• Conviction - Trianglelover - Hopewell, Virginia

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 9/17/2005 12:58 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 9/17/2005 1:22 AM PST

    George Porter is someone we've been waiting on for quite a while. He approached contributor Red Baroness in a Virginia chat-room almost exactly a year ago last year. Working conversations with him over a matter of months, Baroness got ahold of some great LE in Roanoke, Virginia who set up the meet and finished off the work.

    Porter has pled guilty to five different counts against him. His sentencing will come in November.

    Link to screenshot of criminal record: Porter plea's guilty

    This is our first conviction in Virginia, our 25th conviction thus far for 2005 and our 32nd conviction since June of 2004. This conviction marks our having successfully worked with police in 22 different states in the United States, meaning that we have convictions in nearly half the country! This is Red Baroness's first conviction as a contributor. Added to the two she did verifications on, she has participated in three different convictions for the website in the last year.

    Notes from the Contributor, Red Baroness
    I was approached by the screen name \"trianglelover\" on 9/22/04. It was immediately apparent that he was a groomer of the highest order, and I had a true fear for the children in his area. I cold-called the Roanoke PD, and spoke with Detective Lucas.

    Detective Lucas was immediately interested in seeing the chatlogs for this individual after I explained to him about what Perverted Justice does. After I had sent him the chatlogs that I had regarding \"trianglelover\", along with the infomation I had gleaned about George from our chats, Detective Lucas decided that the PD would take over my screen name to set up a meeting.

    As of 12/9/04, Detective Lucas and the Roanoke PD had taken over \"kira_kicks_1990\". They had multiple conversations with George, and set a meeting date for 1/15/05. George showed, and was immediately arrested.
    When he was arrested, his car was searched. The PD found a laptop in his vehicle. George, apparently, had quite the collection of child pornography. After his arrest, and subsequent arraignment in March, and indictment in May, he was charged with 8 counts. The charges ranged from \"Attempted Inecent Liberties with a Child\", to \"Possession of Obscene Material\".

    George A. Porter of Hopewell, Virginia has been convicted of 5 counts. I, for one, could not be prouder of the work that the Roanoke PD did on this case. Hopefully sentencing puts him away for a long, LONG time.. Hats off to them, they are an excellent example of what can be accomplished with pro-active Law Enforcement.

    We're very glad that we were able to get connected with proper proactive LE and that they were able to take the case down the stretch to the meet without any issues. Great work all around on this very, very dangerous predator. Just another example of just how smooth things go when we find proactive police to partner with towards removing another predator from the internet.