• Conviction - atonomous2000 - Port Huron, Michigan

    - Chatlog Conviction -
    File originally posted on 1/23/2004 9:11 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 5/27/2004 6:53 PM PST

    Three hours.

    Yep, just three hours.

    That was the amount of time it took for the jury to find Raymond Dooley of Michigan guilty for the Use of computer/internet to communicate with another to attempt to commit criminal sexual conduct 3rd degree. This is a serious felony that can carry up to thirty years in jail. We don't expect Ray Dooley to get that much time in the big house, but he's still facing a stiff penalty when sentencing comes up in two to three weeks.

    Raymond Dooley was the recipient of some bad advice. He was advised to go tell the police about the chat he had, and his arrival at a house during our WDIV group media bust. Thinking that we were breaking the law, Dooley listened to his parents and walked into a police station.

    Instead, he found himself walking into a courtroom.

    And convicted of a felony.

    Special thanks to former contributor Jager, who testified at the hearings and trial. Not only was the evidence ruled as admissible in court, but the evidence was enough for a Jury to spend less than 180 minutes thinking about it.

    Special thanks also go out to Raymond Dooley's mother, who allegedly thought that her boy hadn't committed a crime. Guess what, Mrs. Dooley? He did. And to all the rest of you reading the site, these people are committing crimes. All we need are proactive law enforcement to prosecute them.

    Link to Dooley's file: Here.
    Link to the Group Media Bust: Here.
    Link to a story about the case: Here.

    We will continue to work with police and garner these convictions. This is not a \"special\" situation, it's not an abberation, and there are more coming.