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    File originally posted on 12/20/2007 4:13 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 12/20/2007 4:13 PM PST

    tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:36:30 PM): may I ask some porsonal questions
    hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:36:42 PM): if you want lol
    tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:36:50 PM): have you ever had sex
    hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:37:05 PM): no
    tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:37:14 PM): would you ever have sexhhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:37:48 PM): ya probably lol im not gonna be a nun or anything
    tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:38:24 PM): how long would you wait before you had sex, how old would you be
    hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:38:41 PM): umm i dunno i guess it depended on how i felt about the guy
    tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:39:14 PM): have you ever meet someone from yahoo in person betore
    hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:39:17 PM): no
    tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:39:25 PM): would you ever try it
    hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:39:38 PM): i dunno i guess it depends on how i felt about the person lol
    hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:39:51 PM): im not gonna go meet some scary person lol
    tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:40:05 PM): that is understandable
    tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:40:24 PM): would you ever meet someone from yahoo in person for sex
    hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:40:33 PM): omg lol i dunno
    hhhhgoatsrock (11/11/06 8:40:45 PM): why do you wanna know?
    tmceach2000 (11/11/06 8:40:52 PM): just curious

    You know what they say, curiousity killed the cat... or in this case, aided the conviction.

    Troy McEachern ran afoul of our Information First program up in Washington state. He hit up our decoy with an extremely explicit chat, sent a picture that makes him look like he's psychotic and eventually would be arrested. Once arrested, the police searched his hard drive and found - you guessed it - child pornography. Yeah, we know, not exactly rare to hear about anymore, is it?

    McEachern received 15 months state prison, 36-48 months Sex Offender Community Control and 15 years sex offender registration. Why it's not lifetime registration is beyond us.

    Contributor notes from General Tso
    Troy Shannon McEachern is a rarity in this day and age. Most contributors have had fast movers, but increased media coverage and heightened awareness have significantly decreased those numbers. They take between minutes and hours to decide that molesting a child is on the agenda and move to act. Fast movers are no less dangerous, but tend to be less wearing on me as a contributor because they only consume a few hours of being vile, instead of months, as some will do. McEachern was fast, calculating and predictable in his questioning. His questions always followed this pattern:
    Question 1: Have you ever done this?
    Question 2: Would you ever do this?
    Question 3: Would you ever do this with XYZ parameters (which invariably fit him)?

    Each was tailored to gauge how fast he could meet 13 year old \"me\" for sex.

    One very notable part of this chat is not what it covers, but what is missing: Fear. He has NO fear of police, parents or any other consequence. He did not ask if I was an officer of the law in any way shape form or fashion. He actually assuaged my \"fears\" about my mother finding out. McEachern was instead fearless, direct and to the point in his chat, making it very clear that he wanted to meet for sex and he wanted to meet as soon as humanly possible.

    The challenge came in meeting his request as soon as he wanted it met. He was my first case with Kitsap County Sheriff and I was not sure how long they would need to review the evidence and arrange a meet. They were fast. Mercifully fast. McEachern will have 15 months to think about his choice to try to molest a child.

    McEachern had one more secret up his sleeve, though. Unlike other busts I've had who had child pornography, he didn't tell me he had it on his computer. He was charged with possession of it as part of his original charges and pled to it in his conviction. I wasn't sure if he was going to have to register according to the Class B Child Pornography conviction (which wasn't listed as registrable on the site I looked at first) or the Class C Communication charge (which was registrable). I dug a little bit further and as it turns out...

    Washington State's lawmakers spent lots of time on the issue of sex offenders, the crimes they commit and the penalties they face in the 2006 session. They passed five key pieces of legislation surrounding sex offenders, sex offenses, and registration. One of those was making use of electronic means an enhancement on the gross misdemeanour of communication for immoral purposes... making it a felony. That means that the least the pervs we run into in Washington are going to be charged with is a C felony that carries a 10 year registration requirement.

    McEachern's child pornography collection meant that he got to check out yet another of the changes. He gets to grace the Sex Offender Registry for 15 years instead of 0 for that crime. The change in 2006 added possession of Child Pornography to the list of crimes requiring registration (how it got left off in the first place baffles me) and upped its Class from C to B felony.

    Though there was no verifier in this case since McEachern didn't want to talk on the phone, I owe a huge thank you! to the Content Creators for all their hard work on the magnificent web-work behind this profile. Their hard work saved me hours, which I was then able to pour into the chat rooms to remove the likes of McEachern and others. Thank you!

    Finally, I want to thank the wonderful men and women of the Kitsap County Sheriff's Department, who were ever-flexible and willing to meet these pervs on their terms. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

    This is our 253rd conviction since June of 2004 and our 132nd conviction for 2007 so far.