• Conviction - lvamf5454 - Henderson, Nevada

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    File originally posted on 10/20/2013 8:50 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 10/20/2013 8:50 PM PST

    lvamf5454 (06/26/09 2:38:35 PM): so youd like a sleep over with me?
    lilredhead_1996 (06/26/09 2:38:44 PM): might b kool
    lvamf5454 (06/26/09 2:40:09 PM): hmmmm...i dont know what else mite happen!!!
    lilredhead_1996 (06/26/09 2:40:19 PM): like what?
    lvamf5454 (06/26/09 2:40:44 PM): what do yo uthink?
    lilredhead_1996 (06/26/09 2:41:25 PM): idk
    lilredhead_1996 (06/26/09 2:41:32 PM): like movies
    lvamf5454 (06/26/09 2:42:05 PM): hmmmmmm....ok....
    lilredhead_1996 (06/26/09 2:42:44 PM): n if we watch movies gotta have popcorn
    lvamf5454 (06/26/09 2:43:05 PM): yes....popcorn
    lvamf5454 (06/26/09 2:43:34 PM): we could hold hands
    lilredhead_1996 (06/26/09 2:43:40 PM): ok kool
    lvamf5454 (06/26/09 2:44:40 PM): we could kiss
    lilredhead_1996 (06/26/09 2:44:53 PM): ok :\">
    lvamf5454 (06/26/09 2:46:01 PM): mmmmm... nice feeling
    lilredhead_1996 (06/26/09 2:46:08 PM): ya
    lvamf5454 (06/26/09 2:48:03 PM): that was some of the stuff i wanted to say toyou

    Anthony Fina is a classic groomer. He chatted with the decoy for almost a year before he showed up to meet her. He was willing to spend a painful amount of time chatting about hairstyles, breakfast cereals, and other benign topics, winning the \"child's\" trust before making his move to teach her all about sex.

    Fina was convicted of one count of Luring Children or Mentally Ill Persons. He was sentenced to 12 months in county jail, suspended, and probation for an indeterminate period of time, not to exceed three years.

    That's not a very hefty sentence for a man who is willing to put in that kind of time to lure a child.

    This is our 566th conviction since June of 2004.