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    jtg7784 (05/02/08 12:52:00 AM): i love tight pants
    jtg7784 (05/02/08 12:52:15 AM): hugging a nice round butt
    jtg7784 (05/02/08 12:52:19 AM): :D
    diva_brat1994 (05/02/08 12:53:21 AM): :)
    jtg7784 (05/02/08 12:53:37 AM): and a tight shirt across the breasts
    diva_brat1994 (05/02/08 12:53:44 AM): k
    jtg7784 (05/02/08 12:53:54 AM): is that what you wear?
    diva_brat1994 (05/02/08 12:53:57 AM): i know wut 2 wear when we meet
    diva_brat1994 (05/02/08 12:54:16 AM): :)
    jtg7784 (05/02/08 12:54:18 AM): :D
    jtg7784 (05/02/08 12:54:34 AM): do you have the perfect pair of pants?
    diva_brat1994 (05/02/08 12:54:50 AM): perfect pair?
    jtg7784 (05/02/08 12:55:04 AM): nice and tight and hugs your ass?
    diva_brat1994 (05/02/08 12:55:27 AM): yeah i got those
    jtg7784 (05/02/08 12:55:45 AM): what kind?
    diva_brat1994 (05/02/08 12:56:00 AM): jeans
    jtg7784 (05/02/08 12:56:11 AM): :D
    jtg7784 (05/02/08 12:56:23 AM): you can wear a tight skirt if you want to
    jtg7784 (05/02/08 12:56:27 AM): like those too
    diva_brat1994 (05/02/08 12:56:34 AM): kewl
    diva_brat1994 (05/02/08 12:56:44 AM): i like skirts
    jtg7784 (05/02/08 12:56:53 AM): :D
    jtg7784 (05/02/08 12:56:59 AM): easier access
    So, so disturbing.

    Joseph Tracy Garner is a classic example of an especially disturbing PeeJ arrest and conviction due to the fact that he was a teacher of kids in the age group he was trying to solicit for sex. He has very close contact with kids this age for most of the year. That's a very scary fact. Gartner was charged with seven counts of online sexual corruption of a child. He pled guilty to all seven charges, and received 90 days in jail, three years probation, 30 days work crew, no internet usage, registration as a sex offender, fines, and he can only have contact with his own children if their guardian allows it, no contact with any other minors. He is also, of course, no longer a teacher, and must submit to a polygraph as to whether or not he has had sexual contact with any students.

    Contributor notes from Sherry Twist
    He contacted my decoy profile while I was working an IF area in Oregon. Turned out he was a teacher at the high school in Ontario, Oregon. Also at the time he was arrested he was running for city council. I have a pretty good idea he didn't win that election.

    I don't know about the good citizens in his community, but i know I would not vote for a child predator. He plead guilty to 7 counts of on-line corruption of a minor (Class A felony) and 7 Counts of online seduction of a minor (Class C felony) He resigned from the school district after he was arrested and was suspended from all contact with students in the district.

    The children in his community and school are now safer with that creep exposed.

    This is our 474th conviction since June of 2004, our 169th conviction for 2009, and our 5th conviction in Oregon thus far.