• Conviction - CrazyTrini85 - Coconut Creek, Florida

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    File originally posted on 8/18/2008 6:22 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 8/18/2008 6:22 PM PST

    1:02:15 PM crazytrini85: ima fuk ya in every room so no matter where u go u will remember me
    1:02:25 PM cindylovez2dance: every room
    1:02:35 PM cindylovez2dance: u know how many roomz in this big ass house
    1:02:43 PM crazytrini85: lol i hope u can handle it
    1:02:58 PM crazytrini85: u have any pets?
    1:03:02 PM cindylovez2dance: a cat
    1:03:06 PM crazytrini85: aww
    1:03:09 PM crazytrini85: boy or girl
    1:03:12 PM cindylovez2dance: boy
    1:03:24 PM crazytrini85: lol u kno what would b a huge ass turn on for me?
    1:03:31 PM cindylovez2dance: wat
    1:03:38 PM crazytrini85: watchin u fuk him lol:-D
    1:04:01 PM cindylovez2dance: dont thik i wanna fuk the cat ty
    1:04:06 PM crazytrini85: lol
    1:04:13 PM crazytrini85: would u for me?
    1:04:19 PM crazytrini85: ppl do that shit all the time

    No, they actually don't.

    Viewers of Dateline NBC's \"To Catch a Predator\" will remember Marvin Lakhan. He is the individual who arrived and took off his clothes when he entered the house in order to try to have a young teenager have sex with her cat. Yes, this is the world we live in. Anyone who has seen the episode will forever remember Chris Hansen's reaction at the whole plan of Marvin's... it was a signature moment from that series of stings.

    Lakhan however, somehow, qualified for Florida's \"youthful offenders act\", which gives breaks to criminals provided that they have no criminal background and are young. Yes, the guy that walked in with the cool whip and wanted a young girl to have sex with an animal and then him actually qualified for that garbage act.

    Lakhan received a five year suspended sentence (meaning that he goes to jail for five years if he does anything else wrong in the interim) and will have to register as a sex offender.

    Contributor notes from Duncan Hines
    Using the screen name CrazyTrini85, Marvin Jairam Lakhan, first made contact with me on April 22, 2006. Frankly, we were working a sting in Fort Myers, Florida and I was so swamped that I couldn't break loose to reply. He made a second contact 4 days later right in the middle of the sting. The rest is history

    Fort Myers was an interesting sting for me. Periodically I run into a pervert who seems to want not only have sex with the child, but wants to make them do humiliating things. Marvin was only one of an inordinate number of these guys I encountered in Fort Myers. And as luck would have it, Marvin is what we call a fast mover. After less than 2 hours of chat and 2 phone calls, Marvin was on his way.

    I had neglected to tell my phone verifier, Boots, about Marvin's obsession with making the child do humiliating things to her male cat. Big mistake on my part. Boots IMed me and told me what Marvin wanted. Sometimes putting things right back in a perverts face will cause them to back off of the really nasty stuff. So I said, \"I know. Tell him you will if he'll come in naked.\" Marvin said he couldn't do that. Boots then informed him she wasn't gonna \"fuk\" the cat then. Seemed to work, but you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and PeeJ contributors, or something like that.

    At this point I can only give you a peek at what was happening behind the scenes, as related to me by Boots:

    Being determined to get the poor cat in the act, Marvin showed up at the house while on the phone with Boots. He inquired as to what he had to pull off to accomplish the dastardly deed. Not to be deterred, Boots told him everthing, \"I mean, that was the deal wasn't it?\"

    The police and the Dateline NBC crew were telling Boots the guy would never do that and could only watch in shock as he pranced into the basement and started shucking off his clothes. Boots was waving frantically at them to be quiet because Marvin was stripping while on the phone with her.

    I heard a clip that was recorded while this was happening. I almost fell off the chair laughing when I heard Boots, in her best little girl voice, start screaming \"HEEEERE KITTY, KITTY, KITTY!\" The more she called the cat, the faster Marvin disrobed. And then he proudly marched into the house, in front of the Dateline cameras, and landed right in the living rooms of millions of Dateline viewers who thought they had seen everything until then.

    May 2, 2008, Marvin finally accepted a plea bargain when it was discovered he qualified for Florida's youthful offender's act. That means Marvin got 7 years, all suspended and was put on active probation, plus he must now register as a sex offender. Marvin was studying to become a doctor. The good news is Marvin will never become a pediatrician now. And hopefully not a veterinarian either.

    This is our 284th conviction since June of 2004 and our 22nd conviction for 2008 thus far.