• Conviction - jbird2000_95020 - Gilroy, California

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 5/30/2005 2:17 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 8/29/2005 12:20 PM PST

    Conviction #30 is perhaps our most unique work to date. Usually we go into chat-rooms, sit and wait for predators to IM us. Then we'll take that information to proactive police or if finding none, post the conversations and information on the website. That's how it works in 99% of instances. However, there's always that 1% that works in a different fashion.

    We received contact from a Detective in Gilroy, California requesting our help in working a predator named jbird2000_95020. This individual we now know to be Jason Bell had hit up one of the detectives profiles, and he was looking for a volunteer to work in the individual during the officer's off-hours, as well as assistance from our website in the form of phone verification. One area of the website that is constantly underappreciated is our experienced cadre of underage-sounding phone verifiers. It is a valuable resource that we have accumulated over time.

    The chat you see in the jbird file is the chat our contributor, Tyrone, had with the individual at the request of Detective Madruga in Gilroy. They worked together in order to create a seamless child-character. It worked well, as evidenced by today's result of a plea and sentencing for Jason Bell.

    Bell pled No Contest to Attempted Child Molestation and Sending Harmful Matter over the Internet. Received 3 years in State Prison, 3 years parole following that, and a lifetime of registered sexual offender status.

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    Excerpt from article:
    On Feb. 1, Madruga contacted volunteers who run the controversial Web site Perverted-Justice.com, and chat with would-be child molesters online and over the phone to expose them.

    \"A lot of agencies view them as a vigilante group,\" Madruga said. \"But there's a lot that use them as a tool because they have a lot of resources that smaller agencies like us don't have.\"

    For example, young-sounding females who could talk to Bell if he wanted to have a conversation, or volunteers who can work late into the night, when kids are online. Bell had given \"Catrina\" his phone number, so a Perverted Justice volunteer conducted a chat that night in case Bell wanted to talk, Madruga said.

    We would like to thank Det. Madruga for being so proactive and taking a good look at what we are and what we can offer. We're very glad that our organization was put to good use by the Detective and we are very happy to have had a part in this investigation. Madruga did a great job of covering the bases and is a detective his community can definitely be proud of.

    Notes from the Contributor, Tyrone
    The fantasy Jason Bell had, of walking up to an unknown young girl, in a local park, and immediately assaulting and raping her was among the most disturbing chats I've read since joining PJ. In working with Detective Madruga, I was privvy to the previous communications between Jason and \"Catrina\". Chilling stuff. There is no greater relief than knowing that instead of a young girl being subjected to hearing of these fantasies, the \"Catrina\" he spoke to online was in fact, alternately Det. Madruga or myself, and that instead of a young child meeting him at the park that late February night, he found waiting for him Gilroy PD's finest.

    Among the diet vanilla Coke and Malibu Rum that I, as \"Catrina\" had asked Jason to bring to our encounter, LE found 3 pre-cut lengths of rope, a switchblade knife, locked in the open position stashed between his truck seats, duct tape and a rag to stuff in the girls mouth. As suggested in the chat, he'd also rented a local motel room for the night.

    Gilroy is safer tonight, due to the pro-active work of Gilroy PD's Detective Madruga, and I'm glad we at PJ were able to lend him a hand.

    This marks our 6th conviction for August 2005, our 23rd conviction for the year 2005 and 30th conviction since June of 2004. This is our 3rd conviction in California. Additionally, from June 2005 to August 29th, 2005, we have had 15 different convictions come to fruition. It has been one great summer and that's definitely due to the work of our volunteers and the great work of proactive and interested law enforcement across the entire United States who have welcomed and acted upon our work and information.