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    Report made 12/20/2010 4:58 AM PST

    sjw632001 (04/20/08 9:09:28 PM): CT...probably too old for you if your age is true...lol
    ct_princess95 (04/20/08 9:09:35 PM): 13 f ct
    sjw632001 (04/20/08 9:09:58 PM): 45...u can be minedaughter...if i had one...lol...
    ct_princess95 (04/20/08 9:10:04 PM): lol
    sjw632001 (04/20/08 9:10:10 PM): but yur cute as hell
    ct_princess95 (04/20/08 9:10:15 PM): thats ok i already got a dad
    ct_princess95 (04/20/08 9:10:18 PM): thx!!
    sjw632001 (04/20/08 9:10:40 PM): YW~!...whatcha doing in herelooking for trouble or brreakin hearts?
    ct_princess95 (04/20/08 9:10:55 PM): aww
    ct_princess95 (04/20/08 9:10:58 PM): jsut bored lol
    sjw632001 (04/20/08 9:11:18 PM): you knowus dirty old men...u like to tease..lol
    ct_princess95 (04/20/08 9:11:30 PM): lol
    ct_princess95 (04/20/08 9:11:32 PM): nah
    ct_princess95 (04/20/08 9:11:33 PM): lol
    ct_princess95 (04/20/08 9:11:39 PM): i dont like games
    ct_princess95 (04/20/08 9:11:50 PM): i hate when ppl do that
    sjw632001 (04/20/08 9:12:01 PM): well thats good...it can get alil dangerous sometimes...
    sjw632001 (04/20/08 9:12:14 PM): not that i am...im just weird...lol
    ct_princess95 (04/20/08 9:12:17 PM): what do u mean?
    ct_princess95 (04/20/08 9:12:19 PM): lol
    ct_princess95 (04/20/08 9:12:23 PM): i think ur funny
    sjw632001 (04/20/08 9:12:50 PM): :D and u dont even know me yet...lol u sound like the girlsin my collge ...lol
    ct_princess95 (04/20/08 9:13:13 PM): lol
    ct_princess95 (04/20/08 9:13:17 PM): ur in college?
    sjw632001 (04/20/08 9:13:24 PM): yup....
    sjw632001 (04/20/08 9:13:33 PM): can u guess what for?...lol
    sjw632001 (04/20/08 9:13:38 PM): bet u wont..lol
    sjw632001 (04/20/08 9:13:46 PM): brb while u thjink...
    ct_princess95 (04/20/08 9:14:06 PM): lol
    ct_princess95 (04/20/08 9:14:10 PM): idk
    sjw632001 (04/20/08 9:14:24 PM): nursing
    I don't think that nursing career ended up working out for you, Steve.

    Steve J. Warren was arrested as part of our IF program. This is a great example of how even if you haven't heard of a sting lately, decoys are always out there getting individual arrests all across the country.

    Warren was arrested by Meriden, CT police in May of 2008. He was initially charged with criminal attempt to commit risk of injury to a minor, second-degree criminal attempt to commit sex assault, and criminal attempt to entice a minor. In April 2010, he ended up being convicted of the attempt to commit risk of injury charge and was sentenced to two years in jail, and he was also convicted of a charge of possession of child porn. For the child pornography, he was sentenced to 7 years in jail (to be suspended after 42 months), and ten years probation. We are unsure at this time if he has to register as a sex offender upon release, though there will be updates on the forums about this.

    The contributor for this chat was Chandra Chai.

    This is our 525th conviction since June of 2004 and our 25th conviction for 2010.