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    File originally posted on 11/14/2009 10:53 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 11/14/2009 10:53 PM PST

    trustnooneeveryonesfake (09/09/08 9:41:56 PM): we can take some pics..maybe lol naughty ones :p
    Decoy (09/09/08 9:42:16 PM): watcha mean by naughty 1s?
    trustnooneeveryonesfake (09/09/08 9:42:23 PM): nakkie? lol
    Decoy (09/09/08 9:42:36 PM): of me or u?
    trustnooneeveryonesfake (09/09/08 9:42:45 PM): lol both if you want
    Decoy (09/09/08 9:43:05 PM): long as u wont sho nobody
    trustnooneeveryonesfake (09/09/08 9:43:31 PM): k, they'd just be for me. I have a few ideas of what I'd like :)
    Decoy (09/09/08 9:44:11 PM): oh ya?
    trustnooneeveryonesfake (09/09/08 9:44:42 PM): ya wanna know lol
    Decoy (09/09/08 9:45:05 PM): ya lol
    trustnooneeveryonesfake (09/09/08 9:45:39 PM): k one just layin the bed..naked, legs spread :)
    trustnooneeveryonesfake (09/09/08 9:45:52 PM): tell me if you'd do it or not if youw ant or just say ok haha
    Decoy (09/09/08 9:46:02 PM): u want me 2 do that?
    trustnooneeveryonesfake (09/09/08 9:46:06 PM): ya would ya? lol
    Decoy (09/09/08 9:46:14 PM): i guess if its jus 4 u
    trustnooneeveryonesfake (09/09/08 9:46:19 PM): im sure their would be alcohol involved :p
    trustnooneeveryonesfake (09/09/08 9:46:46 PM): one of you bent over the bed, naked, with your ass up in the air
    Decoy (09/09/08 9:47:38 PM): u want a pic of my ass?
    Decoy (09/09/08 9:47:41 PM): lol
    trustnooneeveryonesfake (09/09/08 9:47:49 PM): ya well bent over on the bed, i love ass :)
    Yeah, smiley face, nothing more fun than creating child porn I guess, you disgusting pervert.

    Jason Jay Ebels was arrested as part of our Grand Rapids, MI sting in the fall of 2008. After pleading guilty to using the internet to commit child sexually abusive conduct, he received 18 months to 20 years in prison. He was also required to register as a sex offender.

    Contributor notes from Silver Jordan
    Jason Jay Ebels showed up at our Grand Rapids, MI bust house to rape a 13 year old child. He was a rather creative predator. During our very long and very graphic chat, he created a video clip of himself masturbating that included my decoy picture. Just a wee bit creepy? He wanted to come over and take my virginity, but he wanted to film the momentous occasion as well. He was a considerate predator. He was bringing beer to the house (and did). Why? He wanted to get me drunk to help with the pain of the rape while he \"fucked the shit out of\" me, yet he was going to limit my consumption of beer so I could remember the rape.

    Jason overcame some obstacles to come to Grand Rapids to rape a child. His driver's license was restricted because of a DUI conviction. Initially he planned to find a ride or take public transportation to my house, but as soon as he found out the child was actually home alone he decided to risk the drive. Oopsie, Jason! Jason eventually pleaded guilty to using the Internet to commit child sexually abusive conduct, and was sentenced to 18 months to 20 years as a guest of the Michigan Dept. of Corrections as well as registration as a sex offender. He was allowed to wait a week to begin his sentence so he could have time to work out the details of his medical treatment with prison officials. You see, Jason has leukemia. But, that wasn't enough to stop him from trying to get a 13 year old girl drunk and rape her, was it?

    This is our 423rd conviction since June of 2004, our 119th conviction for 2009, and our 45th conviction in Michigan thus far.