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    Report made 10/1/2013 1:51 AM PST

    cowboymason2000 (02/25/12 11:22:52 PM): yes for meeting you would get me 20 to life
    blue.duckie2 (02/25/12 11:23:37 PM): dam
    blue.duckie2 (02/25/12 11:23:41 PM): no way
    cowboymason2000 (02/25/12 11:23:46 PM): but bubu would have killed me in the first week
    blue.duckie2 (02/25/12 11:24:07 PM): whos bubu?
    cowboymason2000 (02/25/12 11:24:51 PM): the biggest person in jail that I will walk up to and just hit for no reason cause I dont want to be jail
    blue.duckie2 (02/25/12 11:25:11 PM): that would be stupid
    cowboymason2000 (02/25/12 11:25:42 PM): being in jail anyways fro meeting a minor would get me killed
    blue.duckie2 (02/25/12 11:26:03 PM): yea well that would be stupid so dont do that then
    cowboymason2000 (02/25/12 11:26:29 PM): dont meet you?
    blue.duckie2 (02/25/12 11:26:47 PM): i dont want u to get killed just for meeting me
    cowboymason2000 (02/25/12 11:27:15 PM): so you dont want to hug me in person? or let me make you blush in person?
    blue.duckie2 (02/25/12 11:27:26 PM): i didnt say that!!!!!!
    blue.duckie2 (02/25/12 11:27:46 PM): i dont want u to get killed or go to jail just to meet me
    cowboymason2000 (02/25/12 11:28:15 PM): hugs hugs hugs
    blue.duckie2 (02/25/12 11:28:51 PM): lol thanks
    cowboymason2000 (02/25/12 11:29:18 PM): so we can only get to know eachother on here?
    blue.duckie2 (02/25/12 11:30:04 PM): idk i guess
    blue.duckie2 (02/25/12 11:30:12 PM): im not worth dieing to meet
    cowboymason2000 (02/25/12 11:30:19 PM): I think you are
    blue.duckie2 (02/25/12 11:31:07 PM): i dont even know what to say
    blue.duckie2 (02/25/12 11:31:19 PM): no one has ever said im worth dieing for

    Well, you can't say that Lowell Mason didn't know the score ahead of time. Still, he chose to show up to have sex with a 13-year-old child. Not only did he show up to meet the officers, he had somewhere between 1/4 and 1/2lb of marijuana and an illegal weapon in the car.

    Mason was convicted of 53a-71(a)(1) Attempt To Commit Sex 2-Vctm13-15Y,Actr>3Y Older and 53-21(a)(2)* ILL Sexual Contact-Vctm, for which he received a sentence of four years in prison. We don't know if he met \"bubu\" in prison.

    This is our 555th conviction since June of 2004.