• Conviction - whittierlacumandbig - Whittier, California

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 7/28/2007 1:40 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 7/28/2007 1:40 PM PST

    whittierlacumandbig (08/25/06 8:21:03 PM): how do you want to meet?
    whittierlacumandbig (08/25/06 8:21:10 PM): what time and day?
    i_is_a_ninja (08/25/06 8:21:27 PM): idk god
    whittierlacumandbig (08/25/06 8:21:45 PM): is it just you and your mom?
    i_is_a_ninja (08/25/06 8:21:49 PM): yah why
    whittierlacumandbig (08/25/06 8:22:18 PM): so you have to wait till your mom goes to work?
    i_is_a_ninja (08/25/06 8:22:24 PM): yah
    whittierlacumandbig (08/25/06 8:22:50 PM): ok that sounds good
    whittierlacumandbig (08/25/06 8:23:01 PM): when do you go back to school?
    i_is_a_ninja (08/25/06 8:23:54 PM): couple weeks
    i_is_a_ninja (08/25/06 8:24:31 PM): like u just started talkin to me i dont know u i meet ppl after i chat a while not like same day thats crazy
    whittierlacumandbig (08/25/06 8:24:46 PM): oh thats cool
    whittierlacumandbig (08/25/06 8:25:17 PM): whats the oldest guy you had sex with?
    i_is_a_ninja (08/25/06 8:25:33 PM): 19 whats the youngest u did
    whittierlacumandbig (08/25/06 8:25:51 PM): 13
    i_is_a_ninja (08/25/06 8:26:01 PM): when
    whittierlacumandbig (08/25/06 8:26:07 PM): not sure
    i_is_a_ninja (08/25/06 8:26:26 PM): last week?
    whittierlacumandbig (08/25/06 8:26:50 PM): no about a month ago

    Yeah, and this guy got the Long Beach Special. Goodness.

    James Cisneros bragged up having sex with a real 13 year old and came over to have sex with what he thought was a 12 year old during our Long Beach sting operation. What he didn't know was that the 12 year old was one of our decoys, thankfully.

    However, despite James and his claims of prior acts, he still only received the \"Long Beach Special\" over in SoCal. The judge in the case has so far given all but a couple predators (One predator, David Sierras, got three years in jail) sixty days caltrans, lifetime registration as a sex offender and three years probation. This conviction proves that it literally doesn't matter what you say in chat when it comes to these cases and the sentencing that comes forth.

    Contributor notes from Pibb
    James Cisneros was a bit unique. I can't remember another bust that was so upfront and quick to get to the point, while showing no caution or paranoia at all. This guy had no fear, almost as though he'd done this before and gotten away with it. He claims to have had sex with a 13 year old he met online. I have no way of knowing if he was telling the truth, but sadly I actually believe he was. When he showed up at the bust house the decoy asked him if he brought the condoms, he reached into his pocket for them and replied, \"Yeah, where do you want to do it?\".

    Unfortunately the judge in Long Beach gave him the same sentence as the rest. The only good thing I can say about his sentence is that he's now a registered sex offender. I fully expect him to be busted again someday.

    As usual I want to thank the awesome Dateline crew, and the Long Beach Police. They did a great job.

    This is our 207th conviction since June of 2004 and our 86th conviction for 2007 so far.