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    File originally posted on 4/26/2008 3:19 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 4/26/2008 3:19 AM PST

    Charlotte Russe (01/25/07 6:53:32 PM): brb
    Charlotte Russe (01/25/07 6:54:12 PM): k srry bck
    Charlotte Russe (01/25/07 6:54:17 PM): hadda let my kitty in
    daddy_needs_slave (01/25/07 6:54:33 PM): that was fast
    Charlotte Russe (01/25/07 6:54:45 PM): he jus wantd in my room
    Charlotte Russe (01/25/07 6:54:48 PM): lol
    daddy_needs_slave (01/25/07 6:54:55 PM): oh
    daddy_needs_slave (01/25/07 6:55:21 PM): i want a kitty in my room too...but not a 4 legged one...lol
    Charlotte Russe (01/25/07 6:55:40 PM): what othr kind is there
    daddy_needs_slave (01/25/07 6:55:49 PM): think
    daddy_needs_slave (01/25/07 6:56:10 PM): whats another name for cat kitty...lol
    Charlotte Russe (01/25/07 6:56:12 PM): omg u meen lik what ur prof was talkin bout
    daddy_needs_slave (01/25/07 6:56:24 PM): ;)
    Charlotte Russe (01/25/07 6:56:34 PM): srry kinda slow somtimes lol
    daddy_needs_slave (01/25/07 6:56:40 PM): pussy kat
    daddy_needs_slave (01/25/07 6:56:41 PM): hehe
    Charlotte Russe (01/25/07 6:56:49 PM): lol
    daddy_needs_slave (01/25/07 6:57:02 PM): ok I know I am bad

    Yes, very, very, very bad. But you got a good sentence at least!

    Our Oklahoma sting we did in Walters, Oklahoma has done very, very well for us. Lawrence Mai is one of quite a few disturbing individuals that showed up. Above and beyond the call of creepy, really. Mai arrived and was arrested. This probably was displeasing to him... but not something he hadn't dealt with before as he was already a registered sex offender when he arrived. The man has been arrested before, no doubt.

    However, he won't be arrested again for a long time. Lawrence received 135 months in prison for his chat conversation. The good ol' triple digits! He also will have five years of supervised release once he gets out of jail. Oh, and a 100 dollar fine... which I'm sure is much worse than the 135 months, right?

    Contributor notes from Charlotte Russe
    Lawrence Paul Mai-- Tiptoed around what he wanted. He thought by getting the girl to say what she wanted first that he wouldn't get into trouble.

    As a JC we are taught how to chat with these guys. We are taught how to collect evidence. Lawrence here is the perfect example of why we are taught what we are. He tried everything to get the kid to be the first one to talk about sex. It didn't work.

    Lawrence here is what I call a two striker. This was not the first time he has contacted a minor for sex. That's right he was already a RSO. When he showed at the sting house he played cat and mouse with LE. He drove all around town for quite some time.

    Thankfully the awesome LE we worked with on this sting had more patience. Lawrence now has the next 135 months to figure out that children are not sex objects.

    This is our 271st conviction since June of 2004 and our 9th conviction for 2008 thus far.