• Conviction - lookinfforsex/fishman1192002 - Loudon, New Hampshire

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    File originally posted on 7/24/2007 2:14 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 7/24/2007 2:14 PM PST

    lookinfforsex (08/23/06 6:47:06 PM): you know your 1st time will hurt
    morgan_dreamerz (08/23/06 6:47:21 PM): bad?
    lookinfforsex (08/23/06 6:47:31 PM): i dont know im not a girl lol
    morgan_dreamerz (08/23/06 6:47:47 PM): ur gf eva cry?
    morgan_dreamerz (08/23/06 6:47:53 PM): cuz it hurt?
    lookinfforsex (08/23/06 6:48:07 PM): never been with a virgin
    morgan_dreamerz (08/23/06 6:48:19 PM): but u go slow rite?
    lookinfforsex (08/23/06 6:48:36 PM): yea i go real slow i know how to do it
    morgan_dreamerz (08/23/06 6:48:42 PM): k
    morgan_dreamerz (08/23/06 6:48:49 PM): i no u were a nice guy
    lookinfforsex (08/23/06 6:49:02 PM): thanks
    lookinfforsex (08/23/06 6:49:42 PM): you know what oral sex is
    morgan_dreamerz (08/23/06 6:50:22 PM): i think so
    lookinfforsex (08/23/06 6:50:27 PM): ok

    Oh, it's fucking entrapment, isn't it?

    Anyways, Kevin Fish is our first conviction in New Hampshire so that logs another state onto the good ol' conviction map. Fish, who was unabashedly happy about the girl having no previous sexual experience, will now get to spend some time in a place where everyone knows the answers to his questions.

    He was sentenced to 12 months in the House of Corrections with 4 of those suspended. After he's out in eight months, he'll get two years probation. Must participate in sexual offender counseling counseling, treatment and education progams as directed.

    Sex offender registration for life and no unsupervised contact with children under 16 years or internet access.

    Contributor notes from Noel Nog
    Using more than one screen name is a common device of Internet predators. They try to maintain anonymity by using an alter ego, or maybe they just want put their intent our there in an overt manner. Kevin Fish was just such a predator. He first contacted me using the screen name "fishman1192002". We chatted briefly and I thought he lost interest in me. About a month later he returned as "lookinfforsex" and was, uh, looking for sex.

    Kevin was 23 at the time of our chats. There are people who argue that guys this young are not true pedophiles, that the age difference is not that great to warrant legal action. They're just nice guys, they say, looking for someone to date. Kevin claimed to be a nice guy, but in short order he asked a 13-year-old virgin for sex, including anal. In a bizarre development, an alleged female friend of his, "Linda", messaged me out of the blue several times, sent me a photo of herself, and asked if I were bisexual. When I asked Kevin about her, he claimed she was just a friend and he didn't know that she was going to contact me. Riiiiight. I wonder if "Linda" really was his girlfriend and was trying to set up a threesome, or maybe "Linda" was Kevin himself, trying to see how far my virginal self would go. I will probably never know....thankfully.

    Kevin initially was going to bring me an alcoholic beverage, Mike's Hard Lemonade, another common ploy of predators, but then had an attack of conscience. We ended up agreeing that he would bring me Cherry Coke and Pringle's. The arresting officer, Officer Hawkins, told me later that they got him on tape at a local convenience store purchasing those very items immediately prior to his showing up.

    I would like to thank Officer Adam Hawkins and Chief Vincent Baiocchetti of the Belmont, New Hampshire, Police Department, for being so proactive in fighting online predators, and for bringing this predator to justice.

    This is our 204th conviction since June of 2004 and our 83rd conviction for 2007 so far.