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    File originally posted on 12/3/2009 11:44 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/3/2009 11:44 PM PST

    figwithbqe (03/28/07 10:01:11 PM): i hang out with a lot of hoodlums and gangstas
    figwithbqe (03/28/07 10:01:34 PM): so you can conclude that i'm ghetto boy
    figwithbqe (03/28/07 10:01:37 PM): that i have
    figwithbqe (03/28/07 10:01:48 PM): done stupid shit before,
    figwithbqe (03/28/07 10:01:54 PM): gotten in trouble
    figwithbqe (03/28/07 10:02:03 PM): because all my friends including myself have been in jail once
    prettydragonfire (03/28/07 10:02:16 PM): yea but u were set up rite
    figwithbqe (03/28/07 10:02:24 PM): yea
    figwithbqe (03/28/07 10:02:26 PM): but regardless
    prettydragonfire (03/28/07 10:02:42 PM): i dunno doesnt count to me if some crazy bitch set u up
    figwithbqe (03/28/07 10:02:43 PM): doesn't mean i haven't beaten up, stabbed, shit someone before
    figwithbqe (03/28/07 10:03:01 PM): now if it was aimed at me
    prettydragonfire (03/28/07 10:03:28 PM): i think my net is tryin to crash
    figwithbqe (03/28/07 10:03:40 PM): lol
    figwithbqe (03/28/07 10:03:42 PM): but yea
    figwithbqe (03/28/07 10:03:45 PM): i'm not saint
    You don't need to tell us. What a loser.

    Daniel Figueroa was arrested as part of our sting in Ocean County, NJ in the spring of 2007 after driving there from Brooklyn, NY. He pleaded guilty to a charge of criminal attempt, and he must remain under parole supervision for life with registration as a sex offender with the usual restrictions. One has to doubt that he is going to be an upstanding citizen from this point on, so he's likely to run afoul of the restrictions of his lifetime of supervision. If he screws up, hopefully there is jail time in his future.

    The contributor for this chat was Van de Camp.

    This is our 457th conviction since June of 2004, our 152nd conviction for 2009, and our 18th conviction in New Jersey thus far.