• Conviction - dtwnsd - San Diego, California

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 3/21/2007 9:21 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 3/21/2007 9:21 AM PST

    dtwnsd (09/02/06 6:30:41 PM): take some nudes for me
    dtwnsd (09/02/06 6:30:43 PM): ok
    tiffanyjoy2cute (09/02/06 6:30:51 PM): i dont have camra
    dtwnsd (09/02/06 6:30:59 PM): who took those pics
    dtwnsd (09/02/06 6:31:01 PM): you have
    tiffanyjoy2cute (09/02/06 6:31:08 PM): my aunt
    tiffanyjoy2cute (09/02/06 6:31:11 PM): my dad
    dtwnsd (09/02/06 6:31:30 PM): you have never done any sexy pics infornt of them
    tiffanyjoy2cute (09/02/06 6:31:39 PM): no
    dtwnsd (09/02/06 6:32:05 PM): have you ever sat on dads lap and felt him hard or any other man?
    tiffanyjoy2cute (09/02/06 6:32:17 PM): no
    Yep, that's the creep right in creepy indeed.

    Joshua Larios is a waste of skin, a big bag of worthless flesh. Really, how could you say anything else after reading his chat-log? What a disgusting human being. Perhaps just as disgusting is that the same ol' judge gave the same ol' "long beach special" regardless of chat content. This guy is a walking time-bomb when it comes to finding a real kid.

    If he does, it won't be on our conscience. We don't hand out the sentences. He got the three year probation, sixty days caltrans cleanup and lifetime RSO registration that is usual from the judge hearing the cases. At least he'll be registered as a sexual offender, because people in any neighborhood where he lives needs to have a heads up, definitely.

    Notes from the Contributor, Mimosa
    This creep wanted to control my 13 year old persona's every move.

    dtwnsd (10:11:59 PM): i wnat you to do what i said
    dtwnsd (10:12:36 PM): ya but you are soposed to do what i say remeber?:)
    dtwnsd (10:13:45 PM): im the man and you need to do what i ask:)

    dtwnsd (6:21:54 PM): im going to make you becokme a naughty girl

    He wants dad to walk in and see my 13 year old persona with her panties off.

    dtwnsd (6:24:17 PM): i wnat you to get on the bed with your but towards the door where your little but stiks aout just a little

    dtwnsd (6:27:43 PM): but make sure he does cross your legs on couch where he will see you make sure he can see your pussy and put book on lap

    dtwnsd (6:29:23 PM): i wnat him to see your pussy

    dtwnsd (6:34:16 PM): you need to show him either with legs open or aying down fromm behind ass and pussy

    I truly believe if this guy gets a chance he will do what he can to control a child and make her his sex slave. He gets off on the thrill of being in control and seeing what the reactions of others are with his demands.

    He received 3 years probation, RSO and Cal Trans duty (roadway clean up) for his actions. He deserved so much more.

    This is our 167th conviction since June of 2004 and our 46th conviction for 2007 so far.