• Conviction - jjj_200925 - Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 10/25/2013 11:09 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/25/2013 11:09 PM PST

    danc1njazz (10/05/10 6:12:17 PM): how u doin?
    jjj_200925 (10/05/10 6:12:50 PM): ok
    danc1njazz (10/05/10 6:13:09 PM): cool what u doin?
    jjj_200925 (10/05/10 6:14:12 PM): nothhing
    danc1njazz (10/05/10 6:14:26 PM): thats borin lol
    jjj_200925 (10/05/10 6:14:44 PM): cant leave my place
    danc1njazz (10/05/10 6:14:51 PM): why not???
    jjj_200925 (10/05/10 6:16:55 PM): long story
    danc1njazz (10/05/10 6:17:11 PM): its cool
    danc1njazz (10/05/10 6:17:21 PM): i got time if u wanna talk about it
    danc1njazz (10/05/10 6:17:25 PM): its cool if u dont tho
    jjj_200925 (10/05/10 6:17:54 PM): it deals with my probation
    danc1njazz (10/05/10 6:18:11 PM): ur on probation???
    danc1njazz (10/05/10 6:18:14 PM): whatd u do?
    jjj_200925 (10/05/10 6:18:57 PM): this all happen when i was 17 and 18 thats over 13 and 12 years ago
    danc1njazz (10/05/10 6:19:10 PM): ok
    danc1njazz (10/05/10 6:19:32 PM): thats a long ass time to be on probation lol
    danc1njazz (10/05/10 6:19:40 PM): im sorry i bet it sux huh?
    jjj_200925 (10/05/10 6:20:01 PM): ive been in and out of prison too
    jjj_200925 (10/05/10 6:20:09 PM): and jail too
    danc1njazz (10/05/10 6:20:18 PM): wow
    danc1njazz (10/05/10 6:20:20 PM): what for?
    danc1njazz (10/05/10 6:22:57 PM): sorry
    danc1njazz (10/05/10 6:23:02 PM): its cool if u dont wanna tell me
    jjj_200925 (10/05/10 6:25:40 PM): having sex with a minor

    Jamie E. Quella contacted one of our decoy profiles during our Appleton, WI sting. He didn't show up at the sting house, but he did send the decoy several self-porn images. While many men do that, this one should have known better - he was already a registered sex offender.

    Quella was no stranger to the judicial system. Before he contacted our decoy, he'd been charged with and found guilty of two counts of 2nd degree Sexual Assault of a Child, four counts of 4th degree Sexual Assault, one count of 3rd degree Sexual Assault, and one count of Bail Jumping. His sentences were stayed and he was given probation for all but the 3rd degree Sexual Assault, for which he was given a year in jail in 1998. In 1999 his probation was revoked and he was sentenced to five years in prison.

    For his chats with our decoy, Quella was charged with three counts of Exposing a Child to Harmful Material, a felony. He was found guilty and sentenced to nine months in jail for each of the three counts, to run consecutively for a total of 27 months.

    This is our 578th conviction since June of 2004.