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    File originally posted on 5/18/2007 11:43 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 5/18/2007 11:43 AM PST

    dayumhot92 (9:36:49 PM): but i got a puppy lol
    jbrian1964 (9:36:53 PM): lol
    jbrian1964 (9:36:56 PM): what kind
    dayumhot92 (9:36:56 PM): hes kind of a pain
    dayumhot92 (9:36:58 PM): a mutt
    jbrian1964 (9:37:04 PM): a pain?
    dayumhot92 (9:37:07 PM): lol
    jbrian1964 (9:37:10 PM): why
    dayumhot92 (9:37:17 PM): like bites and barks all the time
    dayumhot92 (9:37:25 PM): and alwasy wants 2 play
    jbrian1964 (9:37:33 PM): he wants your attention
    jbrian1964 (9:37:36 PM): lol
    dayumhot92 (9:37:46 PM): yea
    jbrian1964 (9:37:53 PM): u know what they say about dogs like that...dont u??
    dayumhot92 (9:37:57 PM): no
    jbrian1964 (9:38:03 PM): lol....never mind
    dayumhot92 (9:38:05 PM): wat
    dayumhot92 (9:38:07 PM): tell me
    jbrian1964 (9:38:09 PM): lol
    jbrian1964 (9:38:39 PM): if they bark bite and want to play all the time....they want something else...lol
    Not exactly why people invented the internet.

    John McCormick is a sick guy as you can tell from his chat-log. The worst part was that getting him arrested meant quite the odyssey for our contributor in this case. His chat was vile, but despite all that, he was allowed to take a plea to a misdemeanor. Looks like he was lucky to have been arrested in Nevada.

    He received:
    1. Supervision by Electronic Monitoring during the first year of probation as deemed necessary.
    2. Complete 50 hours of community service work.
    3. Pay $500.00 fine.
    4. Internet access at work only and not at home.
    5. Random inspection of his laptop as deemed necessary by P&P.

    Nope, not a great sentence at all, but a conviction is a conviction. Hopefully Nevada starts taking this crime more seriously in general with future cases.

    Notes from the Contributor, Chandra Chai
    I started chatting with jbrian1964 exactly one month after becoming a contributor. He is the one bust that is going to \"haunt me\" for the rest of my life. I cannot express how concerned I am for his daughter and his friend's daughter. Be sure to read the chat from 11/16 to see why.

    Flash back to September and October of 2005.

    We had fewer than 40 convictions and not all law enforcement (LE ) were on board with us, not like the relationships we enjoy today. I began speaking with jbrian1964 during our Las Vegas media sting; which was my first GMB. He lived in Phoenix and traveled frequently to Vegas but would not be there on our bust weekend. After the first few chats with him, I was determined to follow this one through to an arrest.

    I contacted over 6 different agencies trying to get interest. The gaps in the dates when I was online, and leaving offlines to him were the times I was working with different LE agencies to work with me on either a meet or to just arrest him for what we already had. I finally found my salvation, so to speak, in the Henderson PD. Please click here for the press release from Dec. of 2005: Press Release.

    So, we set up the meet. My detective Daniel Leath of the Henderson PD was incredible; we worked very closely over the phone, and with Vande as the verifier. It all went down smoothly and I was so pleased that he was actually finally arrested and I would not have to chat with him any more.

    Although I think the sentence imposed by the court was inadequate, huge thanks are due to the Henderson Police Department and especially Det. Danny Leath. He was such a pleasure to work with.

    I sure hope that all the people who know him and have emailed, IM'd, and private messaged me will see this chat and read it through. It's quite long but I think it's critical to be sure his loved ones see this and see what kind of man is in their midst.

    This is our 184th conviction since June of 2004 and our 63rd conviction for 2007 so far.