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    File originally posted on 12/16/2010 8:00 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/16/2010 8:00 AM PST

    Decoy (10/07/08 9:21:26 PM): i just turned 14 f mi
    fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:21:37 PM): cool were u excited
    Decoy (10/07/08 9:22:04 PM): not rely my bday sucked
    fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:22:10 PM): y is that
    Decoy (10/07/08 9:22:52 PM): cuz my stepmom wouldnt let my friends comeover
    Decoy (10/07/08 9:23:01 PM): she didnt even get me a cake or presetns or anything
    fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:23:27 PM): what a bitch and let me say a belated happy birthday holly
    Decoy (10/07/08 9:23:40 PM): thx
    Decoy (10/07/08 9:24:01 PM): i made my own cake tho an i ate it w my little bros an tyler even made me a homemade card
    Decoy (10/07/08 9:24:06 PM): hes so cute 4 a little bro
    Decoy (10/07/08 9:24:08 PM): hes only 7
    fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:24:26 PM): yes u r lucky to have a little brothe rlike him
    Decoy (10/07/08 9:24:35 PM): my other bro is 5
    fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:24:44 PM): so ur only sis
    Decoy (10/07/08 9:24:50 PM): ya
    Decoy (10/07/08 9:24:53 PM): there rely my stepbros tho
    fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:25:08 PM): ic so u pick on them or other way around
    Decoy (10/07/08 9:25:31 PM): no there pretty kewl 4 little bros
    Decoy (10/07/08 9:25:43 PM): i mostly just get stuck babysittin an takin care of em all the time
    fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:26:16 PM): u get paid for watching or no
    Decoy (10/07/08 9:26:26 PM): hell no she never gives me money
    fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:27:49 PM): if i was your parent i would pay u all the time for that
    Decoy (10/07/08 9:28:06 PM): thats kewl shes a bitch tho
    fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:29:13 PM): have u ever thought about moving out to a new place or cant right now
    Decoy (10/07/08 9:29:53 PM): i dont have anywere 2 go
    fseminoles2008 (10/07/08 9:30:16 PM): well if u liked i have a open room if u would like to stay with me for awhile
    Yeah, creepy, that's what you should be telling children to do. Run away to live with you!

    It doesn't say Matthew Sibal very long to start trying to meet our decoy. At the time of this chat, he was already on parole for a similar offense. Despite being prohibited from being on the internet, chatting to who he thought was a kid no less, here he was doing it again. And here he was, arrested again. And here he was, convicted again. This is a man who doesn't learn his lessons.

    He was convicted of using the internet to solicit a child. He received a sentence of 15-120 months in prison and he had to serve that sentence consecutive to his term for violating his parole. He was already a registered sex offender, and he was sentenced to receive additional sex offender treatment while in prison. Hopefully he receives a very large amount of treatment, as this man is the definition of a serial offender.

    Contributor notes from Silver Jordan
    Matthew Sibal hit up my decoy persona in a Michigan Yahoo chatroom. It was obvious right from the start that Matthew had spent a bit of time reviewing my online profiles. He had also determined that telling me his real age on the first chat was not a great idea. He disappeared for more than half a month after I pressed him for details and called him a lying liar. When he hit me up the second time, he made sure to check whether or not I remembered calling him a liar, and when he was satisfied that I didn't remember talking to him the first time, he told me his real age.

    Why is that significant?

    Mainly because Matthew Sibal was deliberate in how he approached my child decoy. He wanted to create for himself an opportunity to rape a child that was willing to talk to him on IM. He remembered how our first chat progressed and how it ended up. He adjusted his approach to try to better his chances for an opportunity to do what he wanted to do.

    Too bad for Matthew, he was already in trouble and on probation for a similar offense! Probation revoked!

    Many thanks to State Attorney Mike Cox and all of the fine men and woman in blue in Grand Rapids, Mi. I'd also like to thank Garmen Gija, my verifier and the Content Creater team who helped bring my decoy to life.

    This is our 519th conviction since June of 2004 and our 19th conviction for 2010.