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    File originally posted on 2/8/2008 1:27 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 2/8/2008 1:27 PM PST

    whittierwannado (3:43:42 PM): have u had sex yet?
    bubblebeth2005 (3:44:20 PM): naw not yet
    bubblebeth2005 (3:44:26 PM): but im only 12 so itz not 2 bad lol :)
    whittierwannado (3:44:49 PM): cool
    whittierwannado (3:45:01 PM): have u done anything with a guy before?
    bubblebeth2005 (3:45:20 PM): juz kissin
    whittierwannado (3:45:41 PM): cool
    whittierwannado (3:45:46 PM): do u like kissin
    bubblebeth2005 (3:47:06 PM): ya hitz fun do u?
    whittierwannado (3:47:13 PM): i love to kiss
    bubblebeth2005 (3:48:06 PM): kewl :)
    bubblebeth2005 (3:48:15 PM): then hear hav a kiss :*
    whittierwannado (3:48:31 PM): thanx
    whittierwannado (3:48:38 PM): :-* to u too
    whittierwannado (3:48:59 PM): would u kiss me?
    bubblebeth2005 (3:49:06 PM): if u cum over?
    whittierwannado (3:49:29 PM): i will u just have to give me a time and and address and ill cum

    So classy.

    Nicolas Cocos was one of 51 men arrested over three days in January 2006 during our Riverside, California sting operation. Two years later, nobody has ever topped that amount of internet predators arrested in so short a time span. Cocos showed up, got a talking to from Chris Hansen and then received a nice arrest.

    It took a while for Cocos to be convicted because he was arrested later on during a raid in another part of California for running a credit card operation. In his possession was a submachine gun at the time. After serving a year or so for that, he was sentenced to a year and six months for his arrest during the Riverside operation. He also will be registering as a sex offender.

    Contributor notes from Wendy
    Nicolas Cocos was yet another one in a line of quite fast movers during our Riverside, California bust. When you're stacking and packing nearly 50 guys in 3 days, some of them kind of HAVE to move fast. Nicolas was one in four who zeroed in on 12 year-old Beth and made himself a date with the Riverside Sheriff's department.

    His chat wasn't the most graphic I've ever had by far, but sometimes they aren't always disgustingly open with their intentions. In fact, I think guys like Cocos are every bit as dangerous in that they'll basically say anything to get the kid to say yes to a meeting. The guys who spell it out in graphic detail are certainly disturbing, but if a kid knows what to watch out for, they have a chance of figuring out that they only want one thing. In Cocos' case, he was willing to jump through whatever hoop or use any pretense as long as I gave up my address. It can be left up to your imagination what kind of bait-and-switch he truly had in mind when he got there. Fortunately, there was enough present that Riverside didn't have to guess.

    Yet another round of thanks is owed to Lt. Chad Bianco, Richard Sheldon, and all the hardworking and proactive officers with the Riverside Sheriff's Department for making this particular sting so wildly successful.

    This is our 265th conviction since June of 2004 and our 3rd conviction for 2008 thus far.