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    File originally posted on 4/15/2016 12:39 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 4/15/2016 12:39 PM PST

    obercock1985 (02/25/14 9:22:13 PM): I wanted a sweet young girl like u
    obercock1985 (02/25/14 9:22:20 PM): Idk I guess I'm a perv
    xocait_lynnox (02/25/14 9:22:50 PM): ur not a perv!its not like im a kid!
    obercock1985 (02/25/14 9:23:22 PM): I know but younger girls turn me on

    [b]obercock1985 Phone[/b]: Can I dress u 8:34 PM
    [b]obercock1985 Phone[/b]: Like a mini skirt no panties and a bikini top or tube top 8:36 PM
    [b]obercock1985 Phone[/b]: That's what I was dreaming about 8:41 PM
    Me: loll no pnties ? 8:42 PM
    [b]obercock1985 Phone[/b]: Yes is that ok 8:43 PM
    [b]obercock1985 Phone[/b]: Would u 8:48 PM
    Me: hmmm maybe lol 8:50 PM
    [b]obercock1985 Phone[/b]: I hope I would 8:56 PM
    Me: lol not in public 8:59 PM
    [b]obercock1985 Phone[/b]: Would u if I asked u 9:04 PM
    Me: in public? 9:08 PM
    [b]obercock1985 Phone[/b]: Yea If I take u out 9:09 PM
    [b]obercock1985 Phone[/b]: So would u 9:17 PM
    Me: lol idk maybe, thatd feel kina weird in public 9:18 PM
    [b]obercock1985 Phone[/b]: You would get over it I promise I bet you will like it 9:21 PM

    Steven Paul Bauer was correct in his statement above; he is a perv. He's a predator who actively searches out children on the internet, to groom them and to molest them. Bauer first hit up retired Contributor Heath Bar, and then hit up retired Contributor Arthur Treacher. His conversations with both decoys were much the same. He was obsessed with having the \"child\" wear a mini skirt to school with no underwear, every day. He would ask the decoys daily if they went to school dressed as he'd instructed. He wanted them to dress \"slutty\" out in public with him so all other men would be jealous of what he has! Remember, these are two young teens - 13 and 14 years old.

    Eventually the law enforcement officer we were working with had enough of Bauer, believing him to be a threat to any child he runs across. A warrant for his arrest was obtained in Indiana. Unfortunately, Bauer lives in Ohio and worked in Northern Kentucky. Never fear, the U.S. Marshals are here! The Marshals went to Bauer's place of employment and placed him under arrest for all his friends and coworkers to witness, then transported him to the Boone County, KY jail where he awaited extradition to Indiana to face charges of felony child solicitation.

    Bauer was initially held in the Pike County, Indiana jail on a $100k bond. He was able to get that reduced to release on his own recognizance, but it surely came with a price. While out on bond, he had to wear an ankle GPS tracker and was restricted to his home, his place of employment, and a direct path between the two. He was not allowed to access the internet for any reason at all.

    Eventually, Bauer pleaded guilty to child solicitation and was sentenced to six years in prison (suspended), four years of probation, and registration as a sex offender.

    This is our 603rd conviction since June of 2004.