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    poisonivygirl92 (07/14/06 9:58:09 PM): damn u must be strong
    scoobydooatl01 (07/14/06 9:58:45 PM): strong and cocky.. i do construction work u gotta be tough for that
    poisonivygirl92 (07/14/06 9:58:54 PM): yea
    scoobydooatl01 (07/14/06 9:59:05 PM): the only thing i hate about it is my hands arent soft
    poisonivygirl92 (07/14/06 9:59:24 PM): awww
    scoobydooatl01 (07/14/06 9:59:36 PM): u a lil bit.. how much u weigh
    scoobydooatl01 (07/14/06 9:59:37 PM): ??
    poisonivygirl92 (07/14/06 9:59:45 PM): 105
    scoobydooatl01 (07/14/06 10:00:01 PM): damn i can pick u up with one hand.. standing on one foot
    poisonivygirl92 (07/14/06 10:00:09 PM): lol yea rite
    scoobydooatl01 (07/14/06 10:00:15 PM): u wanna bet??
    poisonivygirl92 (07/14/06 10:00:24 PM): yea lol
    scoobydooatl01 (07/14/06 10:00:25 PM): i bench 260
    scoobydooatl01 (07/14/06 10:00:59 PM): weighing 240.. not all mucle though
    poisonivygirl92 (07/14/06 10:01:11 PM): thats cool
    poisonivygirl92 (07/14/06 10:01:16 PM): u sound really strong
    scoobydooatl01 (07/14/06 10:01:27 PM): i guiess
    scoobydooatl01 (07/14/06 10:01:42 PM): but im still to bad 4 ya
    scoobydooatl01 (07/14/06 10:02:16 PM): but good girls like bad boys

    Yeah, maybe, but they don't like guys spending four years in jail who will come out as a registered sex offender, do they?

    Denis Coulson showed up to our Harris County, Georgia \"To Catch a Predator\" sting operation. He didn't like meeting Chris Hansen and the police. However, that was small potatoes compared to what would come.

    Finding out that Georgia was throwing a book and a half at these guys, Coulson ingested a bunch of sleeping pills and made a weak attempt at killing himself. Then, once he healed up, he realized that was dumb and took his sentence, which was ten years in jail (serving four) along with a hefty probation sentence afterwards. Of course, if he's a dullard in jail like he was a dullard out of jail and gets in more trouble, that stretch of four turns into a stretch of a decade pretty easily.

    Contributor notes from Van De Camp
    This sentence is great. This is how it should always be. He gets four years in jail and if he messes up, he gets to do the rest of the 10 year sentence. On top of that, he gets to enjoy all the perks of RSO status. It's gold really.

    Denis is not very bright. After soliciting my persona for sex, he decided to come over to the bust house. My poor verifier, Midwestmom, had to direct him to the house because he got lost. I'm not talking a little bit lost, but really lost. At times I wondered if he could even find it if we had a neon sign on the house that said \"pervs this way\". After getting a little cranky and stopping for some taco bell, he finally got to the house. He was interviewed and arrested. During the search, they found marijuana. Yay for extra charges.

    All in all I am very happy with this conviction. Working with the law enforcement in Georgia has been a pleasure. Thanks to them for doing a great job. Thanks to my verifier who had to deal with him.

    This is our 203rd conviction since June of 2004 and our 82nd conviction for 2007 so far.