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    File originally posted on 11/21/2009 11:43 PM PST [Link to File]
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    lhofusa (03/09/08 11:43:29 AM): i tell you something a long time ago very many years ago i met a young guy like around your age and we became very close
    jetpacksidekick (03/09/08 11:43:45 AM): really?
    lhofusa (03/09/08 11:44:15 AM): yeah we had sex and everything we use to go on trips
    jetpacksidekick (03/09/08 11:44:41 AM): thats so kewl
    lhofusa (03/09/08 11:44:46 AM): and i was scared a hell cause he was young like you
    lhofusa (03/09/08 11:44:59 AM): thats as hell
    lhofusa (03/09/08 11:45:25 AM): he was very nice looking like you
    Yeah, and there are people out there who say Perverted Justice doesn't get any dangerous men arrested. What a joke.

    Luis Felipe Huertas was arrested as part of our Wayne County, Michigan sting in the spring of 2008. It was conducted under the authority of the Michigan Attorney General's office. Huertas was charged with using the internet to commit crime, and he pled guilty. He received one year in the Wayne County jail and had to register as a sex offender. ICE was notified about his crime so he may possibly be deported.

    The contributor for this chat was Jay Alternative.

    This is our 440th conviction since June of 2004, our 136th conviction for 2009, and our 52nd conviction in Michigan thus far.