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    File originally posted on 10/17/2013 4:35 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/17/2013 4:35 PM PST

    mikep37013 (10/17/08 11:29:51 AM): Hi, I am Mike, 57, and a Sugar Daddy looking for a new lady to pamper and spoil. Would you be interested ?
    holly_oh_golly (10/17/08 11:33:05 AM): hi
    holly_oh_golly (10/17/08 11:33:09 AM): whats a sugar daddy?
    mikep37013 (10/17/08 11:33:35 AM): some one who takes great care of you
    holly_oh_golly (10/17/08 11:33:47 AM): well def not my stepmom
    mikep37013 (10/17/08 11:33:53 AM): rofl
    mikep37013 (10/17/08 11:34:01 AM): are you Holly ?
    mikep37013 (10/17/08 11:34:04 AM): I am Mike
    holly_oh_golly (10/17/08 11:34:09 AM): ya holly 14 f mi u?
    mikep37013 (10/17/08 11:34:14 AM): I cant see any profiles
    mikep37013 (10/17/08 11:34:24 AM): I am M 57 MI

    57 year old Kenneth Michael Pomeroy didn't care that the person he was chatting with was only 14 years old, he still wanted to be her sugar daddy. He groomed little \"Holly\" and wanted to teach her all about sex when her step-mother left her alone for the weekend.

    Pomeroy was arrested as part of our work with the Michigan Attorney General's Office. He negotiated a plea agreement and was sentenced to five years of probation and sex offender registration.

    Contributor notes from Silver Jordan
    Even though Kenneth Michael Pomeroy was extremely wary of the police, as you read his chat you will see that he was also extremely graphic. He not only hit up my decoy in a Michigan chat room, but he had already hit up Malibu Breeze in an earlier Michigan sting. We just love Michigan. Mike Pomeroy didn't show up for any of the chats he had with Perverted Justice Contributors, but he did get a tap on the shoulder from Michigan law enforcement.

    When you read his chat, you'll see that he was quite graphic, despite his repeated worrying about me being a cop. In fact it's a common theme for him. He was fully aware of the To Catch A Predator series that we did in the past, and yet he couldn't contain his desire to chat up a child for sexual purposes. He gets into the sex talk early, and stays with it all the way through to the end.

    What drives a man that was 57 years old to do what Kenneth Michael Pomeroy did and was most likely doing a lot of? The only answer I can think of is because he's a pedophile. Pedophiles seek out children for sexual encounters, and that's exactly what Ken Pomeroy did. You'll see from his very words to me that he made the drive, got spooked by seeing police cars somewhere in the neighborhood, and bolted.

    So with that attempt he was convicted and sentenced on two charges of using a computer to commit a crime. He is to serve five years of probation and submit to sex offender registration. He will also have to submit to a long list of the usual sex-offender related conditions as part of his probation.

    I would like to think that Ken Pomeroy / Mike Pomeroy or Kenneth Michael Pomeroy (whichever...still an asshole) will have learned his lesson and never try to rape a child again in his life. However, as has been seen time and again around here, that kind of hope is a sort of a phantom. Keep a sharp eye on Pomeroy people of Michigan, he's one dangerous rat-bastard that needs watching.

    This is our 561st conviction since June of 2004.