy while you are gone?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:08:49 AM): ummm i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:09:07 AM): i wont be able to get online so i cant update my myspace
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:09:08 AM): nope your mine always my love
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:09:11 AM): hey have u been watching all that dateline stuff? (Dateline? What's this Dateline he speaks of? I know nothing about Dateline!)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:09:19 AM): dateline stuff?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:09:27 AM): whats that?
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:09:38 AM): u can write a dairy by hand and keep it safe with a lock
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:09:45 AM): i dont have one of those (I have a dairy. Do YOU have a dairy? I have a DAIRY!)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:09:59 AM): i have a notebook i could write in but it doesnt have a lock
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:10:10 AM): yeah why dotn u go ahead and do that then love
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:10:13 AM): ok
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:10:23 AM): datelien is a thing wehre they have been busting guys for meeting girls yoru age (REALLY? WHO KNEW? DID YOU?)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:10:29 AM): omg
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:10:52 AM): yeah they have someoen pretend they are like 12 or 13, then have them meet them, and bust them (Really... Interesting! I should check out that concept.)
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:10:56 AM): and have them taped and then arrested
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:11:00 AM): omg :(
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:11:17 AM): but they wanna do bad stuff right?
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:11:44 AM): well they have the intent on having sex with the girl they have talked to online
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:11:54 AM): kinda like how i want to do it with you (You'd think he'd figure this out, but really... He didn't. He has the common sense of a box of rocks.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:11:55 AM): oh
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:11:57 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:12:06 AM): what channel is it on?
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:12:30 AM): its not on now, it was on yesterday on msnbc
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:12:35 AM): my mom watches tlc and the history channel
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:12:47 AM): and they have had it on nbc before too
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:12:55 AM): :(
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:13:45 AM): u can go on the internet and look up dateline
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:13:49 AM): ok
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:13:57 AM): then search for sex preditor things (I'm not kidding. He just told me to go look up sex predators on the internet.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:14:06 AM): lol thats depressing tho
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:15:04 AM): yeah they bust alot of guys from being online preditors looking to have sex with girls under 18 (You mean like he's doing now? Hrm. We wouldn't be doing that, would we?)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:15:28 AM): i dont wanna think about that :(
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:16:02 AM): i know dotn want me to get busted right?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:16:17 AM): no i dont want you to get busted :( i would be sad (Except not. I'd be flipping over for joy.)
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:17:22 AM): yeah and id go to jail for a long time cuase ive been to jail before (Turns out a long time is 7 years to life. WHO KNEW? Oh yeah... he did.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:17:34 AM): :(
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:17:43 AM): they even keep chatlogs of these guys too, before they come to some house and meet them (You mean like this one?)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:17:49 AM): omg :(
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:18:09 AM): youd never set me up right?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:18:18 AM): omg never i like you
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:18:44 AM): you dont like me anymore :(
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:18:49 AM): how much do u like me?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:18:51 AM): im real i promise :(
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:19:00 AM): alot i told you that
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:19:09 AM): i like u alot but im scared
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:19:23 AM): good i like u alot too and want to be with you the rest of my life (Okay I guess that bit of paranoia has passed. Kinda like gas.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:19:28 AM): im scared too my mom would ground me for life if she found out (Turns out the state grounded him for seven years to life. Whee!)
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:19:46 AM): and yoru mom would turn me in too huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:19:53 AM): i dunno but i dont wanna find out
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:20:49 AM): thats why we have to be very careful right?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:20:51 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:21:05 AM): when i do meet u at a mall, will u hold my hand? ('Cause that's careful.)
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:21:18 AM): or do u think wed have too many people asking questions? (Somehow I doubt they'd ask questions. I think they'd just not pass Go and call the police instead.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:21:31 AM): i dunno that doesnt seem careful lol
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:22:02 AM): u mean the holding hands
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:22:08 AM): or meeting at a mall?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:22:11 AM): holding hands
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:22:20 AM): meeting at a mall would be cool
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:22:37 AM): okay but how would we recognize eachother?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:22:45 AM): you look like your pic right?
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:22:54 AM): yes but different glasses now
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:22:55 AM): lol i havent changed that much since august
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:22:58 AM): and ive lost some weight
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:23:04 AM): cool
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:23:26 AM): yeah so u look pretty close to the same
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:23:37 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:23:46 AM): thats cool
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:23:50 AM): hey love i am naked rigiht now (Raise your hand if you're shocked. Yep. Didn't think so.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:25:18 AM): lol i would be afraid my mom would see me if i were you
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:25:36 AM): shes asleep in bed
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:26:10 AM):
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:26:15 AM): sorry didnt mean to do that
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:26:16 AM): ya she is
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:26:25 AM): u should rub your pussy for me right now
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:26:40 AM): i told you i dont cyber :)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:26:42 AM): :( i mean
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:26:54 AM): i know but u can masturbate whil thinking about me later on in your bed right? (Really, how many times do I have to tell him?)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:26:58 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:27:08 AM): hve u done that yet?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:27:16 AM): i dont really do that alot (Newsflash: I've never once in multiple years of a year-round career with children ages 8-17 heard kids discussing masturbation...ever.)
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:27:28 AM): will u do it tonight?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:27:41 AM): maybe
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:27:47 AM): i am doing it now
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:28:40 AM): wow
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:29:05 AM): yeah wish it was your mouth instead
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:29:13 AM): :)
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:29:27 AM): well im goign to bed, goodnite my love
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:29:32 AM): talk to ut omorow nite i hope
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:29:36 AM): ya i hope too
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:29:55 AM): i will miiiiiiiissss you!
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:30:00 AM): okay nite my love will thinka bout u as i masturbate tonight
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:30:10 AM): i will miss you more my love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:30:10 AM): :)
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:30:41 AM): wish you were joining me in my bed
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:30:51 AM): me too!
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:31:23 AM): hey when i do get to everett, will u be able to hang out in the hotel room with me?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:31:52 AM): ya probably
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:32:03 AM): will u be able to spend the nite with me?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:32:07 AM): i dunno i could try
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:32:23 AM): who lives in everett again?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:32:24 AM): i really want to :(
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:32:26 AM): my aunt
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:32:34 AM): yeah i want to wake up in your arms in the morning
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:32:43 AM): :)
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:32:47 AM): if u spent the nite with me, what would u tell your aunt?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:33:08 AM): i would tell her i have a friend there
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:33:11 AM): :)
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:33:31 AM): sounds good, okay well u have a nice nite and hope to talk to utomorow nite at around 10 or so k
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:33:33 AM): or 11
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:33:37 AM): ok later!
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:33:52 AM): later my love, god bless you
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:34:05 AM): :-*:-* and merry xmas too
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:34:11 AM): you too
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:34:29 AM): i wll nite nite beautiful
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:35:01 AM): grabs yoru butt as i give u a hug and then i kiss your neck
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:35:34 AM): when i see you, im goign to give u a hicky on your breast (Goodie gumdrops!)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:35:44 AM): lol that sounds like it would tickle
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:36:03 AM): it might if i gave u one on your neck, would u care?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:36:46 AM): lol i dont think so but i gotta figure out what to tell my aunt if she asks
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:37:01 AM): true, okay id give u one on your neck and on your breat then
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:37:07 AM): and maybe yoru stomach too
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:37:21 AM): and i want to suck your toes too
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:37:32 AM): lol that will tickle for sure
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:37:50 AM): would ulet me suck your toes?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:39:28 AM): ya lol if you wanted
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:39:34 AM): yes i have a foot fetish
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:39:53 AM): can u take a couple of pictures, one of your feet in socks, and the other of the bottom of your bare feet? (CREEPY!)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:41:31 AM): i guess so ya lol
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:41:42 AM): cool thanks my love
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:41:59 AM): hey when me and u finally do meet, can i keep a pair of your sweaty socks, and a pair of your panties? (Can we all say it together? YUCK!)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:42:09 AM): lol what do i get to keep?
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:42:32 AM): well i could cum in a pair of my underwear for you (Oh goodie! I cannot wait!)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:42:51 AM): lol i will think about it
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:43:01 AM): or what would u like to keep of mine?
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:43:14 AM): what articleof clothing
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:44:15 AM): do u like the ideal of my underwear with cum inside of it?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:44:30 AM): i dunno i will think about it
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:44:47 AM): i think if mom found it she would ask about it lol
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:44:53 AM): k sounds good caue i would love a pair of your panties and smelly socks
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:45:09 AM): thats why youd keep it hidden under your bed or something or in yoru pillow
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:45:18 AM): mom cleans my room sometimes
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:45:23 AM): i just dont want her to find them
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:45:37 AM): oh okay you could find some hiding place, or u could put them on your body? (This made me vomit a little bit in my mouth. Thankfully I'd learned by this time that I couldn't eat before I talked to him.)
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:45:37 AM): lol
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:45:48 AM): lol i dunno thats why i said i would think about it
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:46:05 AM): okay my love, well im going to bed now, wish u were joining me
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:46:15 AM): im gone now, sweetdreams love of my life
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:46:17 AM): me too goodnight
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:46:33 AM): :-*:-* nite sweetheart, im fallign for you more nad more each day we talk
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:47:13 AM): talk to u at around 10 or 11 sunday nite k
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:47:43 AM): i am going to sleep in the nude tonight, i think u should sleep naked too (No.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:48:03 AM): lol i dunno mom comes in to wake me up
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:48:09 AM): ponder the thought of me naked k
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:48:12 AM): k
smileman74 (12/17/06 2:48:24 AM): nite my love
hhhhgoatsrock (12/17/06 2:48:37 AM): night
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:07:15 AM): hey my love
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:07:19 AM): hiya!
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:07:22 AM): are you still leaving tomorrow?
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:07:44 AM): nope not til later in the week why?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:07:52 AM): oh ok i thought you were leaving tomorrow
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:08:06 AM): nope on on like wednesday or thursday
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:08:16 AM): oh cool
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:08:24 AM): yeap so when do u leave again?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:08:32 AM): tuesday
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:08:44 AM): k wish i could join you
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:09:08 AM): me too
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:09:42 AM): i am so loney when i cant talk to you sweetheart
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:11:11 AM): do u get lonely?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:11:20 AM): ya i do
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:12:08 AM): awww that suck love
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:12:13 AM): wish we coudl spend everyday togetgher
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:12:14 AM): together
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:12:48 AM): me too
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:13:28 AM): its too bad i couldnt adopt you
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:14:24 AM): i know! that would be so cool
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:14:44 AM): yes it would
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:16:29 AM): i wish u were my daughter
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:16:58 AM): :)
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:18:00 AM): if u were my daughter, i probably would have gotten naked with you in your room
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:18:05 AM): id sneak in and watch you change
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:18:07 AM): lol
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:18:21 AM): if i was your dad would u stop me? (I'm always torn when I choose a parent to be deceased. This is one reason I choose to have a deceased father.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:18:29 AM): um i would rather not think about that k?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:18:32 AM): i miss my dad alot
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:19:11 AM): oh okay i see
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:19:30 AM): sorry for bringing it up, i just know that if i had a daughter, id teach her about sexual things and have her do things to me (So he's just said that he would molest his daughter and rape her. I'm disturbed beyond disturbed.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:19:53 AM): its ok i just get sad thinking about why i dont have my dad anymore
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:20:14 AM): i will be your new daddy k
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:20:25 AM): no not really i dont want a new daddy (I don't cater to the daddy/daughter fantasies.)
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:20:37 AM): okay then my lover then
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:20:44 AM): lol thats ok
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:20:59 AM): your my sexy sweet loving gf and lover
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:21:16 AM): lol ok
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:21:46 AM): i want to have kids with you someday
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:21:50 AM): :)
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:22:30 AM): u want that too?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:22:36 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:23:07 AM): i bet me and u would make good parents
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:23:14 AM): lol ya
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:23:35 AM): would u be upset if imad a passs at our daughter though? (Yes, yes I would.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:23:44 AM): i dont want you to cheat on me :( (Back to the cheating thing.)
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:24:07 AM): she coudl learn by watching us
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:24:24 AM): i dunno lol i wouldnt wanna see my mom doing it
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:25:17 AM): well i want our daughter to learn from me nad not some stranger (I really wanted out of this conversation.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:25:50 AM): oh ok but i dont want you to cheat on me :(
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:26:02 AM): it woudlnt be cheating
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:26:29 AM): i dunno can we talk about it in like 20 years (I'm done with this conversation.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:26:37 AM): i dont wanna have kids when im 13 lol
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:27:13 AM): umm i want kids with you as soon as u turn legal age of 18
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:27:19 AM): ok
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:27:41 AM): 20years id be like 52, and thats old for kids
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:27:55 AM): no i mean when shes like 10
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:28:02 AM): so thats like 15 years
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:28:03 AM): lol
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:28:40 AM): oh youd want to teach her about sex at that age then (Yeah... not teaching a three year old about sex. I'm really rather surprised he didn't call me on the kid being the voice of reason.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:29:03 AM): i dunno but its not gonna happen now lol
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:29:09 AM): so lets talk about it then k?
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:29:19 AM): okay like after we have kids right?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:29:24 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:29:46 AM): souunds good, do u want to get pregnant before you are 18? (No, I really don't. We've talked about that.)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:29:59 AM): lol i dont think so
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:30:04 AM): i dont wanna be pregnant in high school
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:30:47 AM): what happens if i got your pregnant?
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:30:47 AM): or are u going to get on the pill?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:30:58 AM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:31:03 AM): i dont wanna talk about this till i meet you k?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:31:09 AM): its making me depressed that i cant see you (Really it's making me nauseated.)
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:31:35 AM): well can i tell u that im hard right now?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:31:39 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:32:07 AM): okay i have a nice hard penis right now thinking about your sexy body
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:32:24 AM): lol
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:32:59 AM): i think your so hot
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:34:42 AM): if i was swimming with you, id probably pull off yoru swimsuit when i swam up towards you
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:35:19 AM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:35:23 AM): i gotta go
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:35:32 AM): will you be on tomorrow?
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:35:52 AM): aww do u have to go?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/18/06 12:36:00 AM): ya
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:36:08 AM): :-*:-*:-* i bet youd pull off my shorts too
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:36:19 AM): yes but probalby not til night time, cause im helping mom baek for most of the day
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:36:53 AM): okay talk to you tomorrow nite around 10pm
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:36:57 AM): love you lots sexy
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:37:01 AM): your my true lover
smileman74 (12/18/06 12:37:04 AM): sweetdreams sweetheart
smileman74 (12/28/06 11:35:42 PM): hey love where are you, did u leave already?????
smileman74 (12/28/06 11:35:42 PM): i thought u werent leaving til wednesday, or was it today?
smileman74 (12/28/06 11:35:42 PM): damn wish u could be here i miss u lots
smileman74 (12/28/06 11:35:42 PM): hey my love
smileman74 (12/28/06 11:35:42 PM): hope u had a wonderful christmas, wish i could have been there with you.
smileman74 (12/28/06 11:35:42 PM): kises and hugs you
smileman74 (12/28/06 11:35:42 PM): love your man kevin
smileman74 (12/28/06 11:35:42 PM): i misss you and i hope u get home soon
smileman74 (12/30/06 5:05:04 PM): sweetheart, is that u?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/30/06 5:05:12 PM): ya :)
hhhhgoatsrock (12/30/06 5:05:13 PM): hiya
hhhhgoatsrock (12/30/06 5:05:17 PM): i missed you so much!
smileman74 (12/30/06 5:05:56 PM): i missed u too, im still at my brotehs house in oregon
hhhhgoatsrock (12/30/06 5:06:02 PM): omg that sucks
hhhhgoatsrock (12/30/06 5:06:05 PM): when will you be back?
smileman74 (12/30/06 5:06:41 PM): i know i get back monday morning
hhhhgoatsrock (12/30/06 5:06:46 PM): cool
smileman74 (12/30/06 5:07:23 PM): i love you honey
hhhhgoatsrock (12/30/06 5:07:28 PM): :)
smileman74 (12/30/06 5:07:42 PM): i missedu so much, i thought about alot too
hhhhgoatsrock (12/30/06 5:07:49 PM): when do i get to see you?
smileman74 (12/30/06 5:08:22 PM): not for awhile, like maybe spring break
hhhhgoatsrock (12/30/06 5:08:32 PM): :(
smileman74 (12/30/06 5:09:10 PM): what u wearing right now?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/30/06 5:09:40 PM): jeans and a sweatshirt
hhhhgoatsrock (12/30/06 5:09:44 PM): our house is really cold
hhhhgoatsrock (12/30/06 5:09:47 PM): we got back last night
smileman74 (12/30/06 5:10:01 PM): awww that sucks
smileman74 (12/30/06 5:10:04 PM): wish i could keep u warm my love
smileman74 (12/30/06 5:10:47 PM): i am about ready to go in the shower, wanna join me?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/30/06 5:10:59 PM): you know i dont do fakey stuff lol
smileman74 (12/30/06 5:11:17 PM): i know i will think about u while im naked in there
smileman74 (12/30/06 5:12:28 PM): gtg talk to us oon my love
smileman74 (12/30/06 5:12:28 PM): love you always
smileman74 (12/30/06 5:12:57 PM): bye for now sexy, email me please
hhhhgoatsrock (12/30/06 5:13:05 PM): bye!
smileman74 (12/30/06 5:13:30 PM): bye beautiful, send me some pics of you too please
hhhhgoatsrock (12/30/06 5:13:40 PM): you will have them when you get home
smileman74 (12/30/06 5:13:54 PM): okay cool thanks, send me lots of pics k
hhhhgoatsrock (12/30/06 5:14:00 PM): i dont have anymore :(
smileman74 (12/30/06 5:14:12 PM): so are u goign to make more then?
hhhhgoatsrock (12/30/06 5:14:18 PM): i cant
smileman74 (12/30/06 5:14:23 PM): oh okay talk to u soon my love
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:32:04 AM): omg hiya!
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:32:12 AM): i missed you so much!!!!!!!
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:32:15 AM): hello my love, whats going on?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:32:18 AM): im so mad
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:32:21 AM): ive missed u more sexy
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:32:34 AM): i got a new ipod and was downloading music for it and got a virus (Really, I didn't want to talk to him. The thought made me weep hot tears of sorrow.)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:32:35 AM): :(
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:32:47 AM): that sucks
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:32:49 AM): ya
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:32:51 AM): what kinda music?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:32:54 AM): country
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:33:14 AM): are you home now?
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:33:54 AM): no why?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:34:01 AM): oh i was hoping you were :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:34:06 AM): when will you get home?
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:34:20 AM): oh nevermind i thought u meant was i home alone sorry
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:34:24 AM): lol
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:34:24 AM): yeah im at home right now
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:34:27 AM): cool
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:34:36 AM): i was so mad :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:34:40 AM): are you mad at me?
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:34:41 AM): i bet u were
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:34:47 AM): never why would i be mad?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:34:50 AM): i dunno
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:35:12 AM): id never be mad at u
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:35:52 AM): your my sweetheart
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:35:56 AM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:37:18 AM): how was oregon?
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:37:58 AM): it was nice, but u want to now something that i was kinda mad about?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:38:02 AM): what?
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:38:53 AM): the fact that i went up to everett for one day, but couldnt get away
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:38:57 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:39:19 AM): omg i wish i had known i would have tried to see you
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:39:41 AM): i know love but i was busy all day long
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:39:46 AM): oh
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:40:26 AM): yeah we went out and exchanged presents and then had dinner
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:40:38 AM): oh i see :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:40:41 AM): did you get cool presents?
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:40:50 AM): yeah a few
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:40:53 AM): but i wanted u
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:41:04 AM): i wanted you too
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:41:18 AM): yeah that would ahve been the best gift huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:41:21 AM): ya
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:41:32 AM): did u ask santa for me? (Funny thing... I did! In jailhouse stripes.)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:41:36 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:41:41 AM): i got an ipod instead (I r funeee!)
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:41:50 AM): were u a bad girl, so u didnt get all yoru wishes?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:42:01 AM): i dunno :(
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:42:23 AM): u must have been a bad girl
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:42:27 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:42:30 AM): i try to be good
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:42:37 AM): i might have to spank u (Back to the spanking. Whee!)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:43:36 AM): :(
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:43:54 AM): dont u like that?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:44:07 AM): i dont want it to hurt
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:44:24 AM): id be gently sweeteheart
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:46:16 AM): tickle tickle,
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:46:21 AM): ll
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:46:22 AM): lol
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:47:12 AM): your the best
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:47:18 AM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:47:21 AM): i gotta go to bed
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:47:26 AM): i was waiting for you to get on but i gotta go now
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:47:27 AM): :(
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:47:36 AM): okay nite my love, talk to u soon
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:47:39 AM): night!
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:47:42 AM): sweetdreams beautiful, talk to u soon
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:47:46 AM): wish i was going to bed with u
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:48:06 AM): me too
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:48:27 AM): nite honey, sleep tight and dont let the bed bugs bite
hhhhgoatsrock (01/05/07 12:48:32 AM): you too!
smileman74 (01/05/07 12:48:42 AM): nope thats my job
smileman74 (01/06/07 1:40:24 AM): hi
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 9:36:24 PM): hiya!
smileman74 (01/07/07 9:36:39 PM): hey babe whats up?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 9:36:45 PM): nm i was hoping you would be on
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 9:37:47 PM): what are you doing?
smileman74 (01/07/07 9:38:12 PM): not much just watching deal or no deal u?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 9:38:18 PM): cool nothin lol
smileman74 (01/07/07 9:38:39 PM): yeah i love it
smileman74 (01/07/07 9:39:33 PM): so u missed me?
smileman74 (01/07/07 9:43:33 PM): hello u still here?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 9:43:42 PM): ya i miss you lol duh
smileman74 (01/07/07 9:45:36 PM): me too my love
smileman74 (01/07/07 9:47:01 PM): :-*:-*
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 9:47:10 PM): :)
smileman74 (01/07/07 9:47:52 PM): your the best
smileman74 (01/07/07 9:51:43 PM): i want you so bad
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 9:51:48 PM): me too :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 9:52:02 PM): lol that didnt sound right but you know what i mean
smileman74 (01/07/07 9:52:23 PM): yeah i can just imagine u doing it
smileman74 (01/07/07 9:53:46 PM): how is school?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 9:53:50 PM): lol crappy
smileman74 (01/07/07 9:54:20 PM): aww im sorry,
smileman74 (01/07/07 9:54:28 PM): do u think about me while u are in classes?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 9:54:34 PM): ya
smileman74 (01/07/07 9:55:15 PM): so u day dream then?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 9:55:40 PM): ya
smileman74 (01/07/07 9:56:19 PM): does the teacher catch u daydreaming?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 9:56:26 PM): no
smileman74 (01/07/07 9:56:55 PM): thank god huh
smileman74 (01/07/07 9:57:04 PM): do your freinds ask what u are thinking about?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 9:57:09 PM): lol no
smileman74 (01/07/07 9:57:40 PM): do they know about me?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 9:57:44 PM): no
smileman74 (01/07/07 9:59:42 PM): okay so do u ever write my name in your notebook?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 9:59:53 PM): sometimes but only with initials
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 9:59:56 PM): i dont want people to ask questions
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 9:59:57 PM): :(
smileman74 (01/07/07 10:00:14 PM): thats true, especially with me being 32 huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 10:00:16 PM): ya
smileman74 (01/07/07 10:08:22 PM): sorry got booted
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 10:08:28 PM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 10:08:29 PM): why?
smileman74 (01/07/07 10:09:05 PM): i dont know it just booted me
smileman74 (01/07/07 10:09:11 PM): i want your hot body so bad love
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 10:09:24 PM): i cant wait :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 10:09:28 PM): when will i get to see you?
smileman74 (01/07/07 10:10:02 PM): be honest i do not know, am busy with school right now, might not be til spring or summer break
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 10:10:09 PM): :(
smileman74 (01/07/07 10:11:39 PM): sorry love but i dont have any breaks
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 10:11:43 PM): :(
smileman74 (01/07/07 10:12:23 PM): dont be so sad
smileman74 (01/07/07 10:17:04 PM): i want to have babies with u in the future
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 10:17:10 PM): :)
smileman74 (01/07/07 10:17:26 PM): do u want that too? (Do we have to go through this again?)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 10:17:46 PM): ya just not right away k?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 10:17:46 PM): :)
smileman74 (01/07/07 10:18:27 PM): k in like 2years then?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 10:18:41 PM): i kinda wanna finish high school first :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 10:18:56 PM): is that ok?
smileman74 (01/07/07 10:20:17 PM): sure but what happens if i get your pg before then? (I really don't think this is going to be a problem, but the more he mentions it the more I know he actually wants it. He's not trying to problem solve. He's trying to browbeat)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 10:20:31 PM): i dont wanna think bout that :(
smileman74 (01/07/07 10:21:05 PM): cause i cant wear condoms, they dont stay on me
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 10:21:09 PM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 10:21:55 PM): brb
smileman74 (01/07/07 10:22:09 PM): k u need to figure out how to get on pill k (Way to be responsible. Where is abstinence education when you need it?)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 10:26:45 PM): i gotta go
hhhhgoatsrock (01/07/07 10:26:50 PM): i will talk to later!!
smileman74 (01/07/07 10:26:55 PM): k bye love you always
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:21:08 AM): boo
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 12:21:12 AM): hiya!
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:21:43 AM): how u doing my sexy gf?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 12:21:48 AM): lol ok you?
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:22:19 AM): im great, my freind is out of hospital now
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 12:22:27 AM): cool
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:22:43 AM): yeah ive missed u lots
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 12:22:49 AM): me too!
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:23:01 AM): >:D<:-*
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:24:25 AM): do i get a hug and kiss?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 12:24:28 AM): lol ya
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:24:45 AM): okay im ready for them
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 12:25:21 AM): lol you got em
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:25:32 AM): :-*:-*:-P i give u a french kiss
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:25:58 AM): thanks sexy
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:28:39 AM): so whatcha doing?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 12:28:42 AM): being bored
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:29:14 AM): awww im sorry, wish u could be here with me in my arms tonight in my bed
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 12:29:50 AM): me too
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:30:14 AM): and wake up next to each other
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 12:31:11 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:31:40 AM): do u dream about that
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 12:31:56 AM): ya
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:32:48 AM): i think about u nite and day
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 12:34:06 AM): me too
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:35:28 AM): u think about me at school too?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 12:35:32 AM): ya
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:37:47 AM): thats good my love
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:37:58 AM): u must think about me alot cause when i wake up in the morning, sometimes i wake up with a nice big hard on
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 12:39:03 AM): lol
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:39:18 AM): so u must be thinking some nice thoughts
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:40:59 AM): are u thinking about my hot naked body?
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:43:34 AM): i luv ya my beauty queen
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 12:43:46 AM): lol ya
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:44:41 AM): u think about my naked body daily? (No. No I'm really not.)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 12:44:58 AM): lol ya
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:45:33 AM): mmm thats sexy
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:45:37 AM): i think about what u look liked naked too
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:45:40 AM): wish u had a nude pic
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:47:13 AM): can u make one for me? (Soliciting child porn. Grand.)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 12:47:17 AM): no :(
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:47:21 AM): awww why not?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 12:47:29 AM): cause i got an ipod for christmas not a cam (Silly parents!)
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:47:41 AM): ic so u really wanted a digital camera huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 12:47:48 AM): ya
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:48:19 AM): if u would have gotten a digital camera, would u ahve takena nude pic already?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 12:48:34 AM): lol maybe but i dont want my mom to find it
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:49:02 AM): thats why u take the picture, then put it onto a cd for the computer, and keep it with you
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:49:09 AM): then u email it to me, and delte it fromthe camera
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 12:49:21 AM): i cant take the pic anyway
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:49:32 AM): sure u could
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 12:49:37 AM): i dont have a cam
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:50:00 AM): hey can you have one of your friends take a pic of you in a swimsuit?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 12:50:10 AM): no
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:50:31 AM): awww too bad, id like to see a pic of u in your pjs
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:52:10 AM): those kinda of pics would be so hot to see
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 12:52:50 AM): sowwy
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:53:32 AM): its okay love maybe someday soon huh
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:55:55 AM): are u wearing your bedtime clothes right now/
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 12:56:30 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 12:56:33 AM): im going to bed
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:56:48 AM): awww okay nite my love, wish i was there in your bed
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:56:51 AM): or u here
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:57:01 AM): sweetdreams
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 12:57:08 AM): you too
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:57:15 AM): are u sleeping nude tonight?
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:57:41 AM): always do, cause i always dream about me and u
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:57:52 AM): im sleeping naked tonight
smileman74 (01/10/07 12:58:50 AM): nite honeybuns
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 12:59:36 AM): night
smileman74 (01/10/07 1:00:04 AM): thnk about me sleeping naked, u should try it tonight too, try sleping naked k?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 1:00:09 AM): i cant
smileman74 (01/10/07 1:01:15 AM): sleep naked tonight k
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 1:01:22 AM): i cant
smileman74 (01/10/07 1:01:59 AM): sure u can love
smileman74 (01/10/07 1:02:12 AM): just keep yourself covered up with your sheets and blankets
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 1:02:17 AM): mom wakes me up
smileman74 (01/10/07 1:02:35 AM): she wont see u naked
hhhhgoatsrock (01/10/07 1:02:41 AM): im going to bed
smileman74 (01/10/07 1:02:42 AM): you will be under the covers
smileman74 (01/10/07 1:02:51 AM): awww okay nite my love, willl miss u lots
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:12:56 AM): hiya!
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:13:30 AM): hello my love
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:13:35 AM): i missed you!
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:14:13 AM): i missed u more
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:14:23 AM): lol ya right
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:14:33 AM): i did i miss u tons
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:15:07 AM): i am watching nashville star right now
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:15:14 AM): oh cool
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:15:32 AM): yeah do u like country music?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:15:35 AM): ya i do
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:15:55 AM): of couse cause your a country girl huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:16:25 AM): lol ya
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:16:34 AM): do u ever wear cowboy boots?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:16:45 AM): lol sometimes
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:16:59 AM): isnt that what u are wearing in yoru display pic?
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:18:03 AM): u should turn on usa network on the tv
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:19:27 AM): i luv ya sexy
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:19:39 AM): lol ya
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:19:41 AM): >:D<:-*:-*
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:19:44 AM): we dont get cable
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:20:03 AM): oh too bad have to go to to see some of it then
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:20:33 AM): ok
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:21:09 AM): besides the goats, do u do anythign else on a farm?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:21:27 AM): lol i guess i could do other stuff
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:21:58 AM): do u got any cows and chickens?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:22:03 AM): no
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:22:06 AM): i just had my goat
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:22:13 AM): we cant have her here tho
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:22:20 AM): oh okay, do u live on a farm?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:22:27 AM): no
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:22:50 AM): how come u cant have the goat where u are at?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:23:05 AM): i guess your not allowed to have livestock here
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:23:25 AM): at least at this house
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:23:27 AM): thats sucks, so u live in a big house then?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:23:30 AM): no
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:23:33 AM): we live in a duplex
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:23:57 AM): ic, u guys need to be on a farm huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:24:03 AM): ya
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:24:33 AM): maybe someday
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:24:37 AM): ya maybe
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:25:04 AM): so did u have school, or was it cancelled cause of snow?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:25:47 AM): we had a 2 hour late start but i didn't go
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:26:30 AM): ic, so how about for tomorrow, u got school?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:26:43 AM): no
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:26:47 AM): but im going to the barn with em
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:27:47 AM): the barn with who?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:28:18 AM): emily
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:28:47 AM): thats cool, so they cancelled school for friday then?
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:30:56 AM): :-*:-*
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:32:16 AM): ya they did
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:32:44 AM): great another day to make up huh
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:32:57 AM): lol no
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:33:00 AM): it was already planned off
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:33:23 AM): oh thats good then huh
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:33:58 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:34:01 AM): im tired tho lol
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:34:26 AM): aww im sorry, wish i was there, u could rest against my body
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:34:32 AM): :(
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:35:02 AM): someday that will happen everyday when we live together
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:35:10 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:35:47 AM): i wish we lived in teh same city right now
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:38:00 AM): me too
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:38:12 AM): yeah then id visit with u daily
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:38:54 AM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:39:02 AM): ok i am tired im going to bed
hhhhgoatsrock (01/12/07 12:39:04 AM): goodnight!
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:13:59 PM): nite my love
smileman74 (01/12/07 12:13:59 PM): talk to u soon, dream about me and u
smileman74 (01/13/07 1:22:06 AM): Boo
smileman74 (01/14/07 1:24:41 AM): hey your up late
hhhhgoatsrock (01/14/07 1:24:46 AM): lol ya
smileman74 (01/14/07 1:24:52 AM): cool so whats going on mylove?
smileman74 (01/14/07 1:24:56 AM): u been waiting for me?
smileman74 (01/14/07 1:27:58 AM): i luv ya
hhhhgoatsrock (01/14/07 1:28:12 AM): ive been waiting ya
smileman74 (01/14/07 1:28:36 AM): awwww thanks for waiting
smileman74 (01/14/07 1:28:38 AM): how logn for?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/14/07 1:28:45 AM): lol a little while
smileman74 (01/14/07 1:28:57 AM): well thanks my love for doing that
smileman74 (01/14/07 1:30:59 AM): so how has your weekend been?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/14/07 1:31:11 AM): sucks
hhhhgoatsrock (01/14/07 1:31:18 AM): i feel off ems horse today (Little did I know this was foreshadowing! I actually fell off a horse for the first time in my life on August 14 of the same year!)
smileman74 (01/14/07 1:31:38 AM): oh no, are u okay?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/14/07 1:32:01 AM): my ankle hurts
smileman74 (01/14/07 1:33:00 AM): awww im sorry love
smileman74 (01/14/07 1:33:43 AM): :-* kisses it to make it better
smileman74 (01/14/07 1:35:39 AM): i thought about u all day long
smileman74 (01/14/07 1:38:24 AM): did u think about me too?
smileman74 (01/14/07 1:41:21 AM): i guess your busy
hhhhgoatsrock (01/14/07 1:41:35 AM): ya moms on a rampage
hhhhgoatsrock (01/14/07 1:41:38 AM): i gotta go
smileman74 (01/14/07 1:41:51 AM): reallly why?
smileman74 (01/14/07 1:41:56 AM): okay bye my love
smileman74 (01/14/07 1:41:59 AM): love you always
smileman74 (01/15/07 4:40:47 PM): hey cant stay just wanted to say hi
hhhhgoatsrock (01/15/07 4:40:52 PM): hiya!
smileman74 (01/15/07 4:41:02 PM): whats up sexy?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/15/07 4:41:36 PM): lol nm whats up with you?
smileman74 (01/15/07 4:42:05 PM): not much just hanging out
hhhhgoatsrock (01/15/07 4:42:10 PM): ya?
smileman74 (01/15/07 4:42:12 PM): i cant stay though, cause then i cant come online tonight
hhhhgoatsrock (01/15/07 4:42:15 PM): my ankel still hurts
smileman74 (01/15/07 4:42:17 PM): eyeah no school today
hhhhgoatsrock (01/15/07 4:42:19 PM): why cant you come online tonight?
smileman74 (01/15/07 4:42:24 PM): reallly that sucks, can i kiss it
smileman74 (01/15/07 4:42:33 PM): no i mean i cant stay online long now,
hhhhgoatsrock (01/15/07 4:42:33 PM): lol if you want but not til i see you
smileman74 (01/15/07 4:42:46 PM): if i stay on too long now then i cant come online tonight (Yes, boys and girls, his internet is timed.)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/15/07 4:42:51 PM): why not?
smileman74 (01/15/07 4:43:03 PM): cause i only get so much time online a day
hhhhgoatsrock (01/15/07 4:43:16 PM): lol how does that work?
smileman74 (01/15/07 4:44:01 PM): well normally i can stay on til midnte at nite
smileman74 (01/15/07 4:44:09 PM): but if use time during the day then i cant go online at nite
hhhhgoatsrock (01/15/07 4:44:23 PM): lol is there like a timer on it or something?
smileman74 (01/15/07 4:44:49 PM): no but mom is here with me
hhhhgoatsrock (01/15/07 4:44:55 PM): oh i see
smileman74 (01/15/07 4:45:16 PM): yeap so talk to u tonight at 10pm if u are online k
hhhhgoatsrock (01/15/07 4:45:19 PM): k
smileman74 (01/15/07 4:45:23 PM): if not send me a offline
hhhhgoatsrock (01/15/07 4:45:25 PM): k
smileman74 (01/15/07 4:45:37 PM): >:D<:-* luv ya bye for now
hhhhgoatsrock (01/15/07 4:47:27 PM): later
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:15:40 AM): hey love any snow there yet?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:18:23 AM): it wants to
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:18:50 AM): we are supposed to get up to another 6inches tonight
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:18:53 AM): after midnite i think
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:19:00 AM): omg really?
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:19:06 AM): yeah
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:19:13 AM): and we still have icey roads
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:20:03 AM): how many days of school have u missed so far thanks to the snow?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:20:12 AM): omg i lost count
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:20:32 AM): probably wont get out of school til end of june huh instead of the middle?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:20:45 AM): ya i know :(
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:21:15 AM): im sorry, i know u hate that, if we get any more days of school cancellations, your going to end up going til august huh?
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:22:38 AM): :-*:-*
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:22:43 AM): i hope not!
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:23:01 AM): yeah that would suck huh
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:23:17 AM): stupid snow huh
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:24:10 AM): ya
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:24:35 AM): i just got done taking a shower
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:26:38 AM): what did u do today?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:32:06 AM): nm
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:32:12 AM): sat around with my ankle up
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:32:24 AM): awww wish icould take care of it
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:32:33 AM): me too
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:32:48 AM): yeah id take real good care of you
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:32:52 AM): id rub it for u
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:33:07 AM): oh that would hurt
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:33:24 AM): no id rub it gently
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:38:33 AM): luv ya lots
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:38:49 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:39:03 AM): tickle tickle tickle
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:39:58 AM): i want u so bad love
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:47:30 AM): i want to make love to you and make u a woman (I'm REALLY tired of this. REALLY tired of it. Unfortunately I have two and a half more months worth to endure at this point)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:47:54 AM): :( every time you say stuff like that i get all sad because i cant see you :(
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:48:16 AM): really awww im sorry love,
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:48:25 AM): i hope it will happen this summer
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:49:16 AM): now its summer??????
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:49:21 AM): what happened to spring break?????
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:49:25 AM): omg i will never get to see you
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:49:39 AM): yeah cause spring break itsnt going to happen cause of the stupid snow
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:49:44 AM): why not?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:49:50 AM): the snow wont be there by then
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:49:52 AM): yes u will get to see me in the summer time love
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:50:00 AM): its the stupid snow, they had to take away the spring break
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:50:07 AM): what? thats stupid
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:50:08 AM): cause they added on days to the quarter
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:50:12 AM): :(
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:50:16 AM): i know i hate the stupid snow
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:50:27 AM): why cant you come on some weekend then?
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:50:37 AM): im sorry love, blame it on the snow okay
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:50:42 AM): im mad
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:50:46 AM): :-*
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:50:54 AM): i can try sometimes in the spring okay
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:51:09 AM): be mad at the stupid weather since thats what did this
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:51:15 AM): no im mad at you
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:51:24 AM): i dont feel like you care about me
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:51:40 AM): of course i care about you, we will meet sometime this ispring on a weekend okay
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:51:44 AM): mom always says we make time for stuff that matters
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:51:53 AM): dont say that, i care about u alot
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:51:59 AM): it doesnt feel like it
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:52:12 AM): i willl get there somehow this spring k, even if its just for a saturday k?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:52:16 AM): k
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:52:34 AM): i promise
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:52:40 AM): but i hope we can spot each other when i do come visit
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:53:15 AM): lol i will
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:53:36 AM): i will let u know what im wearing the day i come to visit u okay love
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:53:41 AM): ok
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:53:49 AM): then we can fuck
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:53:52 AM): ok
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:54:00 AM): i will get us a room for the nite
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:54:10 AM): ok
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:54:35 AM): and then u wont be a virgin anymore cause i love you (Rape. Rape. Rape.)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:54:41 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:55:51 AM): it will be the best nite of your life
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:55:56 AM): im excited
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:56:04 AM): yes probably be the end of march k
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:56:44 AM): me too im very excited, i have wanted u for so long
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:56:52 AM): ;)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:56:55 AM): lol :)
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:57:27 AM): your goign to want lots more when im done with u
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:57:32 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:58:11 AM): i just hope u dont have to move anytime soon
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 12:58:16 AM): me too
smileman74 (01/16/07 12:58:33 AM): cause then it woudl be sad, like if u went to a different state
smileman74 (01/16/07 1:00:16 AM): is your mom due for any kinda move anytime soon?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 1:00:30 AM): no
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 1:00:32 AM): we just got here
smileman74 (01/16/07 1:00:43 AM): thats good how long u normally stay in one place for?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 1:00:49 AM): 3 yeares
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 1:00:51 AM): i gotta go to bed (We had already talked about that.)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 1:00:54 AM): i will talk to you tomorrow
hhhhgoatsrock (01/16/07 1:00:56 AM): goodnight!
smileman74 (01/16/07 1:00:57 AM): k nite honey, talk to u soon
smileman74 (01/16/07 1:00:58 AM): nite nite
smileman74 (01/17/07 12:50:16 AM): hey whats up sweetie
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:23:47 AM): love are u here?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:24:10 AM): ya but you werent
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:24:21 AM): i was, i sent u a im but u didtn asnwer me back
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:24:25 AM): i did
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:24:26 AM): like a half hour ago
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:24:35 AM): i answered twice
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:24:37 AM): i didnt get anything back from u when i said hi love
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:24:44 AM): weird, it never went through
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:24:47 AM): :(
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:25:03 AM): oh well now we are talking though
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:25:35 AM): so how was your day, was school cancelled?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:25:42 AM): ya it was
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:26:06 AM): your in north kitsap right?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:26:08 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:26:19 AM): so far i have school normal tomorrow
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:26:22 AM): k i was lookign for that on the news
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:26:29 AM): thats good, u want to go back huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:26:31 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:26:33 AM): lol
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:27:15 AM): dont want to miss anymore school
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:27:24 AM): well more like i dont want to make it up at the end of the year
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:27:27 AM): weve got like six days now
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:27:28 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:27:37 AM): im not gonna get out til july if this keeps up :(
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:27:44 AM): so what is the last day now?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:27:50 AM): i dont even know
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:27:55 AM): they stopped telling us :)) (The peninsula of WA was hit with a massive snow storm that took out power and really disrupted life for about a week, and that's in addition to the snow days right after Thanksgiving.)
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:28:11 AM): ic that sucks huh
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:28:14 AM): ya
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:29:02 AM): hey love im naked right now
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:29:08 AM): lol i cant believe you do that
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:29:31 AM): why does it turn u on?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:29:59 AM): no it makes me lol cause i cant imagine doing that in my dining room
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:30:21 AM): oh afraid to get caught?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:30:24 AM): ya
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:30:49 AM): ic, so do u masturbate in yoru bed?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:30:56 AM): not alot
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:31:30 AM): did u do it last nite?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:31:33 AM): no
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:31:44 AM): oic
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:32:21 AM): love ya sexy
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:32:44 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:33:22 AM): want u to rub me so bad
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:34:57 AM): and i want to rub your pussy
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:35:09 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:36:02 AM): and lick it real good
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:37:22 AM): sound good to u love?
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:38:56 AM): :-*:-*
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:39:36 AM): ya
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:45:17 AM): im glad u want me bad
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:45:27 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:45:46 AM): we need to get u some hot sexy pics for me to look at daily (I'll put that on my Not-To-Do list!)
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:46:42 AM): like u wearing only your underwear
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:46:52 AM): i cant tho i told you that :(
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:47:09 AM): why not, u can have a friend do it
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:47:23 AM): em doesnt have a cam and i dont trust anyone else
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:47:35 AM): ic, what about a bikini pic?
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:49:00 AM): i jerk off to the pictures of you in your skirt daily
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:50:06 AM): well i need to get going to bed k
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:50:14 AM): k goodnight
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:50:27 AM): nite sexy, i will think about u as i sleep naked tonight
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:50:50 AM): :-*:-*>:D< gives u some goodnite kisses and hugs
hhhhgoatsrock (01/17/07 1:50:55 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/17/07 1:51:05 AM): bye for now
smileman74 (01/18/07 12:45:42 AM): hi
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:45:48 AM): hiya!
smileman74 (01/18/07 12:45:59 AM): how u doing my love
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:46:10 AM): good how are you?
smileman74 (01/18/07 12:46:23 AM): good but llonely
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:46:27 AM): :(
smileman74 (01/18/07 12:47:06 AM): yeah wish u were here love
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:47:13 AM): i do too
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:47:16 AM): march right?
smileman74 (01/18/07 12:47:33 AM): yes near the end of it, like the last few days
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:47:36 AM): k
smileman74 (01/18/07 12:48:20 AM): for one day only on a saturday
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:48:25 AM): k :)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:48:40 AM): thats ok so i at least get to see you and hug you and everything else
smileman74 (01/18/07 12:49:13 AM): yeah as long as we will spot each other when we meet at the mall
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:49:19 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/18/07 12:50:30 AM): what happens if we dont see each other?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:50:40 AM): i dont even wanna thnk about that :( i would be so dad
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:50:41 AM): sad
smileman74 (01/18/07 12:50:57 AM): yeah cause im only going to lok around for about an hour k
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:51:21 AM): we can decide when its closer
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:51:26 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/18/07 12:51:48 AM): yeah i will tell u what im goign to wear and u can tell me (He was super excited about this enough to plan it two and a half months in advance.)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:51:58 AM): we can decide where we are gonna meet too :)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:52:05 AM): so you wont have to like wander
smileman74 (01/18/07 12:52:08 AM): but like i said im only going to stay for like an hour, and if i spot u, then i will stay, if not then i head home
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:52:38 AM): how are we gonna get to do all that stuff tho?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:52:50 AM): are you gonna have a car?
smileman74 (01/18/07 12:53:10 AM): we would have to do it in the outdoors, or i can get a room for the nite if we do see each other k (Oh the romance.)
smileman74 (01/18/07 12:53:15 AM): nope no car, i dont drive love
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:53:22 AM): i know i thought you might tho
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:53:22 AM): k
smileman74 (01/18/07 12:53:59 AM): a hotel room would be best right?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:54:04 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:54:23 AM): but i really wanna see you so whatever is cool
smileman74 (01/18/07 12:54:29 AM): the food court at the mall sounds like the best place to meet at
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:54:37 AM): we can decide sooner :)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:54:42 AM): later i mean lol
smileman74 (01/18/07 12:55:09 AM): true, but food court is best i think
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:55:22 AM): im not deciding anything til later :)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:55:34 AM): i dont want to get all excited bout nothing :(
smileman74 (01/18/07 12:55:58 AM): okay yeah even just holding hands nd kissing would be alright huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:56:27 AM): well i guess :(
smileman74 (01/18/07 12:56:43 AM): i know u want to get naked huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:56:48 AM): lol ya sorta
smileman74 (01/18/07 12:57:02 AM): or just some touchey feeley?
smileman74 (01/18/07 12:58:27 AM): rub each other someright?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:58:51 AM): i wanna do everything
smileman74 (01/18/07 12:58:59 AM): oh your ready huh love?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 12:59:51 AM): ya brb
smileman74 (01/18/07 1:00:00 AM): ok sexy
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 1:18:29 AM): back
smileman74 (01/18/07 1:23:49 AM): hi sorry i froze up
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 1:24:12 AM): its ok
smileman74 (01/18/07 1:24:33 AM): where did u have to go?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 1:26:03 AM): to brush my teeth and get ready for bed
smileman74 (01/18/07 1:26:35 AM): ic, what u wearing to bed tonight?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 1:26:39 AM): pjs
smileman74 (01/18/07 1:27:37 AM): nice im sleeping in my bday suit tonight (And again, please raise your hand if this surprises you... anyone? Anyone?)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 1:27:56 AM): lol
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 1:28:00 AM): you do that every night tho
smileman74 (01/18/07 1:28:16 AM): yes so i know u would love to be nakeed next to me in my bed
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 1:29:22 AM): ya
smileman74 (01/18/07 1:29:53 AM): well i better let u go off to bed now huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 1:30:02 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (01/18/07 1:30:05 AM): sleep good!
smileman74 (01/18/07 1:30:15 AM): i will, and u sleep good too my love
smileman74 (01/18/07 1:30:17 AM): dream about us
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:38:03 AM): i got to see minni today and i missed her so much!!!!!!!
smileman74 (01/23/07 1:38:22 AM): awww how sweet, u think u will ever get her back?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:38:30 AM): ya we are bringing her back
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:38:33 AM): mom said we are gonna move too
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:38:36 AM): im at sammis now
smileman74 (01/23/07 1:39:22 AM): really who is sammi?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:39:26 AM): my bff
smileman74 (01/23/07 1:40:06 AM): cool how long u known her?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:40:13 AM): 3 years
smileman74 (01/23/07 1:40:22 AM): so when u bring your goat back?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:41:05 AM): we leave tomorrow
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:41:06 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:41:09 AM): i will miss sammi
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:41:12 AM): but at least i get minni
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:41:13 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/23/07 1:41:29 AM): where is minni goign to stay?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:42:05 AM): at a barn by em until we get a house where we can keep her
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:42:09 AM): mom says we are moving soon
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:42:34 AM): so we can keep her at our house
smileman74 (01/23/07 1:43:05 AM): oh so u are goign to live even further from me then?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:43:09 AM): not that far
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:43:11 AM): like 10 min
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:43:33 AM): i dunno if we are even gonna move before summer tho
smileman74 (01/23/07 1:43:34 AM): u moving closer to me?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:43:37 AM): no south
smileman74 (01/23/07 1:43:50 AM): oh to what city?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:44:15 AM): port orchard
smileman74 (01/23/07 1:44:23 AM): ic
smileman74 (01/23/07 1:45:09 AM): hope its not before summer
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:45:19 AM): i thought you were coming in march :(
smileman74 (01/23/07 1:45:46 AM): i am but i am worried im afriad i wont spot u, then i woul dhave to leave without seeign u
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:45:59 AM): omg im sure that wont happen :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:46:04 AM): i dont even wanna think bout that
smileman74 (01/23/07 1:46:17 AM): well its happened to me before i go to meet someone then i cant find them
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:46:19 AM): :(
smileman74 (01/23/07 1:46:33 AM): and when i get to the mall im oinly going to wait around for like 2hrs k (He was totally showing his desperation even more now.)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:46:49 AM): i cant wait to see you tho
smileman74 (01/23/07 1:47:00 AM): i know then we will have some fun for the nite
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:47:02 AM): ya
smileman74 (01/23/07 1:47:23 AM): it will be hot
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:47:26 AM): i cant wait
smileman74 (01/23/07 1:47:44 AM): me either, its goign to be hot even just to kiss u allover
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:47:59 AM): i know
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:48:02 AM): i cant wait
smileman74 (01/23/07 1:48:14 AM): :-*
smileman74 (01/23/07 1:49:42 AM): will let u know what time when it gets closer k
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:49:45 AM): k
smileman74 (01/23/07 1:51:40 AM): im naked
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:52:03 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/23/07 1:52:18 AM): and im rubbing it good
smileman74 (01/23/07 1:53:32 AM): cant wait til its your hands on it instead
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:53:39 AM): me too
smileman74 (01/23/07 1:54:13 AM): and my hands will be all over your pussy
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:54:18 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/23/07 1:54:46 AM): and my tongue too
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:55:26 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/23/07 1:56:01 AM): luv ya lots
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:56:04 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/23/07 1:58:42 AM): what u wearing love?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:58:56 AM): jammies
smileman74 (01/23/07 1:59:33 AM): sexy, is the bottoms like panties?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 1:59:42 AM): no pants (I made every effort to make my outfit as unsexy as possible. Apparently whatever I was wearing was sexy. Anything. I could be wearing a paper bag and it would be sexy.)
smileman74 (01/23/07 1:59:51 AM): ic
smileman74 (01/23/07 1:59:59 AM): what color tonight?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 2:00:02 AM): green
smileman74 (01/23/07 2:00:25 AM): nice
smileman74 (01/23/07 2:02:23 AM): im goign to bed now nite my love
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 2:02:36 AM): ok night!
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 2:02:41 AM): luv u!
smileman74 (01/23/07 2:02:49 AM): luv ya more
smileman74 (01/23/07 2:02:54 AM): will miss u
smileman74 (01/23/07 2:03:08 AM): wish u were joining me
hhhhgoatsrock (01/23/07 2:03:33 AM): me too
smileman74 (01/23/07 2:03:56 AM): nite honey, luv ya always will miss u lots
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:10:47 AM): hey love whats goin on?
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:22:24 AM): are u here?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:22:30 AM): im home!
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:22:44 AM): cool wehre were u at?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:23:42 AM): the dining room
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:24:35 AM): oh okay, thats why u didnt answer me huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:24:51 AM): you imed me before?
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:25:11 AM): yeah i said hey love whats goin on
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:25:20 AM): they i said are u here, then u answered me with that statement
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:25:54 AM): oh i dint get the first one :(
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:26:36 AM): that sucks
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:26:46 AM): :(
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:27:31 AM): oh well im glad u are here now
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:27:44 AM): im glad you are too i missed you
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:28:05 AM): i missed u more sweetheart, cant wait til t he end of march
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:29:14 AM): i know i cant wait either!
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:29:17 AM): omg it seems so far away
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:29:18 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:29:22 AM): i wish it could be sooner
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:29:25 AM): it will get her soon enough
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:29:36 AM): i know i wish i had a car, then id come visit u every weekend
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:29:47 AM): omg that would be cool
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:30:04 AM): yeah we could spend the weekends together alot
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:30:58 AM): but i dont have my license or money for insurance to take the test
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:31:37 AM): :(
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:31:48 AM): i know it sucks
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:31:52 AM): wish u were old enough to drive
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:31:59 AM): me too :(
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:32:13 AM): i bet youd drive up to see me alot huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:32:23 AM): lol if i could
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:32:28 AM): i doubt mom would pay for my gas tho
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:32:39 AM): she says she will get the car but i gotta pay for gas and keeping it up
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:32:45 AM): true but by then youd have a job probably to huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:33:03 AM): probably
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:33:06 AM): i cant wait til march tho!
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:33:20 AM): yeah it will be so nice to see u my love
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:33:46 AM): are u going to wear a skirt for me with no panties?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:33:58 AM): if you want ya
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:34:17 AM): yeah thats waht i want to see u in, a short skirt with no panties underneath
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:34:27 AM): k
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:34:40 AM): easier access for my fingers babe
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:35:24 AM): lol k
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:35:48 AM): i luv ya lots
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:35:55 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:36:11 AM): do u love me lots too?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:36:28 AM): i told you i cant tell you for sure til i meet you
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:36:30 AM): i like you lots tho
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:36:45 AM): last time we talkeed u said i lov eyou to me
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:36:59 AM): i did?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:37:10 AM): i guess i do lol
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:37:23 AM): yeah u said it last time to me
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:37:35 AM): ya i didnt mean to cause i wanted it to be for when we meet
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:37:45 AM): but i do :)
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:38:03 AM): okay thanks love
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:38:08 AM): your so sweet n sexy
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:38:50 AM): i go crazy thinking about u beautiful
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:38:59 AM): i miss you
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:39:18 AM): i miss u too sweetheart
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:39:24 AM): i think about u while im at school
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:41:15 AM): :-*
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:41:30 AM): i thought bout you lots on the trip
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:41:51 AM): aww was it turning u on while u thought about me?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:42:00 AM): lol i dunno
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:42:23 AM): do u dream about us?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:42:28 AM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:42:30 AM): i dont remember my dreams
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:42:51 AM): thats too bad love
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:43:35 AM): i know i wish i did
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:44:01 AM): yeah sweeetheart, i bet they are good ones
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:48:18 AM): i hope so!
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:48:36 AM): yeah do u think about me while at school?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:48:55 AM): sometimes
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:50:13 AM): thats cool, u write about us in a journal?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:50:28 AM): omg no way i dont want anyone to find out and get mad :(
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:50:37 AM): why would they get mad?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:50:45 AM): cause
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:50:56 AM): i dont want anyone asking qs i dont wanna answer :(
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:51:04 AM): oh u mean like how old i am?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:51:19 AM): ya
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:51:31 AM): u should put my initials in your binder
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:51:41 AM): i dunno
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:52:02 AM): u should love
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:52:15 AM): i will think bout it
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:52:39 AM): so when u are in your bedroom, have u ever said your first name with my last name to see how it sounds?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:52:48 AM): ya sometimes
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:53:07 AM): and what u think of it?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:53:13 AM): i like it
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:53:31 AM): type it up, i want to see what your full name looks like with my last name k?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:53:45 AM): kendra mccausland (Creepy.)
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:54:11 AM): oh yes and what is yoru middle name mine is ross?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:54:19 AM): nicole
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:54:33 AM): so knm
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:54:37 AM): lol ya
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:54:39 AM): that looks intesting huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:54:42 AM): ya
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:55:00 AM): i hope me and u get married
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:55:30 AM): me too!
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:56:06 AM): i want to be your husband so bad (Sick. Sick. Sick.)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 12:56:43 AM): i cant wait
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:57:21 AM): i think everyone would love seeign me and u togetgher (In court perhaps, with me testifying against you, sure!)
smileman74 (01/25/07 12:57:33 AM): together forever til death due us part (Death or jail, whichever comes first, and since he just got seven years to LIFE in jail...)
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:00:05 AM): u would complete my life love (I hope I did complete his life, in jail, where he cannot hurt another child.)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:00:16 AM): i cant wait!
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:01:02 AM): i know love
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:03:58 AM): its goign to be hot and sexy, i wont want to leave
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:04:03 AM): and neither will u
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:04:30 AM): i want march to get here!!!
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:04:31 AM): omg!
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:04:54 AM): me too babe
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:07:19 AM): :-*
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:08:08 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:10:01 AM): hey love do u have any new pics yet?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:10:26 AM): no :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:10:36 AM): sammis mom took away her cam or i would have got some in nv
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:10:37 AM): :(
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:11:23 AM): bummer would it have been some sexy ones too?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:11:56 AM): i dunno lol
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:12:31 AM): i want to see u in a bikini
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:12:46 AM): i will try but i dunno
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:13:16 AM): u wear bikinis right?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:13:22 AM): not really
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:13:59 AM): so waht u wear when u swim then?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:14:07 AM): a regular swimsuit
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:14:13 AM): i dont like my tummy showing :(
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:14:48 AM): awww why not, your skinny love
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:15:40 AM): i just dont
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:16:21 AM): well i think your body is hot
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:17:27 AM): lol i dont like showing off my tummy tho
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:18:12 AM): u should get your belly button pierced
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:19:03 AM): lol i cant im 13 remember?
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:19:32 AM): oh how old u got to be to have that done?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:19:44 AM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:19:49 AM): but i know my mom wont say yes lol
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:20:20 AM): do u have yoru ears pierced?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:20:26 AM): ya
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:20:44 AM): thats cool, what else would u like to get pierced someday?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:20:53 AM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:21:00 AM): i never really wanted anything else pierced
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:21:08 AM): i dont even wear earrings half the time anyway
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:21:15 AM): i think pierced tongues
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:21:51 AM): i dunno lol
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:22:25 AM): :-* love im naked again
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:22:29 AM): again?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:22:33 AM): omg lol your always naked
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:23:06 AM): i know i love being that way, when i get my own place, i will be naked all day and nite at home
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:23:15 AM): omg lol
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:23:48 AM): id drive u crazy wouldnt i if i ddi that?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:23:56 AM): lol i dunno
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:24:22 AM): id want u to be the same way in the house too
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:24:35 AM): i wouldnt get cold?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:24:37 AM): i dont wanna get cold
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:24:42 AM): i hate being cold
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:24:56 AM): no u wouldnt cause then id be all over you making u hot
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:25:00 AM): :D
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:25:15 AM): duh i gotta get up and like get something to eat and go to the bathroom
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:25:33 AM): then u put on a robe love
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:25:52 AM): and fuzzzy slippers
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:26:38 AM): lol ok
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:26:43 AM): as long as they are fuzzy
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:26:53 AM): yes have u ever had a pair of fuzzy slippers?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:27:03 AM): no lol
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:27:18 AM): my mom says they are warm
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:28:13 AM): lol
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:28:51 AM): besides id wait on you hand and foot love
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:28:55 AM): get u whatever u wanted
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:29:24 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:30:04 AM): whateverwould make u happpy id do love
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:32:15 AM): :-*
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:32:31 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:33:44 AM): your so awesome my love
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:33:51 AM): your better lol
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:36:13 AM): no im not
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:36:25 AM): lol ya you are
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:36:44 AM): im nothign special love
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:37:22 AM): your great
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:37:32 AM): no im a nobody
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:38:03 AM): :( dont say that
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:38:13 AM): you start saying that stuff and im not gonna talk to you til you stop saying it
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:38:24 AM): no one would ever love me
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:38:36 AM): oh sorry am in a depressed mood
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:38:40 AM): why?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:38:43 AM): stop being sad
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:39:08 AM): because i get that way at times, and afraid u wont like me when we meet (Self-deprecation doesn't become him.)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:39:38 AM): well stop that :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:39:42 AM): i like you alot
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:40:03 AM): awww okay thanks honey
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:40:08 AM): but i think im ugly and fat
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:40:57 AM): well it doesnt matter what you think :(
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:42:01 AM): do u htink im sexy?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:42:05 AM): ya
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:42:26 AM): well thanks
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:42:41 AM): and your not a cop right? (Nope. Not a cop.)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:42:46 AM): lol no way
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:43:07 AM): good cause i dont want to go to jail
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:43:21 AM): i dont want you to go to jail either! omg that would suck!
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:43:46 AM): yeah cause then i wouldnt be able to contact u
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:43:50 AM): i know :(
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:44:24 AM): i told u i have been there a few times alreayd right?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:44:36 AM): ya :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:44:44 AM): i dont like to think of you there :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:44:46 AM): was it scary?
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:45:22 AM): kinda cause they found out why i went tehre, and they wanted to beat me up calling me a child molestor (I think this is probably because he sucks at lying.)

hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:45:29 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:45:33 AM): thats scary!!!!!
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:46:16 AM): yeah but all i did was expose myself to girls like u, and also talk dirty to them on the nte (That's all. Nothing else.)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:46:28 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:46:32 AM): i wont tell anyone
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:46:48 AM): okay good i hope not
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:47:06 AM): thats why i dont wanna put your initials all over the place and stuff :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:47:21 AM): its hard enough to pretend like nothings going on so nobody asks anyway
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:47:23 AM): :(
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:47:48 AM): have u told any of your friends?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:47:50 AM): no
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:48:02 AM): do they think they have any ideals that u have someone?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:48:07 AM): no
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:48:25 AM): do u hve guys hit on u at school?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:48:40 AM): sometimes i guess
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:48:42 AM): but i hate guys my age
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:49:04 AM): u always liked older guys like me?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:49:17 AM): i dunno i just dont like guys my age
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:49:18 AM): they are lame
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:49:47 AM): do they flirt with u at all?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:49:55 AM): i dunno i just ignore them
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:49:55 AM): lol
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:50:41 AM): so love do u have your periods already?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:52:07 AM): ya
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:52:41 AM): tht means ucould get pregnant then huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:52:55 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:53:03 AM): i dont wanna omg girls who get pregnant in ms are freaks
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:53:52 AM): u seen it huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:53:56 AM): ya they are freaks
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:54:40 AM): so what happens if u got pg then?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:54:57 AM): i dunno but i cant
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:55:27 AM): i gotta go to bed
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:55:32 AM): i dont wanna think bout getting preggo
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:55:34 AM): oh cause i dont wear condoms love
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:55:35 AM): nooooooooo
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:55:45 AM): you better cause i dont wanna be pregnant
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:55:46 AM): okay nite honey, sweetdreams, and god blesss u always k
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:55:52 AM): they dont fit on me love
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:56:03 AM): omg then you gotta get like littler ones or something (How many times do I have to tell him that I'm not having sex without a condom?)
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:56:20 AM): no i would just pull out of you
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:56:25 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:56:31 AM): i gotta go
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:56:37 AM): i will talk to you later
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:56:39 AM): okay nite swetheart
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:56:40 AM): night
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:56:43 AM): yeap we can talk about it more next time
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:56:54 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:57:07 AM): nite
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:57:10 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:57:17 AM): are you mad at me?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:57:34 AM): your mad at me now
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:57:41 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:57:42 AM): :((
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:57:55 AM): no why?
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:58:05 AM): i think id just pull out of you okay love when we have sex
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:58:14 AM): cause you didnt do any of the normal stuff you do and i missed it :(
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:58:32 AM): oh like hugs and kisses
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:58:35 AM): ya
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:58:36 AM): >:D<:-*:-*
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:58:39 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:58:43 AM): i will thinka bout u as i lay naked tonight in my bed
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:58:53 AM): k i will try to remember my dreams k?
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:58:55 AM): wish u were joining me tonight
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:58:59 AM): me too
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:59:07 AM): do u ever wake up wet?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:59:10 AM): no
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:59:24 AM): oh okay sweetdreams love, u should masturbate tonight
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:59:31 AM): lol night
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:59:42 AM): will u masturbate tonigth for me?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:59:47 AM): maybe
hhhhgoatsrock (01/25/07 1:59:52 AM): i dont do that alot
smileman74 (01/25/07 1:59:56 AM): okay nite then
smileman74 (01/25/07 2:00:04 AM): love youa lways and wil miss u
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:00:52 AM): hey girlfriend how was your day?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:00:55 AM): ok
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:01:02 AM): i had a big project to do thats due tomorrow
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:01:07 AM): but my mom helped me
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:01:15 AM): yeah im still working on my essay revision right now
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:01:18 AM): its due tomorrow too
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:01:47 AM): omt
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:01:50 AM): omg even lol
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:03:03 AM): yeah is a 3 1/2-4 page extended summary on a essay i read
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:03:12 AM): omg! :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:03:15 AM): i would not do good on that
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:03:24 AM): really why, arent u good at summarizing readings/
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:03:29 AM): not really
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:03:41 AM): have u had to do that type of paper before?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:04:28 AM): no but i always put too much when my teacher has me summarize lol
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:05:05 AM): oh so u get too wordy huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:05:17 AM): ya
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:05:44 AM): do u know how to properaly do a quote of someone else when u quote them in a paper?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:05:55 AM): i think so but i dont have to do that alot
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:06:18 AM): okay well get used to writing cause when u go on to college u will being doing lots of papers
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:07:17 AM): lol i know
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:07:34 AM): i think when u get to be like 16, i think u should do running start
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:07:41 AM): probably
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:08:12 AM): u think u will do that your junior year, go to college too?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:08:17 AM): i dunno maybe
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:08:24 AM): u want to go to college right?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:08:28 AM): ya
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:08:40 AM): are u thinking u want to go to wsu?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:08:44 AM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:08:51 AM): probably for vet
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:09:04 AM): yeah thought youd want to do somethign to do with animals since u love them so much
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:09:17 AM): ya i wanna be a sheep and goat vet
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:09:47 AM): oh coool, would u want them brought to a clinic, or would u go to the farms?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:09:51 AM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:09:57 AM): lol i havent thought bout it
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:10:21 AM): more and likely probably go to there farms
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:10:36 AM): i dunno lol
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:10:39 AM): you think really far ahead
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:10:57 AM): yeah its always good to have goals right?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:10:59 AM): i think i gotta worry about graduating hs first lol
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:11:33 AM): well u can study high school and college at the same time when u do running start
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:11:55 AM): i know that
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:11:58 AM): i dont wanna make that decision now tho
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:12:14 AM): true get through junior high first right?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:12:40 AM): ya
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:13:01 AM): k
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:14:10 AM): :-*:-*
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:15:46 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:16:11 AM): never forget yoru my sweetheart
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:16:17 AM): i wont
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:19:23 AM): good im glad, no one else is going to toufh u ever right?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:19:54 AM): no your not touching anyone else ever right?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:20:17 AM): cause i would be really sad :( (Just thought I'd pull out the jealousy card again in case he forgot.)
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:20:42 AM): nope i only want u mylove
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:20:49 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:21:13 AM): your my one and only
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:21:16 AM): your my secret lover
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:21:24 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:21:51 AM): no one will find out, but when we do get hotel room, i dont know what to say if asked who u are
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:22:17 AM): well i could just come to the room if you want
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:22:40 AM): no we are going to meet at the mall
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:22:51 AM): oh ok
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:23:10 AM): yeah probably easier spot right?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:23:28 AM): i dont think so since your all afraid im not gonna be there and you wont find me but whatever
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:23:41 AM): it wont happen til march and im getting all sad again thinking bout how far away it is
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:24:06 AM): whree u think we should meet at?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:24:18 AM): i dunno i will think about it tho
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:24:36 AM): okay cause i wont know what hotel room im goign to stay at
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:24:40 AM): til i get there
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:24:46 AM): you cant make a reservation?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:24:53 AM): lol mom always makes reservations
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:25:17 AM): no cause u have to hvae credit card for that, and idont have those
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:25:22 AM): oh ok
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:25:41 AM): yeah
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:25:59 AM): i am going to pay cash for the room
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:26:14 AM): oh ok
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:26:40 AM): well love i should get offline, have to finish that paper, will probably be up til 1am finishing it
hhhhgoatsrock (01/26/07 1:26:53 AM): ok love u!
smileman74 (01/26/07 1:27:07 AM): love you too sweeetie, talk to u soon
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:46:31 AM): hey your up late
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:46:38 AM): you are too tho
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:46:40 AM): i am about to go to bed
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:46:53 AM): yeah fridays and saturdays i like to stay out late
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:47:09 AM): normally i have to be offline by 12, but 12:30 on fridays and saturdays (It is unreal how much his mom is enabling him.)
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:47:16 AM): tonigth mom gave me til 1am
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:47:21 AM): omg thats cool of her
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:47:31 AM): does she like come out and make you turn off the comp or something?
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:47:35 AM): yeah cause i thought she said 1am
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:47:47 AM): yeah or else my time woudl be pushed back til 11pm
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:47:51 AM): instad of midnite
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:48:55 AM): >:D<:-*
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:48:56 AM): that sucks that she does that :(
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:49:03 AM): wish i wish going into your bed tonight
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:49:06 AM): :) i missed you btw
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:49:09 AM): yeah its there computer
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:49:22 AM): i missed you more my loving gf :D
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:50:00 AM): i gotta go to bed tho :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:50:01 AM): im tired
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:50:13 AM): how come i never get emails from u?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:50:25 AM): cause i dont send emails
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:50:27 AM): i understand i will be going to bed shortly too
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:50:49 AM): well can u start sending me some?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:51:12 AM): ummm i will try to remember
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:51:17 AM): what do you want me to send?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:51:25 AM): we talk like every night lol
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:51:29 AM): and you have my pics
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:51:34 AM): so i dont know what you want me to send
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:51:45 AM): i dont know just tell me how muchu miss me before i come online, or even just send me a offline message
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:52:13 AM): and u can tell me how your day went
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:52:17 AM): and how much u thought about me
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:52:33 AM): but thats why i wait for you online at night :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:52:41 AM): so i can tell you here
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:52:54 AM): okay just nice to get a hi i miss u lots
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:52:57 AM): u can say it more then once
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:53:19 AM): the stupid library ugraded the computers, so now i cant get on messanger during the day (He was actually banned from the library because he was masturbating in the library to porn.)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:53:37 AM): :(
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:53:53 AM): only at nite at around 10 most nites
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:55:22 AM): how late are you at school?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:55:27 AM): i cant get on email at school
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:55:50 AM): i dont get home from school til 6pm
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:56:01 AM): but mom is on computer hten, so thats why i dont get online til 10 at nite
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:56:12 AM): and right now i cant use the computers at school
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:56:12 AM): i was a bad boy
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:57:26 AM): what did you do?
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:57:46 AM): i got caught rubbing my penis in the library computer lab while looking at nude pics on the net

hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:57:52 AM): omg
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:58:19 AM): yeah and a few people saw me doing the gestures, so i got on a probation period for one quarter
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:58:24 AM): :(
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:58:34 AM): i was lucky i wasnt arrested for exposure
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:58:42 AM): it was out?
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:58:52 AM): yes out the top of my sweatpants
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:58:57 AM): do u think thats hot?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:58:57 AM): omg
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:59:06 AM): lol i could never do anything like that if i was a guy
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:59:18 AM): why not?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:59:26 AM): cause i just couldnt lol
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:59:27 AM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:59:30 AM): i gotta go to bed tho
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:59:32 AM): okay well goodnite
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:59:35 AM): love you
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:59:36 AM): i will talk to you tomorrow
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:59:39 AM): love you too!
smileman74 (01/27/07 2:59:42 AM): k if i get home in time
hhhhgoatsrock (01/27/07 2:59:49 AM): k
smileman74 (01/27/07 3:00:01 AM): bye for now
smileman74 (01/28/07 12:46:07 AM): hello future Mrs. McCausalnd
smileman74 (01/28/07 12:46:10 AM): McCausland
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 12:46:13 AM): hiya
smileman74 (01/28/07 12:46:43 AM): how u doing tonight?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 12:46:50 AM): ok you?
smileman74 (01/28/07 12:46:57 AM): doing good, but its cold outside
smileman74 (01/28/07 12:47:00 AM): and foggy
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 12:47:52 AM): :(
smileman74 (01/28/07 12:48:10 AM): yeah wish we could keep each other warm
smileman74 (01/28/07 12:49:02 AM): :-*:-* i love you lots
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 12:49:34 AM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 12:49:35 AM): i miss you
smileman74 (01/28/07 12:50:04 AM): i miss u too alot beautiful
smileman74 (01/28/07 12:50:58 AM): what u doing?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 12:51:35 AM): nothing
smileman74 (01/28/07 12:51:43 AM): me eitiher just watchign men in black 2
smileman74 (01/28/07 12:52:23 AM): did u think about me today?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 12:54:11 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 12:54:13 AM): what did you do?
smileman74 (01/28/07 12:54:46 AM): mostly slept and went to walmart with mom and dad, then we went to church where i served as a greeter,
smileman74 (01/28/07 12:55:36 AM): then afterwards i went out to dinner at a drive-in burger place called boomers, where i had a hamburger at the anniversary price of only $2.79 instaed of 4 bucks
smileman74 (01/28/07 12:55:43 AM): then i went to the legion and nnow im home
smileman74 (01/28/07 12:57:04 AM): i give u lots of kisses and a big huge hug
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 12:57:08 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/28/07 12:57:16 AM): :-*:-*:-*:-*>:D<
smileman74 (01/28/07 12:59:05 AM): hey love, do u belive in god? (Not this again!)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 12:59:29 AM): ya
smileman74 (01/28/07 12:59:39 AM): cool do u go to church on sundays then?
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:03:12 AM): what religion are u?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:03:15 AM): no i dont go to church
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:03:24 AM): my mom says you dont have to go to church to believe in god
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:03:34 AM): no u dont, u read your bible right? (Again...)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:03:41 AM): no
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:03:53 AM): i think we have a bible somewhere but i dunno
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:04:10 AM): oh u should try to read it daily
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:04:38 AM): i dont like reading stuff for school why would i read something not for school?
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:05:09 AM): well cause its one of gods commands
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:05:22 AM): it is?????
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:05:44 AM): yes to read gods word, its like the way u should live your life all the time
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:05:59 AM): ohhhh
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:06:01 AM): i try to be good
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:06:30 AM): thats good, althgough when we have sex, we are being sinful (And not just in God's eyes either...)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:06:37 AM): oh :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:06:55 AM): like sex is bad for everyone????
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:07:07 AM): that doesnt make sense
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:07:07 AM): lol
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:07:37 AM): no sex is supposed to be saved for marrige, but i break that one all the time
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:07:43 AM): oh lol
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:07:47 AM): all the time???
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:07:52 AM): your cheating on me? :( (I was going to make sure he knew that cheating was NOT okay. His repeated statements that he's attracted to children were my sole motivation for insisting that he not cheat. It was to protect the kids around him until I could get him arrested.)
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:08:03 AM): no i mean like in the past honey
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:08:13 AM): oh ok
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:08:19 AM): no i break it by masturbating and looking at nude pics or pornos
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:08:22 AM): oh ok
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:08:42 AM): did u masturbate last nite after we got done talking?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:08:44 AM): no
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:08:48 AM): i told you i dont to that alot anyway
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:09:21 AM): its okay, i did and i shoot a big load all over me
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:09:33 AM): omg lol
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:09:51 AM): that mean u like?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:09:55 AM): i dunno
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:10:43 AM): why not?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:11:16 AM): lol its a funny picture
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:11:35 AM): u can picture that in yoru mind huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:12:38 AM): lol a little
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:13:17 AM): cool soon that cum will be over your body instead of beign wasted or me putting it in my mouth (Um. Um. Um. I'm without words.)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:13:31 AM): you put it in your mouth?
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:13:45 AM): yeah i lick my fingers and taste it
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:14:06 AM): oh does it taste good?
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:14:35 AM): yeah mine is sweet and salty
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:14:39 AM): sometimes its only salty (This. is. disgusting.)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:15:15 AM): oh i see
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:15:20 AM): ive never heard of a guy doing that lol
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:15:39 AM): yeah dont want to waste it
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:15:44 AM): i love giving oral pleasure
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:16:20 AM): oh ok
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:16:51 AM): yeah cant wait to do that to u
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:18:54 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:19:12 AM): u will love it
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:19:17 AM): and i hope u cum lots for me
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:19:24 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:20:00 AM): god baby u make me so horny
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:23:28 AM): lov eyou lots
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:23:34 AM): love you too
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:23:58 AM): :-*
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:27:29 AM): wish u had a nude pic
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:30:16 AM): :(
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:30:49 AM): why the sad face?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:30:54 AM): cause
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:31:06 AM): i wish i could make you happy
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:31:22 AM): its okay love
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:31:29 AM): u are makign me happy by beign my gf
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:35:52 AM): ok
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:36:21 AM): yeah cause your great
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:36:24 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:38:06 AM): u make me the happiest man alive
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:38:11 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:40:52 AM): i want to stay with u for a long time
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:41:02 AM): me too
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:41:35 AM): for the rest of our lives
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:42:32 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:45:32 AM): i want u here with me so bad
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:45:37 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:45:43 AM): now im sad again
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:45:45 AM): cause its so long
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:45:56 AM): i know i want to live in teh same city as u
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:49:22 AM): hoeny i am cumming again
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:49:26 AM): omg
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:50:32 AM): yeah baby its hot
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:50:38 AM): you make me hot thinking about u and looking at your pics
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:51:46 AM): do you have to go to bed soon?
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:52:21 AM): yes real soon why?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:53:41 AM): just wondering
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:53:49 AM): i am getting tired but wanted to stay until you had to go to bed
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:54:21 AM): aww thanks yoru so sweet
smileman74 (01/28/07 1:57:04 AM): thanks for staying up with me
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 1:57:23 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/28/07 2:08:14 AM): okay well i am goign to go now k
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 2:10:07 AM): ok goodnight
smileman74 (01/28/07 2:10:21 AM): nite my love
smileman74 (01/28/07 2:10:48 AM): >:D<:-*
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 2:16:19 AM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 2:16:20 AM): night
smileman74 (01/28/07 2:16:27 AM): nite my love
smileman74 (01/28/07 6:19:00 PM): just wanted to say hi real quick will talk to u tonight k
smileman74 (01/28/07 6:19:01 PM): at 10pm
smileman74 (01/28/07 6:35:13 PM): luv ya lots
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 6:35:19 PM): love you too
smileman74 (01/28/07 6:35:40 PM): talk to utonight at around 10 or so?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 6:35:42 PM): ya
smileman74 (01/28/07 6:35:52 PM): k cya then, will think about u til then
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 6:36:03 PM): k
smileman74 (01/28/07 6:36:11 PM): tickle tickle
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 6:36:19 PM): lol i gotta go help my mom
smileman74 (01/28/07 6:36:24 PM): k talk to u tongith my love
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 6:36:27 PM): k
smileman74 (01/28/07 6:36:45 PM): bye for now
smileman74 (01/28/07 11:35:21 PM): boo
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 11:38:44 PM): hiay!
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 11:38:45 PM): your on early!
smileman74 (01/28/07 11:39:30 PM): yes doing some research, so might not be on very long
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 11:39:33 PM): oh cool
smileman74 (01/28/07 11:39:35 PM): but will come back
smileman74 (01/28/07 11:41:32 PM): how u been?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 11:41:36 PM): ok
smileman74 (01/28/07 11:41:54 PM): thats good, did u have a good weekend?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 11:41:56 PM): ya
smileman74 (01/28/07 11:42:04 PM): cool do anything fun?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 11:42:23 PM): went to the barn
smileman74 (01/28/07 11:42:38 PM): cool u see your goat?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 11:42:47 PM): ya
smileman74 (01/28/07 11:44:06 PM): coool
smileman74 (01/28/07 11:44:13 PM): so did u get all yoru homework done young lady?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 11:44:23 PM): lol i didnt have any
smileman74 (01/28/07 11:44:33 PM): lucky u
smileman74 (01/28/07 11:44:41 PM): do u procrasinate?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 11:45:05 PM): lol no
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 11:45:09 PM): i do it when i get home from the barn
smileman74 (01/28/07 11:45:27 PM): oh okay
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 11:45:33 PM): ya
smileman74 (01/28/07 11:45:54 PM): u good girl you
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 11:47:03 PM): lol
smileman74 (01/28/07 11:47:26 PM): i always put things off for my assignments and then do all nighters
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 11:48:18 PM): my mom says thats not good
smileman74 (01/28/07 11:50:20 PM): i know but i do it all the time
smileman74 (01/28/07 11:53:43 PM): im a bad boy
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 11:53:47 PM): why?
smileman74 (01/28/07 11:54:41 PM): cause i put off my assignments til the last minute and i like being naked all the time
smileman74 (01/28/07 11:54:42 PM): lol
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 11:54:46 PM): lol
smileman74 (01/28/07 11:55:18 PM): u like bad boys?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 11:55:26 PM): i like boys who arent dumb
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 11:55:27 PM): lol
smileman74 (01/28/07 11:55:49 PM): well im very smart thats why im going to be a cpa (I give you full permission to laugh hysterically here. I did.)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 11:55:53 PM): cool
smileman74 (01/28/07 11:56:20 PM): yeap
smileman74 (01/28/07 11:56:22 PM): u are smart too
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 11:56:26 PM): lol i guess
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 11:56:31 PM): sometimes i feel dumb (I'd go with that feeling if I were him.)
smileman74 (01/28/07 11:56:42 PM): nah u seem very smart love
smileman74 (01/28/07 11:59:32 PM): and im sure u will make lots of good money at whatever u choose to do for a career
hhhhgoatsrock (01/28/07 11:59:40 PM): i wanna be a vet
smileman74 (01/28/07 11:59:52 PM): awesome i bet youd be good at that
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:01:57 AM): u like animals alot?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:02:03 AM): ya
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:02:08 AM): good
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:06:07 AM): you will be good at that then, but can u stand seeing animals dying?
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:09:37 AM): man i want to cuddle with u right now (SWERVE!)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:10:15 AM): i wanna with you too
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:15:14 AM): id kiss u all over too
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:17:26 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:17:52 AM): whenever i thnk about you, i get all tingly inside
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:19:07 AM): me too!
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:19:32 AM): do u get goosebumps when u think about me?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:19:36 AM): lol ya
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:19:53 AM): and i space out and daydream about me and u too
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:19:59 AM): lol cool
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:20:14 AM): do u ever daydream in class?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:20:31 AM): ya i told you i do
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:21:04 AM): sorry i forgot, what do your frineds say when they see u daydreaming?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:21:08 AM): i told you
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:21:13 AM): you gotta try better to remember
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:21:21 AM): :(
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:21:26 AM): sorry honey, what do they say?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:21:36 AM): they dont say anything
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:21:40 AM): they might poke me tho
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:21:47 AM): and wake u up huh
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:21:50 AM): ya
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:21:59 AM): gotcha
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:22:11 AM): i still think you should write about me in your notebook
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:22:18 AM): noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (Could I be any clearer?)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:22:34 AM): i dont want anyone to find out and ask
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:22:36 AM): awwww that would be so cool though
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:22:46 AM): they wont, cause u cankeep that part in your packpack at all times (Packpack made me giggle.)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:22:53 AM): no
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:23:04 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:23:11 AM): i dont wanna answer questions bout anything
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:23:12 AM): :(
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:23:19 AM): they wouldnt see it
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:23:21 AM): no one would know
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:23:28 AM): my teacher already called my mom once about a note she found in my notebook during a notebook check
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:23:29 AM): back in october
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:23:32 AM): im not gonna risk anything
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:23:43 AM): was it a note about me?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:23:46 AM): in october?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:23:48 AM): i didnt know you then
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:23:58 AM): thats true, we started talkign on waht day?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:24:03 AM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:24:05 AM): like tg i think
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:24:19 AM): and ive fallen for u big time
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:24:34 AM): me too
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:24:49 AM): ive fallen so hard, that u need to catch me :D
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:24:54 AM): lol
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:25:10 AM): and pull me in too
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:25:14 AM): lol
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:25:22 AM): im glad i can make u laugh
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:25:59 AM): ya
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:26:17 AM): u make me very happpy
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:28:22 AM): you make me happy too
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:28:38 AM): thats good my love, im glad i can
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:29:17 AM): whenever i thnk about you, i turn to mush
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:29:22 AM): lol me too
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:29:47 AM): i have caught myself drooling
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:29:51 AM): lol
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:30:20 AM): cause i thnk u are so hot
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:31:02 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:31:12 AM): i especially love your skirt pics
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:31:17 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:31:35 AM): your legs are very sexy, and i want to be cuddlign next to u when u wear one
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:31:39 AM): :_
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:31:40 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:32:28 AM): id have my hand on your leg
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:35:38 AM): if you would let it be there
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:35:49 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:35:51 AM): i gotta go to bed
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:36:31 AM): later
hhhhgoatsrock (01/29/07 12:36:33 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/29/07 12:36:36 AM): okay nite love
smileman74 (01/30/07 1:40:59 AM): sorry love been studyign for a math exam tomorrow in alegebra
smileman74 (01/30/07 1:41:55 AM): luv ya lots
hhhhgoatsrock (01/30/07 1:42:23 AM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/30/07 1:42:25 AM): love you too
smileman74 (01/30/07 1:42:53 AM): :-*:-*
smileman74 (01/30/07 1:43:42 AM): ive had a busy day with school and such love
hhhhgoatsrock (01/30/07 1:44:00 AM): ya
smileman74 (01/30/07 1:44:22 AM): ive missed u lots
hhhhgoatsrock (01/30/07 1:44:27 AM): i miss you too
smileman74 (01/30/07 1:44:41 AM): :x
smileman74 (01/30/07 1:45:48 AM): you hvae my heart baby
smileman74 (01/30/07 1:47:15 AM): keep it safe please
hhhhgoatsrock (01/30/07 1:47:21 AM): k you keep mine safe too
smileman74 (01/30/07 1:48:08 AM): dont worry i wont hurt it love, its safe with me
smileman74 (01/30/07 1:49:09 AM): what u wearring love?
hhhhgoatsrock (01/30/07 1:49:13 AM): my pjs
smileman74 (01/30/07 1:49:33 AM): im in shorts and one sock, i just got done showering (Be still my beating heart!)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/30/07 1:50:09 AM): lol
smileman74 (01/30/07 1:50:40 AM): yeah mom has to help me put one sock on, cause i have joint problems and cant get the left sock on
hhhhgoatsrock (01/30/07 1:50:46 AM): oh
smileman74 (01/30/07 1:52:19 AM): kiss'
hhhhgoatsrock (01/30/07 1:52:29 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/30/07 1:52:58 AM): im rubbing myself love
hhhhgoatsrock (01/30/07 1:56:12 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/30/07 1:56:54 AM): i love being your man
hhhhgoatsrock (01/30/07 1:57:35 AM): :)
smileman74 (01/30/07 1:58:37 AM): i hope to stay with u forever
hhhhgoatsrock (01/30/07 1:58:41 AM): me too
smileman74 (01/30/07 1:59:25 AM): i want to marry u
hhhhgoatsrock (01/30/07 1:59:45 AM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (01/30/07 1:59:47 AM): i cant wait
hhhhgoatsrock (01/30/07 1:59:50 AM): i gotta go to bed tho
hhhhgoatsrock (01/30/07 1:59:51 AM): goodnight
hhhhgoatsrock (01/30/07 1:59:58 AM): love you
smileman74 (01/31/07 7:08:05 PM): k nite im going
smileman74 (01/31/07 7:08:05 PM): go to bed together
smileman74 (01/31/07 7:08:05 PM): :D
smileman74 (01/31/07 7:08:05 PM): love you more
smileman74 (01/31/07 7:08:05 PM): lets go together
smileman74 (02/01/07 12:21:47 AM): hi
hhhhgoatsrock (02/01/07 12:31:13 AM): you here?
smileman74 (02/01/07 12:31:28 AM): yeap im here, where were u?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/01/07 12:31:34 AM): i was here
hhhhgoatsrock (02/01/07 12:31:35 AM): i said hi
smileman74 (02/01/07 12:31:45 AM): i said hi and i never got a answer til now
smileman74 (02/01/07 12:32:24 AM): thats crazy i hate yahoo sometimes
hhhhgoatsrock (02/01/07 12:32:37 AM): i know me too
smileman74 (02/01/07 12:32:53 AM): yeah cause i never say u answer me
smileman74 (02/01/07 12:33:28 AM): i luv ya lots
hhhhgoatsrock (02/01/07 12:34:35 AM): love you too
smileman74 (02/01/07 12:35:19 AM): :-*
smileman74 (02/01/07 12:36:29 AM): how was your day?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/01/07 12:36:31 AM): ok
smileman74 (02/01/07 12:36:44 AM): did u do anything exciting?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/01/07 12:38:52 AM): saw minni
smileman74 (02/01/07 12:39:35 AM): cool i got my test back from math today :(
hhhhgoatsrock (02/01/07 12:39:54 AM): uh oh it wasnt good?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/01/07 12:39:56 AM): i hate math lol
smileman74 (02/01/07 12:40:59 AM): nope i only got a 53 out of 100
hhhhgoatsrock (02/01/07 12:41:03 AM): :(
smileman74 (02/01/07 12:41:27 AM): and hes only letting us get back 6 points if we do the whole thing over again usign notes
hhhhgoatsrock (02/01/07 12:41:34 AM): omg
hhhhgoatsrock (02/01/07 12:41:41 AM): so thats bad?
smileman74 (02/01/07 12:42:20 AM): yeah i will end up with a 59 which is a \"F\" but its only one test, so if i do good on the rest i might end up with a B- for the class
hhhhgoatsrock (02/01/07 12:42:27 AM): oh thats good
smileman74 (02/01/07 12:42:28 AM): or a C
smileman74 (02/01/07 12:42:45 AM): yeah id be happpy with a C
hhhhgoatsrock (02/01/07 12:42:49 AM): cool
smileman74 (02/01/07 12:43:44 AM): my brain was like feeling drained that day, and they only give u 1hr to take the test
hhhhgoatsrock (02/01/07 12:43:48 AM): :(
smileman74 (02/01/07 12:44:13 AM): so i wasnt even able to get to like half the test
hhhhgoatsrock (02/01/07 12:44:18 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (02/01/07 12:44:30 AM): i gotta go
smileman74 (02/01/07 12:44:36 AM): >:D<:-*:-*
hhhhgoatsrock (02/01/07 12:44:45 AM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (02/01/07 12:44:46 AM): goodnight!
smileman74 (02/01/07 11:01:58 PM): k nite my love
smileman74 (02/01/07 11:01:58 PM): will dream bout us
smileman74 (02/01/07 11:01:58 PM): nite love you alwyad and forever
smileman74 (02/02/07 1:39:22 AM): hi
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:39:33 AM): hiya!!!!
smileman74 (02/02/07 1:39:48 AM): sorry it took me so long to get here, i was playign darts
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:39:59 AM): its ok
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:40:00 AM): lol
smileman74 (02/02/07 1:40:46 AM): how u been?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:40:53 AM): ok
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:40:55 AM): tired
smileman74 (02/02/07 1:41:13 AM): awww me too love
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:41:14 AM): i overslept today and mom is yelling at me to get off the comp
smileman74 (02/02/07 1:41:19 AM): had a busy day
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:41:19 AM): so i gotta sneak on after she goes to bed
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:41:22 AM): what happened?
smileman74 (02/02/07 1:41:36 AM): i had a test in speech class, and a math review
smileman74 (02/02/07 1:41:54 AM): then i went to darts tonight
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:42:02 AM): where were the darts?
smileman74 (02/02/07 1:42:10 AM): at a place called the american legion
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:42:31 AM): oh cool
smileman74 (02/02/07 1:42:57 AM): yeah its fun, everyone who pays the $5 gets some sort of meat (This intrigued me.)
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:43:08 AM): meat?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:43:10 AM): lol like what?
smileman74 (02/02/07 1:43:32 AM): yeah like hamburger, chicken, turkey, lunch meat, tv dinners, hams, etc (Throw darts for meat. Okay.)
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:46:22 AM): lol thats cool i guess
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:46:25 AM): what did you get?
smileman74 (02/02/07 1:46:40 AM): yeah but id rather have u instead
smileman74 (02/02/07 1:46:49 AM): tonight i got a small turkey breast thing
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:46:54 AM): oh cool
smileman74 (02/02/07 1:47:11 AM): yeah can cut it up for salads or sandwiches
smileman74 (02/02/07 1:48:36 AM): i cant wait til we meet love
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:48:42 AM): me neither!
smileman74 (02/02/07 1:49:18 AM): its going to be great to finally meet u
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:49:24 AM): i know!!!!!!!!
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:49:30 AM): the 31st right?
smileman74 (02/02/07 1:49:51 AM): yeah around that time, if thats a saturday
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:49:55 AM): ya it is
smileman74 (02/02/07 1:50:18 AM): yeah then that will be when i come then, for that saturday only
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:51:55 AM): ok yayayaya
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:52:00 AM): how will you get here?
smileman74 (02/02/07 1:53:20 AM): by bus and get off at the everett station
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:54:02 AM): im not gonna be in everett tho
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:54:03 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:54:11 AM): i thought you were coming to poulsbo
smileman74 (02/02/07 1:54:55 AM): no i cant get that far, i thought u were going to be in everett again
smileman74 (02/02/07 1:55:00 AM): i cant get there, there is no bus there
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:55:07 AM): what about a cab?
smileman74 (02/02/07 1:55:21 AM): nope i have only got enough for hotel room and bus
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:55:27 AM): oh
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:55:33 AM): i will see what i can do
smileman74 (02/02/07 1:55:50 AM): if u cant do it for spring break at that time, then maybe we could do it for the summer
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:56:01 AM): i will check and see
smileman74 (02/02/07 1:56:18 AM): k
smileman74 (02/02/07 1:56:45 AM): if it cant work, might be able to spend more time for summer though
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:57:00 AM): i wanna see you tho so i will find out
smileman74 (02/02/07 1:57:15 AM): alright hun
smileman74 (02/02/07 1:57:30 AM): your sweet
smileman74 (02/02/07 1:59:24 AM): i hope u can get to everett that day
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 1:59:29 AM): me too
smileman74 (02/02/07 2:00:06 AM): u will have to let me know
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 2:00:38 AM): i will
smileman74 (02/02/07 2:00:54 AM): >:D<:-*
smileman74 (02/02/07 2:01:45 AM): k good, so are u ready for bed?
smileman74 (02/02/07 2:03:44 AM): I LOVE YOU SEXY!!!!!!!
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 2:04:34 AM): i love you too
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 2:04:38 AM): im going to bed tho
hhhhgoatsrock (02/02/07 2:04:40 AM): goodnight!
smileman74 (02/02/07 8:32:19 AM): me too, we can sleep together, nite
smileman74 (02/03/07 12:58:15 AM): hi im u pset
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 12:59:09 AM): whats wrong?
smileman74 (02/03/07 12:59:40 AM): the church i go too, is not letting me go to church this weekend, til i have a meeting with a couple of the pastors next week
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 12:59:47 AM): why?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:00:06 AM): thats weird
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:00:16 AM): i thought churches let everyone go :(
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:00:21 AM): cause of my criminal history they were worried about me
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:00:29 AM): they said its to protect everyoen who goese to the church
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:00:33 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:00:44 AM): didnt they know about it before?
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:01:43 AM): nope cause i had to fil out a application for a kids program at the church now
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:01:57 AM): oh :(
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:02:00 AM): im sorry
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:02:52 AM): yeah they said if i want to do the volunteer programs or even go to that church, i have to talk to them first
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:03:10 AM): omg :(
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:03:11 AM): im sorry
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:03:48 AM): yeah they said after that, i mgith be able to do the serving things i do like greeting, tech crew, or kids rock, but iwth stipulations, whatever that means
(I had such a sigh of relief when he told me this it was ridiculous.)
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:06:42 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:06:44 AM): im sorry
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:06:58 AM): yeah
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:08:32 AM): i luv ya
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:09:04 AM): i luv you too :)
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:09:10 AM): :-*
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:09:37 AM): i wish i had a webcam
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:10:10 AM): me too
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:10:20 AM): would u strip for me on it, if u had one?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:11:17 AM): lol i dunno my comp is in the dining room
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:11:33 AM): u could probably get away with falshing me
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:12:48 AM): i want to cuddle with u
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:12:56 AM): i dunno bout flashing you but cuddling ya
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:13:29 AM): see i think my church thinks im going to do somethign stupid while at church
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:14:25 AM): you arent tho :(
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:14:30 AM): cause that would be cheating on me :(
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:14:39 AM): no they probably think id flash some chick there
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:14:43 AM): or jerk off in church
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:15:02 AM): :(
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:15:37 AM): which is sily i wouldnt do that
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:16:05 AM): i got busted one time while in tech team looking at pics and talkign sexual to u i think
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:16:39 AM): you were talking to me at church?
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:16:48 AM): i think so one sunday morning
(Good Christian, dontcha know.)
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:16:50 AM): or saturday nite
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:17:13 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:17:16 AM): im sorry
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:17:27 AM): its okay i shouldnt have been talkign dirty to u i guess
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:18:24 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:18:26 AM): i feel bad
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:18:38 AM): i also got caught at school jerking off to your pics too (This guy is totally compulsive. Repulsive, too.)
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:19:02 AM): was that when you were in the library?
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:19:33 AM): yes the library at school
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:19:43 AM): i had my dick out of the top of my pants
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:19:45 AM): strokign ti good
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:20:44 AM): oh lol
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:21:04 AM): yeah cause u make me so hot
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:23:30 AM): i cant help it
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:24:11 AM): i like you too
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:24:32 AM): i love you alot
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:25:35 AM): :-*:-*:-*
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:26:46 AM): how has school been?
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:30:33 AM): been thinking about me alot?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:30:40 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:30:46 AM): me too
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:30:47 AM): everyday
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:30:51 AM): i guess lol
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:30:59 AM): cool
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:31:47 AM): luv ya
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:33:09 AM): luv you too :)
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:33:26 AM): will love you no matter what
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:33:31 AM): :)
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:35:30 AM): i been writing a journal about us, i think u should do that too
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:35:37 AM): i dont want anyone to read it tho
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:35:52 AM): thats why u get a locked one
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:36:08 AM): :(
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:36:21 AM): u should buy one if u dont have a locked diary
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:36:30 AM): i dont got any money
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:36:47 AM): how much do those cost?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:37:40 AM): i dunno
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:38:11 AM): ic
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:41:39 AM): :-*
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:43:50 AM): :)
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:45:01 AM): baby u make me so hot and horny
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:46:12 AM): lol
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:50:53 AM): :-*im so happy i have u as my gf
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:51:03 AM): im glad to have you too
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:51:16 AM): good
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:58:06 AM): i gotta go to bed :(
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:58:32 AM): k nite love, wish u could stay, i can only be on a ittle bit more too
smileman74 (02/03/07 1:58:34 AM): nite honey
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 1:58:40 AM): night!
smileman74 (02/03/07 2:04:35 AM): hey thought u were goign to bed?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 2:04:39 AM): i am
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 2:04:49 AM): lol i had to check one thing first
smileman74 (02/03/07 2:04:51 AM): wish i was joining u
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 2:04:52 AM): im going now tho
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 2:04:54 AM): lol me too
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 2:04:56 AM): goodnight now
smileman74 (02/03/07 2:04:57 AM): what did u have to check?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/03/07 2:04:59 AM): for realz
smileman74 (02/03/07 2:05:01 AM): id love to join u everynite
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 12:45:42 AM): you there?
smileman74 (02/05/07 12:46:03 AM): hey sexy yes i am
smileman74 (02/05/07 12:46:40 AM): how are u doing tonight love?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 12:46:48 AM): im ok how are you?
smileman74 (02/05/07 12:47:39 AM): im horny n hard
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 12:47:46 AM): lol
smileman74 (02/05/07 12:47:49 AM): but also lonely
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 12:48:29 AM): :(
smileman74 (02/05/07 12:48:30 AM): wishin u wer ehere with me
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 12:48:30 AM): me too
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 12:48:32 AM): me too
smileman74 (02/05/07 12:49:26 AM): :-*:-* i wanna make love to u so bad
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 12:49:34 AM): :) i cant wait
smileman74 (02/05/07 12:50:38 AM): have you figured out how to get to everet yet/
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 12:50:45 AM): no
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 12:50:47 AM): :(
smileman74 (02/05/07 12:51:10 AM): i hoep u can, otherwise we will have to wait
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 12:52:15 AM): :(
smileman74 (02/05/07 12:52:45 AM): i know i dont want to hold it off any longer
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 12:52:55 AM): me too
smileman74 (02/05/07 12:53:57 AM): yeah i want u bad
smileman74 (02/05/07 12:55:48 AM): i wanna make love to you passionly
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 12:55:57 AM): i cant wait :(
smileman74 (02/05/07 12:56:18 AM): yeah
smileman74 (02/05/07 12:57:40 AM): :-*:-*
smileman74 (02/05/07 1:02:07 AM): do u want me bad too
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 1:02:28 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/05/07 1:02:44 AM): good baby, are u ready to loose yoru virginity?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 1:04:07 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/05/07 1:04:39 AM): good im ready to pop your cherry then
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 1:04:45 AM): :)
smileman74 (02/05/07 1:05:16 AM): im the perfect size for your first time
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 1:05:25 AM): :)
smileman74 (02/05/07 1:06:06 AM): luv ya always and forever
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 1:06:09 AM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 1:06:10 AM): me too
smileman74 (02/05/07 1:07:41 AM): good im glad honey
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 1:11:44 AM): :)
smileman74 (02/05/07 1:12:46 AM): wish i could go to your bed tonight
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 1:15:05 AM): me too
smileman74 (02/05/07 1:16:32 AM): id love to join u everynite
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 1:17:13 AM): :( i wish you could
smileman74 (02/05/07 1:17:35 AM): i know it would be nice
smileman74 (02/05/07 1:23:24 AM): what u doing my love?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 1:23:49 AM): im tired
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 1:23:50 AM): lol
smileman74 (02/05/07 1:24:39 AM): ic, u going to leave and go to bed then?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 1:24:46 AM): i dunno
smileman74 (02/05/07 1:27:09 AM): iclove
smileman74 (02/05/07 1:30:08 AM): maybe u should if u cant stay awake honey
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 1:36:38 AM): ya im going
smileman74 (02/05/07 1:37:34 AM): okay nite my love, talk to u soon,
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 1:37:40 AM): night
smileman74 (02/05/07 1:37:42 AM): sleep tite and dotn let the bed bugs bite
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 1:38:07 AM): you too!
smileman74 (02/05/07 1:38:10 AM): nite
smileman74 (02/05/07 1:38:33 AM): i willl nite my love
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:20:49 PM): sneaks up behind you and puts my hands over your eyes and says, \"quesss who\"
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:24:35 PM): hello u get what i just said?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 11:24:39 PM): ya i did
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:25:45 PM): hehehe ok not sure didnt get any response back form it
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 11:25:55 PM): oh sorry
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:26:01 PM): its okay
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:27:13 PM): ive missed u lots
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 11:27:32 PM): i missed you too
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:28:26 PM): how much u missed me sexy?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 11:28:39 PM): alot
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:29:19 PM): me too
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:31:16 PM): icant wait for us to meet
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 11:31:59 PM): me neither!
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:33:00 PM): its goign to be hot
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 11:33:18 PM): :)
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:36:23 PM): we will have a blast
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 11:36:30 PM): lol ya
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:36:43 PM): wish u could have been with me today when i was walking, we coudl have gone into the bathroom at the park and had fun, no one was around
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 11:37:12 PM): omg lol
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:37:46 PM): would u have liked that?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 11:38:13 PM): lol it sounds cool
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:38:35 PM): yeah it would have been very easy to have gotten away with, cause no one was in the park to notice
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 11:38:44 PM): :)
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:38:48 PM): so i could have snuck u in the mens restroom and went into the stall
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 11:39:04 PM): lol that sounds like it would have been cold tho
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:39:31 PM): nope the bathrooms have heat and besides even if it was cold, our having sex wed be sweating
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 11:40:56 PM): oh lol i didnt think of that
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:41:21 PM): yeah sex is good exercise, i sweat when having sex all the time
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 11:41:41 PM): lol
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:42:37 PM): yeah it would have been so much fun
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:42:47 PM): id fuck u all nite long too
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:42:47 PM): or til we got tired
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:45:08 PM): god im almost cumming right now
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 11:45:13 PM): :)
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:46:32 PM): :-*:-*
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 11:46:40 PM): :)
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:46:41 PM): wish u could taste it
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:47:56 PM): would u taste me?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 11:48:02 PM): if you werent gross
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:48:24 PM): my cum is sweeet but somewhat salty
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 11:48:38 PM): lol ok
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:49:23 PM): id taste your cum
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:49:23 PM): dou ever cum?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 11:49:30 PM): i guess maybe
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 11:49:32 PM): lol i dunno
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:49:54 PM): try yours sometime
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 11:51:06 PM): ummm no thanks lol
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:52:11 PM): i eat mine all the time when i cum dont want to just wipe it up (Sorta like how kids deal with boogers. Right.)
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:52:11 PM): and waste it
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 11:52:59 PM): oh i see
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:57:23 PM): yeah and i want to cum allover you baby
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 11:57:25 PM): :)
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:58:55 PM): i cant wait to be naked together
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 11:58:59 PM): me neither
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:59:03 PM): all nite long when i stay the nite
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:59:35 PM): i am going crazy
smileman74 (02/05/07 11:59:36 PM): crazy in love baby
hhhhgoatsrock (02/05/07 11:59:46 PM): lol
smileman74 (02/06/07 12:00:16 AM): yeap yeap
smileman74 (02/06/07 12:00:27 AM): wish u had a bikini pic or nude pic
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 12:00:46 AM): me too
smileman74 (02/06/07 12:01:26 AM): if u had a bikini pic or nude pic would u show me/
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 12:01:53 AM): ya but i dont
smileman74 (02/06/07 12:03:21 AM): darn would u let me take one?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 12:03:28 AM): i guess if you wanted
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 12:03:31 AM): but i dont have a cam
smileman74 (02/06/07 12:03:33 AM): if i had a digital camera
smileman74 (02/06/07 12:03:56 AM): me either that sucks, have to buy one soon
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 12:04:12 AM): k
smileman74 (02/06/07 12:04:31 AM): then u could take one of me naked too, and i could email it to u
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 12:05:28 AM): that would be cool
smileman74 (02/06/07 12:05:51 AM): if i did that how often would u be looking at my dick?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 12:06:00 AM): lol i dunno when my mom wasnt looking
smileman74 (02/06/07 12:06:34 AM): yeah like when u are laying in your bed, orwould be every chance u got?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 12:06:49 AM): lol i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 12:06:53 AM): i dont have it so i dunno
smileman74 (02/06/07 12:07:48 AM): i will workign on getting digital camera, might be summertime though k
smileman74 (02/06/07 12:10:48 AM): i gtg for now but i might be back, if i dont get back before u go to bed, then email me k
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 12:10:57 AM): i will try
smileman74 (02/06/07 12:11:23 AM): if not then offline me and tell me u went to bed
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 12:11:26 AM): k
smileman74 (02/06/07 12:11:33 AM): bye for now
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 12:11:41 AM): goodnight
smileman74 (02/06/07 12:12:07 AM): nite my love
smileman74 (02/06/07 12:46:21 AM): i came back honey
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 12:46:26 AM): yaya
smileman74 (02/06/07 12:47:12 AM): did u miss me
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 12:47:16 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/06/07 12:47:40 AM): good me too kisss kiss kiss :-*:-*:-*
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 12:48:36 AM): :)
smileman74 (02/06/07 12:48:50 AM): heheeh u blush easy huh beautiful?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 12:54:28 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/06/07 1:01:22 AM): k
smileman74 (02/06/07 1:04:29 AM): sorrry im looking at your pic and jerking off
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 1:05:49 AM): lol
smileman74 (02/06/07 1:06:32 AM): your so sexy to me
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 1:06:37 AM): :)
smileman74 (02/06/07 1:12:15 AM): i want u so bad love
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 1:12:28 AM): me too
smileman74 (02/06/07 1:13:52 AM): i wake up hard sometimes, caue i know im wishing we were naked in bed togegther everyday and nite
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 1:14:17 AM): :)
smileman74 (02/06/07 1:14:53 AM): i still think u should run away from hom love
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 1:14:59 AM): i cant
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 1:15:05 AM): i wouldnt be able to take minni
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 1:15:12 AM): and i would miss my mom
smileman74 (02/06/07 1:15:28 AM): okay its just a thougth love
smileman74 (02/06/07 1:20:26 AM): god i hope we can meet
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 1:20:30 AM): me too
smileman74 (02/06/07 1:21:24 AM): have u figured out a way to everett yet?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 1:21:30 AM): no not yet
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 1:21:42 AM): im still trying to figure out how to get to my aunts house and get away for the day
smileman74 (02/06/07 1:21:59 AM): okay let me know either way k
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 1:22:11 AM): k
smileman74 (02/06/07 1:22:35 AM): if we cant do it, then we can always do summertime k
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 1:22:41 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 1:22:43 AM): i dont wanna think about that
smileman74 (02/06/07 1:23:05 AM): i know but just in case have a backup plan k
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 1:24:22 AM): i dont wanna think about it
smileman74 (02/06/07 1:25:02 AM): sorry love
smileman74 (02/06/07 1:26:37 AM): :-*
hhhhgoatsrock (02/06/07 1:44:21 AM): goodnight
smileman74 (02/07/07 12:03:14 AM): goodnite sorry i was falling asleep too
smileman74 (02/07/07 11:10:15 PM): hi
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:34:27 AM): hi are u around?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:34:33 AM): ya sorry
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:34:47 AM): okay what happend?
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:36:17 AM): are u here?
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:36:21 AM): have u missed me?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:37:14 AM): i missed you
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:37:33 AM): i have to bring food for class tomorrow and my mom wanted to show me how to make it
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:37:37 AM): laaaaaaame
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:38:04 AM): i missed u too, hey someone says he knows me and that i have you as a gf? (He liked to fire off stuff like this randomly to see if I was telling people. I wasn't.)
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:38:12 AM): huh?
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:38:12 AM): really
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:38:16 AM): who?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:38:20 AM): wtf?
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:38:48 AM): some guy
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:38:51 AM): ya right
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:39:13 AM): why you gotta lie to me?
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:39:29 AM): im serious, i didnt save what they just typed, but let me show u the last thing he sent me k
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:39:40 AM): whats his sn anyway?
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:40:01 AM): *edited*:
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:40:03 AM): there u go
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:40:12 AM): i dont know anyone with that sn
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:40:36 AM): oh okay
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:40:44 AM): they said they are a a fbi agent
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:41:01 AM): omg lol ya right
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:41:23 AM): im serious he did
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:42:01 AM): :-*:-*
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:42:06 AM): :)
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:42:51 AM): luv ya
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:42:55 AM): love you too!
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:43:11 AM): wish u were here
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:45:28 AM): what u been doing?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:45:32 AM): me too
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:45:38 AM): my mom signed me up for riding lessons
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:45:48 AM): oh cool when?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:45:58 AM): yesterday
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:46:15 AM): nice
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:46:20 AM): so why do u have to bring food tomorrow
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:46:51 AM): we are doing this nutrition health thing and we have to bring something that is part of a balanced diet or something like that
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:46:53 AM): :))
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:46:56 AM): i made brownies
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:47:23 AM): those arent nutrutioous
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:47:35 AM): lol no but they are like the fats and sugars so everyone can have a little bit
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:47:37 AM): :)
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:47:43 AM): ic
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:47:52 AM): lol its a lame project anyway
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:48:00 AM): i guess the teacher probably wont like it but whatever
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:48:06 AM): ic
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:48:08 AM): everyone else can bring salads
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:48:09 AM): lol
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:48:18 AM): oh okay
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:49:02 AM): i ate some wheat spaghetti, cream of mushroom soup, vegetables, and chicken mixed together
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:49:09 AM): oh cool
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:49:53 AM): yeah so it was a nutrious thing, i am taking a weekly class (Thank GOD! he needed some good nutrition. Now he can recognize good nutritious meals in prison!)
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:50:02 AM): oh cool
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:50:21 AM): we are learning about the food pyramid
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:50:24 AM): its lame
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:50:30 AM): me too, the new one right?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:50:56 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:51:30 AM): yeah i saw that
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:51:50 AM): i am making a wheat mixture similiar to biscuit
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:51:53 AM): tomorrow afternoon
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:52:23 AM): oh cool
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:52:35 AM): i used some whole wheat flour in my brownise
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:52:46 AM): really how they taste?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:52:56 AM): i dunno they are still baking
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:53:04 AM): ic try one for me k
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:53:10 AM): k
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:54:12 AM): cool
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:56:39 AM): i really tihk about u alot
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 12:56:52 AM): i think bout you too
smileman74 (02/08/07 12:57:16 AM): thats good
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:00:15 AM): u think about me daily?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:00:18 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:00:24 AM): lol i talk to you almost every day
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:00:42 AM): thats good
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:00:54 AM): you wait for me except for the nites i dont come online til real late
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:00:58 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:01:20 AM): cool
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:06:08 AM): that gusy said some chick is scard of me
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:06:24 AM): huh?
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:06:42 AM): that fbi guy says that some girl is scared of me, or someone is using my acount
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:06:59 AM): huh omg
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:07:06 AM): i dont think hes from the fbi
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:07:13 AM): i looked at his prof
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:07:17 AM): lol it says welder
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:07:22 AM): want to see what else he just said to me?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:07:26 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:07:33 AM): k hold on
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:08:50 AM): *Edited*:
kevin mccausland: what does that mean?
kevin mccausland: can u repeat what u said earlier to me?
*Edited*: its classified
kevin mccausland: no tell me what u told me when u first immed me k
*Edited*: you know
kevin mccausland: tell me again please
kevin mccausland: cya
*Edited*: i hope we dont have to
kevin mccausland: dont have to do what?
*Edited*: meet
kevin mccausland: why would we?
kevin mccausland: u been watching me or something?
*Edited*: like ur that important
kevin mccausland: why did u decide to im me to begin with anyways
*Edited*: becuase what i said is true
*Edited*: i seen a file
kevin mccausland: what about me having a 12 year as a gf?
*Edited*: i have it
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:09:10 AM): *Edited*: i have it saved to my pc
*Edited*: ur the one who said theese things
kevin mccausland: no i didnt let me see
*Edited*: either you are a petifile or you have some sick fucking sense of humor
*Edited*: i wouldnt just make this shit up
*Edited*: the girl who sent me theese things is scared of you
kevin mccausland: whatever
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:09:38 AM): kevin mccausland: why dont u telll me what the name is, it might be someone else who has been usign my account too u know
*Edited*: i would never tell the name thats why you dont get the file
*Edited*: you can shut the fuck up
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:09:55 AM): kevin mccausland: come on maybe it was someone using my account that did it
kevin mccausland: i dont think anyone is scared of me im sweeet and loable
*Edited*: well be carefull who uses ur account
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:10:15 AM): lol i never talked to him ever
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:10:18 AM): kevin mccausland: if they were scared they woudl never talk to me
kevin mccausland: i will but there are hackers
kevin mccausland: i think maybe someone hacked in and did what u said
kevin mccausland: how come your profile says your a welder?
*Edited*: im undercover
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:10:37 AM): kevin mccausland: oka sure
*Edited*: lets just hope their arent no more troubles from you're id and isp
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:11:12 AM): i belive u
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:12:50 AM): :)
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:13:17 AM): so u think hes bluffing
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:13:30 AM): lol ya i never talked to him in my life
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:13:43 AM): what did he tell u at first?
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:14:22 AM): he said hi im from the fbi and that he knew i was talking to some 12 year old as my gf
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:14:30 AM): omg
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:14:41 AM): did he say my sn?
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:14:59 AM): and that he had logs of what i have been talkign about
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:15:04 AM): lol ya right
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:15:26 AM): and that he got it from the isp
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:16:14 AM): i dont think he knows nothing
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:16:41 AM): lol hes stupid
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:17:15 AM): i think so too
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:18:49 AM): u should send him a im and see what he says (He's always trying to get me to IM other people. I'm against that, just on principle.)
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:18:55 AM): no way
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:19:07 AM): i bet he woudl hit on u
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:19:29 AM): no i think hes stupid
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:19:34 AM): and ugly
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:20:06 AM): i think u should to see what he says
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:20:11 AM): no
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:20:20 AM): i don't wanna talk to some other guy
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:20:22 AM): i wanna talk to you
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:20:31 AM): aww thanks sweetie, luv ya
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:20:38 AM): do u have other guys on your list?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:20:52 AM): my friends
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:20:59 AM): do you have other girls?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:21:02 AM): are you cheating on me?
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:21:16 AM): i have a couple of female friends, but no im not cheating on you, are u?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:21:24 AM): no
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:21:51 AM): okay just checking
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:21:56 AM): i bet guys hit on u at school huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:22:52 AM): not really
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:22:55 AM): they are dumb
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:23:12 AM): hahaha, why u think that?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:23:23 AM): cause guys my age are stupid
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:23:46 AM): oh your real nice
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:24:50 AM): what kinda things they do to make u think there dumb?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:25:00 AM): just stupid stuff
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:25:06 AM): they say stupid stuff and do stupid stuff
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:25:18 AM): oh like when trying to get a girl to like them?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:25:22 AM): i guess
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:25:48 AM): so have u been able to concentrte at school while thinking about me?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:25:55 AM): i try not to at school
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:26:14 AM): i know but its hard not to think about me while in class huh?
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:32:09 AM): i am horny love
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:32:14 AM): :)
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:33:01 AM): u like that huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:33:08 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:34:20 AM): yeah i am in my bday suit right now
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:35:37 AM): lol
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:36:19 AM): wish u could see
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:36:26 AM): me too
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:36:56 AM): i know youd be all over me huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:37:26 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:37:53 AM): mmm yeah and id do the same back to you too
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:38:35 AM): lol
smileman74 (02/08/07 1:38:53 AM): id help strip u
hhhhgoatsrock (02/08/07 1:40:48 AM): im going to bed
smileman74 (02/08/07 8:01:19 PM): nite honey wish i coud join u
smileman74 (02/08/07 8:01:19 PM): :-*:-*
smileman74 (02/09/07 1:20:01 AM): hi cant talk long im doing homework on a essay k
smileman74 (02/09/07 1:20:03 AM): but wanted to say i missed u lots
hhhhgoatsrock (02/09/07 1:20:10 AM): i miss you too!
smileman74 (02/09/07 1:20:33 AM): wish u were here sexy
smileman74 (02/09/07 1:21:30 AM): :-*:-*
hhhhgoatsrock (02/09/07 1:21:44 AM): me too
smileman74 (02/09/07 1:22:34 AM): i ned your loving
hhhhgoatsrock (02/09/07 1:22:44 AM): :)
smileman74 (02/09/07 1:23:22 AM): and i know u want my loving body too
hhhhgoatsrock (02/09/07 1:24:31 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/09/07 1:24:44 AM): thats good
smileman74 (02/09/07 1:26:42 AM): i love you sexy
hhhhgoatsrock (02/09/07 1:26:47 AM): love you too
smileman74 (02/09/07 1:28:10 AM): tickle tickle tickle
hhhhgoatsrock (02/09/07 1:28:19 AM): lol
smileman74 (02/09/07 1:28:37 AM): im so ticklish
hhhhgoatsrock (02/09/07 1:28:44 AM): lol
smileman74 (02/09/07 1:29:13 AM): are u ticklish too?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/09/07 1:29:38 AM): a little
smileman74 (02/09/07 1:30:11 AM): im ticklish all over
hhhhgoatsrock (02/09/07 1:30:31 AM): lol
smileman74 (02/09/07 1:30:51 AM): i am so horny love
hhhhgoatsrock (02/09/07 1:31:04 AM): lol your always horny
smileman74 (02/09/07 1:31:22 AM): i know baby i need u with me
hhhhgoatsrock (02/09/07 1:33:18 AM): :(
smileman74 (02/09/07 1:33:47 AM): u sad cause u feel same?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/09/07 1:33:52 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/09/07 1:34:02 AM): thats sweet of you my love
smileman74 (02/09/07 1:41:30 AM): hold me baby
hhhhgoatsrock (02/09/07 1:41:57 AM): i cant
smileman74 (02/09/07 1:53:08 AM): why not?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/09/07 1:53:28 AM): cause your not here
smileman74 (02/09/07 1:53:42 AM): thats a good point, oky well i got to go do homework, nite m ylove
smileman74 (02/09/07 1:53:45 AM): miss u always
hhhhgoatsrock (02/09/07 1:53:49 AM): ok goodnight
smileman74 (02/09/07 1:53:55 AM): nite sexy
smileman74 (02/11/07 1:49:43 AM): hi
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 1:50:50 AM): hi
smileman74 (02/11/07 1:51:30 AM): whats going on?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 1:51:35 AM): nm
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 1:51:43 AM): i spent the night at ems house last night
smileman74 (02/11/07 1:51:54 AM): oh cool how is em?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 1:52:11 AM): good
smileman74 (02/11/07 1:52:22 AM): cool em is your friend right?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 1:52:26 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/11/07 1:52:42 AM): she the same age as u?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 1:52:52 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/11/07 1:53:20 AM): cool i bet she likes older guys too huh
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 1:53:49 AM): lol no she has a bf at school
smileman74 (02/11/07 1:54:17 AM): thats cool, i bet u dont like him huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 1:54:23 AM): hes nice i guess
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 1:54:37 AM): i dont like him like like him but em does so hes cool
smileman74 (02/11/07 1:54:52 AM): oh okay
smileman74 (02/11/07 1:54:53 AM): is he a jerk?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 1:55:01 AM): no hes nice to her
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 1:55:02 AM): and me
smileman74 (02/11/07 1:55:25 AM): well thats good then, how long they been dating?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 1:55:38 AM): like a week lol
smileman74 (02/11/07 1:55:47 AM): ic, this ems first bf?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 1:56:08 AM): no
smileman74 (02/11/07 1:56:28 AM): oh okay, have u had one before?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 1:57:09 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/11/07 1:57:21 AM): oh cool what was he like?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 1:57:29 AM): stupid
smileman74 (02/11/07 1:57:38 AM): was he same age as u?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 1:57:45 AM): 16
smileman74 (02/11/07 1:58:03 AM): ic
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:00:27 AM): :-*:-*
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:00:30 AM): luv ya sexy
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:03:00 AM): love you too
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:03:06 AM): wish u were here now
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:03:10 AM): me too
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:03:43 AM): wed have a hot time together
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:03:58 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:05:23 AM): i want u bad
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:07:35 AM): baby your always on my mind
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:09:46 AM): i hope no one ever finds out about us (So many times he says this, and so many times he wants me to tell people about him and write our initials on my binder and whatever... UGH!)
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:11:06 AM): me too
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:11:20 AM): cause id be in big trouble
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:11:25 AM): i know
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:11:31 AM): id go to jail
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:11:40 AM): i know :(
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:11:48 AM): did you have the meeting with your pastors yet?
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:12:20 AM): yes they want me to get a report from DOC and from a therapist to see what they recommend, like maybe me having some aftercare
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:12:26 AM): in other words more therpay
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:12:33 AM): oh
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:12:38 AM): but i dont think i fit in with molestors and rapists
(Oh... I disagree, heartily!)
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:12:43 AM): :(
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:13:08 AM): yeah and all i ever did was exposure
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:13:15 AM): :(
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:13:35 AM): kinda sucks being classified with violent sexual predators huh? (If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck and looks like a duck... It sure as hell ain't a chicken!)
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:14:48 AM): if i had to do a therapy program they ask questions about who i talk to and what ages (Good good.)
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:15:55 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:16:04 AM): ya it does
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:16:32 AM): they make u take polygraph tests so i could lie about beign with someone like yout, but id fail the test (Further evidence that he sucks at lying. Continue reading for a rundown of what sex-offender therapy is like.)
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:16:36 AM): omg
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:17:09 AM): yeah they would ask questions like, Have u ever talked to any minors on the internet
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:17:28 AM): omg have you done this therapy before?
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:17:29 AM): or something like, what kinda things do u talk about when u go online with a girl
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:17:32 AM): sounds lame
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:17:36 AM): yeah a couple of times
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:17:46 AM): and i always failed the polygraph test
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:17:59 AM): u know what other kinda test they make u too?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:18:07 AM): what?
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:18:19 AM): its called a pothismograph machine
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:18:40 AM): where they hook a ring type thing around the penis and they show u pictures of naked woman and nakes boys
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:18:48 AM): and see how much you are turned on by them
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:18:59 AM): they range in age as young as 6
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:19:25 AM): then they have u try to see if u can change your thought and not be turned on by young girls or boys
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:19:30 AM): omg
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:19:55 AM): i was always turned on by young girls, even as young as 6
(This is one of the most disturbing lines I've ever read... And I'm shocked and dismayed that he was allowed out of sex offender therapy.)
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:20:06 AM): so you failed that too?
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:20:42 AM): yes cause of being aroused by little girls, but i was able to control urges properly though (Except when he's out in PUBLIC)
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:20:45 AM): althouth now its hard
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:20:50 AM): oh :(
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:21:17 AM): if scared that if i had a girl that i might get turned on if she wore a sexy dress
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:21:21 AM): i might touch her
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:21:29 AM): oh
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:21:43 AM): but only if she came on to me
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:21:52 AM): i know thats bad huh, u probably think im crazy huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:21:58 AM): no
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:22:11 AM): do u think its wrong for me to like girls who are only 6? (Yes, yes I do.)
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:22:42 AM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:22:47 AM): i guess you like what you like ya know?
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:22:50 AM): but dont worry cause i only love you
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:23:07 AM): k
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:23:08 AM): lets talk more about this tomorrow nite k
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:23:11 AM): ok
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:23:23 AM): i am going to bed now my love, wanna join me?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:23:28 AM): i cant :(
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:23:35 AM): it makes me sad when you ask and i cant
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:23:45 AM): i know or youd do it in a heartbeat huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:23:50 AM): i dont like being stad
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:23:51 AM): sad
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:23:53 AM): if i lived near you, i bet youd sneak out huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:24:06 AM): i dunno maybe
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:24:13 AM): well im going to bed, nite my love
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:24:17 AM): talk to u tomorrow nite
hhhhgoatsrock (02/11/07 2:24:19 AM): night
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:24:22 AM): nite my love
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:24:26 AM): willl miss you sexy
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:24:30 AM): work on getting more pics of yourself k
smileman74 (02/11/07 2:24:43 AM): :-*
hhhhgoatsrock (02/14/07 1:36:43 AM): :(
smileman74 (02/14/07 1:37:00 AM): hey love where u beeen?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/14/07 1:37:08 AM): my mom didnt want me online tonight
hhhhgoatsrock (02/14/07 1:37:15 AM): so i waited til she went to bed
smileman74 (02/14/07 1:37:27 AM): oh okay sorry i didnt get on last nite
hhhhgoatsrock (02/14/07 1:37:35 AM): its ok i missed you tho
smileman74 (02/14/07 1:37:58 AM): me too love
hhhhgoatsrock (02/14/07 1:38:05 AM): im tired tho
smileman74 (02/14/07 1:38:32 AM): i bet so am i, but have to do essay revison to turn in tomorrow
hhhhgoatsrock (02/14/07 1:38:49 AM): oh ok i will go to bed then
smileman74 (02/14/07 1:39:09 AM): okay my love, talk to u tomorrow nite k
hhhhgoatsrock (02/14/07 1:39:13 AM): ok later
smileman74 (02/14/07 1:39:15 AM): i loveyou always,
smileman74 (02/14/07 1:39:32 AM): late rmy love
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:21:29 AM): hi
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:21:34 AM): happy vday!
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:21:58 AM): thanks u too my love
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:22:34 AM): wish i coudl have spent it with you
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:22:43 AM): me too
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:22:54 AM): did u thnk about me while u saw people kissing?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:22:57 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:23:44 AM): me too, i wanted to do that with you
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:24:46 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:25:12 AM): >:D<:-*
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:25:25 AM): did any of your friends get valentines at school?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:25:33 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:29:05 AM): wish i could have sent u one
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:29:07 AM): would u have liked that?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:29:14 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:30:05 AM): maybe next year we can figure out a way to do it k?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:30:12 AM): k
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:30:46 AM): if u want me to send it to your school
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:31:02 AM): maybe ya
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:31:31 AM): if i did that would u have me make it anomonous, or with my name on it?
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:34:40 AM): >:D<:-*
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:35:03 AM): i duno
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:35:10 AM): thats like a year away lol
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:35:51 AM): true, what about your bday?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:36:18 AM): you missed it
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:36:51 AM): drats, well what other holiday can i send u something on?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:37:00 AM): umm i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:37:07 AM): whatever one you want lol
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:37:33 AM): what would u like, flowers, or what wouldu like?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:37:39 AM): flowers and balloons
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:38:01 AM): k but i wouldnt put my name on it k
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:38:08 AM): that way only u would know who they are from
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:38:19 AM): k
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:39:04 AM): like that ideal then?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:39:22 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:39:37 AM): okay sounds good then
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:39:48 AM): would u send me stufff too?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:39:53 AM): i dont have any money
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:40:10 AM): can u borrow some for like a card or something?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:41:47 AM): i dunno
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:42:03 AM): my bday is coming up on april 3rd love
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:42:06 AM): i know
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:42:22 AM): i could make you a card if i cant get money
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:42:30 AM): where should i mail it?
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:43:10 AM): mm i will let u know when times gets closer k love
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:43:19 AM): k
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:43:30 AM): i love you
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:43:39 AM): might have u send it to my friends place, so my parents dont get suspicous
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:43:46 AM): k
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:44:23 AM): i love you lots
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:44:28 AM): love you too
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:44:30 AM): u could also send a ecard too, i jsut now thought about that
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:45:01 AM): ever sent yahoo greetings?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:45:22 AM): no
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:45:29 AM): i will see what i can find k
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:45:49 AM): k
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:47:22 AM): your awesome
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:49:39 AM): u make me happy honey
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:49:54 AM): :)
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:53:00 AM): :-*:-*
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:53:01 AM): what u wearing?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:53:18 AM): pjs
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:54:52 AM): nice take them off k
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:55:00 AM): no
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:55:25 AM): awww why not?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 12:55:37 AM): cause my mom is still up
smileman74 (02/15/07 12:56:02 AM): bummer
smileman74 (02/15/07 1:00:27 AM): im jerking offf now
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 1:00:33 AM): oh lol
smileman74 (02/15/07 1:01:25 AM): hot huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 1:01:32 AM): i guess
smileman74 (02/15/07 1:08:01 AM): :-*
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 1:08:54 AM): :)
smileman74 (02/15/07 1:13:10 AM): so scale of 1-100 how much u want me?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 1:13:24 AM): ummmmmm
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 1:13:25 AM): lol
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 1:13:28 AM): alot
smileman74 (02/15/07 1:14:15 AM): cool
smileman74 (02/15/07 1:14:23 AM): like near 80 or higher yet
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 1:14:35 AM): lol probably that high
smileman74 (02/15/07 1:16:03 AM): gid
smileman74 (02/15/07 1:28:21 AM): i lovge you lots
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 1:28:44 AM): love you too
smileman74 (02/15/07 1:28:58 AM): god i want u so bad
smileman74 (02/15/07 1:33:41 AM): what u doing?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 1:33:47 AM): thinking im tired
smileman74 (02/15/07 1:34:26 AM): awww me too love,
smileman74 (02/15/07 1:35:03 AM): u goign to go to bed then?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 1:35:59 AM): soon
smileman74 (02/15/07 1:36:13 AM): k
smileman74 (02/15/07 1:36:15 AM): waiting for me huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 1:37:03 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/15/07 1:37:26 AM): awww thats sweet of you
smileman74 (02/15/07 1:37:31 AM): i get off in 20mins
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 1:38:07 AM): k
smileman74 (02/15/07 1:38:20 AM): :-*
smileman74 (02/15/07 1:40:48 AM): your the best love
smileman74 (02/15/07 1:59:12 AM): well i thnk im going to head to bed k
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 1:59:17 AM): k goodnight
smileman74 (02/15/07 1:59:46 AM): nite sexy, love you always
hhhhgoatsrock (02/15/07 1:59:55 AM): love you too
smileman74 (02/17/07 12:40:42 AM): hi there
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 12:42:46 AM): hi
smileman74 (02/17/07 12:43:11 AM): whats going on?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 12:43:27 AM): nm
smileman74 (02/17/07 12:44:02 AM): me either just got home
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 12:44:05 AM): i got a late bday present from my gramma
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 12:44:17 AM): so i guess thats cool
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 12:44:21 AM): where were you?
smileman74 (02/17/07 12:44:31 AM): what was that?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 12:44:44 AM): she sent me 100 bucks lol which is cool
smileman74 (02/17/07 12:45:08 AM): awesome and im at home now
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 12:45:22 AM): cool
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 12:45:30 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/17/07 12:46:04 AM): yeah i was at the legion
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 12:46:09 AM): cool
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 12:46:14 AM): oh that darts thing?
smileman74 (02/17/07 12:46:25 AM): no this was dancing to music
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 12:46:52 AM): oh cool
smileman74 (02/17/07 12:47:10 AM): yeah it was pop music
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 12:47:16 AM): cool
smileman74 (02/17/07 12:47:44 AM): yeah wish u could have slow danced with me
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 12:47:57 AM): me too
smileman74 (02/17/07 12:48:33 AM): it would be nice
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 12:48:49 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/17/07 12:49:11 AM): luv ya lots
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 12:49:20 AM): love you too
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 12:51:12 AM): i went to the stable with em today (I was decidedly tired of him, which is why I started hanging out at the stable... a lot)
smileman74 (02/17/07 12:51:36 AM): really oh cool sounds like fun
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 12:51:38 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 12:51:43 AM): lol its where we take lessons
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 12:51:52 AM): i guess her mom is taking lessons now too
smileman74 (02/17/07 12:52:25 AM): awesome
smileman74 (02/17/07 12:52:25 AM): wish i could
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 12:52:48 AM): that would be cool
smileman74 (02/17/07 12:53:35 AM): yeah could u teach me to ride?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 12:53:39 AM): lol i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 12:53:45 AM): you gotta have a horse
smileman74 (02/17/07 12:54:06 AM): oh u dont have one huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 12:54:09 AM): no
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 12:54:12 AM): i want one tho lol
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 12:54:14 AM): em is so lucky
smileman74 (02/17/07 12:54:44 AM): cool, can heavyset people ride horses? (Not if they want to be nice to the horse...)
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 12:54:50 AM): i guess so
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 12:54:53 AM): if you got a big horse (With really strong legs!)
smileman74 (02/17/07 12:55:07 AM): ic
smileman74 (02/17/07 12:56:49 AM): :-*
smileman74 (02/17/07 12:59:59 AM): what else u do today?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:00:10 AM): ummm the usual lol
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:00:19 AM): we had school
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:00:50 AM): oh fun i had school too
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:01:01 AM): i was very excited today for my english class
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:01:06 AM): why?
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:01:51 AM): becasue i thought i was goign to get like a \"B\" on my second essay
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:02:17 AM): instead i was shocked, when he wrote on my paper, that it was a breakthrough paper, I got a \"A\" on it
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:03:56 AM): omg cool!
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:04:34 AM): yeah i was bragging about it, thats my first A in english, this is my second try at taking this class
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:04:44 AM): last time i got all c's til the end, then i failed
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:05:10 AM): cool
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:05:49 AM): better watch out love i am very horny right now
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:07:21 AM): lol
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:08:06 AM): i am naked too
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:08:13 AM): omg
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:08:52 AM): u like?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:09:53 AM): lol i would be cold
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:10:14 AM): id keep u warm
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:11:27 AM): is yoru house cold?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:11:32 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:11:35 AM): mom doesnt like it hot
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:11:47 AM): how come?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:12:01 AM): cause she says it wastes energy when we can put on sweatshirts (No joke, my mom totally has this mindset, still.)
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:12:41 AM): so u wear sweatshirts alot then?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:13:55 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:13:58 AM): and sweatpants
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:14:41 AM): ic, how many blankets u wear at nite?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:14:48 AM): just one
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:14:51 AM): but i have a down comforter
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:15:07 AM): nice
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:16:29 AM): baby i want to rub u so bad
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:21:28 AM): :)
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:25:34 AM): cant wait to meet you, u figure out how to get to everett yet?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:25:42 AM): no not yet
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:25:52 AM): i hope u can do it
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:25:55 AM): i hope so too
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:26:09 AM): or id be bumemd cause then wed have to wait til summertime
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:26:14 AM): i know :(
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:28:56 AM): luv ya lots
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:29:04 AM): love you too
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:29:42 AM): thanks sexy,
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:29:49 AM): i think you should get more pics honey
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:29:54 AM): how when i dont have a cam?
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:30:17 AM): dont u have a regular camera?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:30:25 AM): ya but no scanner
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:30:31 AM): and no money to get pics developed :(
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:30:44 AM): bummer sweetheart
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:30:49 AM): :(
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:30:50 AM): maybe someday soon
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:30:55 AM): well i guess i have the money from gramma
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:31:06 AM): but then i gotta get them scanned
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:31:09 AM): wish i could send u a digital camera
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:31:12 AM): me too
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:31:18 AM): maybe i could get one with the money
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:31:28 AM): yeah i think u can get them for under 100 now right?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:31:31 AM): i dunno
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:32:07 AM): have to look into it
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:32:11 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:32:35 AM): cool u can spend the moneyon whatever u want right?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:33:06 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:33:16 AM): cool
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:33:37 AM): yeah that woudl be cool, then u could email me pics
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:33:43 AM): straight from the digital camera
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:34:33 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:35:07 AM): that would be awesome, then u could let me see your pussy from the camera
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:35:10 AM): then delte it huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:36:13 AM): i guess but why?
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:36:37 AM): so i can have it foever to look at when yoru not with me
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:36:42 AM): then u can take one of my dick too when we meet
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:36:45 AM): :D
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:36:49 AM): lol
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:37:01 AM): sound like a plan?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:37:07 AM): i guess lol
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:37:20 AM): k
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:42:34 AM): are u getting tired again?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:42:41 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:42:42 AM): im sick
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:42:54 AM): awww catching the cold or flu?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:43:02 AM): i think a cold
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:43:11 AM): k lets hope its just a cold
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:43:51 AM): me too
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:44:20 AM): yeah
smileman74 (02/17/07 1:49:50 AM): maybe u should go get your rest now love
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:49:57 AM): ya i think i will
hhhhgoatsrock (02/17/07 1:49:58 AM): goodnight
smileman74 (02/17/07 9:08:54 AM): nite
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:25:01 AM): hey baby whats up?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:25:12 AM): nm you?
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:25:37 AM): nm just chillin
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:25:44 AM): cool
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:25:57 AM): yeah missing u lots too
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:26:08 AM): me too
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:26:20 AM): wishing u were here now
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:26:25 AM): me too
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:27:02 AM): yeah it would be nice to cuddle with u righgt now im cold
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:27:32 AM): me too!
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:27:49 AM): aww im sorry
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:28:16 AM): i got cool news tho
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:28:18 AM): :D
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:28:26 AM): really waht is the news?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:28:36 AM): em told me today that her mom found a horse she really thinks she wants to buy
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:28:55 AM): awesome
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:28:56 AM): you wanna know where it is?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:28:58 AM): :D
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:29:00 AM): yeah where is it?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:29:03 AM): bellingham!
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:29:13 AM): well its like by bellingham
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:29:19 AM): but her mom said i can go too
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:29:32 AM): :D
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:29:39 AM): and my mom said i can go
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:29:39 AM): really that mean u can meet me then?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:29:43 AM): maybe
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:29:44 AM): :D
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:29:57 AM): that woudl be cool when woudl that happen?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:30:01 AM): i dunno yet
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:30:07 AM): like maybe next week
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:30:19 AM): cool make sure u let me know k
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:30:41 AM): since its so far em said we are going to stay the night in bellingham and then go look at the horse the next day (We had finally figured out how to get him arrested in his own jurisdiction since it was damn clear he wasn't going to be able to come to mine. )
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:31:02 AM): oh right on, who would she be with?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:31:10 AM): her mom
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:31:25 AM): will u be able to get away then to meet me during the day?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:31:30 AM): ummm maybe
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:31:44 AM): cool i hope so
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:31:47 AM): :)
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:31:47 AM): i owuld love tomeet u sooner
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:31:54 AM): me too!
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:31:56 AM): i was so excited
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:32:19 AM): then that could replace our spring break meeti9n ghuh?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:32:28 AM): replace it? :(
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:32:38 AM): well or both
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:32:42 AM): lol ya
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:33:17 AM): if u can find a way to everett
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:33:20 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:33:27 AM): i will let you know tho bout the horse thing
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:33:41 AM): okay cool, where aboutrs in bellingham is it?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:33:44 AM): mom said if i want a horse i should learn how to choose one
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:33:46 AM): i dunno yet
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:34:02 AM): ems mom just said we were going to be by bellingham
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:34:10 AM): but stay in bellingham
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:34:25 AM): ic well ihope its during the day, im only in town during the day k
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:34:29 AM): k
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:35:20 AM): i hope its on like a friday cause i only have one class that day, i get done by 1pm (Thanks for the tip!)
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:35:24 AM): could spend a few hours with u on a friday
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:35:40 AM): that would be cool
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:36:04 AM): i will find out more tomorrow and let you know
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:36:18 AM): i cant wait!
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:36:27 AM): yeah that would be hot, we could meet at a park or something
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:36:35 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:36:51 AM): or at bellis fair mall
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:37:32 AM): i will let you know whats by the hotel so i can get there when i know what hotel we are staying at k?
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:38:01 AM): sounds good, maybe we coudl fool around in the hotel during the day
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:38:09 AM): that would be cool
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:40:47 AM): yeah it woudl be, that way wed be protected from the rain
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:40:55 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:41:46 AM): would be nice, hope its close by wehre i go to school at
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:42:05 AM): lol that would be cool
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:42:07 AM): i dunno tho
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:42:25 AM): yeah i hope we can meet hten
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:42:31 AM): me too!
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:43:26 AM): yeah would be hot
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:44:43 AM): i love you so much, and i cant wait to share my love with u
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:45:05 AM): :D
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:45:06 AM): i cant wait
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:45:23 AM): yes it will be hot, does em know about me and u?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:45:38 AM): no
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:45:54 AM): if i meet you, are u goign to tell her?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:46:29 AM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:46:34 AM): lol
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:46:41 AM): maybe shed get turend on by me too huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:48:13 AM): lol i dunno
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:48:40 AM): what if she did?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:48:47 AM): i dont wanna tell her about you :(
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:48:52 AM): she might tell her mom
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:48:57 AM): i dunno tho
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:49:09 AM): but her mom is going to be around her too though when you come up here
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:49:26 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:49:31 AM): i can tell them i dont feel good tho
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:49:47 AM): and stay behind
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:49:48 AM): then while they are gone we can go to yoru hotel room?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:49:53 AM): ya if you want
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:50:30 AM): yeah that would be hot, but what if they came back and caughtme?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:51:37 AM): i dunno
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:51:55 AM): is it safe for us to go there?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:52:03 AM): whatever you want
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:52:15 AM): yeah might be best huh
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:53:49 AM): i love you (I threw him a bone.)
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:54:32 AM): love you too
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:54:46 AM): so u are finally able to say that to me huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:54:50 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:55:13 AM): that is awesome im gald, your feelings have grown for me huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:55:22 AM): ya i guess
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:55:44 AM): cool im glad
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:58:15 AM): what u wearing love?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:58:22 AM): pjs
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:58:35 AM): nice u should strip the bottom half off
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 12:58:42 AM): no its cold here
smileman74 (02/19/07 12:59:28 AM): its okay love
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 1:04:48 AM): i gotta go to bed
hhhhgoatsrock (02/19/07 1:04:50 AM): goodnight
smileman74 (02/19/07 8:05:23 AM): okay nite let me know when your coming and what hotel k and what day, i hope its monday or friday
smileman74 (02/22/07 12:03:56 AM): hi
hhhhgoatsrock (02/22/07 12:04:01 AM): hi
smileman74 (02/22/07 12:04:25 AM): how are u doing?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/22/07 12:04:30 AM): im ok
smileman74 (02/22/07 12:05:20 AM): what did u find out about coming to bellingham to get that horse?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/22/07 12:05:33 AM): i dunno when its gonna happen
hhhhgoatsrock (02/22/07 12:05:35 AM): i hope friday
smileman74 (02/22/07 12:06:06 AM): i wish it was next week cause friday is very busy and so is saturday
smileman74 (02/22/07 12:06:12 AM): i wish it coudl be next weekend
hhhhgoatsrock (02/22/07 12:06:24 AM): i havent heard if its gonna be this weekend or not so maybe it will be
hhhhgoatsrock (02/22/07 12:06:33 AM): k
smileman74 (02/22/07 12:06:56 AM): yeah that woudl better for me anyways, then we could meet
smileman74 (02/22/07 12:07:05 AM): cause this friday is so busy
smileman74 (02/22/07 12:07:23 AM): :-*:-*
hhhhgoatsrock (02/22/07 12:07:37 AM): k
smileman74 (02/22/07 12:07:54 AM): luv ya sexy
smileman74 (02/22/07 12:09:17 AM): wish u were here with me now, im so horny
hhhhgoatsrock (02/22/07 12:09:22 AM): me too
smileman74 (02/22/07 12:09:45 AM): really how horny are u?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/22/07 12:09:50 AM): lol no i wish iwas there
smileman74 (02/22/07 12:10:12 AM): oh okay bummer
smileman74 (02/22/07 12:12:00 AM): luv ya honey
hhhhgoatsrock (02/22/07 12:18:30 AM): you too
smileman74 (02/22/07 12:18:59 AM): i want to be in your arms and protecting you from strangers
hhhhgoatsrock (02/22/07 12:19:04 AM): :)
smileman74 (02/22/07 12:20:17 AM): i want to make love to you
hhhhgoatsrock (02/22/07 12:20:24 AM): i cant wait
smileman74 (02/22/07 12:20:57 AM): yeah maybe in that friends hotel huh
hhhhgoatsrock (02/22/07 12:21:21 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/22/07 12:22:06 AM): i hope it happens and i hope its not this weekedn, maybe next wekend instead (He was trying to dictate the date of the meet... That wasn't working so well for us.)
hhhhgoatsrock (02/22/07 12:22:15 AM): k
smileman74 (02/22/07 12:25:16 AM): whenever it happens it is going to be a hot time together
hhhhgoatsrock (02/22/07 12:25:25 AM): lol ya
smileman74 (02/22/07 12:27:33 AM): :-*:-*
smileman74 (02/22/07 12:33:09 AM): what u wearing sexy?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/22/07 12:40:35 AM): pjs
smileman74 (02/22/07 12:41:05 AM): i naked like always babe
hhhhgoatsrock (02/22/07 12:41:21 AM): lol
smileman74 (02/22/07 12:43:32 AM): i want u so bad
smileman74 (02/22/07 12:43:32 AM): i can explode right now
hhhhgoatsrock (02/22/07 12:43:50 AM): :(
smileman74 (02/22/07 12:44:17 AM): i know u want to taste it huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/22/07 12:44:22 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/22/07 12:44:48 AM): ic
smileman74 (02/22/07 12:51:08 AM): i love you more then words can expresss
smileman74 (02/23/07 12:53:02 AM): hi
hhhhgoatsrock (02/23/07 12:54:32 AM): hiya
hhhhgoatsrock (02/23/07 12:54:43 AM): its not gonna be this week :(
smileman74 (02/23/07 12:55:17 AM): how are u doing tonight, love of my life
smileman74 (02/23/07 12:55:23 AM): u mean everything to me
smileman74 (02/23/07 12:56:06 AM): well this week is almost over, so i wouldnt be able to do it this week remember?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/23/07 12:56:22 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (02/23/07 12:56:29 AM): i guess its good that im not gonna be there then
smileman74 (02/23/07 12:57:12 AM): so its okay dont cry love, you will get her soon
smileman74 (02/23/07 12:57:12 AM): :D
hhhhgoatsrock (02/23/07 12:57:53 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/23/07 12:58:02 AM): yeah i have a doctors appointment right after school tomorrow
hhhhgoatsrock (02/23/07 12:58:19 AM): oh i see
hhhhgoatsrock (02/23/07 12:58:22 AM): are you okay?
smileman74 (02/23/07 12:59:31 AM): yes its for me to get on some sort of ssi (So he was going to try to get money from the government for being obese and failing to control his salt intake. Grand.)
hhhhgoatsrock (02/23/07 12:59:45 AM): oh
smileman74 (02/23/07 12:59:50 AM): since i have a hard time being able to stand or sit for long periods of time, my joints are messsed up thanks to my gout
hhhhgoatsrock (02/23/07 12:59:55 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (02/23/07 1:00:05 AM): whats gout?
smileman74 (02/23/07 1:00:25 AM): its something that affects your legs and joints, and sometimes u can get swelling from it
hhhhgoatsrock (02/23/07 1:00:32 AM): oh that sounds yucky
smileman74 (02/23/07 1:00:37 AM): i also have a partial blockage in my left lung too
hhhhgoatsrock (02/23/07 1:00:40 AM): :(
smileman74 (02/23/07 1:00:53 AM): yeah it is, i have a hard time getting my sock on my left foot, caue i cant bend it up
hhhhgoatsrock (02/23/07 1:01:26 AM): :(
smileman74 (02/23/07 1:01:58 AM): i know your babie is in bad shape, but youd take care of me huh? (Oh I won't... but the state will.)
hhhhgoatsrock (02/23/07 1:02:06 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/23/07 1:03:09 AM): thanks thats why i love you, but dotn worry all of this does not affect making love baby
hhhhgoatsrock (02/23/07 1:03:44 AM): oh ok
smileman74 (02/23/07 1:04:40 AM): :-*:-*
smileman74 (02/23/07 1:06:01 AM): dont ever let me go
hhhhgoatsrock (02/23/07 1:06:06 AM): k i wont
smileman74 (02/23/07 1:06:18 AM): i want u forever and ever til we both die
hhhhgoatsrock (02/23/07 1:06:44 AM): :)
smileman74 (02/23/07 1:09:01 AM): we are going to be very happy
smileman74 (02/23/07 1:13:00 AM): u already are very happy huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/23/07 1:13:38 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/23/07 1:14:07 AM): can u ever picture yourself with anyone but me?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/23/07 1:14:28 AM): ya before but not now
smileman74 (02/23/07 1:14:46 AM): aww thanks, so im the only one for u then?
smileman74 (02/23/07 1:20:36 AM): so wahts new in your life, am i on your mind all the time?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/23/07 1:21:57 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (02/23/07 1:22:00 AM): im going to bed tho
smileman74 (02/23/07 1:22:21 AM): okay honey, goodnite wish i was joining u tonight
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:41:54 AM): boo
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:44:23 AM): your up late huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:45:40 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:45:50 AM): cool sorry im so late
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:45:54 AM): its ok
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:45:57 AM): i was about to go to bed
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:46:02 AM): so whats goign on with you beautiful?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:46:07 AM): im tired
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:46:18 AM): awww can u stay on a little bit longer for me?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:46:26 AM): ya but not long
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:46:42 AM): okay thanks my love, ive misssed u so much
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:46:50 AM): about 10 or 15mins k
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:46:52 AM): k
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:46:54 AM): i missed you too
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:47:05 AM): so like maybe til midnite?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:47:11 AM): maybe ya
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:47:12 AM): >:D<:-*:-*
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:47:28 AM): so u find out when your friend is coming to bellingham to get the horse?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:47:33 AM): not yet
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:47:44 AM): i guess the guy was out of town this weekend or something
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:47:55 AM): awww okay honey, are u sure your going to come with them?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:47:59 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:48:05 AM): lol i wouldnt miss it!
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:48:25 AM): since it will be so close to where i live at huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:48:34 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:49:14 AM): i can picture yoru reaction when you heard they were coming to bellingham to pick up the horse huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:49:22 AM): lol ya
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:50:21 AM): does your freind know u have a friend who lives in bellingham?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:50:28 AM): no
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:50:52 AM): ic, so did she ask why u wanted to go with them?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:50:54 AM): no
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:51:01 AM): i ride with her and take lessons
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:51:06 AM): she asked if i wanted to go
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:51:13 AM): she hates long trips with her mom lol
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:51:19 AM): :-*:-* awww thats great
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:51:24 AM): she same age as u?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:51:27 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:51:43 AM): thats cool, i bet u wish u had a horse huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:51:51 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:51:55 AM): i got minni tho
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:52:12 AM): yeah maybe someday me and u can buy a horse for you
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:52:23 AM): :)
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:52:58 AM): id do anything to help make u a happy person
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:53:23 AM): :)
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:54:02 AM): cause yoru my special angel, almost like a daughter to me
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:54:07 AM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:54:13 AM): i dont wanna be your daughter tho
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:54:25 AM): it reminds me of my dad and i get sad
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:54:41 AM): okay well im your boyfriend but like a dad k?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:55:11 AM): no it makes me think of my dad and i get sad
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:55:22 AM): okay then just your boyfreind then
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:55:24 AM): k
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:55:41 AM): i love you lots gf
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:56:44 AM): yoru always on my mind baby
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:57:25 AM): your on mine too but i gotta go to bed
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:57:26 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:57:30 AM): im like fallin asleep
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:57:52 AM): aww okay if u were here, you coudl fall asleep in my arms
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:57:57 AM): i know :)
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:58:11 AM): nite my love, it will soon i h ope
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:58:16 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:58:19 AM): sleep tightly and be safee k
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:58:24 AM): you too
hhhhgoatsrock (02/25/07 1:58:25 AM): night
smileman74 (02/25/07 1:58:34 AM): talk to u soon, email me sometime
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:23:43 AM): hi
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:23:47 AM): hiya!
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:23:55 AM): whats going on my love?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:23:58 AM): nm
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:23:59 AM): im tired
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:24:11 AM): really awww im sorry my love
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:25:41 AM): I LOVE YOU BEAUTIFUL
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:25:46 AM): :D
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:26:13 AM): your my sexy honeybuns
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:27:37 AM): :)
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:27:50 AM): have u ever heard the cupcake song?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:28:13 AM): no
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:28:42 AM): oh i wish u had myspace, can u go sign up for myspace, then id share the video with you
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:29:27 AM): i have one
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:29:52 AM): really u do?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:30:31 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:30:34 AM): i dont add anyone
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:30:46 AM): would u add me on your myspace?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:30:58 AM): i dont add anyone til i know them in person
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:31:16 AM): well can u send me the link to your page?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:31:27 AM):
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:32:25 AM): thanks sexy
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:32:54 AM): so its set to private huh, would u allow me to add you, u dont have to add me yet though?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:33:07 AM): no
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:33:08 AM): :(
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:33:28 AM): bummer my love
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:33:31 AM): do u have a few pics on your page?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:33:34 AM): no
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:34:02 AM): ic sweetheart, well i luv ya k
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:34:57 AM): >:D<:-*:-* kisses u all over your body
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:36:09 AM): :)
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:36:25 AM): cant wait to be able to do that to u for real
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:36:28 AM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:36:34 AM): when do you wanna?
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:37:18 AM): on that weekdn your friend comes and gets the horse
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:37:23 AM): k
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:37:28 AM): i think that might be this weekend
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:37:50 AM): oh wow really okay make sure u let me know by the time we talk k
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:37:56 AM): like by email friday
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:38:02 AM): or u think they will be here friday?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:38:35 AM): i will let you know
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:38:57 AM): thanks sweetheart, i wish it was the following weekdn though
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:39:22 AM): cause i have a doctors appointment when i get out of school on friday
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:39:27 AM): but nothing saturday
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:40:17 AM): but would only be able to visit for an hour or so, i have school friday but can visit on saturday
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:41:04 AM): what bout thursday?
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:41:46 AM): well id be able to visit this thursday between classes, my first class ends at like 10:30 but dont have to be back until 2:30
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:41:49 AM): so that might work too
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:41:55 AM): k
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:42:41 AM): so i could stay in the hotel from like noon til 2, unless u wanna go to that park bathroom?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:42:52 AM): whatever lol
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:43:07 AM): so you would do both places then?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:43:16 AM): i guess
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:43:31 AM): probably meet at my school or at the mall
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:44:06 AM): omg im scared of getting lost
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:44:07 AM): :(
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:44:23 AM): where would we meet at then?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:44:47 AM): werent we gonna meet at a park before?
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:45:14 AM): yeah the park that is right off of *edited* close to the freeway, called *Edited*
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:45:30 AM): oh cool
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:45:32 AM): is it easy to get to?
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:45:54 AM): yeah its right on the bus line
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:45:57 AM): cool
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:45:58 AM): :D
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:45:59 AM): the 15 and the 4 or 3
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:46:07 AM): ok
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:46:36 AM): yeah so u can ask someone how to get on the 15, then ask the driver where the park is
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:46:42 AM): is that like by your college?
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:47:10 AM): its about a 10min bus ride for me
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:47:14 AM): down the road from it
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:47:22 AM): cool
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:48:24 AM): yeah so wed have fun,
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:48:30 AM): yay!
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:49:20 AM): i am getting hard just thinking about u naked with me
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:49:58 AM): :)
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:50:09 AM): hope u touch it alot when we meet
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:50:15 AM): lol ok
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:50:28 AM): and i willsuck your nipples too
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:50:31 AM): :)
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:52:01 AM): u like that huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:52:07 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:52:15 AM): ever had a guy do that?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:52:19 AM): ni
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:52:21 AM): no
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:52:33 AM): glad i can be yoru first then
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:53:55 AM): :)
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:54:20 AM): i love being risky too, by doing things in the restroom
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:54:25 AM): lol ok
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:55:28 AM): can u bring a blanket?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:55:41 AM): ummm i dunno
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:56:06 AM): try cause the floor is kinda cool
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:56:11 AM): its concrete
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:57:16 AM): oh
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:57:28 AM): i dont think i can unless i bring one from the hotel and that would look funny lol
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:57:33 AM): :-*:-*:-*:-*:-*
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:57:42 AM): can you?
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:57:51 AM): well try to unless u dotn mind that cold floor?
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:58:00 AM): no cause i dont have anyplace to carry it, id look funny too
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:58:10 AM): oh
smileman74 (02/27/07 12:58:43 AM): yeah of course once we get goign, we will be hot right away
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 12:58:55 AM): lol
smileman74 (02/27/07 1:00:00 AM): your the best love
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 1:00:13 AM): i gotta go
smileman74 (02/27/07 1:00:14 AM): we might just do kissing, cuddling and some touching the first time though k
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 1:00:27 AM): whatever you wanna do
smileman74 (02/27/07 1:00:29 AM): okay bye let me know for sure k
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 1:00:40 AM): k
smileman74 (02/27/07 1:00:40 AM): sounds good love you, let me know for sure on wednesday k
smileman74 (02/27/07 1:00:44 AM): i migiht not be online tomorow nite
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 1:00:47 AM): k
hhhhgoatsrock (02/27/07 1:00:51 AM): i got riding tomorrow anyway
smileman74 (02/27/07 1:00:52 AM): so see you on wednesday
smileman74 (02/27/07 11:38:07 PM): okay nite my love
smileman74 (02/28/07 12:03:48 AM): hi
smileman74 (02/28/07 12:07:24 AM): your here too huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 12:07:55 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/28/07 12:08:07 AM): nice
smileman74 (02/28/07 12:12:17 AM): love ya
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 12:12:21 AM): you too
smileman74 (02/28/07 12:12:56 AM): any word yet for thursday?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 12:14:30 AM): i think it might be friday
smileman74 (02/28/07 12:14:51 AM): damnit i hope not, i hope its next week instead
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 12:15:42 AM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 12:15:45 AM): you cant get away on friday?
smileman74 (02/28/07 12:16:36 AM): no i have a doctors appointment after school at 1:30, and those last over 2hrs normally
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 12:17:10 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 12:17:14 AM): what about during the day?
smileman74 (02/28/07 12:17:48 AM): well i have class at 9:30am until 10:30, then the next one from 11:30 until 1
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 12:18:02 AM): oh ok
smileman74 (02/28/07 12:19:00 AM): so i hope the pick up is next week instead
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 12:19:12 AM): i dunno
smileman74 (02/28/07 12:19:31 AM): i hope it is, next week woudl be better love, cause thats not enough time to meet and get back to class
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 12:22:46 AM): i dunno
smileman74 (02/28/07 12:23:21 AM): god i hope so cause it would be a bummer missing the chance to spend time with u
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 12:23:44 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/28/07 12:24:21 AM): especially when youd be so close to me
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 12:24:39 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/28/07 12:28:32 AM): we will figure it out, i crosss my fingers that its for next week, or thursday
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 12:28:38 AM): k
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 12:28:41 AM): i will see
smileman74 (02/28/07 12:29:13 AM): k thanks love, your the best, i at least want to see u for a half hour if anything at all
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 12:29:36 AM): k
smileman74 (02/28/07 12:30:04 AM): we could kiss and cuddle in that time
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 12:30:21 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/28/07 12:34:07 AM): that woudl be fun huh?
smileman74 (02/28/07 12:34:54 AM): brb honey
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 12:35:45 AM): k
smileman74 (02/28/07 12:41:55 AM): i love you, im just lokign for my pin number for my financial aide app
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 12:42:41 AM): oh ok
smileman74 (02/28/07 12:56:59 AM): sorry i froze up
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 12:57:05 AM): its ok
smileman74 (02/28/07 12:57:14 AM): i love you
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 12:57:26 AM): you too
smileman74 (02/28/07 12:57:52 AM): wish u were in my arms tonight
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 12:58:11 AM): me too
smileman74 (02/28/07 12:58:36 AM): woudl be nice huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:01:01 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:01:12 AM): you so sweet and lovable
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:06:40 AM): and you make my life very happy
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:06:48 AM): :)
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:07:19 AM): are u ticklish love?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:07:28 AM): a little
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:07:47 AM): im ticklish all over
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:08:40 AM): i know you told me
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:09:07 AM): i know me and my big mouth huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:09:13 AM): lol ya
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:10:19 AM): stupid mouth, (Let's all hope he can keep it shut in prison.)
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:10:51 AM): now you will be able to torture me
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:10:55 AM): lol
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:13:24 AM): i am hard rightnow
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:13:48 AM): :)(
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:14:12 AM): i know u want to touch it huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:14:16 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:14:26 AM): soon baby soon
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:14:35 AM): what if its friday/
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:15:41 AM): then we wont have any time to do much unless u sit next to me somewhere and kinda reach down and rub me under a table at the school
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:16:05 AM): omg i dont wanna go to your school :(
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:16:29 AM): i got lost once in reno at the the college there and i thought i was never gonna find my mom :(
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:17:14 AM): mine is not a regular college, its only a community college, only 3 buildings and they are together, u wouldtn get lost
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:17:23 AM): just ask how to get to wcc
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:17:24 AM): noooooo
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:17:27 AM): im scared :(
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:17:32 AM): why?
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:17:42 AM): please honey if its friday thats the only place to meet
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:17:56 AM): why cant we do it at the park?
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:18:51 AM): well maybe but i got that drs appointment at 1:30, have it no later then 1
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:19:01 AM): that might last for 1hr
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:19:26 AM): huh?
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:19:40 AM): if its friday i have a drs appointment love
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:19:48 AM): i know
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:19:54 AM): maybe after it, but my bus leaves at 3:3o
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:20:05 AM): 3:30, but i dont know how long the appt. lasts
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:20:18 AM): oh
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:20:29 AM): why not between 1030 and 1130
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:21:12 AM): well it takes like 15mins to get down to the park and i cant be late for class
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:21:17 AM): it wold be a quickie
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:21:29 AM): but at least i would get to see you right?
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:21:47 AM): true so maybe
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:24:12 AM): :D
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:24:24 AM): will try my best mabye we can at least hug and kiss huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:24:30 AM): ya
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:25:03 AM): and i might be able to suck your tits and rub your pussy too and u might be able to suck me while we are in the restroom at the park
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:25:11 AM): :)
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:25:46 AM): would be real quick though
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:26:05 AM): it would be cool even if it was fast
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:26:18 AM): is there more then 1 bathroom at the park?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:26:39 AM): or is it a little park?
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:27:10 AM): there is a girls and guys restroom both under a picnic area, next to a playground
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:27:24 AM): so where do you want me to wait for you?
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:27:49 AM): at oneof the picnic tables under the cover
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:27:51 AM): ok
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:27:52 AM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:28:03 AM): i cant wait!
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:28:07 AM): then we can sneak into the mens room
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:28:09 AM): k
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:28:25 AM): no one is around this time of year normally, so it should be easy to get u in there
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:28:30 AM): ok
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:28:44 AM): i bet im making u wet huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:29:20 AM): ummm a little
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:29:31 AM): try touching yourself quick k
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:29:45 AM): no thats lame :(
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:29:55 AM): im tired tho
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:29:57 AM): i gotta go to bed
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:29:58 AM): after we fool around, yoru goign to want to do it lots
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:30:01 AM): lol ok
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:30:13 AM): u will probably masturbate at home after we meet
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:30:21 AM): cuase u will like the feelign of something in there
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:30:31 AM): lol i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:30:34 AM): i gotta go tho
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:30:35 AM): im tired
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:30:37 AM): your tired huh, okay nite sweetie, i cant wait to meet you
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:30:41 AM): i will let you know bout friday
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:30:43 AM): awww okay nite honey, love you lots, cant wait
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:30:50 AM): okay yes let me know if its friday or next week k
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:30:52 AM): me netiher
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:30:53 AM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:30:54 AM): k
hhhhgoatsrock (02/28/07 1:30:55 AM): night
smileman74 (02/28/07 1:30:57 AM): nite honey
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:01:02 AM): HI
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:01:09 AM): hiya!!!!!!!!!!!
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:01:11 AM): i got good news
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:01:16 AM): its friday!
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:01:16 AM): :D
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:01:18 AM): i cant wait!
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:02:18 AM): cool so i would get down at school at 10:20. so would be at park by 11 or so k
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:02:23 AM): k that works :)
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:02:31 AM): i will figure out how to get there from the hotel
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:02:39 AM): you gonna bring me anything :)
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:02:48 AM): ?
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:02:50 AM): or like 10:45, i have to be back at class by 11:30 though
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:02:54 AM): i got you a surprise today :)
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:02:57 AM): no i am broke sorry
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:03:05 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:03:21 AM): its a late vday present :(
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:03:29 AM): really tahts hot
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:04:12 AM): i was hoping i could have something to take home and look at and think bout you
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:04:44 AM): awww im sorry but i dont have any pics of me
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:04:51 AM): doesnt have to be a pic
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:05:02 AM): like what u want a piece of my clothes or something?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:05:23 AM): ummm how bout we trade valentines?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:05:25 AM): :D
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:05:43 AM): i am giving u my body baby
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:06:00 AM): but i cant take that home and look at it and remember you :(
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:06:35 AM): dou have a camera?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:06:39 AM): no
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:06:44 AM): do you?
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:07:02 AM): i did but cant find it
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:07:08 AM): oh
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:07:13 AM): what about one of the disposable ones?
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:07:29 AM): dont have money to buy one, can u get one?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:07:44 AM): i think they are like 3 bucks :(
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:07:57 AM): i spent my money on your present :(
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:08:15 AM): i know but i am complety broke til after april
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:08:25 AM): omg omg omg!! i know!
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:08:31 AM): i am so sorry love
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:08:53 AM): you could make me a card :)
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:09:26 AM): true i will think about it k love
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:09:32 AM): think about it?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:09:35 AM): :(
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:10:20 AM): i have to see if the card program works still okay love (I wanted him to bring me something... ANYTHING.)
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:10:23 AM): its ok i just wanted something i could put under my pillow and think about you
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:10:28 AM): i will make u a late valentines day card
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:10:30 AM): k
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:10:36 AM): awww thats sweet love
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:11:13 AM): :)
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:12:23 AM): its going to be great, maybe i can be late to my class too, or skip the next class
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:12:30 AM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:12:34 AM): that would be cool
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:13:05 AM): or could we meet after my drs appointment, or do u want it to be earlier?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:13:17 AM): i was hoping for earlier
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:13:32 AM): we are coming in on thursday night and they are gonna go look at the horses on friday
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:13:56 AM): ic just dotn seem like much time, but even 15mins is better then nothing right?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:14:01 AM): ya
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:14:48 AM): okay that might be all we have time for k?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:15:02 AM): k
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:15:11 AM): i love you so much
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:15:45 AM): i love you too
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:16:02 AM): :-*:-* what hotel u staying in?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:16:05 AM): i dunno
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:16:35 AM): find otu k and i will tell u where to get the bus at, it woudl be the number 4 or 3 bus, its *Edited*
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:16:44 AM): k
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:16:54 AM): i wont be on tomorrow tho
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:17:02 AM): unless i can get ems mom to let me use her comp
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:17:12 AM): maybe or u can email me before u leave right?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:17:28 AM): i guess but it wont matter cause i cant get email once im there lol
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:17:56 AM): wont the people at the desk at the hotel know?
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:18:06 AM): they should be able to help u love
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:18:11 AM): k
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:18:53 AM): everything will be great, but im worried about cops that patrol the park though
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:20:03 AM): people talk in parks all the time lol what are they gonna do?
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:20:33 AM): thats true
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:20:58 AM): lol im good at sneakin around
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:21:17 AM): cool honey
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:21:43 AM): im so excited!
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:22:16 AM): probably getting horny huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:22:20 AM): a lil
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:24:45 AM): whats wrong?
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:25:27 AM): just worried that we will get caught and i will go to jail
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:25:34 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:25:45 AM): your not gonna tell anyone are you?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:25:50 AM): i would get grounded forever
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:26:21 AM): im not planning on it love
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:26:25 AM): k
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:26:27 AM): but people look at what goes on though
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:27:01 AM): so now you dont even wanna meet me?
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:27:31 AM): no im goign to be there, but just a little worried is all
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:27:35 AM): k
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:30:15 AM): i am naked again
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:30:19 AM): lol really?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:30:24 AM): i gotta go to bed soon
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:31:06 AM): yeah i am naked
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:32:23 AM): cool
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:32:32 AM): i am going to go to bed soon too
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:32:34 AM): k
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:33:19 AM): wish we coudl spedn the nite together
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:33:22 AM): me too
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:34:31 AM): that woudl be so hot
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:34:58 AM): i know!
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:37:28 AM): i cant wait to meet you
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:37:38 AM): i cant wait to meet you!
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:37:47 AM): i will try to get on tomorrow night on ems moms computer
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:37:50 AM): i dunno tho
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:38:05 AM): okay please try even if its from the hotel k
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:38:19 AM): k if im not tho its cause she wouldnt let me :(
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:38:38 AM): k
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:38:48 AM): but i will be there too
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:39:35 AM): okay i hope so id be disppointed if i dotn see u there
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:39:43 AM): u remember where i said to meet at right?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:39:48 AM): ya in the picnic tables
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:40:21 AM): yes right under the covered area next to the playground stuff
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:40:45 AM): k
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:41:19 AM): so i get out of classs once again at 10:20 will get down there on the bus at 10:40
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:41:23 AM): k
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:41:34 AM): i will get there at 1030 just in case :D
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:41:50 AM): sounds good sweetie,
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:42:10 AM): i am not sure waht i will wear, are u going to wear a skirt for me?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:42:43 AM): isnt it gonna be cold?
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:43:19 AM): yeah but id warm your body with mine
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:43:25 AM): not while im waiting for you lol
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:43:26 AM): i want easy access to your pussy baby
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:43:45 AM): okay wear sweatpants over the skirt or change in restroom then
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:43:48 AM): k
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:44:20 AM): can u wear sweatpants over a skirt?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:44:34 AM): ummm not really
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:44:38 AM): i can wear them under it though
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:44:44 AM): i will look like a dork tho lol
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:44:59 AM): its okay, and dont wear panties eitiher k
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:45:03 AM): k
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:45:11 AM): your gonna bring me a card?
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:45:25 AM): yes cause youve been a good girl
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:45:28 AM): yay!
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:45:56 AM): how good of girl are u?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:45:59 AM): lol i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:46:04 AM): not very if i dont go to bed soon
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:46:08 AM): i gotta get up in the morning
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:46:22 AM): what time u leaving at?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:46:29 AM): after school
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:47:02 AM): okay well nite then love, i will bring the card if u have sweats and skirt on with no panties
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:47:06 AM): k
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:47:11 AM): nite
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:47:13 AM): night!
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:47:17 AM): try to come online tomorrow nite though if u can
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:47:20 AM): k
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:47:33 AM): love what color top willu have on, or coat type?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:47:40 AM): my jacket is green
smileman74 (03/01/07 1:47:58 AM): k talk to u soon if we dotn talk then see you on friday at 10:30 or so
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:48:00 AM): k
hhhhgoatsrock (03/01/07 1:48:05 AM): night!

(Kevin showed at the park. He walked around and looked for \"me\" and walked with a shuffle as he was photographed by the police. There were some very good reasons for waiting to take him into custody at this point in the chat.)

hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 12:22:28 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:13:45 AM): im back home but i guess your not online missed you today :(
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:39:29 AM): how come you wernet at the park, i was there, but all i saw was a guy in a green jacket, and some guy in a suit with a camera, was that a set up< just wondering
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:40:04 AM): they decided not to go look at the horse til this afternoon and then she didnt wanna buy it
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:40:05 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:40:10 AM): so i couldnt get away
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:40:35 AM): so u werent there then?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:40:58 AM): no they didnt leave in time
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:41:14 AM): they were supposed to go see the horse this morning at like 9
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:41:18 AM): but then the owner called and changed it
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:41:42 AM): those guys sure were looking at me funny, i wonder if they somehow got into my account to trap me?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:42:14 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:42:32 AM): i dunno how anyone would do that
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:42:34 AM): do u think thats possible?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:42:37 AM): i know my mom has tried to get into mine
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:42:55 AM): i got a super hard pw :)
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:42:57 AM): i wonder if i am being monitored by the police
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:43:04 AM): i havent told anyone :(
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:43:10 AM): whats a pw?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:43:14 AM): password
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:43:27 AM): gotcha honey
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:43:32 AM): i know u havent love,
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:44:02 AM): i might not be able to make it on the weekend of the spring break cause i have to spend time at doctors office that weekend, im sorry
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:44:09 AM): :(
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:44:09 AM): willo make it up to u somehow but not sure when
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:44:13 AM): what happened at the doctor today?
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:44:47 AM): well the ekg looked good, but they want me to do some tests on that spring break friday and saturday, and observe me in the hospital with xrays and such
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:44:52 AM): oh
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:44:56 AM): that sounds bad
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:45:19 AM): they want to see how the clot is doing, so they have to put some die in me to see how it flows through different intervals (Bad health. Lay off the trans-fats!)
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:45:34 AM): ohhhh
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:45:54 AM): i know it sucks, maybe there will be other chances for u to come visit me
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:45:57 AM): maybe
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:46:19 AM): what did you wear?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:46:28 AM): i wanna pic in my head at least since i didnt get to see you :(
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:46:46 AM): cause i dont know how i can afford the trip anyways, my mooney is going to go towards rent and bills, plus mom wont let me go
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:47:06 AM): :(
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:47:20 AM): i was wearing blue jeans with no underwear, a tee shirt with black jacket, and i had a snowcap to cover my head
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:47:26 AM): and i had my packpack too
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:47:37 AM): :( i wish i saw you there
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:47:44 AM): yeah me too
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:48:09 AM): i stayed til about 11, keep looking over towards the tables to seee if anyone showed up
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:48:41 AM): im sorry :(
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:48:50 AM): i am still thinking the guy with the suit was a cop and he might have taken a picture of me while i was walkign through the park
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:49:16 AM): yeah so i hope u understand i am very cautious now okay love
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:49:19 AM): lol i see people taking pics at the park all the time
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:49:21 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:49:22 AM): okay
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:49:25 AM): a mall would be better i think, then go from there
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:49:34 AM): yeah but not directly at someone
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:49:45 AM): plus u dont see guys in suits either
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:49:51 AM): sometimes
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:50:11 AM): it was the type that detectives wear when they are on the field, so i thnk it was him
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:50:19 AM): oh :(
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:51:10 AM): yeah i am almost postive it was a dective following me
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:51:15 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:51:26 AM): you gonna be on tomorrow?
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:51:27 AM): i wish i had a webcam love
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:51:32 AM): me too
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:51:35 AM): yeah at this same time again
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:51:37 AM): k
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:51:40 AM): i will try to be on
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:51:44 AM): woudl u showme yourself on webcam if u had one?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:51:47 AM): ya
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:52:02 AM): would u get naked on it?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:52:08 AM): lol i dunno my comp is in the dining room
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:52:34 AM): if i had a webcam id show u me rubbbing my penis
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:52:40 AM): :)
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:52:59 AM): i bet that woudl turn u on
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:53:20 AM): i dunno lol
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:53:24 AM): i gotta go to bed tho
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:53:27 AM): mom said not after midnight
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:54:08 AM): damn okay if i miss u then im sorry
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:54:22 AM): but i will be back on sunday at my normal time of midnite, i go out on fridyas and saturday nites to dance
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:55:03 AM): k
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:55:05 AM): so u have to get offline now then huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:55:06 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:55:08 AM): sorry
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:55:13 AM): okay nite sweetie, its ok
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:55:21 AM): talk to u soon, if i miss u tomororw nite, talk to u on sunday nite k
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:55:25 AM): love you always beautiful
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:55:25 AM): k
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:55:27 AM): love you too
hhhhgoatsrock (03/03/07 1:55:28 AM): night!
smileman74 (03/03/07 1:55:40 AM): nite hotstuff lovergirl
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:39:06 AM): hi
hhhhgoatsrock (03/12/07 12:39:10 AM): omg hiya!
hhhhgoatsrock (03/12/07 12:39:14 AM): i missed you so much :(
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:39:19 AM): me too honey, whats going on?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/12/07 12:39:28 AM): nm
hhhhgoatsrock (03/12/07 12:39:30 AM): my mom grounded me
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:39:43 AM): that sucks
hhhhgoatsrock (03/12/07 12:39:49 AM): ya
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:39:53 AM): i loveyou
hhhhgoatsrock (03/12/07 12:40:00 AM): i love you too
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:40:29 AM): wish u were hree sexy
hhhhgoatsrock (03/12/07 12:40:33 AM): me too
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:40:49 AM): wed have fun huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/12/07 12:40:57 AM): ya
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:41:05 AM): do u want me?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/12/07 12:41:09 AM): ya
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:41:23 AM): i want you more sexy
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:41:49 AM): so what did u do to get grounded?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/12/07 12:41:59 AM): i talked back to my mom
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:42:19 AM): shame on you, what she say to u to make u do that?
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:42:27 AM): your a bad girl, u need a spanking by me huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/12/07 12:42:33 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (03/12/07 12:42:37 AM): my mom already grounded me
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:42:53 AM): id spank u still
hhhhgoatsrock (03/12/07 12:43:01 AM): :(
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:43:11 AM): it would be gentle playful ones though
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:43:14 AM): with me naked
hhhhgoatsrock (03/12/07 12:43:18 AM): oh ok
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:43:50 AM): yeah that woudl be fun wouldnt it?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/12/07 12:44:55 AM): i guess
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:45:04 AM): id let u spank me back
hhhhgoatsrock (03/12/07 12:45:12 AM): lol ok
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:45:18 AM): what u wearing?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/12/07 12:45:22 AM): pjs
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:45:28 AM): i am in shorts only
hhhhgoatsrock (03/12/07 12:46:00 AM): cool
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:46:08 AM): yeah wish u could rub me
hhhhgoatsrock (03/12/07 12:47:34 AM): :( im sad i cant
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:47:59 AM): why not?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/12/07 12:48:56 AM): cause i cant drive :(
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:49:18 AM): too bad
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:52:24 AM): love you lots
hhhhgoatsrock (03/12/07 12:52:31 AM): love you too
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:53:16 AM): :-*
hhhhgoatsrock (03/12/07 12:54:52 AM): :)
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:55:04 AM): wish u were here
hhhhgoatsrock (03/12/07 12:55:10 AM): me too
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:55:18 AM): i want u so bad
hhhhgoatsrock (03/12/07 12:55:29 AM): me too
hhhhgoatsrock (03/12/07 12:55:53 AM): ems mom is still looking for a horse so maybe she will come up there again
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:56:21 AM): cool
hhhhgoatsrock (03/12/07 12:56:21 AM): the last horse was really bad tho
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:57:06 AM): that sucks
hhhhgoatsrock (03/12/07 12:57:11 AM): ya
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:57:11 AM): hope the next can be better
hhhhgoatsrock (03/12/07 12:57:37 AM): ya
smileman74 (03/12/07 12:58:24 AM): cool
smileman74 (03/15/07 12:06:25 AM): u leave babe?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/15/07 12:47:42 AM): omg i hate my mom
smileman74 (03/15/07 12:47:52 AM): did she ground u again?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/15/07 12:48:01 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (03/15/07 12:48:09 AM): she almost caught me online the other night
smileman74 (03/15/07 12:48:27 AM): really talking to me?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/15/07 12:48:42 AM): ya
smileman74 (03/15/07 12:48:52 AM): oh yikes thats not good, how long she grond u for?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/15/07 12:49:06 AM): a day
smileman74 (03/15/07 12:49:42 AM): thats good
smileman74 (03/15/07 12:49:53 AM): u not supposed to be online at nite?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/15/07 12:50:21 AM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (03/15/07 12:50:25 AM): probably not
smileman74 (03/15/07 12:50:29 AM): honey im horny
smileman74 (03/15/07 12:52:04 AM): i love you lots
hhhhgoatsrock (03/15/07 12:52:08 AM): love you too
smileman74 (03/15/07 12:52:44 AM): i want u bad
hhhhgoatsrock (03/15/07 12:53:27 AM): :(
smileman74 (03/15/07 12:53:50 AM): aww dotn frown
smileman74 (03/15/07 1:00:20 AM): your the best
hhhhgoatsrock (03/15/07 1:03:56 AM): :)
smileman74 (03/15/07 1:09:23 AM): what u doing honey?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/15/07 1:09:39 AM): trying to stay awake
hhhhgoatsrock (03/15/07 1:09:40 AM): im tired
smileman74 (03/15/07 1:09:57 AM): awww ims orry
smileman74 (03/17/07 2:05:58 PM): u going to bed?
smileman74 (03/17/07 2:05:58 PM): nite my love
smileman74 (03/20/07 12:25:29 AM): hi
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 12:28:26 AM): hiya
smileman74 (03/20/07 12:28:40 AM): whats going on?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 12:28:42 AM): nm
smileman74 (03/20/07 12:28:56 AM): me eithier im naked
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 12:28:58 AM): lol
smileman74 (03/20/07 12:30:12 AM): wish u could see me
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 12:30:19 AM): me too
smileman74 (03/20/07 12:31:42 AM): i want to see u naked too
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 12:31:59 AM): :)
smileman74 (03/20/07 12:36:27 AM): i ned u right now honey
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 12:36:33 AM): :(
smileman74 (03/20/07 12:36:57 AM): i know we have to meet sooon, u have to figure out hwo to get to me i think though
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 12:37:09 AM): i will try but i dunno
smileman74 (03/20/07 12:37:23 AM): k
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 12:37:28 AM): mom said she might want to go to canada for spring break
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 12:37:32 AM): something about skiing in whistler
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 12:38:01 AM): i think we have to go through there to get to canada right?
smileman74 (03/20/07 12:52:28 AM): sorry im back
smileman74 (03/20/07 12:52:41 AM): yeah u go right by me
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 12:52:44 AM): k
smileman74 (03/20/07 12:54:55 AM): yeah u have to pass through blaine
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 12:55:45 AM): i will let you know what happens
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 12:55:53 AM): its like in two weeks and she hasnt found it if shes getting the time off
smileman74 (03/20/07 12:56:14 AM): but she wouldnt stop in birch bay would she?
smileman74 (03/20/07 12:56:27 AM): or bellingham cause id be in town
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 12:56:32 AM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 12:56:48 AM): i know she said something about not wanting to cross the border at night
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 12:56:51 AM): so maybe in bellingham
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 12:57:08 AM): she gets a good military discount at best westerns
smileman74 (03/20/07 12:57:36 AM): okay cool woudl u be there early, casue i leave at 5
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 12:57:43 AM): i dunno
smileman74 (03/20/07 12:58:01 AM): k
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 1:00:25 AM): i will try tho
smileman74 (03/20/07 1:01:15 AM): k thanks love
smileman74 (03/20/07 1:03:30 AM): u naked?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 1:03:59 AM): no
smileman74 (03/20/07 1:04:18 AM): i am love
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 1:04:35 AM): lol i know
smileman74 (03/20/07 1:04:59 AM): u like that?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 1:05:21 AM): i gues
smileman74 (03/20/07 1:05:43 AM): io know would be better if u could suck and touchit
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 1:05:53 AM): lol ya
smileman74 (03/20/07 1:06:15 AM): would be nice
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 1:06:24 AM): ya
smileman74 (03/20/07 1:06:55 AM): i love you honey
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 1:07:43 AM): love you too
smileman74 (03/20/07 1:08:11 AM): i hope we can have a good life
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 1:08:24 AM): me too
smileman74 (03/20/07 1:09:00 AM): i think we will, cuase u make me happpy, i want to make love to u
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 1:09:09 AM): :)
smileman74 (03/20/07 1:09:37 AM): but what happens if i get u pg?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 1:09:54 AM): :(
smileman74 (03/20/07 1:10:35 AM): would u keep it?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 1:11:26 AM): i dunno i dont wanna think bout it
smileman74 (03/20/07 1:12:02 AM): okay cause i want to hve one with u love
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 1:12:22 AM): not yet!
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 1:12:30 AM): i wanna finish school first
smileman74 (03/20/07 1:12:57 AM): ic how many more years u got?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 1:13:06 AM): 5
smileman74 (03/20/07 1:13:57 AM): wow thats awhile who knows where u will be by then huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 1:14:47 AM): actualy the mil lets mom stay in one spot for me to finish hs
smileman74 (03/20/07 1:15:47 AM): thats good then we can live together after u graduate huh?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 1:15:58 AM): ya
smileman74 (03/20/07 1:16:50 AM): do u want that?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 1:17:30 AM): ya i said i did
smileman74 (03/20/07 1:18:08 AM): cool i hope we can last that long honey
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 1:18:17 AM): me too!
smileman74 (03/20/07 1:19:25 AM): :-*
smileman74 (03/20/07 1:23:08 AM): im so hard right now love
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 1:23:25 AM): :)
smileman74 (03/20/07 1:23:41 AM): and im rubbing it
smileman74 (03/20/07 1:26:08 AM): i gtg hone ylove you always
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 1:26:15 AM): love you too!
smileman74 (03/20/07 1:26:22 AM): nite nite
hhhhgoatsrock (03/20/07 1:26:27 AM): night night
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:34:54 AM): hiya
smileman74 (03/21/07 1:35:05 AM): hey cutie, whats up?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:35:09 AM): nm
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:35:12 AM): mom didnt get her time off
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:35:13 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:35:30 AM): but they gave her monday off
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:35:38 AM): i guess alot of people want time off for spring break
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:35:45 AM): thats what she said at least
smileman74 (03/21/07 1:35:50 AM): bummer love
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:35:52 AM): ya
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:36:00 AM): but we are going to vancouver this weekend since she has monday off
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:36:00 AM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:36:04 AM): she still wants to see it
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:36:10 AM): we just arent gonna go skiing
smileman74 (03/21/07 1:36:22 AM): but will u stop in the bellingham at all?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:36:37 AM): ya she doesnt want to cross the border till saturday
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:36:51 AM): she says traffic will be really bad on friday
smileman74 (03/21/07 1:37:00 AM): thats next friday?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:37:06 AM): this week
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:37:08 AM): :)
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:37:40 AM): and shes taking me shopping to make up for missing out on whistler
smileman74 (03/21/07 1:37:44 AM): i have an appointment with my doctor at 1, class from 10:30-12:50 k
smileman74 (03/21/07 1:37:51 AM): oh maybe bellis fair?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:37:53 AM): on friday?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:37:55 AM): :(
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:38:10 AM): ya we are going shopping in bellingham
smileman74 (03/21/07 1:38:14 AM): yes my doctors appointment is right after class on friday
smileman74 (03/21/07 1:38:24 AM): so not sure when id be done
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:38:42 AM): oh
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:38:59 AM): i think she wants to go early and shop
smileman74 (03/21/07 1:39:01 AM): i hope i can see u, cause i have to go home by 4
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:39:22 AM): we were talking bout having lunch at the mall :(
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:39:26 AM): mom and me were
smileman74 (03/21/07 1:39:43 AM): at what time?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:39:47 AM): like 11
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:40:03 AM): then she would probably do what we always do and she gives me money and lets me go find stuff i like
smileman74 (03/21/07 1:40:12 AM): this friday that would be the end of my class, shit shit shit
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:41:06 AM): :(
smileman74 (03/21/07 1:41:19 AM): fuck fuck
smileman74 (03/21/07 1:42:18 AM): :-*:-*
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:42:26 AM): did you figure something out?
smileman74 (03/21/07 1:43:02 AM): for what?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:43:08 AM): friday
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:43:13 AM): you did the kissy emotes
smileman74 (03/21/07 1:43:24 AM): not relaly i was just giving u some kisses
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:44:25 AM): oh
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 1:44:36 AM): do you think you can figure something out to do?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 2:01:06 AM): :(
smileman74 (03/21/07 2:02:10 AM): sorry i got booted, baby im hard
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 2:02:35 AM): i got booted too
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 2:02:40 AM): lol but im not hard
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 2:02:46 AM): did you figure out what to do bout friday?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 2:03:00 AM): we will probably be done by like noon
smileman74 (03/21/07 2:03:45 AM): no caue like i said classs from 11:30- 12:55 then doc at 1:30
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 2:03:49 AM): :(
smileman74 (03/21/07 2:04:36 AM): so i wont be done til after 3
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 2:04:57 AM): :(
smileman74 (03/21/07 2:05:20 AM): i know im sory love its the last days of quarter, and next week im gone
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 2:05:41 AM): :(
smileman74 (03/21/07 2:06:03 AM): i know im sorry sweetheart,
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 2:08:31 AM): theres no way you can get out of any of it?
smileman74 (03/21/07 2:09:16 AM): no its my final for my classes and the doctors appointment is to hve echo test done at st. josephs hospital
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 2:09:48 AM): oh :(
smileman74 (03/21/07 2:10:00 AM): i ned to get going, i need to get somethign writen for my rough draft
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 2:10:13 AM): k
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 2:10:15 AM): night
smileman74 (03/21/07 2:10:33 AM): nite honey love you always
hhhhgoatsrock (03/21/07 2:10:57 AM): night
smileman74 (03/25/07 2:04:04 AM): hi
hhhhgoatsrock (03/25/07 2:04:11 AM): hiya
smileman74 (03/25/07 2:04:29 AM): whats going on, did u guys go to canada yesterday?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/25/07 2:04:35 AM): no
smileman74 (03/25/07 2:04:44 AM): how come?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/25/07 2:04:45 AM): we decided to go another time when we could spend more time there
smileman74 (03/25/07 2:05:19 AM): oh more time up in canada, or would u stay a few days in bellingham?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/25/07 2:05:25 AM): i dunno
hhhhgoatsrock (03/25/07 2:05:40 AM): probably more time in canada
hhhhgoatsrock (03/25/07 2:05:52 AM): lol is there anything to do in bellingham?
smileman74 (03/25/07 2:05:55 AM): oh bummer wish it was here in bellingham
smileman74 (03/25/07 2:06:16 AM): well there is bellis fair mall, and there is the waterfront and birch bay too
smileman74 (03/25/07 2:07:18 AM): if its summertime, u can go to the birch bay waterslides and also go to the go cart/mini golf place
hhhhgoatsrock (03/25/07 2:07:34 AM): oh i see
smileman74 (03/25/07 2:07:53 AM): do u like waterslides?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/25/07 2:08:00 AM): ya
smileman74 (03/25/07 2:08:24 AM): do u like mini golf and go carts?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/25/07 2:08:31 AM): ya
smileman74 (03/25/07 2:08:48 AM): u should come to birch baby then, or blaine
hhhhgoatsrock (03/25/07 2:09:03 AM): lol what is there to do in blaine?
hhhhgoatsrock (03/25/07 2:09:08 AM): not like i can get my mom to just bring me there
smileman74 (03/25/07 2:09:32 AM): well blaine is where the state park is, well actually birch bay more
hhhhgoatsrock (03/25/07 2:09:44 AM): oh
smileman74 (03/25/07 2:09:47 AM): and tehre is a candy shop and lots of restuartants and the waterfront in birch bay baby
smileman74 (03/25/07 2:10:13 AM): :-*:-*
hhhhgoatsrock (03/25/07 2:10:29 AM): so what did you do last night?
smileman74 (03/25/07 2:11:13 AM): i went to the american legion hall with my friend, and played pool, and danced
hhhhgoatsrock (03/25/07 2:11:48 AM): cool
smileman74 (03/25/07 2:12:15 AM): wish u could have been there with me, but u could only be there til 8 at nite
hhhhgoatsrock (03/25/07 2:12:43 AM): :(
smileman74 (03/25/07 2:13:15 AM): yeah then they kick out minors
hhhhgoatsrock (03/25/07 2:13:24 AM): oh
smileman74 (03/25/07 2:13:48 AM): id love to slow dance with u close to my body love
hhhhgoatsrock (03/25/07 2:14:03 AM): omg me too
hhhhgoatsrock (03/25/07 2:14:26 AM): i gotta go to bed
smileman74 (03/25/07 2:14:27 AM): id have my arms around u dancing real slow and wed kiss when the band says kiss your partner
hhhhgoatsrock (03/25/07 2:14:28 AM): mom just yelled at me
hhhhgoatsrock (03/25/07 2:14:31 AM): goodnight
smileman74 (03/25/07 2:14:12 AM): okay nite, love you always
smileman74 (03/25/07 2:14:12 AM): :-*

This ends my horrid collection of interchanges and chat with Kevin McCausland. He was arrested on March 27, as I was flying to testify in a trial in Ohio. I have never, ever, in my entire career as a contributor, been so horrified by a chat and physically affected by chatting with him to the point of exhaustion and nausea.

Here are Almond Joy's chats, illustrating the importance of strong state law and how determined this predator was.


smileman74 (3:54:58 PM): hi
lilninabell (3:55:16 PM): hi
smileman74 (3:55:21 PM): how are u?
lilninabell (3:55:35 PM): ok u
smileman74 (3:55:39 PM): im good
smileman74 (3:55:46 PM): my name is kevin
lilninabell (3:55:55 PM): hi kevin im nina
smileman74 (3:56:17 PM): nice to meet u nina, gives u a hug and kiss
smileman74 (3:56:22 PM): >:D<:-*
lilninabell (3:56:40 PM): im in bellingham
smileman74 (3:57:20 PM): really oh cool, how old are u?
lilninabell (3:57:29 PM): 12
lilninabell (3:57:34 PM): u
smileman74 (3:57:36 PM): is that u in the pic?
lilninabell (3:57:40 PM): yea
smileman74 (3:57:54 PM): your a cutie
smileman74 (3:57:59 PM): and im 31, is that okay?
lilninabell (3:58:07 PM): ty
lilninabell (3:58:10 PM): yea
smileman74 (3:58:23 PM): cool
smileman74 (3:58:27 PM): so how are u doign today?
lilninabell (3:58:38 PM): nutin bored
smileman74 (3:58:48 PM): me too
smileman74 (3:59:01 PM): how come your bored?
lilninabell (3:59:18 PM): nutin 2 do
smileman74 (3:59:28 PM): ic, so where abouts in bellingham are u?
smileman74 (4:00:21 PM): sorry u dotn have to tell me u are uncomfortable with it
lilninabell (4:00:26 PM): ok
smileman74 (4:01:00 PM): your so cute, wish u were here with me
lilninabell (4:01:08 PM): :)
smileman74 (4:01:27 PM): id give u a big hug and lots of kisses
lilninabell (4:01:34 PM): 4 realz??
smileman74 (4:01:54 PM): sure, would u let me?
lilninabell (4:02:04 PM): mebee
smileman74 (4:02:15 PM): cool, do u ever talk dirty?
lilninabell (4:02:28 PM): ah i duno how
lilninabell (4:02:29 PM): lol
smileman74 (4:02:49 PM): cause i kinda have a hard on right now just thinking abotu u sexy
lilninabell (4:03:01 PM): 4 realz?? wow
smileman74 (4:03:16 PM): yeah do u like that cutie?
lilninabell (4:03:25 PM): yea
smileman74 (4:03:34 PM): i wish u could see it
lilninabell (4:03:44 PM): me 2
smileman74 (4:03:52 PM): would u touch it?
lilninabell (4:03:54 PM): where u from??
smileman74 (4:04:11 PM): i live in blaine but come to bellingham all the time
lilninabell (4:04:27 PM): kewl
smileman74 (4:04:44 PM): yeah but i bet your parents dont let u go out alone though right?
lilninabell (4:05:38 PM): its just me n mom
lilninabell (4:05:42 PM): my dad died
smileman74 (4:05:52 PM): oh im sorry to hear that
smileman74 (4:06:01 PM): mom probably dont let u go out alone though
smileman74 (4:06:17 PM): :-*:-*
lilninabell (4:06:26 PM): lol
lilninabell (4:06:31 PM): she works a lot
lilninabell (4:06:43 PM): :(
smileman74 (4:06:46 PM): ic dang cause id love to see u in person
lilninabell (4:07:00 PM): 4 realz??
smileman74 (4:07:08 PM): yeah would u like that sexy?
lilninabell (4:07:15 PM): mebee
lilninabell (4:07:25 PM): what 4?? what we do??
smileman74 (4:07:43 PM): well if it was at your place, wed cuddle and kiss and maybe more
lilninabell (4:07:51 PM): kewl
smileman74 (4:08:08 PM): i might rub your nipples if u let me
lilninabell (4:08:13 PM): ok
smileman74 (4:08:25 PM): so u home alone now?
lilninabell (4:08:39 PM): yea
smileman74 (4:08:55 PM): nice what are u wearing cutie?
lilninabell (4:09:20 PM): a pink dress
smileman74 (4:09:38 PM): sounds cute, u got webcam?
lilninabell (4:09:46 PM): no
smileman74 (4:09:51 PM): bummer
smileman74 (4:09:53 PM): me either
lilninabell (4:10:04 PM): :(
smileman74 (4:10:16 PM): if i had webcam, id iprobably show u my penis
lilninabell (4:10:25 PM): 4 realz??
lilninabell (4:10:26 PM): kewl
smileman74 (4:10:41 PM): yeah do u think if i was there alone with u, would u suck it?
lilninabell (4:10:53 PM): i never done that
lilninabell (4:11:01 PM): wuld u show me how
smileman74 (4:11:13 PM): yes and i would maybe finger and lick your pussy too
lilninabell (4:11:25 PM): i never done that
smileman74 (4:11:34 PM): id love to be your first cutie
lilninabell (4:11:41 PM): 4 realz??
smileman74 (4:11:49 PM): yeah if youd like that
lilninabell (4:12:16 PM): ok
smileman74 (4:12:28 PM): want to be my secret gf?
lilninabell (4:12:32 PM): ok
smileman74 (4:12:51 PM): u have to promise not to tell anyone though k
lilninabell (4:12:55 PM): ok
lilninabell (4:13:00 PM): y??
smileman74 (4:13:19 PM): cause if they knew u wre dating me, they wouldnt let me talk to u
smileman74 (4:13:31 PM): especially yoru mom, and she might take away the net from u
lilninabell (4:13:49 PM): ok
lilninabell (4:13:55 PM): that wuld sux
smileman74 (4:14:10 PM): yeah then we wouldnt be able to talk
smileman74 (4:14:16 PM): do u ever go to the mall?
lilninabell (4:14:40 PM): i cant drive
smileman74 (4:15:02 PM): what about the bus?
lilninabell (4:15:13 PM): i done that yea
smileman74 (4:15:39 PM): where abouts in bellingham are u, if u dont mind saying?
lilninabell (4:16:09 PM): hmm in my house
lilninabell (4:16:11 PM): lol
smileman74 (4:16:23 PM): okay its cool
smileman74 (4:17:00 PM): :-*:-*
lilninabell (4:17:05 PM): >:D<
smileman74 (4:17:15 PM): thanks cutie
smileman74 (4:17:21 PM): so are u my secret gf then?
lilninabell (4:17:26 PM): yea
smileman74 (4:17:47 PM): cool thats awesome, i hope we can met sometime an dhave fun together
lilninabell (4:17:54 PM): me 2
lilninabell (4:18:19 PM): gonna add me ??
smileman74 (4:18:23 PM): yes hold on k
smileman74 (4:18:37 PM): k yoru on there
lilninabell (4:19:16 PM): kewl
smileman74 (4:19:24 PM): i love you sexy
lilninabell (4:19:28 PM): :x
smileman74 (4:19:41 PM): are u glad u have a bf now?
lilninabell (4:19:53 PM): yea
smileman74 (4:20:14 PM): i know it will be hard to keep it secret from your friends right?
lilninabell (4:20:22 PM): yea
lilninabell (4:20:25 PM): i will
smileman74 (4:20:35 PM): they woudl probably freak out huh
lilninabell (4:21:01 PM): yea
smileman74 (4:21:16 PM): what u think they woudl say if they found out?
lilninabell (4:21:26 PM): i duno
smileman74 (4:21:39 PM): hey do u go to chuch?
lilninabell (4:21:45 PM): no
lilninabell (4:21:47 PM): do u
smileman74 (4:22:05 PM): oh u should talk your mom into going to cornwall on saturdays
smileman74 (4:22:11 PM): at the 4:30 service
smileman74 (4:22:16 PM): i go to 2 churches
lilninabell (4:22:22 PM): y??
smileman74 (4:22:38 PM): cause i like them both
lilninabell (4:22:42 PM): oh
smileman74 (4:23:04 PM): they are 2 diffferent styles of churches
lilninabell (4:23:28 PM): ok
smileman74 (4:23:54 PM): i love u cutie, im glad i started chatting with u
lilninabell (4:24:00 PM): me 2
lilninabell (4:24:08 PM): so what u do??
smileman74 (4:24:12 PM): your a sweetheart
smileman74 (4:24:25 PM): i dotn work right now, i do volunteer work at bellingham library
lilninabell (4:24:37 PM): ok
smileman74 (4:24:49 PM): are u a student?
lilninabell (4:24:59 PM): yea
smileman74 (4:25:19 PM): cool, what grade u in?
lilninabell (4:25:22 PM): 6
smileman74 (4:25:32 PM): thats cool mind if i ask what school?
lilninabell (4:26:22 PM): Shuksan
smileman74 (4:26:37 PM): i go by there all the time on bus
lilninabell (4:26:43 PM): kewl
smileman74 (4:27:01 PM): yeah u live nearby there then?
lilninabell (4:27:07 PM): yea
smileman74 (4:27:18 PM): awesome do u normally walk home after school?
lilninabell (4:27:29 PM): sumtime
smileman74 (4:27:41 PM): okay well i have to go for now, maybe we can chat on here again soon
smileman74 (4:27:47 PM): are u ever online at 1pm?
smileman74 (4:27:51 PM): during the week
lilninabell (4:27:56 PM): no
smileman74 (4:28:03 PM): okay well email me anytime k cutie
lilninabell (4:28:12 PM): whats ur email?
smileman74 (4:28:17 PM):
lilninabell (4:28:21 PM):
smileman74 (4:28:28 PM): is that your email?
lilninabell (4:28:39 PM): no its myspace
lilninabell (4:28:54 PM):
smileman74 (4:29:06 PM): so yoru email is what then?
lilninabell (4:29:15 PM):
smileman74 (4:29:55 PM): k thanks email me soon k
smileman74 (4:30:03 PM): and i will write back on tuesdays and thursdays
smileman74 (4:30:14 PM): bye for now, it was nice chattign with u, i hope we can meet someday
lilninabell (4:30:19 PM): ok
smileman74 (4:30:21 PM): >:D<:-*:-*
smileman74 (4:30:23 PM): love you cutie
smileman74 (4:30:52 PM): talk to u soon i hope
lilninabell (4:30:58 PM): ok
lilninabell (4:31:00 PM): u 2
smileman74 (4:31:09 PM): bye sexy, i love you my sweet gf
lilninabell (4:31:10 PM): can i call u sumtime
smileman74 (4:31:22 PM): no my parents wouldnt like it, can i call u?
lilninabell (4:31:34 PM): lol mom wuld kill me
smileman74 (4:31:40 PM): when is she normally gone?
lilninabell (4:31:59 PM): she 4wards the calls 2 her celly
smileman74 (4:32:15 PM): drats so i cant get away with calling u then huh
lilninabell (4:32:22 PM): no
smileman74 (4:32:31 PM): bummer, okay maybe when i get my own plaec
lilninabell (4:32:40 PM): ok
smileman74 (4:32:40 PM): otherwise just ahve to talk online by emails if u arent online k
smileman74 (4:32:51 PM): love you and i will talk to u soon beautiful
smileman74 (4:32:54 PM): your my sexy girl
lilninabell (4:32:56 PM): ok
smileman74 (4:32:59 PM): :-*:-*
smileman74 (4:33:05 PM): bye my beautiful princess


smileman74 (12:37:20 PM): hey hope all is goign good for u, i miss chatting with u, and i think about u daily
smileman74 (12:37:25 PM): kisses and hugs
smileman74 (12:37:29 PM): yoru man kevin
smileman74 (1:59:34 PM): i miss u lots, wish u could be online during your school hours so we could chat
smileman74 (1:59:54 PM): >:D<:-*:-*


smileman74 (1:35:04 AM): i miss u lots, wish u could be online during the day, so we could chat more. kisses and hugs
smileman74 (1:35:04 AM): your loving boyfriend kevin
smileman74 (1:35:46 AM): >:D<:-*:-*
lilninabell (8:32:49 PM): i miss u 2!!!


smileman74 (3:19:35 PM): >:D<:-*:-*
smileman74 (3:26:22 PM): hey sweetie, its about 1:30 on friday afternoon, im at the library, and thought id sayhi and say that im thinking about u alot lately, and cant wait tomeet u someday


smileman74 (5:34:23 PM): hey are u here, its 3:30 on wednesday
smileman74 (5:37:15 PM): i love u,
smileman74 (5:37:27 PM): i cant figure out how to get what u write to me on myspace
smileman74 (5:38:39 PM): i wish u were online right now im here til 4pm then im taking my bus home
smileman74 (5:38:45 PM): parents must be home huh
smileman74 (5:39:29 PM): well anyways i love u and miss u, email me again k, will be online tomorrow, want to meet me soon?
smileman74 (5:39:43 PM): will be online at 1pm
smileman74 (5:55:40 PM): love u, i dont know when we can chat again, im not in town much anymore til i start school in april 3rd my bday
lilninabell (6:35:40 PM): where u gonna go 2 skewl??


smileman74 (2:11:52 PM): hey whats going on, can u tell me how to read what u wrote on myspace, i dont know how to do that


smileman74 (3:38:09 PM): hey i miss u lots
smileman74 (3:38:20 PM): wish i could be online all day like before, maybe once i get my own computer
lilninabell (5:45:11 PM): u there??
smileman74 (5:45:20 PM): yes for about 15more mins
lilninabell (5:45:28 PM): i miss u!!!!!!!!11
smileman74 (5:45:34 PM): i have missed u too sweetie
lilninabell (5:45:56 PM): when u getting a comp??
smileman74 (5:46:07 PM): not for awhile why?
lilninabell (5:46:11 PM): oh
lilninabell (5:46:15 PM): i wanted 2 chat more
smileman74 (5:46:32 PM): oic
smileman74 (5:46:38 PM): your a sweetheart
smileman74 (5:46:41 PM): i luv ya lots
lilninabell (5:46:55 PM): luv u!
smileman74 (5:47:16 PM):
smileman74 (5:47:21 PM): have u been thinking about me alot
lilninabell (5:47:22 PM): im here
lilninabell (5:47:24 PM): i have
smileman74 (5:47:36 PM): thats good, do u think about me when yoru at school?
lilninabell (5:47:41 PM): yea
smileman74 (5:47:47 PM): >:D<:-*:-*
smileman74 (5:47:59 PM): hey i noticed last week alot of kids were outside running aroudn the school
lilninabell (5:48:14 PM): ok
smileman74 (5:48:34 PM): do u have to do that everyday?
lilninabell (5:48:45 PM): yea y
smileman74 (5:49:06 PM): oh just wondering what time u did that at
smileman74 (5:49:39 PM): >:D<:-*:-*
lilninabell (5:49:44 PM): >:D<
smileman74 (5:49:55 PM): thanks, where is my kisses?
lilninabell (5:49:59 PM): :-*
smileman74 (5:50:20 PM): thank u sexy
lilninabell (5:50:24 PM): yw
smileman74 (5:50:32 PM): so do any of your friends know u think about me?
smileman74 (5:50:36 PM): or is it still secret?
lilninabell (5:50:42 PM): no our secret
smileman74 (5:50:56 PM): thats good
smileman74 (5:51:02 PM): so what time are u outside doign the running?
lilninabell (5:51:13 PM): y
smileman74 (5:51:31 PM): so maybe one of these times i will see u as i go by on bus, or while im walking
lilninabell (5:51:47 PM): its diffrnt times
lilninabell (5:51:57 PM): on diff days
smileman74 (5:52:02 PM): oh drats
lilninabell (5:52:09 PM): :(
smileman74 (5:52:17 PM): was hoping to spot u while u were out there
smileman74 (5:52:28 PM): your constantly on my mind beautiful
lilninabell (5:52:33 PM): aww ty
lilninabell (5:52:41 PM): what u tink bout
smileman74 (5:52:54 PM): i think about holding your hand
smileman74 (5:52:59 PM): giving u lots of kisses
smileman74 (5:53:05 PM): and then just what it woudl be like to hang with u
smileman74 (5:53:13 PM): id only go as far as u wanted to go
lilninabell (5:53:17 PM): ok
smileman74 (5:53:47 PM): do u think youd do more then just kiss me, like maybe some touchy feely?
lilninabell (5:53:52 PM): yea
smileman74 (5:54:13 PM): would u let me rub your nipples?
lilninabell (5:54:28 PM): lol i dont get ne boobs but yea
smileman74 (5:54:37 PM): its okay, there is still the nipples
lilninabell (5:54:43 PM): ru at the library??
smileman74 (5:54:49 PM): yeah why u ask?
lilninabell (5:54:52 PM): curious
smileman74 (5:55:01 PM): where are u at?
lilninabell (5:55:08 PM): mom will b homs bout 10 mins
smileman74 (5:55:23 PM): drats, wish i was near your place right now for a quick visit
lilninabell (5:55:30 PM): yea
smileman74 (5:55:38 PM): we have to meet sometime soon after school
lilninabell (5:55:44 PM): ok yea
smileman74 (5:56:01 PM): u want to do that sometime?
lilninabell (5:56:06 PM): yes
smileman74 (5:56:13 PM): when would work best for u?
lilninabell (5:56:29 PM): after schol sumtime
lilninabell (5:57:00 PM): i culd walk 2 a park
smileman74 (5:57:06 PM): okay maybe this week?
lilninabell (5:57:30 PM): yea
smileman74 (5:57:38 PM): what park are u near?
lilninabell (5:57:53 PM): lol i duno teh names
lilninabell (5:57:59 PM): ill look tomorw
smileman74 (5:58:00 PM): what streeet is it on?
smileman74 (5:58:43 PM): well i have to go catch my bus, talk to soon k, email me alright and let me know how to read the thing u said about me on myspace
lilninabell (5:58:51 PM): justlogin
lilninabell (5:58:54 PM): its a comment
smileman74 (5:59:21 PM): email me and tell me where the comments are at
smileman74 (5:59:23 PM): i dont see them there
smileman74 (5:59:29 PM): but i have to go my time is up, talk to u soon sexy
lilninabell (5:59:36 PM): ok
smileman74 (5:59:38 PM): i love u, and i will miss u, and let me know where the park is at
smileman74 (5:59:46 PM): love you lots beautiful, my loving girlfriend
smileman74 (5:59:52 PM): >:D<:-*:-*
smileman74 (6:00:08 PM): bye for now beautiful
lilninabell (6:00:16 PM): bye cutie


lilninabell (6:15:54 PM): OMG my moms gonna let me go 2 the park Thurs after school!!!!! can u meet me there?


lilninabell (1:32:05 PM): ru here??


lilninabell (8:35:30 AM): hey ru gonna b at the park 2dya??? i hope so!! can u bring me sumthing?? i want a poh bear dolly please please
lilninabell (8:35:40 AM): i cant wait 2 c u kevin
smileman74 (3:57:07 PM): i wont be in town til monday after school
smileman74 (3:57:09 PM): bye for now
smileman74 (3:57:20 PM): my bday is on monday, send me a yahoo gretting card k


lilninabell (10:44:26 AM): hey! happy early bday! i sent u 2 cards 2 yahoo
lilninabell (10:47:10 AM): im b 2 home monday by myself moms gotta go 2 seattle and wont be hmoe til late late u should come by after u get to town at 3 my apt is *address editied* the bus goes by here all the time
lilninabell (10:47:20 AM): we can have some bday fun!!!!


lilninabell (2:10:21 PM): OMG
lilninabell (2:10:26 PM): Mom is coming home
lilninabell (2:10:33 PM): dont cum over
smileman74 (5:21:33 PM): hey i miss u, but i am very busy with school, so i dont know when id be able to meet
smileman74 (5:21:45 PM): so where are u moving too, i hope its not too far away, i hope its still in the same general area
smileman74 (5:21:52 PM): >:D<:-*
lilninabell (5:48:12 PM): hey!
smileman74 (5:48:27 PM): hey whats up u, i am heading home in about 10mins got to catch bus home im so tired
lilninabell (5:48:32 PM): ok
lilninabell (5:48:38 PM): we are moving 2 a house
lilninabell (5:48:44 PM): when can we talk??
lilninabell (5:48:46 PM): i miss u
smileman74 (5:48:52 PM): yeah that is what u said, when u moving to a house?
lilninabell (5:48:58 PM): moms says soon
smileman74 (5:49:11 PM): im not sure when we can talk
smileman74 (5:49:16 PM): busy week this week
lilninabell (5:49:16 PM): :(
smileman74 (5:49:31 PM): will u still be in same area?
lilninabell (5:49:36 PM): yea
lilninabell (5:49:45 PM): bellingham
smileman74 (5:49:55 PM): thats good, how far from where u are at now?
lilninabell (5:50:08 PM): moms didnt say
smileman74 (5:50:34 PM): ic, my church had a talk about sex this weekend
lilninabell (5:50:49 PM): oh
lilninabell (5:51:02 PM): u dont wanta ne more??
smileman74 (5:51:07 PM): yeah saying sex should wait til after marriage
smileman74 (5:51:20 PM): i do cause i still have urges, even when everyone says its wrong
lilninabell (5:51:27 PM): kewl
lilninabell (5:51:49 PM): :D
smileman74 (5:51:58 PM): some think your trying to set me up though
lilninabell (5:52:18 PM): huh?
smileman74 (5:52:52 PM): well there have been lots of things on tv about busts for guys like me
smileman74 (5:52:57 PM): who dont care about age
lilninabell (5:53:16 PM): i dont now what u mean
smileman74 (5:53:40 PM): meaning undercover raids
smileman74 (5:53:51 PM): wehre u go to meet someone and they end up being cops
lilninabell (5:53:55 PM): oh
lilninabell (5:54:03 PM): im just a kid
lilninabell (5:54:37 PM): :(
smileman74 (5:55:21 PM): okay i just want to make sure, dont want me in jail right?
lilninabell (5:55:28 PM): NO
lilninabell (5:55:33 PM): hwo wuld i see u then?
lilninabell (5:55:35 PM): OMG
smileman74 (5:56:05 PM): thats true u wouldnt see me for years
lilninabell (5:56:12 PM): that wuld sux!!!!
lilninabell (5:56:30 PM): when can we chat again???
lilninabell (5:56:35 PM): i miss u
smileman74 (5:56:49 PM): umm maybe tomorrow afternooon
smileman74 (5:56:55 PM): should be at library by 3pm k
lilninabell (5:56:58 PM): kk
lilninabell (5:57:00 PM): kewl!
smileman74 (5:57:01 PM): >:D<:-*:-*
smileman74 (5:57:05 PM): u should meet me here
lilninabell (5:57:06 PM): kiss
smileman74 (5:57:39 PM): thank u sexy
smileman74 (5:57:41 PM): i luv ya lots
lilninabell (5:57:45 PM): happy bday!!!
smileman74 (5:57:47 PM): can u come to the library?
lilninabell (5:57:47 PM): luv u
lilninabell (5:57:51 PM): ill try
smileman74 (5:57:56 PM): thanks i loved the cards u sent me
lilninabell (5:58:11 PM): hugs
lilninabell (5:58:13 PM): good!
smileman74 (5:58:29 PM): yeah there were sweet
smileman74 (5:58:42 PM): u should say more about me on your profile or your myspace thing
lilninabell (5:58:50 PM): ok
lilninabell (5:58:53 PM): what u want me to say
lilninabell (5:59:05 PM): send me a pic of u to put on there
lilninabell (5:59:13 PM): :)
smileman74 (5:59:29 PM): id have to find one to give to u, all i have is my old pic on my profile
lilninabell (5:59:36 PM): ok
smileman74 (5:59:43 PM): right click on the picture on my profile and u can save that pic
lilninabell (5:59:46 PM): ok
smileman74 (5:59:55 PM): jsut say u love a great guy, an du think of him all the time
lilninabell (6:00:00 PM): kk
lilninabell (6:00:22 PM): luv u!
smileman74 (6:00:26 PM): luv you more honey
smileman74 (6:00:30 PM): what u wearing right now?
lilninabell (6:00:36 PM): yellow dress
smileman74 (6:01:08 PM): oh nice any panties underneath it?
lilninabell (6:01:37 PM): yea
lilninabell (6:01:40 PM): pink
smileman74 (6:01:51 PM): okay well i should go fo rnow, have to catch bus, try to come to library upstairs tomorrow k
lilninabell (6:02:00 PM): kk
lilninabell (6:02:03 PM): luv u
smileman74 (6:02:18 PM): luv you more, and im hard right now just thinking about u
smileman74 (6:02:27 PM): talk to u soon my love, keep emailing me sexy things about us
smileman74 (6:02:34 PM): :-*:-*:-*
smileman74 (6:02:50 PM): bye for now n sweetdreams my beuty queen and princess
lilninabell (6:03:09 PM): by qtie
smileman74 (6:03:19 PM): i am going to go rub myself in bathroom, just thinking about us, made me get a hard dick
smileman74 (6:03:29 PM): think about that and email me soon
smileman74 (6:03:33 PM): love you with all my heart and soul
lilninabell (6:03:54 PM): kk


smileman74 (4:59:33 PM): hi
lilninabell (6:52:19 PM): hey!


smileman74 (4:56:11 PM): hey sweetie, did u come to the library on tuesday?
smileman74 (4:56:27 PM): i was on the computer, but never saw u, or neither one of us recognized each other
smileman74 (5:05:36 PM): hey are u online today, i will be onlien til 3:50 then heading home
smileman74 (5:09:56 PM): luv ya
smileman74 (5:10:36 PM): if we dont see each other, just email me and let me know what u were wearing if u did come to the library earlier this week
lilninabell (7:27:01 PM): hye sweet
lilninabell (7:27:13 PM): i nto been on our net was off
lilninabell (7:27:17 PM): i miss u


lilninabell (3:42:21 PM): hey


smileman74 (5:28:45 PM): hi there


smileman74 (4:58:36 PM): hey are u enjoying spring break?
smileman74 (4:58:48 PM): did u get moved into your new house?
smileman74 (5:00:08 PM): hey whats going on with u?
smileman74 (5:31:38 PM): i miss u lots


smileman74 (3:23:43 PM): hey whats up


smileman74 (5:23:03 PM): hey are u around, or did u get kicked off the net?
smileman74 (5:30:40 PM): hello
smileman74 (4:59:15 PM): hey whats up hun?
smileman74 (4:59:21 PM): havent heard from u in a long time
smileman74 (5:28:03 PM): hello areu around anymore?
smileman74 (3:16:31 PM): >:D<:-*
smileman74 (3:16:40 PM): hope u are doing okay at school, i go by there daily thinking about u
smileman74 (3:26:14 PM): hi i guess your not talking to me anymore, u must not have liked seeing me that one day at the library
lilninabell (6:43:33 PM): OMG mom took my net away
lilninabell (6:43:40 PM): i jsut got itback
lilninabell (6:44:08 PM): i miss u soooooooooooo


smileman74 (5:51:49 PM): i hope your okay, did u get computer taken away?
smileman74 (5:12:07 PM): where are u?


smileman74 (5:54:34 PM): hey did u get kicked off of yahoo?


smileman74 (5:19:47 PM): hi


smileman74 (1:09:33 AM): hey where are u at, did your mom cancel yoru service?


smileman74 (1:28:04 AM): hi
smileman74 (1:28:25 AM): whats goign on with you?
smileman74 (1:29:45 AM): are u going to talk to me anymore, ilove you still?
smileman74 (1:30:17 AM): >:D<:-*
smileman74 (1:30:19 AM): i love you
smileman74 (1:31:17 AM): are u here babe?
smileman74 (1:31:19 AM): talk to me please
smileman74 (1:37:59 AM): hey wahts going on, are u around?
smileman74 (1:42:21 AM): do u stil live near me?
smileman74 (2:11:30 AM): hey why arent u talking?
smileman74 (2:15:38 AM): i love you
smileman74 (2:40:09 AM): hi anyone here?
smileman74 (3:11:08 AM): i love you ots
smileman74 (3:11:09 AM): lots
smileman74 (3:12:04 AM): i wish u would talk to me
smileman74 (2:29:29 PM): hi
smileman74 (2:31:33 PM): are u around, lets chat honey
smileman74 (3:12:05 PM): do u not like me anymore?
smileman74 (3:13:06 PM): why dont u talk to me anymore, i stil like you
smileman74 (4:11:24 PM): i love you


smileman74 (3:15:06 AM): hi

This is only more evidence that Kevin McCausland is a dangerous and determined predator who will not be stopped by anything other than jail cell bars.

Disclaimer: This information is made available for the purpose of informing the internet community, creating awareness for parents, and deterring individuals such as this. Our claims of "truth" with this file are limited to two areas, that the screen name in question had the conversation above, and that in files post-September 1st, 2003, that the phone number included in the file was used during the commission of this chatlog. The only person with the authority to remove this file is

Anyone who attempts to use this information to commit a criminal act against another person can be subject to criminal prosecution or civil action. condemns the attempt, use, or even thought of physical violence, extortion or harassment against the individual above. Such actions are not in the spirit of what is all about and would put your own personal safety at risk.

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