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    File originally posted on 9/24/2008 11:56 AM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 9/24/2008 11:56 AM PST

    dicksobig69 (02/09/08 7:34:54 PM): r u able to get out of the house tho baby?
    tammytalkslotz (02/09/08 7:35:59 PM): i been 2 the store n stuff but i have 2 take the wheelchair so i dont fall down cuz a the snow
    dicksobig69 (02/09/08 7:36:27 PM): do u go by yourself baby?
    tammytalkslotz (02/09/08 7:37:19 PM): not rite now cuz a my leg
    dicksobig69 (02/09/08 7:37:43 PM): so who do u go to the store with?
    tammytalkslotz (02/09/08 7:38:20 PM): my mom n dad mostly
    dicksobig69 (02/09/08 7:39:21 PM): well i doubt they would let u suck my dick if they with u baby :-P
    tammytalkslotz (02/09/08 7:39:50 PM): ooo
    tammytalkslotz (02/09/08 7:40:07 PM): lol
    tammytalkslotz (02/09/08 7:40:37 PM): nope
    dicksobig69 (02/09/08 7:42:23 PM): yeah if u did your dad would be like..damn his dick is even bigger than mine and then your mom will be like tammy can i suck his dick after u :-P
    tammytalkslotz (02/09/08 7:42:54 PM): ooo
    tammytalkslotz (02/09/08 7:42:57 PM): lol
    tammytalkslotz (02/09/08 7:43:00 PM): k
    dicksobig69 (02/09/08 7:43:54 PM): now what would u say if that did happen baby?
    tammytalkslotz (02/09/08 7:44:22 PM): what u mean?
    dicksobig69 (02/09/08 7:44:49 PM): if what i just said happened for real...what would u say?
    tammytalkslotz (02/09/08 7:45:29 PM): i dont get what u mean?
    dicksobig69 (02/09/08 7:46:44 PM): if u was suckin my dick and then your mom asked u can she suck my dick after u do cause my dick is bigger than your dad..what would u say about that?
    tammytalkslotz (02/09/08 7:47:31 PM): dk i dont think it b cool
    dicksobig69 (02/09/08 7:48:21 PM): so u would let her do it?
    Sometimes these things make you doubt that evolution exists.

    Damon Thomas very much earned his jail sentence. He thought he was speaking to a young girl with a broken leg, but fortunately he was talking to one of us. And due to that, plus his arrival at our Michigan sting operation earlier this year... Damon Thomas is now in jail. See, at least there's always a happy ending with our posts.

    Thomas received a sentence between 18 months to 20 years. Hopefully it's more towards the latter. Either way, he's assured of a lifetime registration as a sexual offender.

    Contributor notes from Mare Rosso
    Damon Renard Thomas contacted my persona in January of 2008. He is a groomer who wanted to win my girl over with compliments. Soon enough, when he thinks she's hooked, he becomes someone much different. PJ worked with the Wayne County Sheriff's Office and the Van Buren Township Police Department in a group bust in Michigan.

    He'll have the next 18 months to 20 years with sex offender registration to think about his decision to talk to a child.

    Here is where I'm supposed to say what I want about the chat. I've been struggling to put my thoughts together for a few days. I'm still not sure what to say, other than I'm glad, really glad, he was talking to me, an adult, instead of a real kid. He was the worst I've dealt with so far. A predator, a groomer, who began a mere eight minutes into the conversation with one simple word. Baby. A small four letter word that is meant to make the girl feel more grown up and special.

    Predators like him are actively searching the net to take advantage of young kids for their own purposes. Tammy could easily be your daughter, niece, sister, grand daughter, or neighbor. Know what your kids are doing online. Keep the computer in an easily accessible public place. Know their passwords. Know their friends. Talk to your child about Internet safety. Make rules and stick to them. It isn't an invasion of privacy to walk into the room while your child is on the net to make a quick visual check of what's on their screen. These predators are not out on the street. Through the Internet, they have a free pass into your home. You are the gatekeeper, for the sake of your children, guard the gate.

    I want to thank The Wayne County Sheriff's office and the Van Buren Township Police Department for their effort to keep kids safe. Trina_b, thank you! You were wonderful for talking to him so long.

    This is our 298th conviction since June of 2004 and our 37th conviction for 2008 thus far.