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    Report made 11/9/2009 10:51 PM PST

    mike_trucker2001 (04/27/07 11:38:19 PM): honest you sexy cute and I shoudl be smaking my self for soem of my thoughts
    Decoy (04/27/07 11:38:30 PM): lolz
    mike_trucker2001 (04/27/07 11:38:39 PM): lie wishign i was 116 agin
    mike_trucker2001 (04/27/07 11:38:42 PM): 16
    mike_trucker2001 (04/27/07 11:39:12 PM): and not needeing a cold shower LOOL
    Decoy (04/27/07 11:39:28 PM): y?
    mike_trucker2001 (04/27/07 11:39:39 PM): iff you were 18 I would say lets go out lol
    mike_trucker2001 (04/27/07 11:39:56 PM): cause I havent had a date in liek 5 months lol
    mike_trucker2001 (04/27/07 11:40:24 PM): wellmade out in that long
    Decoy (04/27/07 11:40:35 PM): lolz i thougt u were marryd?
    mike_trucker2001 (04/27/07 11:41:05 PM): that dont mean I have sex does it
    mike_trucker2001 (04/27/07 11:41:10 PM): you parenst still do it?
    mike_trucker2001 (04/27/07 11:42:09 PM): yea but being married dont measn being happy hun
    I guess you should have told your wife how you felt and dealt with your problems instead of trolling the internet for minors to have sex with. No worries though Michael, she knows how you feel now. You're real father of the year material.

    Michael Phillips is a serial offender. He used to work as a janitor at a high school, which ended when he was arrested and convicted for 'risk of injury to a child.' This time around, he was convicted of three felonies: attempt to commit sex with a victim 13-15 years old, attempt to commit illegal sexual contact, and attempt to commit enticing a minor by computer. He received 4.5 years in jail (ten year sentence, suspended after 54 months), and ten years probation.

    Contributor notes from Silver Jordan
    Michael Phillips, aka mike_trucker2001, wasn't at all hesitant about telling me just how he wanted to take \"my\" virginity when he hit me up while I was working in Connecticut. He was rather graphic about his desires, and all he wanted to do to who he thought was an inexperienced 14 year old child. Michael jumped right in there with his intentions, and didn't start to hesitate at all until it came time for him to show up to meet the child. Still, his desire to rape a child overcame any fear he had of being punished, and Mike showed up to meet my friends in Naugatuck, CT. As has been illustrated many times before, predators aren't always honest about identities. Mike had sent me a picture he claimed was him, but was of some unknown person. Imagine that, a predator who lies!

    As it turns out, Michael was no stranger to law enforcement and the judicial process. He had been in trouble a few years before when he worked as a janitor at a high school. At that time he got probation and a suspended sentence. He was not as fortunate this time, being sentenced to ten years, suspended after 54 months, and probation for ten years. We certainly hope Michael enjoys his stay with the Connecticut Department of Corrections.

    This is our 403rd conviction since June of 2004, our 99th conviction for 2009, and our 5th conviction in Connecticut thus far.