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    File originally posted on 10/4/2007 8:26 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/4/2007 8:26 AM PST

    makavelli_of_lewiston (01/14/07 6:40:21 AM): skered?
    brooke_z93 (01/14/07 6:40:27 AM): nope
    makavelli_of_lewiston (01/14/07 6:40:31 AM): =))
    brooke_z93 (01/14/07 6:40:35 AM): im not
    makavelli_of_lewiston (01/14/07 6:40:46 AM): good..i dont want u 2 b..
    brooke_z93 (01/14/07 6:41:05 AM): im just starin at u lol
    makavelli_of_lewiston (01/14/07 6:41:18 AM): i wish i could stare at you..
    brooke_z93 (01/14/07 6:41:24 AM): me 2
    makavelli_of_lewiston (01/14/07 6:41:49 AM): No whats weird??
    makavelli_of_lewiston (01/14/07 6:42:04 AM): member how i talked really dirty 2 u earlier?
    brooke_z93 (01/14/07 6:42:09 AM): yea
    makavelli_of_lewiston (01/14/07 6:42:31 AM): Well these 2 girls imed me and viewed my cam\
    makavelli_of_lewiston (01/14/07 6:42:43 AM): And they showed me them on cam...
    makavelli_of_lewiston (01/14/07 6:43:02 AM): And they were like..well tell us what u wanna do 2 us..
    makavelli_of_lewiston (01/14/07 6:43:09 AM): I couldn't do it..
    makavelli_of_lewiston (01/14/07 6:43:24 AM): They were really hot 2 but i can only talk like that 2 u
    brooke_z93 (01/14/07 6:43:33 AM): no way
    makavelli_of_lewiston (01/14/07 6:43:47 AM): yup..
    makavelli_of_lewiston (01/14/07 6:43:50 AM): serious..
    brooke_z93 (01/14/07 6:44:10 AM): i waz thinkin about everything u said when i went 2 bed
    makavelli_of_lewiston (01/14/07 6:44:18 AM): u see my stomach??
    makavelli_of_lewiston (01/14/07 6:44:22 AM): thats sweet
    brooke_z93 (01/14/07 6:44:23 AM): yea
    makavelli_of_lewiston (01/14/07 6:44:31 AM): k..
    makavelli_of_lewiston (01/14/07 6:44:43 AM): so u still think you'd like to play then??
    makavelli_of_lewiston (01/14/07 6:44:47 AM): :)
    Someone watched too much of VH1's "The pickup artist"

    Nicholas Webster, the whitest guy who has ever called himself "Makavelli", thought he had some pick-up skills. Unfortunately, he decided to try to use them on what he thought was a thirteen year old. Trying to be part-time romantic, he was more practiced at being full-time sexual in his conversation.

    Nicholas is our first conviction in Maine, hopefully the first of many as he received eighteen months in jail, three-and-a-half years jailtime suspended in case he does anything wrong when he gets out of jail, three years probation and lifetime registration as a sexual offender. Not bad for your first time out there, Maine!

    Then again, that's what happens when an internet predator is dumb enough to go all the way to trial against the vast array of evidence we have supplied against them.

    Contributor notes from Peppermint Patty
    makavelli_of_lewiston (01/15/07 9:41:33 AM): or whenever..
    makavelli_of_lewiston (01/15/07 9:41:45 AM): you sure u wont back out of this?
    brooke_z93 (01/15/07 9:41:49 AM): i swear
    makavelli_of_lewiston (01/15/07 9:41:54 AM): I mean i'm puttin a lot in this..
    makavelli_of_lewiston (01/15/07 9:42:04 AM): and i'm sure u werth it..
    makavelli_of_lewiston (01/15/07 9:42:29 AM): if you dont want to fuk and you r not 100% sure..just tell me B4 i do this..

    That my friends is Nicholas Webster. Nicholas typed that to me and showed to have sex with what he thought was a 13 year old girl, yet plead not guilty and wanted a jury trial. He got his jury trial and some prison time to go along with it.

    This was an information first area I decided to work last January. The South Portland Police are a fantastic bunch of people to work with. I was in constant contact with the Detective I was working with. He was absolutly wonderful taking my calls at anytime day or night. I want to thank Detective Frank Stepnick and DA Matt Tice. They are two great guys who want make sure children are protected as much as we do.

    This is our 229th conviction since June of 2004 and our 108th conviction for 2007 so far.