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    Report made 11/24/2009 9:53 PM PST

    boywonder832 (12/11/07 12:14:06 AM): are you wealthy?
    robwinsatlife (12/11/07 12:14:14 AM): wtf no
    robwinsatlife (12/11/07 12:14:17 AM): why
    boywonder832 (12/11/07 12:14:21 AM): you dont need a laptop
    boywonder832 (12/11/07 12:14:45 AM): it seems you come from a well to do home
    robwinsatlife (12/11/07 12:15:07 AM): what r u talkin about
    boywonder832 (12/11/07 12:15:39 AM): nothin
    robwinsatlife (12/11/07 12:15:59 AM): u mean that pool table??? thats caras house not mine lol
    boywonder832 (12/11/07 12:16:18 AM): oh
    boywonder832 (12/11/07 12:16:30 AM): who house is that
    robwinsatlife (12/11/07 12:16:37 AM): caras
    boywonder832 (12/11/07 12:16:55 AM): your gf
    robwinsatlife (12/11/07 12:16:59 AM): no lol
    boywonder832 (12/11/07 12:17:03 AM): oh
    robwinsatlife (12/11/07 12:17:18 AM): i dont have a gf
    boywonder832 (12/11/07 12:17:23 AM): lol
    boywonder832 (12/11/07 12:17:33 AM): lollolololololololololololololololol
    robwinsatlife (12/11/07 12:17:38 AM): what
    boywonder832 (12/11/07 12:17:50 AM): im just luaghing
    robwinsatlife (12/11/07 12:18:01 AM): why r u laughing at me
    boywonder832 (12/11/07 12:18:20 AM): im laughing with you
    robwinsatlife (12/11/07 12:18:29 AM): im not laughing
    boywonder832 (12/11/07 12:18:32 AM): oh
    robwinsatlife (12/11/07 12:19:25 AM): :P
    boywonder832 (12/11/07 12:19:28 AM): im sorry
    boywonder832 (12/11/07 12:19:40 AM): you wanna be my king?
    robwinsatlife (12/11/07 12:19:52 AM): what does that mean
    boywonder832 (12/11/07 12:20:04 AM): be my leader
    robwinsatlife (12/11/07 12:20:11 AM): i dont get it
    boywonder832 (12/11/07 12:20:38 AM): its just something i consider you being to me
    Regardless of being a predator... what an odd person.

    Santigo Gaston was arrested in December, 2007 as part of a small sting in Gentry, Arkansas. Gaston travelled from Texas to show up at the bust house, where he was met by the Gentry Police Department. He was indicted for a felony charge of internet stalking of a child. He ended up pleading guilty, but he didn't get a weak sentence in exchange for making a plea. He received 12 years in prison, and he will have to complete sex offender programs while there. He also has to register as a sex offender when he is released, and he will not be able to contact any minors or use social networking sites/chat rooms.

    The contributor for this chat was Pibb.

    This is our 446th conviction since June of 2004, our 142nd conviction for 2009, and our 5th conviction in Arkansas thus far.