• Conviction - groehrig123 - Appleton, Wisconsin

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 5/20/2007 8:00 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 5/20/2007 8:00 PM PST

    abbeygurl93 (7:17:56 PM): wha u doin
    groehrig123 (7:18:12 PM): thinkin about how much fun we could have
    abbeygurl93 (7:18:24 PM): realy
    groehrig123 (7:18:30 PM): hell yea
    abbeygurl93 (7:19:00 PM): lol kewl
    groehrig123 (7:19:24 PM): how bout u?
    abbeygurl93 (7:19:32 PM): thinkin lol
    groehrig123 (7:19:37 PM): about what?
    abbeygurl93 (7:19:46 PM): u
    abbeygurl93 (7:19:47 PM): lol
    groehrig123 (7:19:51 PM): what about me?
    abbeygurl93 (7:20:00 PM): ur nice
    abbeygurl93 (7:20:05 PM): cute
    groehrig123 (7:20:33 PM): aww thank u baby
    groehrig123 (7:21:18 PM): i got a pretty big dick too :-P

    They're still rolling in, this one was arrested in Wisconsin in 2006. Took a while, as they always seem to do, but ol' Roehrig got himself a nice sentence for his troubles.

    Geoffrey will enjoy free room and board in the happyland they call state prison for a year and a half and then face extended supervision/probation for a four year period after that.

    Not bad at all!

    Notes from the Contributor, Peppermint Patty
    groehrig123 (5:19:51 PM): could u buy me gas for the way home?
    abbeygurl93 (5:19:56 PM): realy
    abbeygurl93 (5:19:59 PM): yea
    groehrig123 (5:20:12 PM): i would feel bad makin u pay for it though

    Geoff feels bad about taking money from a 14 year old for gas, but not bad about driving 2 hours to her house to fuck her.

    Of course he shows up and it's the same lame excuse of "I wasn't going to do anything with her." He knew what he was doing from the get go just like the rest of them.

    groehrig123 (6:06:29 PM): ur parents aren't gonna read this right?? lol
    groehrig123 (6:07:16 PM): u home alone?
    groehrig123 (6:09:28 PM): what have u all done with a guy?
    groehrig123 (6:52:31 PM): r u shaved?

    See what I mean? All the standard perv questions. Geoff will have lots of time to review his vulgar chat over and over in his head while he sits in the state prison for a while.

    Thank you to Boots for a great verify, Prism from the content creator department for a wonderful myspace page and to the Waukesha Police Department.

    This is our 189th conviction since June of 2004 and our 68th conviction for 2007 so far.