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    Report made 10/17/2013 5:52 PM PST

    jeff_fisher94 (07/11/11 2:36:35 PM): What if I do this :-*french
    samicelery (07/11/11 2:37:07 PM): do u know this is a computer? lol
    jeff_fisher94 (07/11/11 2:37:15 PM): yes
    jeff_fisher94 (07/11/11 2:37:27 PM): but I'm disabled and I can't do this any ohter way
    jeff_fisher94 (07/11/11 2:37:34 PM): I have birth defect can't walk
    samicelery (07/11/11 2:37:56 PM): ohhh is it your legs?
    jeff_fisher94 (07/11/11 2:38:01 PM): my spine
    jeff_fisher94 (07/11/11 2:38:25 PM): are u alone Sam?
    samicelery (07/11/11 2:38:48 PM): i am yeah
    samicelery (07/11/11 2:38:57 PM): what happened to your spine?
    jeff_fisher94 (07/11/11 2:39:06 PM): it's got a hole in it
    jeff_fisher94 (07/11/11 2:39:21 PM): docotrs today can fix it now but back when I was born they couldn't
    samicelery (07/11/11 2:39:28 PM): that sucks
    jeff_fisher94 (07/11/11 2:39:42 PM): Can I ask another personal question?
    samicelery (07/11/11 2:39:53 PM): ok
    jeff_fisher94 (07/11/11 2:39:57 PM): are u a virgin?
    samicelery (07/11/11 2:40:03 PM): yeah i am
    samicelery (07/11/11 2:40:12 PM): do you drive? do u get out?
    jeff_fisher94 (07/11/11 2:40:27 PM): I get out but I don't drive I live with my folks
    samicelery (07/11/11 2:40:49 PM): omg how old are they?
    jeff_fisher94 (07/11/11 2:40:53 PM): in the 70's
    samicelery (07/11/11 2:40:59 PM): wow
    jeff_fisher94 (07/11/11 2:41:12 PM): yeah wow is 1 way of putting it

    I'm sure Jeff's parents are so proud. Being disabled does not give you a license to attempt to molest children. One of Jeff's online profiles listed \"cyber-sex\" as a hobby. Stick with adults from here on out, Jeff. Leave the kids alone.

    After Jeff solicited our decoy, we contacted the Rowan County, NC Sheriff's Office. A detective there also set up a profile and was solicited by Jeff. Jeff was arrested and charged with two counts of Felony Indecent Liberties with a Child, and two counts of misdemeanor Contributing to the Delinquency of a Child. Jeff accepted a plea bargain that dropped the felony charge, and sentenced him to two years of probation, suspended. He is not required to register as a sex offender.

    This is our 562nd conviction since June of 2004.