• Conviction - changeforthebetter2006 - Dayton, Ohio

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    File originally posted on 9/13/2006 5:49 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 9/13/2006 6:10 PM PST

    Rapists and Pedophiles will use anything to make them look safe to kids.

    This man may be the scummiest piece of human excrement that has ever hit upon us. Sentenced the day prior, he didn't give a damn. He's already molested his niece and he should never, ever, ever, never, ever get out of jail. But he likely will, which stinks.

    Anyways, we're glad we helped add more jail-time on his sentence and were able to keep him away from a real kid despite his already being sentenced for soliciting a decoy who turned out to be a police officer just a few days prior. The judge decided to let Westerbeck have a few days to \"put his affairs in order\" which to Westerbeck meant molesting one last kid before going to jail.

    He failed, because he's a failure in life and because he hit on what he thought was a kid that turned out to be a PeeJ'er.

    Hopefully he dies in jail.

    Notes from the Contributor, General Tso
    From the first moment Kevin Westerbeck started to show his intentions, I knew he was a seasoned predator. He showed all the signs of knowing exactly what to say and what to avoid as part of his quest to find a child and escape prosecution while at it. This much was obvious. I did not know the details of why he was so sickeningly exacting until the last day of chatting and the day he showed up at \"my\" house to meet \"me.\" When he backed out on Saturday I thought he was gone. When he disclosed his prior on Sunday afternoon before he came over, I was stunned. He had pled guilty to solicitation of a minor on Friday during the day. He started talking to me that evening. He planned to come see me on Saturday, March 23. He backed out of that meeting but showed the next day. He was scheduled to begin serving his sentence on Thursday, March 30.

    His prior charges for solicitation of a minor came from his encounter with the Fairborn Police Department in August of 2005. He was indicted in October of 2005. His screenname of Changeforthebetter2006 is quite ironic given the choice he made in March of 2006. I'm saddened to say that he also victimized a real child but glad that he has been held accountable by the justice system for that. He is currently serving 11 months for his attempt to meet a child with the Fairborn Police. He is then going to serve his 10 year sentence for his molestation of a real child. He will then serve his 8 months (9 actually, minus 20 days time served) for his crime in soliciting and attempting to molest \"me.\" In all, Westerbeck will not see the outside of a jail cell for more than a decade. When he gets out, he will have to register for life as a sexual predator, the highest level of sex offender status in Ohio. Authorities will be notifying community members that he's moving into the neighborhood for 20 years after he is released.

    This conviction belongs largely in part to Miss Scarlett, who skillfully guided him, by phone, into the hands of Chris Hansen and then Darke County Sheriffs through dark back roads when he was lost in rural Ohio. Without her wonderful work, he may not have made it at all. I'd also like to extend thanks to the Darke County Sheriffs and DA, who were so incredibly wonderful throughout this investigation.

    This is our 79th conviction since June of 2004 and our 39th conviction for the year 2006 thus far. This is yet another Dateline-related conviction, something you'll see quite a lot of in the coming weeks.