• Conviction - Slavetoboys - Sacramento County, California

    - Research Conviction -
    Report made 7/8/2011 4:07 PM PST

    Our researchers contacted Sacramento Police due to identifying him on various online pedophile websites such as BoyMoment and BoyLover.net. He had written extensively about child sexual abuse, and was previously convicted of a sex offense against a minor.

    Sample of his writings on Pedophile websites:
    i have heard that many pre-pube boys are able to prform better then adults. but like every thing it a kid's developement it veries from person to person and needs stimulation to develope properly.
    kids NEED sex!!!
    like human contact and development of verbal skills.

    sex is not bad
    we need sex!

    Most individuals who post on online pedophile websites are in possession of child pornography or are actively attempting to molest a child. Smithson was no exception, when police were contacted about Smithson's online antics and affiliations, they quickly found that he had been breaking California law by possessing and distributing child pornography.

    Smithson was sentenced to six years in state prison and registration as a sex offender. He will be released sometime in 2014.