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    File originally posted on 8/8/2007 7:43 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 8/8/2007 7:43 PM PST

    samr125 (01/08/07 10:33:16 PM): i love to smooch if i have the right partner
    hhhhgoatsrock (01/08/07 10:34:19 PM): :)
    samr125 (01/08/07 10:34:59 PM): have u dont it before....i am sure u have
    hhhhgoatsrock (01/08/07 10:36:14 PM): done what?
    hhhhgoatsrock (01/08/07 10:36:20 PM): kissed? ya
    samr125 (01/08/07 10:36:48 PM): so do u really wanna try something more?
    hhhhgoatsrock (01/08/07 10:36:56 PM): i dunno like what?
    samr125 (01/08/07 10:37:57 PM): some thing more pleasurable.....on a date only if u r willing
    hhhhgoatsrock (01/08/07 10:38:11 PM): like what tho?
    samr125 (01/08/07 10:39:29 PM): being together nad xploring each other Kendra....oh my....as if u dont know anything...come on Kendra
    hhhhgoatsrock (01/08/07 10:40:13 PM): :(
    samr125 (01/08/07 10:40:33 PM): u already looked worried
    hhhhgoatsrock (01/08/07 10:40:40 PM): you dont like me :(
    samr125 (01/08/07 10:41:03 PM): i dint say that...i like cute people
    hhhhgoatsrock (01/08/07 10:41:14 PM): lol
    samr125 (01/08/07 10:41:17 PM): i mean cute and sweet gals
    hhhhgoatsrock (01/08/07 10:41:45 PM): lol
    samr125 (01/08/07 10:42:16 PM): but do u know dating a minor can lead me to jail....lol
    hhhhgoatsrock (01/08/07 10:42:24 PM): lol how?
    samr125 (01/08/07 10:43:29 PM): ofcourse...if some body comes to know that I am dating u they will make out that i am having u for sex and i can be jailed

    That's true, Dipin.

    Dipin Sam Abraham thought it would be a good idea to sexually solicit a thirteen year old girl in Washington. It wasn't, as Washington police are pretty proactive and very open to taking these types of cases. Bad idea! Scold!

    His sentence is a little weird though. He got one month in jail along with 3-4 years community custody supervision. He also will be registering as a sex offender and possibly deported. Yes, a weird mix of terms indeed.

    Contributor notes from General Tso
    Sam was looking for a child. He found me. Thank goodness. When he showed up to the meet site to meet the amazing men and women of the Kitsap County Sheriff's Office, he had a webcam for \"me\" and every intent of committing a rape against a child.

    His sentence does leave something to be desired, but I hope that with a felony conviction, he will have that one way ticket out of the country and an imprint of \"Ejected from the USA\" branded into his passport so he cannot attempt to molest a child in our country ever again.

    My thanks go out to the magnificent men and women of Kitsap County Sheriffs who arrested him. Also a huge thanks to my verifier, Bigfoot, whose marvelous voice convinced him that I was a real child. I dedicate this conviction, as well, to my good friend and inspiration, Seth Roberts.

    This is our 211th conviction since June of 2004 and our 90th conviction for 2007 so far.