• Conviction - louisianamaster1983 - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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    File originally posted on 6/14/2016 3:46 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 6/14/2016 3:46 PM PST

    louisianamaster1983 (08/28/11 11:40:14 PM): in the lifestyle i lead its more like the old days where girls dont speak out of turn and they dont get the luxury of mouthing off
    sarahishere00 (08/28/11 11:40:38 PM): o ok
    louisianamaster1983 (08/28/11 11:40:55 PM): aww u sound perfect though i like quieter shy girls
    sarahishere00 (08/28/11 11:42:18 PM): my mom says im shy
    louisianamaster1983 (08/28/11 11:42:27 PM): i like that in a girl
    louisianamaster1983 (08/28/11 11:42:38 PM): u would make a good submissive

    Justin Earl Oliver wanted to take the virginity of little 13-year-old Sarah, and also wanted to train her as his submissive. He even linked her to a \"standard\" dom/sub contract. Minors can't sign contracts, Oliver! Oh, and they can't have sex with men more than twice their age, either. Fortunately, Oliver was communicating with Madeleine Cake rather than a real child.

    Justin Oliver probably learned about a whole new type of dom/sub relationship while in the custody of the Louisiana justice system. He's also now a registered sex offender.

    This is our 620th conviction since June of 2004.