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    File originally posted on 1/14/2009 11:08 PM PST [Link to File]
    Report made 1/14/2009 11:08 PM PST

    venom8518 (03/28/07 4:56:05 PM): anyway a girl that lived where i used to work got killed talking to some guy that was from myspace
    14-yr-old-girl (03/28/07 4:56:12 PM): omg
    venom8518 (03/28/07 4:56:30 PM): the kids that i use to watch when i was a counselor for the boys and girls club
    venom8518 (03/28/07 4:56:38 PM): knew the girl very well
    14-yr-old-girl (03/28/07 4:56:42 PM): wow
    venom8518 (03/28/07 4:57:07 PM): it was sad because at times i would see her come in to the club to play with her friends
    venom8518 (03/28/07 4:57:20 PM): her body was found in a dumpster
    venom8518 (03/28/07 4:57:51 PM): from what the news has said
    venom8518 (03/28/07 4:59:55 PM): alot of the kids were upset about it
    We'll let William here tell you about the severity of his crime

    William Hare arrived at our Ocean County, New Jersey TCAP sting operation back in 2007. While he didn't make it inside the house, he was promptly arrested. Having such first-hand knowledge of the dangers kids face online, yet the guy turns out to be a predator himself. That's life online.

    He was sentenced to a lifetime probation and a lifetime registration as a sex offender, including all the restrictions that come with that.

    Contributor notes from Irish Rose
    William Hare first contacted my 14 year old persona in the New Jersey MySpace chat room. I feel it is important to note here that there are still good people in the chat rooms who will come to the defense of a minor being contacted by an adult. I have seen it happen other times to an even greater extent than this time, but it happened here as well. Screen shots included in the evidence show this interaction. Other chatters in the room confronting Bill did not slow him down; he just moved his contact to MySpace private messages and to AIM (AOL Instant Messaging). He was well aware from this first contact that his intentions with a 14 year old were improper and illegal. He went out of his way to avoid getting into trouble by calculatingly attempting to push statements of sex intent onto the child. He wanted her to say that she would make all the first moves and continuously asked what she wanted to do. Bill aggressively tried to get the child to talk to him frequently on the phone. His intentions became clear and he made plans to meet who he thought was a 14 year old girl when she would be home alone.

    It was disturbing when he revealed that he was employed as a lifeguard at places such as LA Fitness and the YMCA. This is a position that would put him in contact with young people. Even more disturbing was his revelation that he personally knew a child who was murdered and found in a dumpster after meeting someone she met on MySpace. He said he knew her through his position as a counselor for a boys and girls club. He knew the danger children are in from predators, and yet he decided to engage in this predatory activity himself.

    The attached verification recording is interesting. He was informing us that he was outside the bust house. He surprised us by deciding to show up at the house with no warning, perhaps thinking his risk of getting into trouble was reduced if he showed up unexpectedly. He was wrong. The fine officers of the Ocean County NJ police department knew he was there and promptly placed him under arrest. He was arrested outside the house during the Ocean County Dateline sting, missing his opportunity to meet Chris Hansen. But we really could care less if these men ever meet Mr. Hansen, as long as they are not meeting a real child.

    Both River Rat and Red Robin were the phone verifiers on this case, and they did a great job. For his crimes, William Hare was sentenced to lifetime probation and must register as a sex offender under Megan's Law, with all of the associated conditions.

    This is our 316th conviction since June of 2004 and our 13th conviction for 2009 thus far.