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    File originally posted on 9/29/2013 8:42 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 9/29/2013 8:42 PM PST

    phoenix89032 (02/17/10 11:29:13 PM): so will you be ok with us being online bf/gf. I'm still a little afraid you could be a cop. probaly shouldn't meet til you are 18
    phoenix89032 (02/17/10 11:29:25 PM): unless I get a good feeling that you aren't
    twilightgirl.fan (02/17/10 11:29:57 PM): OMG that's soo stupid i'm not a cop w/e
    phoenix89032 (02/17/10 11:30:12 PM): I'll probaly change my mind tomorrow but I'm scared
    phoenix89032 (02/17/10 11:30:18 PM): I don't want to go to jail
    twilightgirl.fan (02/17/10 11:30:34 PM): why would you do to jail
    phoenix89032 (02/17/10 11:30:41 PM): cause you are under age
    phoenix89032 (02/17/10 11:30:53 PM): do you understand why I would be scared now
    twilightgirl.fan (02/17/10 11:31:05 PM): w/e silly i said i wasn't tellign my mom i was even on here so
    phoenix89032 (02/17/10 11:31:14 PM): I know
    phoenix89032 (02/17/10 11:31:20 PM): I'm sorry just a little scared
    phoenix89032 (02/17/10 11:31:24 PM): it will pass I'm sure
    phoenix89032 (02/17/10 11:31:28 PM): I really do love you
    phoenix89032 (02/17/10 11:31:37 PM): and want to meet you so bad

    Darryl had good reason to be concerned. Darryl was already a RSO for soliciting a child in another state, and he'd recently been arrested by ICE agents for soliciting what he believed to be a child and showing up to meet \"her\" at the Las Vegas airport. He was pending trial in that federal case when he solicited our contributor.

    Darryl was convicted on two charges, 18:2422(b) - Coercion and Enticement and 18:2260A - Commission of a Felony Sex Offense by an Individual Required to Register as a Sex Offender. Our contributor's chats were used in the sentencing phase, and it sure paid off. He was sentenced to 324 months on the first count and 120 months on the second count, to run consecutively. That's a grand total of 444 months in federal prison. Upon his release, he'll face lifetime supervision and sex offender registration.

    This is our 551st conviction since June of 2004.