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    bloodlineofhate (01/21/08 10:19:38 PM): so ya what u doin love?
    14-yr-old-girl (01/21/08 10:19:52 PM): messin with my hi5 page
    14-yr-old-girl (01/21/08 10:20:00 PM): figured ur busy
    bloodlineofhate (01/21/08 10:20:04 PM): icic u havin fun?
    bloodlineofhate (01/21/08 10:20:11 PM): no im never to busy to talk to u
    14-yr-old-girl (01/21/08 10:22:11 PM): k
    bloodlineofhate (01/21/08 10:22:40 PM): u decroating ur hi5 page?
    14-yr-old-girl (01/21/08 10:24:00 PM): i was playin the game on my page lol
    bloodlineofhate (01/21/08 10:24:08 PM): lol fun what game?
    14-yr-old-girl (01/21/08 10:24:29 PM): see? http:// 14-yr-old-girl.hi5.com lol
    14-yr-old-girl (01/21/08 10:24:47 PM): its called bloons
    14-yr-old-girl (01/21/08 10:24:59 PM): all the way on the bottom
    bloodlineofhate (01/21/08 10:25:15 PM): i will its openin now
    bloodlineofhate (01/21/08 10:26:37 PM): still playin it?
    14-yr-old-girl (01/21/08 10:26:53 PM): kinda lol did u try?
    bloodlineofhate (01/21/08 10:27:08 PM): not yet lookin at ur pics
    14-yr-old-girl (01/21/08 10:27:13 PM): awww
    bloodlineofhate (01/21/08 10:28:02 PM): god i love ur pics ur so damn sexy
    14-yr-old-girl (01/21/08 10:28:09 PM): awwwww
    14-yr-old-girl (01/21/08 10:29:40 PM): ur sweet
    bloodlineofhate (01/21/08 10:29:52 PM): ya
    bloodlineofhate (01/21/08 10:29:56 PM): :*
    14-yr-old-girl (01/21/08 10:30:28 PM): did u see the vid on my page? its so funny lol
    bloodlineofhate (01/21/08 10:31:51 PM): lol im playin balloons
    14-yr-old-girl (01/21/08 10:31:55 PM): lol
    bloodlineofhate (01/21/08 10:33:23 PM): its kinda fun
    14-yr-old-girl (01/21/08 10:33:53 PM): yea kinda get addicted lol
    bloodlineofhate (01/21/08 10:34:05 PM): ya
    bloodlineofhate (01/21/08 10:34:10 PM): im more addicted to u
    Sounds like a bad Britney Spears song title.

    Keith Smallman is a classic example of a "groomer"-type predator. As you can by the length of the chat with our excellent decoy, he wanted to make the child very comfortable with him. He wanted her to believe he loved her and he wanted her to feel comfortable and safe with him. While all predators are dangerous, this type is always of great concern because they try to build strong bonds with the child/victim they're manipulating.

    Fortunately, the Michigan courts agreed, laying down a severe sentence. We'd like to tell you what exactly that sentence is, but we're unable to as it ranges from 51 to 240 months. After which, he'll have to register as a sex offender and face the usual restrictions. We're glad Michigan took his chat seriously and are always happy to visit that great state.

    Contributor notes from Irish Rose
    Keith Smallman is very persistent. After contacting my 14 year old persona while in a Yahoo chat room, he tried to persuade her to meet him repeatedly. Over a period of almost two months, he told who he thought was a child that he loved her over and over, even quoting to her from songs in attempts to be romantic. His intentions became clear as he carefully worked sex into the conversation. He expressed concern he might get in trouble and end up in jail, showing that he knew this was illegal, but that did not stop him. One would think that Keith would not want to engage in activity that could land him back in jail, as he was still on parole when he contacted my minor persona. He had been convicted in 2004 of a felony offense of “assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder”. His prior encounter with the law did not stop him from asking to meet who he thought was a 14 year old child over and over, sending her a picture of his penis, wanting to spend the night with her, and showing up with intentions to have sex with her.

    Keith showed up during a sting in Wayne County Michigan. He did not have far to go, as he lived about five minutes away from the bust location. This sting was not covered by Dateline, but for those who make absurd claims that some kind of drama is added for the sake of cameras on To Catch a Predator, this case is just one of many that demonstrate that such claims are ridiculous. For some reason, Keith thought it might be fun to open his pants and expose himself at the door after having seen the decoy, our own Del Harvey. From what I have heard, law enforcement officers on the scene were not amused by his stunt. A family member who accompanied him to the house then confronted law enforcement, making a scene that could have ended with another arrest. Law enforcement never knows what to expect during these arrests. Sometimes things go down quietly and smoothly, and sometimes there is unexpected drama. And all of these things, drama or not, happen whether Dateline cameras are watching or not.

    For his crimes, Keith was sentenced to 51 to 240 months on counts 1 and 2, which he will serve after he is done serving his sentence for his parole violation. On count 3 he will serve 24 to 28 months. He must also register as a sex offender. Prosecutor Kelly Carter and Judge Jackson of the Wayne County Circuit Court sent this strong message that predators will face consequences in their jurisdiction. Their work and the efforts of Attorney General Mike Cox, Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans and the Van Buren Township Police Department send a clear message to predators that they had better not attempt to harm children under their care.

    Aloe Vera has my thanks again for her professional work as the verifier on this case.

    This is our 320th conviction since June of 2004, our 17th conviction for 2009, and our 13th conviction in Michigan thus far.