• Conviction - sahilmittal123 - , New Jersey

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    File originally posted on 10/24/2009 4:32 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/24/2009 4:32 PM PST

    sahilmittal123 (03/07/08 9:30:39 PM): nw i am workin full time as an environmental scientist
    sahilmittal123 (03/07/08 9:30:48 PM): so its yes or no ur side
    sahilmittal123 (03/07/08 9:30:50 PM): ?
    starringscarlett (03/07/08 9:31:01 PM): yeah i think ur cute n wuld like 2 chat with u more :D
    sahilmittal123 (03/07/08 9:31:11 PM): haha
    sahilmittal123 (03/07/08 9:31:23 PM): can v talk on phone
    starringscarlett (03/07/08 9:31:53 PM): i cant take phone calls cuz my mom has it set 2 forward 2 her phone cuz shes outta town
    starringscarlett (03/07/08 9:32:07 PM): do u work here or u just visiting??
    sahilmittal123 (03/07/08 9:32:19 PM): am here for 10 day project
    sahilmittal123 (03/07/08 9:32:24 PM): will go back nxt week
    starringscarlett (03/07/08 9:32:33 PM): where u go back to?
    sahilmittal123 (03/07/08 9:32:37 PM): NJ

    Well, we're not sure that he's been able to go back to his home of New Jersey considering one of the many terms of his Michigan probation was that he was not allowed to leave the state. The list of conditions that Vikas Beri received with his probation and his registration as a sex offender is almost as long as his fast-moving chat itself. The lesson learned? Don't try to molest children, and certainly don't do it when you're in Michigan at the request of your employer.

    Contributor notes from Summer Sangria
    Sahilmittal123 aka Vikas Beri fits our definition of a fast mover. He approached my decoy profile during our Michigan sting. He was in Michigan on business and was apparently looking for a child he could have sex with that didnt live in his home state of New Jersey. One hour and thirty one minutes later (and two phone calls), he drove to meet my 13 yr old profile.

    Misha was my verifier for this chat and did a wonderful job. Especially for a chat like this, verifiers make our profiles believable. Misha stayed online and available until Vikas Beri arrived for his arrest. I cannot thank her (and our other verifiers) enough. Im also grateful to the Michigan Attorney Generals Office for their hard work in putting these guys away.

    This is our 334th conviction since June of 2004, our 31st conviction for 2009, and our 20th conviction in Michigan thus far.