• Conviction - hey_malen - Chicago, Illinois

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 3/28/2007 6:22 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 3/28/2007 6:22 AM PST

    hey_malen (7:38:49 PM): How many guys have u done it with?
    peachesrsucky_13 (7:38:59 PM): i havent gone all the way with ne1
    hey_malen (7:39:15 PM): So u still a virgin?
    peachesrsucky_13 (7:39:22 PM): ya
    hey_malen (7:39:43 PM): Oh do u want to have sex?
    peachesrsucky_13 (7:40:08PM): would u wanna?
    hey_malen (7:40:19 PM): Why u ask me
    hey_malen (7:40:25 PM): U still a virgin
    peachesrsucky_13 (7:40:29 PM): cuz i dont wanna if u dont wanna
    hey_malen (7:41:08 PM): If its ok I take your virginity away I don't care
    hey_malen (7:42:04 PM): U want me too?
    hey_malen (7:42:27 PM): Please let me know
    Well, he would learn to care, courtesy of the court system :)

    Seda Som (not a prescription sleep aid) got sentenced to five years in prison, two years of which will be extended supervised probation rather than jail time. He will also provide DNA sample. He is to have no unsupervised contact with juvenile females under the age of 18. He will comply with mandatory Sex Offender Registration. No internet access unless approved by Agent, and lastly, will engage in any treatment/counseling deemed appropriate by Agent.

    So Seda now, we can safely assume, cares about trying to take the virginity of 13 year olds. Seda was arrested at our Milwaukee group sting back in the late spring last year, just another arrest in another one of our non-Dateline sting operations.

    Notes from the Contributor, General Tso
    Seda Som was one of five who showed up to our Milwaukee-area bust house for the GLEMB with John Mercure of TMJ4 and the fantastic Waukesha County Sheriff's office. This was my second chance to work with John, and my first with the Waukesha County Sheriffs. As always, it was a pleasure.

    Som hit me from an Illinois chatroom. It's not uncommon at all for predators to want to strike outside their home area, since the child is that much less likely to be able to run into them at the grocery store and pinpoint them. Seeing as how Illinois is within easy driving distance of Milwaukee, I chose to hang my hat in Illinois and see what happened. Som was no exception to our travelers rule. He asked me in the chatlogs if I knew a \"Taylor.\" I have edited her name here and in the chatlogs for privacy. He was due to come see \"Taylor\" in Milwaukee on Sunday. Anyone want to guess how old \"Taylor\" is? You'd probably be very close to right if you guessed early teens. Som was, without a doubt, in the market for a child to have sex with. He was coming to Milwaukee on Sunday to see \"Taylor\" if he didn't come on Saturday to see my persona, Kristina. I know more about \"Taylor\" than I can disclose at this time, however suffice it to say that he was unable to keep his date for whatever he had planned with her because he was sitting in the Waukesha County Jail.

    Thank you again to the men and women of Waukesha County Sheriffs, the prosecuting attorney and victim-witness assistance who were right on the ball with travel arrangements when we thought he wasn't going to plead out. Traveling at a moment's notice is always a bit hectic and they do their best to take the stress out of it. And as always, much of the credit for his actually getting there, since he had a horrid sense of direction and got lost, belongs to Javagirl for her fantastic work on the phone initially being convincing as a child on the phone and then helping him get un-lost so he could meet John and the Sheriffs.

    This is our 171st conviction since June of 2004 and our 50th conviction for 2007 so far.