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    File originally posted on 3/21/2006 3:35 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 3/21/2006 4:01 PM PST

    texassailor04 (6:50:12 PM): would you like to try it in the ass
    lori_luvs_puppies (6:50:28 PM): omg wont dat hurt????????
    texassailor04 (6:50:52 PM): some say it feels good, and it never hurts, i don't know
    lori_luvs_puppies (6:51:02 PM): oic
    texassailor04 (6:51:16 PM): that one is tottaly up to u
    lori_luvs_puppies (6:51:45 PM): k i think bout it k?
    texassailor04 (6:53:13 PM): k, oh, and if you want to again it tottaly up to you do you want me to put it in your mouth and let you suck on it like a blow pop
    lori_luvs_puppies (6:53:29 PM): is it gross?
    texassailor04 (6:53:50 PM): i don't know again, like i said it tottaly up to you

    What's three years worth to you? Well, to Nathan Proctor it was worth the conversation he had with site contributor Maxwell House. Proctor, who was nineteen at the time, won't see fresh light until he's 23 years old. That is the price of a military man trying to hook up with a twelve year old. Sentenced to four and a half years, he'll serve three before earning a well-deserved dishonorable discharge.

    While Proctor didn't get to make his national TV debut, he will get to explain to a lot of new friends just how close he came.

    Notes from the Contributor, Maxwell House
    Nathan Proctor hit on my kid profile while we were working on Dateline II in Virginia. He was unable to work with our schedule at the bust house, but NCIS was more than happy to work with his schedule. I'd like to thank both NCIS and JAG Corps in Norfolk, Virginia for their hard work and dedication in bringing Mr. Proctor to justice.

    This is our forty-ninth overall conviction, spanning twenty five different states here in the United States. This is our ninth conviction this year so far in 2006. This marks yet another conviction for site contributor Maxwell House, the fourth overall conviction for Max. Thanks to NCIS and the military authorities in Virginia that take a no-tolerance stance towards pedophiles in the U.S. Military. Next conviction is the landmark fifty, we'll see who the lucky guy is soon!

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