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    Report made 12/17/2007 7:51 PM PST

    sst83 (09/07/06 6:37:46 PM): so u got my cell #?
    13_year_old_girl (09/07/06 6:37:49 PM): ya
    sst83 (09/07/06 6:38:14 PM): kk, its all on u then, if u wanna hang gotta call :-P
    13_year_old_girl (09/07/06 6:38:22 PM): kay
    sst83 (09/07/06 6:38:38 PM): maybe ill show u myplace
    13_year_old_girl (09/07/06 6:38:55 PM): u got a house?
    sst83 (09/07/06 6:39:05 PM): penthouse apartment w/ a amasing view
    13_year_old_girl (09/07/06 6:39:15 PM): nice
    sst83 (09/07/06 6:39:21 PM): yep, but im going eating now
    sst83 (09/07/06 6:39:27 PM): bye Miss Morris
    13_year_old_girl (09/07/06 6:39:33 PM): bye
    sst83 (09/07/06 8:42:45 PM): hey hey
    sst83 (09/07/06 9:37:23 PM): so i hear 13_year_old_girl kicks butt
    13_year_old_girl (09/07/06 9:39:34 PM): hey lol
    sst83 (09/07/06 9:39:44 PM): whats up
    13_year_old_girl (09/07/06 9:39:54 PM): :P
    sst83 (09/07/06 9:40:05 PM): y do i get the feeling ur gonna lick me

    Why do we get the feeling that you'll be an RSO for life?

    Satinder Thind is an arrogant dickhead, really. You can tell in the chat, and you could tell on the Long Beach edition of "To Catch a Predator" when he was overly friendly with Chris Hansen and wanted a personal call for when the airdate would be. Of course, he didn't look as cocky a minute later... nobody looks cocky when they're being rushed by police, after all.

    Thind was arrested in Long Beach, California... which long-time readers know is the land of the "Long Beach Special." Thind received three years probation, sixty days caltrans cleanup and lifetime registration as a sex offender. At least the last part is choice, as all things in the world become more difficult when you're an RSO. Good reminder to him to stay away from kids.

    Contributor notes from Gloria Jean
    After I watched the airing of the Long Beach Dateline NBC TCAP sting, I had a feeling I'd be making a trip to California to testify against Satinder Thind. He was cocky. He was careful. He continuously tried to avoid stating his intent, and I gave him many opportunities to end our conversation. He disappointed me.

    If you saw the show, you probably remember him..., he showed up at our bust house to have sexual contact with a 13 year old girl, with a (legally registered) loaded gun in his sports car and he asked Chris Hansen if he would call him and let him know when he was going to be on television. I still can barely comprehend the audacity.

    After a year of court continuances and being on-call to travel at a moment's notice, my wonderful verifier Southern Aphrodite and I finally made the trip to Long Beach, only to have Thind plead guilty prior to trial. While I'm not happy with his sentence (he got an "enhanced" version of the "Long Beach Special"), I am very pleased to know that he has been exposed as a dangerous predator and he will have to register as a sex offender for life.

    Many thanks to the Long Beach PD and the folks at the Long Beach Prosecutor's office, and of course Southern, whose voice brought my child to life.

    This is our 250th conviction since June of 2004 and our 129th conviction for 2007 so far.