• Conviction - Mountaindew63401 - Hannibal, Missouri

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 11/29/2004 10:34 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 9/12/2005 12:42 PM PST

    The conviction of Jeff Crenshaw marks a couple of firsts. The first of the firsts is that Crenshaw is our first conviction in the great state of Missouri. The second first is that... well, Jeff Crenshaw was a great help to us in obtaining this conviction.

    After Crenshaw was posted, he immediately ran to a pro-pedophile organization that opposes us. A European Pedophile who works for them wasted no time convincing Jeff that he had done NOTHING wrong and that we at Perverted-Justice.com were in the wrong. They even went to the effort of contacting Crenshaw's mother to tell her that Jeff was supremely wronged by our organization. At their urging, Crenshaw contacted the Hannibal police and complained of \"harassment and internet harassment.\" The police of course, were very interested in this report...

    Because Crenshaw had broken the law for solicitation of a minor, of course. Crenshaw's computer was later seized and he was arrested and charged with solicitation. Crenshaw has now pled guilty and is awaiting sentencing, making him our 31st conviction since June of 2004. And our second conviction where the posted individual believed that police would take down a report of so-called \"harassment\" and ignore his solicitation of a minor. He joins Raymond Dooley in that exclusive club of \"winners.\"

    Notes from the Contributor, Lucky
    Jeff was an unusual case for me. He used words of violence during the chat and wanted 'me'to be screaming and crying while he molested 'me.' I was very outraged and wanted him arrested. as it turns out he himself made that task very simple! You see he actually reported me to the police for posting him on Perverted-Justice. Turns out the police think I am not a criminal, but they decided to take a look at Jeff and eventually arrested him. He took an Open Plea in court and will be sentenced after a Pre-Sentence Investigation is completed.

    I would like to thank the Hannibal Police Department, they were an absolute pleasure to work with. They were the icing on the cake to make this case flow with a great amount of ease. I could not have asked to meet a better department to work with.

    And of course many thanks to EVERYONE on Perverted-Justice who works together for a wonderful cause. Let's keep working to make the internet a safer place for all children.


    There are many examples of cases and circumstances that illustrate our complete legality. This is just another in a long-line of them. The complaint Crenshaw filed against us has earned him a nice felony conviction on his record. Congratulations Jeff! We certainly hope that pro-pedophiles continue to urge these individuals to report us to the police... since we rather like the results!

    In all seriousness though, Crenshaw's chat is one of the nastiest on the website. Why any sane person would try to \"befriend\" and \"help\" a person who wishes to \"ram\" his dick into a thirteen year old while refusing to wear a condom. Who then showed his penis to what he thought was a thirteen year old. A guy who promises that she will be crying and bleeding. Who wishes to do anal with a thirteen year old... yes, why anyone would try to \"help\" a person who attempts to hook up with a child to do all of these things is beyond me. Truly pro-pedophile.

    Then again, all is well that end's well :)

    PeeJ Conviction Map Update

    This marks the 31st conviction for Perverted-Justice.com since June of 2004. It is our first conviction in the great state of Missouri and 24th since January 1st, 2005. This is Lucky's second conviction and the second conviction of individuals who ran to the police to complain about us. This conviction marks our having a conviction in 21 different states in the union.

    We'd like to thank the awesome cops and detective at the Hannibal police department. They're being served by some great guys who know how to look at a situation and act upon it properly. Of course we'd like to thank Lucky for the work done in putting up with this vile piece of scum during the chat... and hey, we'd like to thank the idiots who tried to befriend him and convinced him that he did nothing wrong. Great work to all involved!