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    File originally posted on 6/11/2007 10:22 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 6/11/2007 10:22 PM PST

    WrghtrAlcm (01/13/07 1:59:16 PM): hey whats up dude.Rich from wixom mich here
    DewFrEaK248 (01/13/07 1:59:57 PM): <----luke farmington hills
    WrghtrAlcm (01/13/07 2:00:14 PM): where in Farmington r u,,,,,,,,cool nice to meet u
    DewFrEaK248 (01/13/07 2:00:28 PM): like 12 n orchard
    WrghtrAlcm (01/13/07 2:00:52 PM): cool i'am at pontiac trl and beck
    DewFrEaK248 (01/13/07 2:01:28 PM): dont know whre that is
    WrghtrAlcm (01/13/07 2:01:51 PM): its near Novi
    DewFrEaK248 (01/13/07 2:02:18 PM): k like by 12 oaks
    WrghtrAlcm (01/13/07 2:02:35 PM): ya near there
    DewFrEaK248 (01/13/07 2:03:00 PM): what school do you go to?
    WrghtrAlcm (01/13/07 2:03:36 PM): i'am in the military home on leave from IRAQ
    DewFrEaK248 (01/13/07 2:04:09 PM): oh wow kewl
    DewFrEaK248 (01/13/07 2:04:14 PM): how old ru
    WrghtrAlcm (01/13/07 2:04:25 PM): 29..........u?
    DewFrEaK248 (01/13/07 2:04:28 PM): 13
    WrghtrAlcm (01/13/07 2:04:45 PM): wow...cool u bi or gay
    Actually, he's 47, served in the FIRST Iraq war, not the latest... and immediately gets into the sex questions when he learns the age of our decoy.

    Richard here got convicted and sentenced, but we mean sentenced-sentenced, not half-sentenced or kinda-sentenced... man, he got sentenced. The judge took no pity on his pleas that he was a military veteran and decided to sentence him to 5-20 years in prison. Yeah, five to twenty years.

    If he's alive when he comes out, he'll then spend a lifetime as a registered sexual offender and get all the restric... really, wow, 5-20 years! Kudos to Michigan. Forget the rest of the details, 5-20 years! We love judges that treat this crime with the seriousness it requires. Kudos.

    Associated Media: Wixom man to spend 5-20 years in prison

    Jay Alternative was the contributor on this case, but instead of the usual \"contributor notes\", we actually have for the first time \"notes from law enforcement.\" Enjoy.

    Notes from Deputy Wes Cuatt
    After seeing the episodes on Dateline, I was excited to hear from Greg Brainer at Perverted Justice. Richard Wright had already started a sexual online conversation with Brainer, believing he was a 13 year old boy. Brainer asked if we would be able to help apprehend this pervert if a meeting was set up in Calhoun County.

    Perverted Justice had never operated within Calhoun County, so a working relationship had not been formed with our prosecutors' office. Brainer came to Calhoun County and personally met with a representative from our prosecutors' office and I have been told that Brainer's knowledge and professionalism were impressive to the prosecutor. The level of training provided to Brainer by Perverted Justice was a deciding factor in our working with a non-law enforcement investigative group.

    A meeting was set up with Richard Wright at a restaurant in the area. Wright was so eager to meet the 13 year old boy for sex he was not only early for his meeting, he came in the night before and had dinner in this same restaurant. During breakfast the next morning, the decoy walked into the restaurant wearing clothes described in the on-line chats. Wright was arrested after calling the decoy by the name used in the online chats as he passed his table.

    If it had not been for the efforts of Greg Brainer, Perverted Justice, and the Calhoun County Prosecutors Office this pervert could have met with a child for sex in any one of our communities. If you think it could never happen in your humble little town, think again. This pervert traveled almost 100 miles by train with the intentions of having sex with this 13 year old boy who had just moved to the area and had no friends.

    Deputy Wes Cuatt
    Calhoun County Sheriff's Department

    Now that's cool. Thanks very much, deputy.

    This is our 198th conviction since June of 2004 and our 77th conviction for 2007 so far.